Fox Orders Mindy Kaling Pilot; Will Leave ‘The Office’

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the office mindy kaling fox pilot Fox Orders Mindy Kaling Pilot; Will Leave The Office

Whether NBC likes it or not, the end may be near for The Office, as Fox orders a half-hour comedy pilot from series star Mindy Kaling – which, if picked up, will force her to leave the series at the end of The Office season 8.

The currently untitled project will star Kaling as an OB/GYN, who is described as a “young Bridget Jones type doctor trying to navigate both her personal and professional lives.” Kaling will also serve as an executive producer and writer, and will be joined by The Office producer Howard Klein.

Originally developed for NBC under Kaling’s current development deal with Universal Television, the network decided to pass on the concept, which allowed the pilot to be shopped to other networks. Aiming to find the perfect companion for their freshman series New Girl, Fox ordered a pilot in hopes of bringing it to series. Universal Television will still produce the series.

Unfortunately, if Fox does pick up Kaling’s pilot for a full season, she will be leaving The Office before season 9. Marking the second actor from The Office prepared to leave the series, Kaling’s programming predicament comes a week after it was announced that NBC is developing a spin-off of The Office starring Rainn Wilson’s beet-farming character, Dwight Schrute.

While nothing has officially been announced by NBC, all signs point to The Office being on its last legs. As it currently stand, Dunder Mifflin could potentially be losing both Dwight and Kelly next year. To make matters worse, series star John Krasinski has previously stated that this may be his last year on the series.

the office jim halpert Fox Orders Mindy Kaling Pilot; Will Leave The OfficeWe feel the same way, Jim

Despite NBC not yet signing contracts for the majority of the cast (including Krasinski), the chances are that the network will do anything to keep Jim Halpert sitting at his desk at Dunder Mifflin – especially if NBC is preparing for The Office to end after season 9 (which is what appears to be happening).

If NBC was interested in keeping The Office running for many years to come, the network would have simply picked up the Kaling’s pilot and then prevented it from making it to series. With NBC deciding to pass on the pilot, they’re also allowing to Kaling to be visibly associate with another network – something that they also wouldn’t want to happen if they saw any type of longevity in The Office.

Currently, NBC is unable to officially resign many cast members of The Office as it has yet to officially pick up The Office for season 9. And from the looks of it, by the time the network does get around to picking up the series for one final year, they may not be too many actors left to bring back.

This would only mean one thing: more Creed!

Expect to hear Fox make a decision on Kaling’s pilot this May.  Expect NBC to make a decision on The Office in the coming months.

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  1. Well…I have no more faith in the office.

  2. I still watch the office and I still find it entertaining. I don’t think losing the Kelly character would be that big a deal. Although I do believe Mindy also has a behind the scenes role as well so I couldn’t speak to that impact. Now losing Dwight or Jim that would be tough.

  3. I wouldn’t miss Kelly but the dynamic between Dwight and Jim is the core of the show. Losing one or both of them would definitely be the end.

  4. losing kelly wouldn’t be a big deal but combined with the fact that michael scott left, and possibly dwight as well as jim might be departing it certainly doesn’t help the situation. i believe the show had a great run but it may be time to let it go.

  5. I like Kelly but I’d be okay if she left. There’s no more show without Dwight though.

  6. Should have ended at with season 7 (imo of course) it’s not nearly as good without Steve Carell

    • When Michael Scott took off that microphone in the airport…perfect ending to the series.

  7. So the plan for The Office is to create tons of brand new shows based on all the characters? How about we combine all these shows, maybe Jim, Dwight, Kelly, Creed, Pam and all the characters meet up at this office, I think this spin-off could work if they do it this way.

    Just to avoid confusion they should call it The Office still.

  8. the office without michael was still good .. the office without jim,dwight, or kelly .. is gonna be rough .. i feel like maybe they should go ahead and just go with a new cast .. leave the working title as the office ..the show needs some new blood .. but good characters ..maybe a chris parnell,andy samberg.. new blood .. i will always watch the office and i view it in the same light as seinfeld…

    • I agree. It would be like real office turnover. Since it didn’t end with Michael Scott leaving, then it shouldn’t end with Jim, Kelly, or Dwight leaving. I’m sure plenty of other actors could pull off outrageous personalities…James Spader is doing a great job as an eccentric a-hole. I’m sure Parnell or Sandberg could become some pretty kooky characters too.

  9. I think they should have ended it last season, even though this season has allowed other actors to show off their acting chops. I’m personally sick of Mr. California (sorry James). Andy’s character is funny, but in moderation. Even the Jim/Dwight thing is tired, and their interactions are the best part of the show right now. Kelly’s character would be missed but if Dwight leaves as well, continuing on would be running a great show right into the ground.

  10. Kelly leaving wouldnt be that bad for the show. but dwight or jim leaving (possibly both) doesnt help the shows current situation. dwight and jim are so funny. i dont think i can watch the show without them. it pains me to say it but i would like to see the entire cast comeback for one more season and end it since everyone is moving to bigger and better things. it had a good and hilarious and like they say “all great things must come to an end”

  11. Rainn Wilson tweeted in regards to the alleged Dwight spin-off, “Don’t believe everything you read in the press.” So, apparently, it’s not a done deal if Dwight will actually be leaving. Mindy leaving is another matter; while I wouldn’t mind the Kelly character being absent from the series, Mindy is the most prolific writer on the show, a director, and now and executive producer. It was announced earlier this year that she would continue as an actor, but not as a writer… look what happened. That turned out not to be the case.

  12. they have to end this show soon. last episode…. michael scott and holly’s wedding

  13. I believe this has been a great season. I do miss Michael G Scott, but Jim and Dwight keep the laughs rolling. The last epsiode was sad when I thought it was over. I will watch reruns either way it goes. I like Kelly but she isnt the heart of the series. Jim, Pam, Kevin, and the rest of the crew have given me many laughs. I will miss them if any leave.

  14. I believe this has been a great season. I do miss Michael G Scott, but Jim and Dwight keep the laughs rolling. The last epsiode was sad when I thought it was over. I will watch reruns either way it goes. I like Kelly but she isnt the heart of the series. Jim, Pam, Kevin, and the rest of the crew have given me many laughs. I will miss them if any leave. What to watch now?

  15. This is very disheartening news for what once, I believe, was one of the most innovate and brilliant comedy series on TV. Seeing some of these key characters leaving doesn’t sit right with me and I do not believe they would be able to recover from it. Kelly’s character leaving seems as if it would not be that much of a big deal, but she does add to the show in her own little way. The way the show has been panning out since the leaving of Michael Scott, some characters begin to stand out whereas other characters are just losing their personalities and doing hardly anything for the show. This is all my opinion, but these past few episodes where half the cast goes to Tallahassee is a good example of this. How much more entertaining was the Tallahassee crew than the ones left at the Office? That’s because the better characters were in Tallahassee. Dwight, Jim, Ryan, Stanley.. Characters that use to bring a lot to the Office seem to have slowly faded into the background. I’m not sure if it’s the writing, or what.. Kevin is about the same character, but something about him has gotten less enjoyable over the past few seasons. Angela is just there, and things that would typically be brought to more attention in the past are just featured and then passed along (example: Angela’s baby belong to Dwight). Are they gonna tie into this before the end of the show? Even characters such as Darryl and Pam just aren’t bringing it to the table anymore. Pam’s main focus seemed to be the growing relationship between her and Jim, and after the baby, the marriage, and then the second baby, her spotlight and overall purpose took a steady decline. Darryl, on the other hand, was given more purpose in the show and importance… and that’s when he became less funny. At his funniest moments, Michael Scott was involved. Ed Helms as Andy Bernard? I’ve always loved the character Andy and still do to this day. I thought the way he was introduced in season 3 was hilarious and the best introduction to a new character on The Office out of all the characters that weren’t in the original cast. However, as a boss, I hate him. It’s like they just decided to find the character most like Michael Scott, and throw him into the Regional Manager position. Why? Why did they have to do that? How does he go from the character with the worst reputation as a salesmen, to the regional manager? Although, in time, he’s kind of grown on me as the new manager (especially since he’s really not focused as the overall main character like Michael Scott was), but in the end he’s just not as funny. At all. So is it sad that after 7 seasons of brilliant writing and many memorable moments and beloved characters, that my favorite characters to watch this season is Jim, Dwight, Ryan, Erin, Kelly, Kathy, and Todd Packer? Of course you still have characters like Creed, but I think too much of Creed could actually be a bad thing. So, if we see Kelly and Dwight leave that’s pretty much the end of the show. Dwight leaving would pretty much ruin Jim’s character, and if Jim leaves then what’s left? How would that pan out for Pam? How would that even make any sense? Oh, and my thoughts of James Spader leaving are this: I didn’t like him too much to begin with, but I can see where he was needed to bridge the gap between seasons 7 and 8. And now he’s instantly gone? How is this going to be addressed? Yes, I believe this show is falling apart before our eyes in many different ways which leads me to the question: Why did you leave us Steve?

    • Actually, correction. Todd Packer has been featured somewhat in this new season, but even he is not as funny to watch. The best part of his character was his crude, and offensive behavior and friendship with Michael. I’m not sure how I confused myself and wrote down his name, but instead I meant to say Toby.

  16. I’d miss Kelly on the show. It’s true, Kelly is not as big of a character as Jim or Dwight, but Kelly adds an element that would be missed. I can’t imagine The Office without Jim or Dwight, though.

  17. although it’s sad when your favorite show ends, it’s better than to drag it too long, and watch it loose its flavor all-together – if the show ends, i hope it’s a great ending like the last scene when Michael Scott took off his mic and internally i was like “noooo!!” lol – but i rather end optimistically, than if it were to be brutally canceled off the network