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the other guys review The Other Guys Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews The Other Guys

Disclaimer: I am not huge fan of Anchorman and my favorite Will Ferrel performance is from the film that put him on the map as a theatrical comedic actor: Elf. I know that people find the guy funny but to me, he plays essentially the same role in many of his films – clueless, yet egotistical with over-abundant quantities of self-esteem that would make any under-performing yet cocky high school kid blush.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play detectives Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz, terribly mismatched police partners who are essentially paper-pushers at their precinct. At the beginning of the film they (and everyone else in the police station) are vastly overshadowed by a pair of super-cops played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson. Jackson and Johnson are the uber-hip, super popular, testosterone-oozing media darlings of the police force, and are looked up to by everyone in their precinct except for Terry. The film opens with a chase sequence with the dynamic duo, and while I get that it’s meant to be over-the-top, it left me thinking that I was in for a really stupid movie.

Thankfully, from there it down-shifted a bit and got funnier. Sam Jackson is getting to the point where it seems he just does self-parodies, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Dwayne Johnson plays his character in a manner that fits him like a glove (imagine his character from Get Smart, but double the ego and remove any hint of “nice guy”). Terry used to be a popular detective on the street until an unfortunate accident involving a well-known sports figure – and now he’s relegated mainly to desk duty with Gamble, someone with whom his relationship the word “incompatible” is a woefully inadequate descriptor.

Terry is an easily angered, aggressive kind of guy while Allen is a laid back, nerdy, goody-two-shoes personality. Most everything he does drives Terry crazy and makes the pair look silly in front of their co-workers. While Terry is desperate to get back into the thick of things on the street, Allen is quite content to be a desk jockey (he’s a police accountant). Allen’s “big case” is going after someone who is constructing a huge building without filling out the required scaffolding permits. It turns out that the person in question is one David Ershon (played by Steve Coogan), a billionare investor who has lost $32 billion through bad investments for a major bank. The bank is not about to have a quarterly financial report come out that reflects such a staggering loss, so they’re demanding that Ershon find a “sucker” from whom he can extract $32 billion in order to replace the loss. To ensure he doesn’t run off and that he completes this task, he is assigned a team of “bodyguards” led by Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone).

Eventually the scaffolding investigation leads our intrepid detectives to what’s going on with the billions, and Allen is determined to get to the bottom of it before someone is bilked out of $32 billion with Terry at his side.

A lot of people bash on Wahlberg as an actor, but I’m a fan of the guy. Here he actually let himself go a little in the gut area (belly fat) and it makes him seem more of a regular guy. He plays angry and on the edge well, although there was one scene where he confronts his ex-girlfriend in a ballet studio where his character jumps the rails completely and comes across like his IQ suddenly dropped about 60 points. I actually liked Ferrell in this film because it harkened back to his role as Buddy the Elf – very honest and straightforward, but without that over the top extreme ego his characters usually display. He and Wahlberg played well off of each other. Steve Coogan, who is usually very funny, was not even remotely funny in this film. There was a scene that was an obvious take-off on the “greed is good” speech by Michael Douglas in Wall Street which fell completely and utterly flat. It was weird seeing Eva Mendes as a subservient wife in the film – not bad, just weird.

Overall I found the film sporadically funny, with a lot of chuckles sprinkled throughout and the occasional laugh out loud moment. There were a lot of gags in the film in the “awkward funny” vein, which are often difficult to pull off. I’ve seen plenty of films where that’s attempted and the supposed humor only makes me cringe – here it was for the most part pretty funny. One thing that seemed added after the fact was the voiceover narration, which the film could have definitely done without. Oh, and a bit of  a warning: I was really surprised to find out after the fact that this movie is rated PG-13 – as I sat watching it I would have sworn it was rated R due to the suggestive and vulgar language.

Finally, I have a caveat, which most of you will no doubt not heed: If you want to leave the theater having enjoyed this film and in a good mood, I would suggest that you leave just as the credits start rolling. Why? Because here you have what is supposed to be a goofy spoof of “buddy cop” action movies, but once the credits start to roll you’ll be presented with graphics and statistics with an obvious, blatant political message about the evils of capitalism, covering everything from corporate Ponzi schemes to CEO pay to what’s happened to the value of the average person’s 401K. Frankly, it was completely bizarre and as it started I was waiting for some kind of punch line – but soon enough I saw that directory Adam McKay was serious. If this had been attached to Oliver Stone’s upcoming Wall Street 2 I would have thought it an appropriate bookend – but at the end of a comedy?

Most bizarre and inappropriate idea, ever. I don’t know how the studio let this thing out the door with an ending like that.

So, if you leave the theater prior to the credits, you’ll probably left having enjoyed The Other Guys.

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Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. The best part of the previews, to me, was seeing Michael Keaton in a movie again. It’s been too long.

  2. Keaton is in this? is he playing ray nicolette again lol

    • Anthony, yeah, he is. Forgot to mention him. Supporting character. Weird seeing him as an older guy – I always picture him in his Batman/Mr. Mom days…


      • LOL..i actually enjoyed him in jackie brown and out of sight. i wish he’d do more stuff these days. maybe like getting back to another bad guy role or something

        • You don’t want to see Multiplicity 2? Maybe in 3D? lol I agree, it’d be nice to see the guy in more films.

          • i just wanan see him play more roles like he did in Pacific Heights.

  3. nice review vic, i’ll probably catch this at some point, everytime i see the trailer wahlberg to me at least looks generally pissed off all the time LOL.

  4. Movie was funny. Keaton was awesome. Whalberg was great in his first comedy. I hope for a sequal.

    • i’ll probably see it wometime this week, wahlberg just looks too funny.ferrell hasnt stalled on me yet like he has with a few others i guess.

  5. walberg is one of those actors that really has his ups and downs. he plays the one character and different variations uof it and kinda does it well. its the rest of the movie that is the deciding factor, wether he reflects well off it or not.

    i’m undecided whether i wanna see this in theaters but i would like to see it in the future sometime

  6. I think the movie was heavily edited, it felt like it should have been an R-Rated flick, but it was still funny and enjoyable. Remember PIMPS DON’T CRY LMAO!

  7. Out of curiosity Vic, have you ever seen Stranger Than Fiction which starred Will Ferrel? It was more of a dramatic movie and with bits of comedy (though not the kind you usually see with Ferrel)and had an interesting premise. I think it’s my favorite of the films I’ve seen of him and I’d recommend it if you haven’t seen it before.

    I haven’t had much interest in this film honestly and your review makes it sound like a fun little movie to see for a good laugh, though that whole thing with the credits does sound quite bizarre. I’ve always just found it funny that Ferrel and Wahlberg are in a film together ever since some Oscar performance where Ferrel called out Wahlberg for a moment.

    Nice to see Keaton in a film again though it is weird seeing him older. Though I found myself quite surprised to hear he was Ken in Toy Story 3.

    • Sean,

      No, I haven’t seen that film. Not the first time someone has mentioned it to me.


      • its actually a pretty good movie vic

      • Agreed. Stranger Than Fiction is definitely my favorite Will Ferrell film – because it’s basically not a Will Ferrell film.

        A great screenplay and several solid performances.

      • I agree about Stranger Than Fiction. Most of Ferrell’s movies are “Will Ferrell Movies” but this one is much more of a movie with Will Ferrell in it. A very good “trying something different” role for him. And now that I’ve totally become a “uses quotation marks with everything” guy, think I’m going to “call it a night” as they say. =)

  8. I’m tempted to watch this now for the message at the end.


    Nolan was right, an idea is the most dangerous thing.

    • yes it is, just lok at all the “ideas” that obama still wants to impliment, guys gonna bring down the country, movies are our only salvation!!

      • Bush already brought the country down, accept it and deal with it

        • You DO realize that Obama continued the bailout/TARP thing and for a much higher amount than Bush did, right?

          I wish NEITHER of them had bailed out any banks, frankly.


          • @ Vic,

            I also realize this country was shafted and run into the ground long before Obama became a candidate or even won office. I agree with you on the bailout part, but at the same time people need to realize and ACCEPT that Bush ran the country into the ground, and ANYONE who came after him was going to be a scapegoat because change didn’t happen overnight. I’m still waiting on a confirmed WMD list that … oh wait there never were any NVM. :|.

            • Good Lord … get into the now and quit blaming Bush for E-V-E-R-Y_T-H-i-N-G. Obama has been president over 18 months and we just lost 131, 000 jobs last month. He CAN’T blame Bush anymore. His “ideas” are not working. Our only chance to steer the country back in the right direction is to make a lot of changes in Nov 2010.

              • Get into the now and CIETE LA BOCA and get off yur high horse and actually read a post as to what said about bush

            • Actually if you bothered to read your history, you’d know that the economy was on shaky ground before Bush The Spender took office….of course, delusional asshats will always go back one Presidency and put the blame on NOT MY PRESIDENT. Christ, we are truly screwed when people think like SIN187UM. Both parties sold us down the river.

              • Actually if you bothered to think about wether or not i gave two craps you’d know u just wasted band with with your weak comment. But there will always be an asshat like PaulM making meaningless comments from the safety of his computer console, SMH we are truly screwed since people still have the same train of thought as PaulM.

      • Actually, we are reaping the bitter fruit economically that Lyndon B. Johnson (D), Richard Nixon (R), Jimmy Carter (D), and Ronald Reagan (R) sowed in the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. We were sold a bill of goods that did not come to fruition and saddled the US in debt while making corporations infinitely more profitable with fewer strings attached to “we the people”.

        • “Actually, we are reaping the bitter fruit economically that ….and saddled the US in debt while making corporations infinitely more profitable with fewer strings attached to “we the people”.

          Not that these guys you’ve listed weren’t [at least] partly responsible for the problem the fact is that no matter what any of these former presidents did, short of a fundamental change of monetary policy that includes switching away from unconstitutional a DEBT based currency to one as described in the Constitution there’s no way to avoid where we are now. We certainly would not have gotten this bad yet but a debt based monetary policy makes it impossible to go anywhere but downhill. That is unless you’re a politician in which case the good “Bail me out Mr FEDERAL RESERVE so I can buy votes with programs and entitlements without having to raise the money solely from taxes to pay for it and I’ll help you line your pockets by a magnitude”.

          In a system where ever dollar created is from DEBT, it is impossible to pay off that debt without a fundamental change to the issue of currency for the only way to pay off that debt is to return back every dollar that was created which would in effect leave no money in circulation. I’ve been in magic (as a hobbyist) since I was a kid and I call tell you this scam the FEDERAL RESERVE and our elected officials have been running for just a few decades short of a century is one hell of a trick. I’m sure it would make Houdini scratch his head and think.

          I doubt this will ever change either. The last time it was tried, back in Lincolns days (referred to as the Greenbacks Movement) the bankers and financiers stopped it thru their usual means (bribes first, blackmail after) and then moved to implement the FEDERAL RESERVE in 1913 to ensure their lock on US Monetary Policy. He who has the gold makes the rules and if you want to get the rules changed you have to go after those who have the gold or in modern terms, the international banks that we paid off in TARP.

  9. My favorite performance Ferrel gives is in Stanger than Fiction and his cameos in East Bound and Down as that Ric Flair clone. I will get this movie when it comes to Red Box.

  10. The credits now have me interested in the movie, which was probably your opposite intention Vic. Nevertheless, I will watch this soon for sure.

  11. They’re all criminals who have sold everyone out to the bankers that run this world. Not just me and you, but all the middle class, and poor children of the future. They’re future is all but guaranteed to be a struggle.

    As long as the public is divided over party issues nothing will change for the better.
    We some how need to throw everyone out and start over.

    When we as a nation fell for the Patriot Act that was the day this country was shackled down and our rights destroyed.

    If a nation sacrifices freedom for security they
    will have neither.
    (Ben Franklin)

    • i didnt meant to stir up any pollitical rants, sorry guys!!

      • I hate Bush as much as anybody, and even though I voted for Obama because I didnt think he would cause another unjust war, hes not doing much better… Thomas Jefferson once said…

        “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
        time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

        We had this same government for over 200 years, I think its time for something new… After all, if this is the best way we can run our country, we are grossly underqualified…

        Remember… “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” and next time… a little less politics, and a little more of the movie news that I came here for… Peace…

        • I believe taking the fight to radical Islam isn’t something that you can ignore. But Iraq…yeah that made no sense. Saddam, while evil, was keeping those pigs at bay. And I don’t give a damn if you’re offended by me calling radical islamists pigs. I was in NYC on 9/11 and I saw the destruction firsthand caused by these cowardly pigs. Screw them all, they want to destroy my country and way of life…not without a fight.

          • @ Paul, if we were “taking the fight to radical Islam”, we would have destroyed Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the source of radical Islam’s funding. Bombs and plots cost money. Starve those plans and they can’t afford to come to America.

            Wanting to fight is one thing, but then fight the actual menace rather than a phantom menace in the Taliban’s Afghanistan or Iraq.

        • No, it’s not time for something new – the FOUNDATION of our country is just fine, thanks. It’s the way it’s been spun, tweaked, massaged and perverted that is the problem.

          Minimal government and maximum freedom, not the reverse for the sake of security.


  12. Couldn’t stand Elf and like your self Vic not a fan of Ferrel. I will say I think his best performance is Stranger than fiction which was not only his best, but a very good film. I was shocked to see Will actually be funny and put in a good performance. It was a very smart comedy.

    I don’t plan on watching it in theaters, but Keaton and The Rock got me interested enough I might check it out on DVD. However hearing about the stupidity of the credits makes me think I won’t even bother with that.

    Not a fan of Ferrel or Marky Mark anyway.

    • lol@marky mark nice daniel

  13. Saw this movie at a screening myself….Most of the critics share my opinion…some of the jokes are hilarious – so funny you can’t hear the next joke. But so many jokes are just worthless laugh-killers. It’s worth the bad ones though.

    • does it have that Cop Out moment during the interrogstion scene when Willis was practicing his art on the double mirrored window?

  14. by Cop Out moment i mean the total hilarity of that scene, not a cop of it :)

  15. It’s sounding like I need to rent Stranger Than Fiction…


  16. I havent seen stranger than fiction neither!!!! Vic,guess i gotta rent it to lol! Ive been wanting to see it actually for a while now…….Elf to me was ferrells best performance,Land of the lost was the weakest,oh god i HATE that movie with a passion……Anyways im going to see this movie next week;) It looks hysterical! OMG cant wait to see the wooden gun part^^

  17. Stranger than Fiction is one of Ferrell’s best performances IMO, but it’s not really that great of a movie. Dustin Hoffman is awesome in it though…

  18. Now im definitely seeing it since hoffmans in it,Thanks for letting me know K-Ro!!!

  19. @Vic iM interested to hear what you think of stranger than fiction. Let us know if you liked.

    You to Ricky not sure about you Ricky I have a hard time figuring out your taste but Vic I think will live it.

  20. I will get the dvd for this one. I only like two movies w/ Will Ferrell: Step Brothers and Semi-Pro. Semi-Pro was his best movie ever. Everything else wasn’t that funny, especially bewitched.

    • i didnt find semi-pro too funny at all…dunno what movie you saw :)

  21. I saw it last night and I loved it. Not my favorite comedy of all time but it was pretty nice, I really enjoyed Mark Wahlberg’s role, it reminded me of his detective role in The Departed but a little more neurotic and funnier. I’m a big fan of Will Ferrell so I highly recommend it for the fans, if not check it out on DVD on a rainy day, you’ll have fun.

    As always, great review Vic.

    ’till next time.

  22. You have to love millionaires lecturing us lowly moviegoers about the EVILS of Capitalism.

    Do these asshats even realize how STUPID they look?

    Hey Adam & Will…I’m getting divorced and can’t afford the mortgage to my home now, if you’re so much against capitalism and more for the good of the collective, send me some money!

    • PaulM,

      How about some graphs/charts showing the increasing disparity between lead actor or director pay vs movie union workers (grips, lighting, etc.) from the 1920s to today? 8)


      • Amen Vic…a—f’ing—men.

        But dear god, don’t expect Union leaders to actually fight to get the gap narrowed between mediocre comedic actors like Ferrell with the grunts.

  23. Best flick i have seen since Tropic Thunder! I spent half the movie cluctching my wife laughing uncontrollably. Walhberg is very good as a “peacock that needs to fly” and Will Ferrell is amazing as usual. I loved it when they flashed back to his dayz as “Gator”. I give it a 4.25 out of 5 stars. Dont wait to rent this one, go to the theater and dont go chasing waterfalls(you’ll understand when you see the movie).

    • Most people will already understand the waterfalls bit if they ever heard the TLC song ;)

  24. Daniel F
    im complicated lol! Nah but im sure ill like starnger than fiction,ive been wanting to see it… for semi pro that movie sucked! i loved step brothers,elf and blades of glory…..

  25. Yeah stranger than fiction is overall his best movie in my opinion. It’s really funny but in a different way than most will Ferrell movies. He also does a really good job, that’ll prove to most of you Ferrell naysayers that he can act. I really wanna check this movie out! ILL TALK TO YOU, YOU SEEM REASONABLE!

  26. Ink
    I hate BUSH for many reasons i dont wanna say….he messed up everything for Obama no prez can recover from wat bush left its gonna take time have faith in obama because guess what?!? We have no choice!

  27. The time for faith in obama is over.

    Do some research Ricky18, obama is continuing the same plan of attack that bush did. He’s no different they both follow orders. They are not leaders and have no intention of creating jobs. In fact they want to collapse the system.

    Obama could have done a lot to create jobs he’s doing the opposite. How do you have faith in a guy that lies and surrounds himself with sellouts?

    Info is coming out that Kagen who was just nominated for Supreme Court was complicit in covering up obama birth records.
    Gee wonder why she was put there in the first place. (Think it might have been a payback?)

    There all corrupt Ricky the time for impeachment is now!

    • Here we go again with the Birth Certificate cover up crap. All presidents lie and surround themselves with sellouts get over it and deal with it

    • Impeachment means to investigate someone that is believed to be guilty of illegal activites… I think you mean “the time to FIRE is now”… Not saying, just saying…

  28. I know but the gov is VERY powerful! We cant do anything!!!! All pres are liars and jerks(with the exception of few)….

  29. A definite highlight of a Summer that save for a few notable exceptions was big on promises but short on delivery.

    I just saw this at the Saturday afternoon matinee, the way to go if you don’t want to risk a full $20 (assumes you get drink & popcorn) and it was hilarious and I am not one who goes to many comedies. This has an %80 on Rotten Tomatoes which is impressive considering how tough those critics normally are on films.

    Definitely recommend it to anyone.


    Detectives Highsmith & Dansons (Jackson & Johnson): The highly bad mistake these 2 make that gives the movies protagonists their chance; very funny and certainly NOT part of the formula used in any genre.

    Captain Gene Macuh (played by Keaton): Between the TLC refs and a hysterical Bed bath & Beyond scene this guy is a scene stealer every time. This movies shows why Keaton is really tops in comedy; even as a secondary character he steals the scene without even trying.

    Eve Mendes: For a comedy not playing on sex her role certainly was hot. However the best part was the exchange between her and her Husband (Ferrel) that required some EXPERIENCED assistance; hilarious.