‘The Office’: NBC Developing Dwight Spin-off; Will Leave in Season 9

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the office spin off dwight The Office: NBC Developing Dwight Spin off; Will Leave in Season 9

Dunder Mifflin may have another job opening come next year, as NBC is currently working on a spin-off of The Office centered around everyone’s favorite assistant regional manager, Dwight K Schrute III (Rainn Wilson), for a potential midseason replacement in 2013.

The spin-off series, which has yet to officially be announced by NBC, is described as a family comedy and will focus on the Schrute family beet farm and bed & breakfast that has been hilariously featured several times over the course of the series. Spearheaded by Wilson and The Office executive producer (and Toby) Paul Lieberstein, the proverbial seeds for Dwight’s upcoming spin-off series will be planted in an upcoming episode of The Office.

Speaking to Deadline, a source close to The Office reveals how the spin-off idea came about, as well as how they’re going to flesh out the idea to be able to carry a series on its own:

Paul and Rainn have been joking for years about Dwight’s life on the farm, his family and how ill-suited he is to run a B&B.

A while ago, it started to feel like a show to them. NBC agreed. It’s been further developed to include multiple generations, many cousins and neighbors. At its base it will be about a family farm struggling to survive and a family trying to stay together.

Before fans of The Office begin jumping up and down at the mention of “cousins,” it is not yet known whether or not the loveably awkward Mose, who is played by Parks & Recreation co-creator Mike Schur, will be a part of the series. If anything, the character of Mose could be transitioned into something of a reoccurring character, such as Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas) in FX’s The League, who was originally going to be one the main characters on the series.

Of course, in order for Dwight to take on the responsibility that comes from running a beet farm/bed and breakfast, he’s going to have to leave the world of Dunder Mifflin behind him. If everything goes as planned (which is likely), Wilson will return for half of The Office season 9, before heading off to his own series.

dwight spin off mose The Office: NBC Developing Dwight Spin off; Will Leave in Season 9

While NBC has yet to officially renew The Office for season 9, all signs point to the series receiving another season order from the network; though, who all will be returning is still up for question. Without having an official pick-up from NBC, negotiations with the core cast members – who are without a contract for season - are unable to occur.

But the real question is: Can The Office survive without Dwight? Sure, the loss of Steve Carell was great, but what allowed the series to continue was that the rest of the cast collectively made up a stronger comedic force than Carell on his own.

Without Dwight, that collective begins to break down, as the lack of certain personalities become more and more obvious to the viewer. And while the position of Carell was filled by Ed Helm’s Andy Bernard, their personalities were similar enough to make up for the core dynamic that Carell brought to the series.

the office dwight spinoff jim The Office: NBC Developing Dwight Spin off; Will Leave in Season 9

Unfortunately, when it comes to Dwight, a wonderfully unique and crazed character, there really isn’t any equal – which, perhaps, is NBC’s ultimate intention.

With NBC ordering 8 new comedy pilots, the network appears to want to lock down a more secure comedy block. While it’s true that The Office is still successful in its timeslot, the age of the series means that it won’t be around much longer.

So if the network renews The Office for one final year, which will certainly see the return of many memorable faces from the past (we already know that Carell is willing to come back), not only will they be able to use the “buzz” that comes with a final season to launch their new comedies, but they’ll also be able to leverage the highly-anticipated return of many past characters to fill the void that Wilson will have left by going to his own series.

Of course, the real question is… Would anyone be interested in seeing a Dwight spin-off series?

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The Office airs Thursdays @9pm on NBC. Expect to hear more about the potential Dwight spin-off series in the coming months.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. Steve Carell was The Office. The cast flowed into their characters because of him. He left, the show is boring. Like the person above, I tune in when I remember it’s on. While watching, I scan channels for something else. Or, I pick up a book and study.

    • The show is fantastic still… Maybe you should actually watch it before saying it’s boring… The comedy between Jim and Dwight has increased substantially since Carrell left…

      • Nah it really isn’t jim is so dull without micheals stupidity

      • I mean the show was the funniest when it had Michael when he left it was ok but now taking Dwight away would just ruin it and the stuff between angela and him needs to be back in season 9

    • The show isn’t boring, which means you clearly haven’t been paying any attention. Your loss really

      • Its not that its boring, well some are. Its just the episodes are stale. The whole Robert California thing went nowhere, and there were MANY cliffhangers at the end of Season 8. it was better than the s*** one on season 7, but there were too many this season, i wish they picked like 1-2 to really bring it out.

  2. Aww no Im not liking this. I love Dwight and his farm but it’s only funny on the office. One of the main reasons the character is so funny is because Jim is there to be sarcastic and mess with him. The office can’t last without him. I think he should stay for all of next season if they hopefully renew it

  3. It won’t be the same.

  4. The only person who can legitimately fill the Dwight void is Robert California. He makes you feel awkward, and has a strange take on life much like Dwight. The only big difference is that Robert finds success no matter what while Dwight consistently fails.

    • Yes California may be awkward and have that different take on life, but he isn’t witty like Dwight. He sort of rambles on which is somewhat confusing and boring. Show will die without Dwight.

  5. HEck Yeah Ill Watch!!! How exciting! Ive always thought the office should have had more episodes revolving around his beat farm/b&b.
    That said, I want the Office Season 9 & 10 more!!

    • Sean, i really do think the show will be brilliant “the farm” aha i cant waiting im an english man that like the american office much more then the english one it is just fantastic jim and dwight are fantastic, however i beleieve the show may not be the same with out dwight, if they do the spin off they will need to bring in a character that is like dwight

  6. No!! The show is goin to be bad without him , the whole thing will fail.

  7. I have been a fan of The Office since the creation of the show. I have to say at first I was very upset with the show, specifically to see “Michael Scott” leave the office. But the manor in which it was done was very appropriate so I accepted the change and continued to watch the show. I have to say, that within the first five minutes of the first episode of season 8 I was very upset with the changes that were made to the show. I did not appreciate what-so ever the immediate and blatant write off of Kathy Bates’ character for one. But still, I gave the season a shot and very much enjoyed it for the most part. It’s nice to watch a show expand through it’s maturity on television and yes some of these expansions have caused “growing pains” for people who love and follow the show on a regular basis. I will say that the comedy within season 8 I felt was some of the funniest skits I have seen on the show (THANK GOD). So with that, the changes made to the show were acceptable because the characters did “mold” together comedically more in season 8 than in the show’s previous seasons. However I do believe that season 9 should be the show’s last season. It is clear that with the spin off of Dwight’s supposed “Beat Farm” show that NBC is trying to squeeze a quarter out of a dime. I am a loyal fan to not only The Office as a show but to the characters created within it. Dwight is my favorite character and if he does receive a new show I will not be part of the viewing office. I would rather see the show end in season nine with the return of some old characters, than to see the character or characters that I love dragged on in another show that will in no way shape or form be even closely comparable to that of the office. All good things must come to an end and the characters along with “The Office” need to be retired. Yes we would LOVE to see all of the characters continue in The Office but sometimes, just to protect the integrity of the show and the love that has been developed within its fan base, it must end. The Office has been an amazing show that I loved for the past 8 years and will continue to love and re-watch, but all good things must come to an end and its time for this office’s doors to be locked up one last time.

    • Kathy Bates was unavailable for filming.

  8. I Think That All These People Signing Off Could Be Just What The Office Needs, A Lot Of People, Including Myself, Have Criticized Season 8 For Having A Lack Of Arcs That Move The Series Forward But With People Leaving, That Could Leave A Lot Of Space For Story Development And With Helms Having To Potentially Leaving Mid Season For The Hangover Part III Filming, Perhaps Carell Could Come Back As A Temporary Replacement For Helms And It Could Also Further The Jim/Pam Relationship By Krasinski Having To Leave Midseason As Well. The Lack Of Characters Remaining With The Series Could Really Open Some New Story Opportunities That Could Make The 9th Season More Interesting Than The Last Three Seasons Combined.

  9. To be honest, the show should have ended when Steve Carrell left. If we lose another great character, the show will just suck.

  10. It probably would be very funny, but I also feel it would be the demise of the office. I don’t think I would watch it purely in protest.

  11. I feel that it was a privilege to have Dwight and Michael on the same show together as a team they were hilarious! I also feel that the crew as a whole made the show what it is. The way their chemistry was on screen u would think that they really worked in an office together, from the way they looked at the screen when something crazy happened or when someone said something off the wall was just comical!

  12. I feel that it was a privilege to have Dwight and Michael on the same show together as a team they were hilarious! I also feel that the crew as a whole made the show what it is. The way their chemistry was on screen u would think that they really worked in an office together, from the way they looked at the screen when something crazy happened or when someone said something off the wall was just comical! Please keep The Office going for two or more seasons!

  13. A spin-off of the office, involving Dwight and his beet farm, would be a perfect way to keep the spirit of the office alive, because the office deserves to continue. This show is an amazing, hilarious and intelligent one that has entered the hearts of millions of people. Yes, season 8 started off a bit shaky, but every episode got better and better. It is already a favorite season of many because of the growth seen in every character. There are many, many people who would not only love to see a season 9, but even a season 10 or 11! This is a series that changed the way of comedic television, and with the writers and producers of The Office, there is no way the integrity of this show could ever be lost, which was proven by their ability to keep their audience watching without the amazing Steve Carrel presence. Please, keep it coming.

  14. man, dont do a spin off series, you already took carell out of it,if he comes back and season 9 is the final season it will be epic i hope and id hope he doesnt return due to issues with holly, holly should come back with as a re acurring housewife possibly? but if it is the final season of the best show in the world, then yeah do a spin off cuz wilson character is great, but what about all the people whos main reason for watching nbc period is the jim and pam of the series, id miss that couple terribly, maybe spinoff called home life? only if the show is ending in season 9, which will be a sad sad day. #theoffice4life!!

  15. The theory of this show sounds hilarious as Dwight has always been one of the funnier characters, but he’s great in The Office where he can be pranked on by Jim and be his usual crazy self! If he leaves the show it just won’t work anymore which would be sad to end on a low :-(
    I’d prefer one more fun final season of The Office if it has to end rather than this spin-off. Anyone remember the horror of Joey??? I rest my case!

  16. Assistant to the regional manager… This season has been brilliant even with the two new additions/next season cuts who were on the week side. The Episode where Jim fakes a murder in Florida in the start makes me laugh even the 20th time I have watched. I love DVR!

  17. Hello?? Have we forgotten the most crucial person in Dwight’s life? What about Angela?? If they reconcile, what’ll happen to her? The downfall of Dwangela must never happen. It’s the only original thing on the office, now! Seeing them together sparks vivid memories of how the show used to be. Except, one of the main elements that fueled their interaction was their secrecy of the relationship, but they can still work! It’s too touching of a story! & his baby? I need answers.. :(

    • My theory is that his baby is going to be the link that will keep Angela strong throughout the show and even more scandal is occurring after the season finale at the end of the show when the senator showed his true colors i think Angela will maybe just fine in that she will still have a strong connection to Dwight and that even more scandal is occurring with her her husband and Oscar it will be pretty interesting what happens

  18. The loss of Steve carrell i think was one of the main reasons the office started really sucking don’t get me wrong i really liked it but Andy Bernard was not a good replacement for Michale Scott and Pam’s personality altered into something generic in my opinion. if Steve carrel comes back or guest stars it will gain more popularity but without Dwight the show is done and Jim’s character looses a lot of personality again all in my opinion.

  19. I think that the office is one of the best modern TV comedies. Dwight makes the office watchable now. If he leaves the show will fail. However, if done right, a spin off would work. We will see what happens. I would love to see Michael Scott, Dwight, and Jim all reunite in the Office season 9!

  20. dwight is truly the man but he’s funny playing off jim and michael i dont think a spin off would be good for him and the office

  21. I think Brent butt said it best when the last season of corner gas aired, “better to leave on your own than to be asked to leave”. That being said, When season 8 of the office aired, I actually thought it was a joke. I kept thinking that all these bizzare situations, such as opening a new store and Robert california taking over sabre the way he did would all lead to some kind of mind trip or dream by the end of the season. I really had thought that season 8 was the final season. I
    Love the office, I own every season on iTunes and on DVD but season 8 I could barely stomach. I don’t think that Dwight needs a spin off and the only justification I can think off for a season 9 of the office is as a farewell to the fans and to wrap everything up in a neat little bow. Seems that fewer shows these days get the opportunity to actually end a show rather than get cancelled.

  22. Definetely without Dwight the show will begin to crumble down already without Michael it is a bit down basically taking Dwight out there will be no more of the out of the ordinary situations, and Andy’s character can’t handle to be the funny enough to carry everyone’s characteristics :/

  23. i love the office and cannot wait for season 9. it will likely be the last season, and i will be looking forward to seeing guest spots from michael and some others. the rainn wilson spin off could be good, i wont completely knock it until i see it, but he would have to double up. as long as the office still has dwight, i think it could just keep going on and on. (that’s what she said!)

  24. dwight only works in the office, because he has jim there

    and jim only worked cus micheal and dwight were there.
    there basically killing an old show and a new one at the same time

  25. i love the office series. i dont care if the show isnt as good as before but im waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting!!!!!!!! i like the character dwight schrute. michael is ok but i dot really care if he comes or not. and by the way, you almost never really see mose. he is always doing something so the y should just replace him cuz there are so many guys with brown hair. …. bla bla bla ok im just waiting for the new season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. It will never get as good as it was with Michael but Dwight made it worth watching so I really hopes that he wont leave! But still I love this show so waiting for season 9 and hopes that Michael will come back!!

    • the best actress is jenna fischer!!! or pam as known on the office. shes hot and amazingggggg!!!!!!!!

  27. The Office was and still is a great show. Sure it wasn’t as great after Steve Carrell left, but the other characters stepped up and continued to produce great stuff. I really do not like the new CEO on the show. His personality on the show is just…not good!