‘The Office’: NBC Developing Dwight Spin-off; Will Leave in Season 9

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the office spin off dwight The Office: NBC Developing Dwight Spin off; Will Leave in Season 9

Dunder Mifflin may have another job opening come next year, as NBC is currently working on a spin-off of The Office centered around everyone’s favorite assistant regional manager, Dwight K Schrute III (Rainn Wilson), for a potential midseason replacement in 2013.

The spin-off series, which has yet to officially be announced by NBC, is described as a family comedy and will focus on the Schrute family beet farm and bed & breakfast that has been hilariously featured several times over the course of the series. Spearheaded by Wilson and The Office executive producer (and Toby) Paul Lieberstein, the proverbial seeds for Dwight’s upcoming spin-off series will be planted in an upcoming episode of The Office.

Speaking to Deadline, a source close to The Office reveals how the spin-off idea came about, as well as how they’re going to flesh out the idea to be able to carry a series on its own:

Paul and Rainn have been joking for years about Dwight’s life on the farm, his family and how ill-suited he is to run a B&B.

A while ago, it started to feel like a show to them. NBC agreed. It’s been further developed to include multiple generations, many cousins and neighbors. At its base it will be about a family farm struggling to survive and a family trying to stay together.

Before fans of The Office begin jumping up and down at the mention of “cousins,” it is not yet known whether or not the loveably awkward Mose, who is played by Parks & Recreation co-creator Mike Schur, will be a part of the series. If anything, the character of Mose could be transitioned into something of a reoccurring character, such as Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas) in FX’s The League, who was originally going to be one the main characters on the series.

Of course, in order for Dwight to take on the responsibility that comes from running a beet farm/bed and breakfast, he’s going to have to leave the world of Dunder Mifflin behind him. If everything goes as planned (which is likely), Wilson will return for half of The Office season 9, before heading off to his own series.

dwight spin off mose The Office: NBC Developing Dwight Spin off; Will Leave in Season 9

While NBC has yet to officially renew The Office for season 9, all signs point to the series receiving another season order from the network; though, who all will be returning is still up for question. Without having an official pick-up from NBC, negotiations with the core cast members – who are without a contract for season - are unable to occur.

But the real question is: Can The Office survive without Dwight? Sure, the loss of Steve Carell was great, but what allowed the series to continue was that the rest of the cast collectively made up a stronger comedic force than Carell on his own.

Without Dwight, that collective begins to break down, as the lack of certain personalities become more and more obvious to the viewer. And while the position of Carell was filled by Ed Helm’s Andy Bernard, their personalities were similar enough to make up for the core dynamic that Carell brought to the series.

the office dwight spinoff jim The Office: NBC Developing Dwight Spin off; Will Leave in Season 9

Unfortunately, when it comes to Dwight, a wonderfully unique and crazed character, there really isn’t any equal – which, perhaps, is NBC’s ultimate intention.

With NBC ordering 8 new comedy pilots, the network appears to want to lock down a more secure comedy block. While it’s true that The Office is still successful in its timeslot, the age of the series means that it won’t be around much longer.

So if the network renews The Office for one final year, which will certainly see the return of many memorable faces from the past (we already know that Carell is willing to come back), not only will they be able to use the “buzz” that comes with a final season to launch their new comedies, but they’ll also be able to leverage the highly-anticipated return of many past characters to fill the void that Wilson will have left by going to his own series.

Of course, the real question is… Would anyone be interested in seeing a Dwight spin-off series?

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The Office airs Thursdays @9pm on NBC. Expect to hear more about the potential Dwight spin-off series in the coming months.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. First Michael, now Dwight? With the two funniest characters gone, The Office is dead in the water.

    • You are correct. What made/makes this show so good is the ensemble cast. The show is less without Michael, and it will be even lesser without Dwight. If this happens, countless will discontinue watching it.

    • Yeah, but Dwight will leave midseason in season 9. That means that if season 9 is indeed The Office’s final season, there will only be about 12-13 episodes without him. They can easily squeeze enough material in those episodes, and get both Carell and Wilson to guest in the finale.

  2. Dwight without Jim, Pam, Stanley, Kevin, Ryan, Angela or Andy Bernard/Michael Scott is like Joey without Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe. It won’t work. Why not just do a Creed spin off? That guy is shrouded in mystery.

    • ^^^^ 100% correct.

    • +1 at that. His character seems to work only because of his interaction with the rest of the cast, especially Jim.

    • I actually think a creed spinoff wouldnt be so bad plus it wouldnt really change the office. But a dwight spinoff?, taking a main character out of a show will most likely result in a fail.

  3. What will they do about Dwight owning the building? Will he sell it or will that be their opening for him to make reoccurring cameos? Have to say though, this is an interesting prospect. I do enjoy the episodes that involve him and his beet farm/B and B, but I don’t know about a whole series based on that.

  4. You see, the stuff that goes on on his farm is so funny because its done every once in a while, but a whole series? I don’t see it lasting. All these characters on The Office complement each other so well. When Michael left you could see how much this show changed but it’s had it’s moments because of people like Dwight. If he leaves, this show will die.

  5. I see this failing. Don’t get me wrong I am the number one office fan in the world literally. But I dont think this show could carry itself into seasons. I see this more as a webisode type project. Just my opinion. But i don’t see it happening. Would I watch it? Yes just to see if Rey proved me wrong.

  6. Are there any chances at all that dwight would return to the office if his spin off doesn’t last

    • His spinoff whether it’s successful or not will probably outlast The Office. Season 9 will probably be the last one for the show. The question is whether Dunder Mifflin characters will make cameos on Dwight’s show.

      • What?!! NO more office?? NOOOOOO!!!!!

  7. I realize that the last few seasons of the office haven’t been perfect but season 8 for the most part has been a dissapointment. Funny episodes IMO are few and far between and when Dwight leaves the show will suffer even more, it was bad enough that Michael left. but I don’t think it is a wise move to have one of the main characters be around for only half of the probably final season.

  8. They should have made Dwight the boss like everyone wanted then we could have followed Dwight’s life like we did Michael’s (e.g. at his condo) Then the office would still be good. I’m sorry but Andy doesn’t fill Michael’s shoes at all. I couldn’t watch anymore after about the 5th episode of season 8. If Dwight’s spin off happen’s I’ll definitely tune in.

    • andy pretty much is michael

  9. Dwight is the character I despise. I’ll enjoy The Office more without him & I’ll NEVER watch the spin off.

    It won’t last long anyway.

  10. Dwight is the character I despise. I’ll enjoy The Office more without him and I’ll NEVER watch the spin off.

    It won’t last long anyway.


  12. I think it will work. Will it still be a mockumentary? If its gonna be centered in the beet farm then it has a chance to be a fresh comedy!

  13. I don’t think this is a good idea. I mean I am the biggest office in the world. I know each episode by heart I love this show. It’s been a huge part of my life for 8 years but this isn’t a good idea. I think it would kill the farm scene that te various short clips of it over the years had made it special but this would ruin it I think.

    I think it’s the perfect idea for webisodes though. Bring those on.

    • Really? How many square feet are you? For an office you type exceptioally well.

  14. i disagree that ed helm’s was a suitable replacement for steve carell. dwight leaves i can’t watch anymore

  15. I don’t think this will work. It’ll be like Joey, he’s only funny when interacting with the other characters in The Office like the pranks Dwight and Jim constantly pull on one another or the way guys like Stanley or Erin respond to Dwight’s antics. It won’t be funny to just throw him into a new bunch of characters and expect the same response.

    • Especially with new characters that are similar to him, or are family. The chemistry will be completely different

  16. The show has in my opinion been in its death throes since Micheal Scott has been gone. The character of Andy Bernhard just doesn’t cut it and Robert California is just creepy and a jerk. Losing the character of Dwight will be the final nail in the coffin of a show I have already lost a lot of interest in. I would however give a show centered around Dwight and his crazy, creepy family farm a fair chance though!

  17. I wonder if this will be like a Bob Newhart style show in which he leaves the Office and starts the Bed and Breakfast with new characters who eccentric and guests who drive Dwight crazy. The best part is they could do an ending where he wakes up in the office in the middle of a meeting with Michael leading the meeting and it was all a dream.

    • Great idea!

    • I’d watch that. We can only hope.

  18. I’ve loved The Office and I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed this season without Michael but I’m not sure about Dwight on his own. His character works so well because of the cast around him. And we are willing to accept that his co-workers put up with him because they have no choice.
    Dwight running a B&B would be like a haunted house story in a way. Instead of asking why don’t the people move out we’d be asking why do people keep checking in?

  19. Not a bad idea about the dream
    how about when he wakes up he’s the manager and michael the assistant to the manager.

  20. i would watch dwight do anything .. best character of all time .. i would love to see him hang out with sheldon cooper ..

  21. This makes me think of NEWHART the series based at the Stratford Inn in Vermont. Which was incredibly hilarious, I might add… I am looking forward to this.

  22. I’m so sad..I want Micheal back and I don’t want Dwight to leave :/

  23. Poor Jim

  24. Season 8 sucked ass! The best NBC and the writers could do was James Spader??? Are you frickin kidding me?
    I can’t think of a greater effort of disillusioned incompetence to kill a top rated show!
    Note to NCB…Spader = NOT funny! His character is a condescending ass and nobody likes to watch a narcissistic *sshole!

    That was the the best you could do? Jeeze, if totally out of original ideas, could have at least brought in Stephen Root in his News Radio character as a happy-go-lucky aloof manager It would have at least gotten more laughs and character likability.

    Office = R.I.P.

    Way to go, NBC!

    • “I can’t think of a greater effort of disillusioned incompetence to kill a top rated show!”

      -I totally disagree!! Did you watch Boston Legal at all? SPADER = HILARIOUS!!!!! I was so excited when I heard that James Spader was going to be on the Office. Ok, I didn’t really know how he would fit in with rest of cast, and knew he wasn’t going to become Michael Scott….but HE’S DONE A GREAT JOB… He’s pretty much the only reason i started watching season 8…without Steve Carell it seemed pointless

    • Nobody likes to watch a narcissistic jerk? Tell that to the millions of people who watched 2 and a half men for 8 seasons lol

    • Actually I like James Spader’s character. Robert is that sterotype of the business executive who dosen’t actually know a lot but who’ll sprout a bunch of crap that dosen’t actually mean anything to give the illusion that he does. Robert is constantly talking in riddles and I’m liking how he scares Andy with the way he contradicts himself.

  25. Without Dwight what the hell is Jim gonna do? Can we just have one good final season of The Office, than two shows getting cancelled?

  26. Assistant TO the regional manager

  27. First of all, I DON’T think the Office has been doing very well since Steve Carrell left. While I sometimes tune in, I often find it so boring it’s hard to pay attention. There have been a few good episodes, but most are quite lackluster. While I like Andy, I don’t think he’s a good replacement for Carrell. I think the producers could have found a good replacement if they weren’t afraid of taking chances with a completely new kind of character. I also think the ensemble cast is great, but there are many instances where they seem like they’re out-of-character. I find that annoying.

    As for a spin-off series with Dwight, I don’t think it will work. Just as changing the dynamics of the original show has (in my opinion) spelled disaster, I think a spin-off will be another fiasco. I might tune in to check it out but I suspect it will be like the Office. I will turn it on only when I occasionally think of it, and I probably won’t be engaged enough to sit through an episode.

    It’s really a shame that the producers just don’t learn from their mistakes.

  28. I think the show has done very well since the loss of Steve Carell. If you can look past the fact that Michael Scott is gone, the show is still funny and still has much of the charm it started with. I agree that Andy was a similar character and a good replacement.

    But the Office without Jim and Dwight’s bickering? It didn’t work when Jim was a manager. Without Dwight the whole dynamic will be gone.

  29. The office will NOT survive! First micheal gone now the olny one holding up the show is about to take off, the show which was the best comedy show is doomed! Hate to say it I didn’t think it was gona be worth watching without m. Scott and it wasn’t at first. dwight was out of the light at start of the season but then he started to shine a lot more. It was worth watching stil but now that he’s gona leave, ouch!