‘The Office’ Series Finale: Did it Deliver?

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the office series finale pam jim The Office Series Finale: Did it Deliver?

After 9 years on the air, The Office bid farewell with an extended, 75-minute long series finale in which Michael Scott (Steve Carell) returned, Dwight and Angela got married, and Jim and Pam exited Dunder Mifflin together, forever, to begin a new life in Austin, Texas. But was the final episode of The Office everything you’d hope it would be? Was it a fitting sendoff?

The finale was essentially split-up into three parts: the catch-up, the wedding and the goodbyes. In the 6 months that had passed since “The Office: An American Workplace” aired on PBS, Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton went through a bit of a shake-up: Dwight fired Kevin and Toby; Stanley retired to Florida; and Creed became a wanted man. The people who had previously departed also saw changes in their lives: Andy became an “Internet sensation” (in the worst sense); Ryan became a single father; and Michael Scott, who made a brief appearance, finally got the cell phone family plan he always wanted, with real children to share it with.

It was the wedding of Dwight and Angela that brought everyone together, though, thanks to Jim and Pam forcing the documentary crew to hold the reunion during the same weekend. But with 75 minutes (including commercials) to burn through in one episode, some storylines stayed longer than they should, while others, like the reunion panel, didn’t receive the time that it deserved. It appeared, though, that the fictional world fell in love with the series in the same way that the real world did.

the office series finale reunion The Office Series Finale: Did it Deliver?

At Angela and Dwight’s wedding, it was time to reconnect with the characters and relationships that left the series years before, and it was there that the brief return of Michael Scott occurred. His time on screen wasn’t much, but it showed that, wherever he is, whatever he’s doing, he’s happy. Ryan and Kelly, too, are happy (maybe?). Or at least that’s how we last see them, running away together, leaving Kelly’s pediatrician boyfriend, Ravi, to take care of Ryan’s baby, which he quickly turns over to Kevin, who quickly gives it to Nelly. Though things, at times, may have felt a bit forced, everyone got their own version of a happy ending – except Toby.

In The Office series finale’s final act, it was time to celebrate what once was with the actors and their characters: Kevin is happy with the bar that he owns; Oscar is running for the Senate; Daryl is still loving his (not) new job; Pam and Jim are moving onward and upward in their life; and Dwight and Angela are ready to live happily ever after. That is, unless Mose begins sleeping at the foot of Dwight’s bed again.

So after everything’s that happened, after 9 years on the air, we ask you, the viewers:

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The Office aired from March 24, 2005 – May 16, 2013 on NBC.

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  1. Tried to make it more of a drama show this season, thats pretty much what they tried during season 6, it should have ended at the wedding.

  2. I thought they nailed it. I wanted to see Michael at the panel, but having him surprise Dwight was better. Best. Prank. Ever.

    Better than most series finales I’ve seen.

  3. Very, very impressed. I wasn’t too surprised with how much I liked it, and how emotional I got, but I really had no idea where it would go and I liked it. It’s so hard being a fan, you get this great ending, but you part of you still wants more. You know a good final ending makes for a good show but still will miss it.
    Thanks though Office, I never stopped loving you.

  4. I loved the finale. I thought everyone’s send offs were fitting and it was great to Michael Scott again.

    Wow, that was really hard! I wish it could’ve lasted all day. Well, it did leave me satisfied and smiling so……_________

    (Fill in the blank, you know you want to!)

    Shameless plug – Hit up The Office Daily Quotes page on Facebook for one quote a day. Thanks for visiting

    • THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) or he, if ya know what I mean Oscar.

  5. Wow spoilers in the description..

    • Which part?

      • In the description for this link to this article in the Homepage of screenrant. Thank you very Much!!!

    • Of course you will have spoilers, it’s a review of the series finale… :)

  6. So sad to say goodbye to all of these characters that we’ve seen develop over the years!

  7. I tried not to get emotional, but that didn’t work. Loved the finale. I was glad michael returned. It was great.

  8. I will be watching this show for the rest of my life. Can’t get enough of the early seasons. 1 thru 5 are by far my faves. Good ending to a great show

  9. By the way haha, just read the end of the article. Think you meant pediatrician. Not pedestrian for ravi.

    • Haha – fixed! :-)

  10. i loved this episode, i feel like all the loose ends were tied up, no one’s story got left out and unanswered at the end, i wish it would have lasted a little longer though, i guess i just wanted more time with the characters ive come to know in the last few years…but everything ends i guess lol, im just glad everyones lives on the show ended happily….well except for the pdiatrician….he got screwed lol

  11. that was the saddest moment in my TV watching history…watching all these people’s fictional lives, watching their characters grow and falling for them.

    it was very satisfying, and i wish it was longer and there was more… maybe there should be a comic about it now! hahaha

    either way i am both very sad but also very happy the way it ended.

  12. Michael Scott had only two lines. But they were absolutely, totally, breathtakingly perfect. This season was very meh overall, but the finale was virtually the ideal sendoff.

    • Yeah, Michael’s screen time was very appropriate. It would make sense that he is no longer an attention whore for the camera because he is finally content with having the family he’s always wanted. I didn’t even expect him to address the cameras at all but his line was perfect and touching.

  13. I would just like to say that because of the spoiler posted about the special guest returning in this episode blatantly to the front page a week or so ago it ruined what would have been a fantastic surprise for me in this ending. For the benefit of others please refrain from doing this in future posts, or at least post a heavy spoilers tag warning people…very upset about this.

  14. Absolutely amazing way to send the series off. I thought they did an excellent job of giving all the characters their proper due and wrapping up everyone’s stories. The Michael Scott return was perfection (and even got a “that’s what she said” in). I was able to keep my composure up until Andy’s line about recognizing the good old days while you’re in them. Honestly, one of the best series finales ever.

    • I completely lost it once Creed started playing guitar. Erin’s parents also got me good.

  15. Hello???? ScreenRant? couldn’t you atleast have ****CONTAINS SPOILERS**** in the title?
    Thanks for ruining it for those who havent watched

    • Its an article about the finale, which has already aired. What exactly did you imagine the article would discuss?

      • Exactly! LOL
        When I read a review of something I have not watched, I always jump to the last few lines. Just to see if they thought it was good or bad.

        I never read a full review of something I want to watch in the near future /.-)

      • I have no problem with what this article contains. I would only read it after I watched the finale. I am talking about the link to this article on the homepage. It had a brief description about the wedding and Michael’s return which I was forced to read as I was browsing the homepage.

        I only read the Article today after I watched the finale.

    • It said FINALE discussion, what did U think would be discussed ? bread making ?

      I swear, use the brain we all know U have !!!!

      • trust me I only started reading the article after I watched the finale. I am referring to the Link to this article on the Homepage of ScrenRant. as you know it has a small description below the title that told me about the wedding and Michael’s return. I was just harmlessly going through the Website and saw it. I know how to use my brain thank you very much!!

  16. I should have ended when Jim asked Pam to dinner at the end of season 3.

  17. I have no idea why people would come into this article just to complain about spoilers.

    Here in the UK, we only just managed to get season 7 on TV a few months ago and we know nothing about what goes on after yet here I am reading the article and the comments because I love the show so much and by the time we do get seasons 8 and beyond, I’ll have completely forgotten what happens and be surprised all over again.

    Seriously, how old are the people complaining about the spoilers? Aren’t they grown up enough to not read something when they don’t wanna know what happens?

  18. Great ending. I will miss these guys but they all had a great run. Very well done.

    I fist pumped when Micheal Scott made his entrance. Jim made it obvious but in the back of your mind you’re like, “No, it can’t be.” Then Bam! he came.. Dat’s What She Said!!

  19. one thing left unanswered was…


    • Toby went to visit the Scranton Strangler in prison and was appropriately strangled by him.

  20. I have recently became a fan of this show and the finale was great in my opinion. But I think it was made for die hard fans than new ones like myself. I would have to watch the show from the begining. I wish that Steve Carell and Catherine Tate had more screentime.

  21. Im not going to compare the finale to the best episodes of The Office because it’s not one of them, but..
    As a finale to a series that featured multiple characters that I grew to love and enjoyed spending the past 9 years with it was exactly what I wanted to see.
    Cheesy, sappy, emotional and most of all HAPPY is exactly what I wanted. I’ll watch the finale of Breaking Bad for gut wrenching drama.
    So let’s all say it one more time, THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!
    Bye Bye Dunder Mifflin. :(

  22. The finale was everything I wanted it to be. It may have been the best series finale for any show I have ever seen. Everything hit the right note. I couldn’t have been happier with how it ended. I laughed a ton, I cried a ton more; it was just perfect.

    Oh, and just to nitpick, the finale picked up a year after the airing of the doc, not six months.

  23. I’d give the finale a B+ since it wrapped everything up nicely with some tender moments and good laughs. Would’ve liked the panel part to be longer with less wedding though. Andy ultimately was the best part of the show, props to Ed Helms for bringing the laughs when the show needed him, definitely was time to bring it to a close.

  24. “… everyone got their own version of a happy ending – except Toby.”

    Toby got his happy ending. Remember they were all walking out together and asked Toby to come to the party. Toby said he was going to go home, and then more people were like “Toby, you’ve got to come.” He smiled because he felt wanted. And that is what made Toby happy.