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the other guys review The Other Guys Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews The Other Guys

Disclaimer: I am not huge fan of Anchorman and my favorite Will Ferrel performance is from the film that put him on the map as a theatrical comedic actor: Elf. I know that people find the guy funny but to me, he plays essentially the same role in many of his films – clueless, yet egotistical with over-abundant quantities of self-esteem that would make any under-performing yet cocky high school kid blush.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play detectives Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz, terribly mismatched police partners who are essentially paper-pushers at their precinct. At the beginning of the film they (and everyone else in the police station) are vastly overshadowed by a pair of super-cops played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson. Jackson and Johnson are the uber-hip, super popular, testosterone-oozing media darlings of the police force, and are looked up to by everyone in their precinct except for Terry. The film opens with a chase sequence with the dynamic duo, and while I get that it’s meant to be over-the-top, it left me thinking that I was in for a really stupid movie.

Thankfully, from there it down-shifted a bit and got funnier. Sam Jackson is getting to the point where it seems he just does self-parodies, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Dwayne Johnson plays his character in a manner that fits him like a glove (imagine his character from Get Smart, but double the ego and remove any hint of “nice guy”). Terry used to be a popular detective on the street until an unfortunate accident involving a well-known sports figure – and now he’s relegated mainly to desk duty with Gamble, someone with whom his relationship the word “incompatible” is a woefully inadequate descriptor.

Terry is an easily angered, aggressive kind of guy while Allen is a laid back, nerdy, goody-two-shoes personality. Most everything he does drives Terry crazy and makes the pair look silly in front of their co-workers. While Terry is desperate to get back into the thick of things on the street, Allen is quite content to be a desk jockey (he’s a police accountant). Allen’s “big case” is going after someone who is constructing a huge building without filling out the required scaffolding permits. It turns out that the person in question is one David Ershon (played by Steve Coogan), a billionare investor who has lost $32 billion through bad investments for a major bank. The bank is not about to have a quarterly financial report come out that reflects such a staggering loss, so they’re demanding that Ershon find a “sucker” from whom he can extract $32 billion in order to replace the loss. To ensure he doesn’t run off and that he completes this task, he is assigned a team of “bodyguards” led by Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone).

Eventually the scaffolding investigation leads our intrepid detectives to what’s going on with the billions, and Allen is determined to get to the bottom of it before someone is bilked out of $32 billion with Terry at his side.

A lot of people bash on Wahlberg as an actor, but I’m a fan of the guy. Here he actually let himself go a little in the gut area (belly fat) and it makes him seem more of a regular guy. He plays angry and on the edge well, although there was one scene where he confronts his ex-girlfriend in a ballet studio where his character jumps the rails completely and comes across like his IQ suddenly dropped about 60 points. I actually liked Ferrell in this film because it harkened back to his role as Buddy the Elf – very honest and straightforward, but without that over the top extreme ego his characters usually display. He and Wahlberg played well off of each other. Steve Coogan, who is usually very funny, was not even remotely funny in this film. There was a scene that was an obvious take-off on the “greed is good” speech by Michael Douglas in Wall Street which fell completely and utterly flat. It was weird seeing Eva Mendes as a subservient wife in the film – not bad, just weird.

Overall I found the film sporadically funny, with a lot of chuckles sprinkled throughout and the occasional laugh out loud moment. There were a lot of gags in the film in the “awkward funny” vein, which are often difficult to pull off. I’ve seen plenty of films where that’s attempted and the supposed humor only makes me cringe – here it was for the most part pretty funny. One thing that seemed added after the fact was the voiceover narration, which the film could have definitely done without. Oh, and a bit of  a warning: I was really surprised to find out after the fact that this movie is rated PG-13 – as I sat watching it I would have sworn it was rated R due to the suggestive and vulgar language.

Finally, I have a caveat, which most of you will no doubt not heed: If you want to leave the theater having enjoyed this film and in a good mood, I would suggest that you leave just as the credits start rolling. Why? Because here you have what is supposed to be a goofy spoof of “buddy cop” action movies, but once the credits start to roll you’ll be presented with graphics and statistics with an obvious, blatant political message about the evils of capitalism, covering everything from corporate Ponzi schemes to CEO pay to what’s happened to the value of the average person’s 401K. Frankly, it was completely bizarre and as it started I was waiting for some kind of punch line – but soon enough I saw that directory Adam McKay was serious. If this had been attached to Oliver Stone’s upcoming Wall Street 2 I would have thought it an appropriate bookend – but at the end of a comedy?

Most bizarre and inappropriate idea, ever. I don’t know how the studio let this thing out the door with an ending like that.

So, if you leave the theater prior to the credits, you’ll probably left having enjoyed The Other Guys.

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Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. @Vic Regarding the end credits..

    I did sit thru those and saw the stats you mention. I am normally ticked (to be kind) when a movie tries to convey some political angle because I go to getaway from reality, not be reminded of it. That said I was surprised that i was not ticked by these. In this case it was less of an agenda push then showing some charts &graphs related to Ponzie schemes and their corporate connections. I don;t believe any of the numbers they showed were incorrect however I am basing that on memory and I’m not as young as I use to be.

    I’m surprised in fact that these were allowed in the film for they shed a bad light on government as well as corporations in general and right now this is something the media, esp3ciallythe entertainment industry, is NOT allowed to engage in since Congress and the White House are Democrat controlled.

  2. @SIN187UM, the last thing I’m going to do is get over it and deal with it.

    And I’m not the only one,,,

    • damn 790, i thought earlier up there in the thread by me apologizing for bringing up politics squashed the subject lol.

      this movie looks pretty fun though!!

  3. @BlueCollarCritic, your going to see more messages like the ones in the credits. The more our media restricts the truth other will find ways to get it out.

    Also some say they go to films to escape reality, is that true when your seeing a film like “Green Zone” or “Hurt Locker?” Whether your aware or not most films these days carry social messages in them. Look at District 9 or Avatar for example.

    Both films ARE message films both were also very entertaining.
    Good screenwriters always try and infuse a social commentary in their films.

    You can’t escape reaity so easy just by going to the movies.

    • thats actually a very true statement 790. imiss the old days when i was a kid and went to see movies for entertainment value without really understanding any messages there was.

      • @790

        This is a reply to your post but your post has no REPLY button but the reply right after your reply does so..

        I should clarify about the escaping reality bit. By that I mean stepping away from the real world for a few ours to laugh or cry but most of all to never kiss $20 bucks goodbye. I get and can see the messages that are in films and that’s OK. What I don’t care for is when the director and or producer or whomever else is involved, literally smacks you upside the head with some political statement that is clearly a detraction from what may or may not be a good film otherwise.

        We’re all human (at least I think most are) and so its impossible to never let your stance on some issue come thru, but as professionals the movie industry should entertain and not indoctrinate unless what they are presenting is a documentary. For example I just watched the 1998 GODZILLA film last night (yes the one by Emmerich that no one else seems to like) and while the angle used to explain the lizards large size traced back to Nuclear Weapons testing it did not feel like it was more than that, a reason. If however Roland would have spent most of the movie harping about the evils of man and the pursuit of Nuclear energy then I would have been pissed.

        That’s the kind of escaping from reality I was referring to. And I can escape for 2 hours very easily and my wife can atest to that. She knows when its movie time to not even bother trying to talk to me about something. :)

  4. @ 790

    some people feel the same about bush and palin mccain etc

  5. I’ll tell ya this guys, “Munich” had one of the best messages I’ve seen against the war on terror and it had little to do with the athletes that were killed in the story.

    It had everything to do with how the Mossad (Israel’s cia) began its point of no return into evil and corruption.

    The final scene depicting the towers at the end spoke volumes to me. And they were intentionally placed there by Spielberg.
    (Who in turn knows the truth and is getting it out there) being that he’s Jewish shows a ton of balls on his part!!!!

    • i love that movie. i need to find the 2 disk collectors edition. im a nerd that way :)

  6. i thought this was one of the worse will ferrell movies of all time. I was really looking forward to this movie but all it did was set me up for a BIG DISAPOINTMENT. the story line was poor, and there was only a couple of scenes that were worth watching. the rest of the movie i could have done without.

  7. Yeap. It WAS skrewed but IMO bush skrewed it even more.

  8. I apologize for continuing the hijacking of this thread, but for everyone blaming the President (Bush, Obama, or whoever else) the real source for the mess we’re in economically now is from the Legislative branch of the government. They’re the ones who put forth all of the bills and projects and spend the money (and also take the money from corporations and lobbyists). The Republican controlled congress at the start of the decade and the Democrats in the later half all figured since the government could print their own money or borrow what ever they wanted with no cost, they could spend whatever they wanted. It’s easier to put the blame on one person which is why whoever is sitting in the Oval Office is taking the brunt of it, but we as a collective population need to realize the real problems stem from the House and Senate. The Founding Fathers were wise to implement term limits on the office of the President, we just need to extend them to the Representatives and Senators.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled movie review discussion.

    • ………….

      • Presidents have Veto power though, so they are the final say…

  9. Ricky I like you but your really showing your age with the trendy generic Bush is Evil Obama rules stuff.

    Bush want a good president but it’s so trendy to hate on him today that it’s now over exagerated how bad he was. Obama is trendy but he is awful for evidence look no further than his health care plan and his so called solutions to the economic crisis.

    End political rant.

    So how bout them movies

    • Expendables friday!!

  10. Hey, here are some stats/graphs I’d like to see at the end of a movie:

    Compare the difference between set worker pay (grips, lighting technicians, carpenters, etc.) and the stars and directors of films from the 1920s until today. I’ll bet you’d see a WAAAAAY larger difference between those than the CEO/average worker examples given in the credits of this film.

    $20 million for 3 months work vs what? $30K, maybe? How’s that for a nice multiplier? Why does Hollywood not complain about that (rhetorical question, obviously). And by the way, that over 660X.


  11. I agree Vic. We don’t need something new we need something old. What I mean is that it’s time this country goes back to what it’s suppose to be instead of a perverted twisted version of it’s self. The foundation of this country and what it stands for are great we’ve just let it rot to it’s very core with guys like Clinton, Bush and Obama. It’s time to get back on track.

  12. How do you get back on track, when your on a dirt road?

    And have been for decades?

  13. As much as I hate crappy analogies I’ll play along.

    Find the road and get on it?

    Not sure about you but if I drive in the dirt no matter how long I’m in it I can still get back on the road

  14. Well Daniel that’s my point most people think we can vote them out and get back on track.
    Read the link:
    What we need is for the patriot act to be repealed and banished. And for those that support it, imprisoned for violating their oath to the Constitution.

    Its amazing how a group of allah lovers not only destroyed 4 buildings (one they didn’t even hit). At the same time they must have known that the feds at that point would attack they’re own citizens by stripping them of their rights to provide freedom. While at the same time this would also result in the southern border staying wide open in the name of security.

    I think Popular Mechanics wrote up some facts on this,,,

  15. To avoid having Vic step in and break us up and to keep the civil patch we have had recently I’m not going to respond to any conspiracy posts especially ones involving 9/11 because nothing in this world pisses me off more. So I’m gonna avoid conversing with you on politics because it really pisses me off.

  16. So ,hows about that Other Guys Movie?
    You know, the stuff BEFORE the end credits?

  17. i love a good conspiracy theory

  18. Daniel,I REALLY appreaciate what you just did.
    And I wont forget it either.

  19. Anthony,
    Try Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts .
    Patrick Stewart has a good supporting role in it too.

    • ha

  20. Daniel F
    Lol yeah lets just go back to discusiing “other guys”.

    My bro saw it and said it was funny as hell! so now im def. seeing this,i was gonna see “dinner” but now i have to see this one:)

  21. I would definitely see The Other Guys before seeing Dinner for Schmucks,
    But i might got to ACTUAL dinner first!LOL.

  22. carrell lost gis appeal to me

  23. his
    not gis lol

  24. Jim Carrey,Will Farell and Jack Black are like my fave comedy actors. Whats yours Anthony? Anyone?

    • jack black? seriously? lol i’ll gravitate towards more ferrell movies that then other two, the other two are just horrrible

  25. only thing that carrey did that was pretty funny was from his days on in living colour…Fire Marshall Bill

  26. as far as Blacks best movie, no it wasnt school of rock…the only movie he was good in was High Fidelity

  27. Anthony OMG
    Jim carrey is my fave comedy actor i LOVE most his movies(dumb and dumber,mask,liar liar,yes man,batman forever,me myself and irene etc…)
    And jack blacks funny in kung fu panda and trpic thunder…..
    IDK wat u r talking about,dont mess with these guys though lol!

    • sorry man, RDJ was the best part of tropic thunder

  28. I really like that film Gary Stewart is just as great as he always is and Mel does a great job as usual. Not a fan of Julia but she held her own in it. Plus I love Catcher in the Rye my all time fave book.

  29. OMFG something weird is going on today i keep hearing from ppl talking about that book DANIEL F! They say its the best book ever now i will go out and buy it,i have to read it now,but its soooo freaking weird i just heard about it today and like 4 different ppl said it was good….wow its like the weirdest thing ever!