6 Reasons ‘The Office’ Was At Its Best In Season 8

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The Office Season 8Let's face it: television fans are a fickle bunch. While watching a particular series may be "must see TV" during the course of one season, that same series can be easily relegated down to a Netflix "wait" or an on-sale DVD release.When The Office lost Steve Carell toward the end of season 7, fans were appropriately concerned with what might happen to television's longtime comedy staple. Completely admitting that The Office has generally been hit-or-miss since its most famed seasons, one-time fans of the series should know that they're missing out on some absolutely wonderful television.Not only has The Office returned to its former glory with this past season, but it has also evolved itself in such a way that longtime viewers of the series might actually say that The Office season 8 is the best ever. And you know what? They may not be wrong.So as one Office fan to another, allow me to tell you why The Office has never been better – and why you should have another look.

A Comedic Ensemble

When Steve Carell left The Office, fans were appropriately concerned about the future of the series. Unfortunately, the cavalcade of guest stars that appeared in season 7 didn't allow the remaining cast to stand on their own.From the start of season 8,the entire series ensemble, reacting like a well-oiled comedic machine, instantly relieved any and all reservations that one might have for the series' ability to continue. With each character providing more laughs than ever, the true depths of the series' comedy well was finally revealed.

Guest Stars ≠ Main Stars

The Office - James Spader & Catherine TateThe Office has had its fair share of guest stars in the past, and season 8 is no different. With many familiar faces appearing throughout the season, fans may flash back to Will Ferrell's less-than-stellar performance on the series.However, with James Spader and Catherine Tate providing much of this season's guest appearances, their inclusion was perfectly handled, and ultimately proved to hilariously supplement many of the core cast stories.That being said, both Spader and Tate are each given more than their fair share of moments to shine - and that's exactly what they do.

Andy Bernard

The Office season 8 - Andy BernardOne of the few new characters to join the original cast members, Andrew Bernard has always been able to bring the laughs on The Office. But as the new regional manager of Dunder Mifflin?Of course he's great! With similar qualities to Michael Scott, though uniquely his own character, it's hard not to fall in love with Andy all over again.Busting out tunes on his voicemail, as well as with his father, the Nard dog makes sure that the audience never once questions his ability to serve as the replacement to the World's Best (former) Boss, Michael Scott.


The Office - Pyramid NBCWhile locations have never been an issue with The Office, the continuous adventures outside of Dunder Mifflin during this season really helped keep the series energized throughout.This season takes the series to Robert Califnornia's house, out to trivia night with Oscar and his pals, down to Miami, as well as Gettysburg and Shrute Farms.While each location has its own great moments, The Office really shines when half of the cast heads to Miami.Presenting two independent storylines that only occasionally crossover, the true testament to the strength of this season is its ability to not only make each storyline as entertaining as the other, but to do so with only half of the cast.

The Halpert Family

The Office - Halpter Family PhotoWhen a 30-minute comedy series takes on television's dreaded character coupling, bad things happen. Throw in a couple of children, and there's almost no chance of making it through. But that's exactly what The Office did - and then some.Somehow perfecting this sometimes dubbed "series killer," not only has Pam and Jim's relationship been more enjoyable than ever, we enjoy seeing them with two children - even more than just the one.Used only when it naturally fits within the story, Pam and Jim's family have become a wonderful supplemental nugget of entertainment - one that future series could learn from.

Jim & Dwight

The Office Season 7 - Jim & DwightOne of television's most hilarious rivalries, the adversarial relationship between Jim and Dwight has never been better than in The Office season 8.While there are more than enough pranks to keep everyone entertained, the truly enjoyable element of this season is watching Jim and Dwight's acknowledged respect for each other grow.Almost as endearing as watching Jim and Pam together, the many moments where Jim and Dwight end up working together this season not only shows the true strengths of characters that we've been watching for many years, but that they're so much more than simply bears, beets and Battlestar Galactica.


The Office season 8You can make the argument that, more often than not, when friends tell you how great a series has become it turns out not to be true. But, to be fair, your friends did not take the time to provide you this information in a slideshow presentation.I'm just saying…  if Whitney really was that great, maybe they would have tried harder to tell you so. Or at least used visual aids. But they didn't. And do you know why? Because it's not true. Whitney isn't that great – but The Office is. It really is! So go check it out.… and if I'm wrong, you'll know never to trust a man with a slideshow. Which, if we're being honest, is probably a good rule to follow anyway.
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  1. Robert California wore out his welcome halfway through the season. He was great when his presence brought back the awkward humor that made The Office funny in the first place, but when he spirals out of control and just becomes weak and uninterested in involving himself in the company at all, is presence is wasted.

    • I wasn’t sold on Robert California until the Christmas party.

      “I’m so tired of the Black Eyed Peas. It’s rock and roll for people who don’t like rock and roll. It’s rap for people who don’t like rap. It’s pop for people who don’t like pop.”

  2. I have to agree that this season has been a really great one for the show. The first episode of the season was my favorite mainly because of how they revealed Andy being the new boss. One thing I can’t stand about this season is Nellie. She is one of the most annoying characters I have ever seen and I think the season would have been a lot better off without her.

    • Completely agree, Nellie was great for the first episode. Then, the rest of the entire Florida thing was forced. Anyone who Honestly thinks this is better then any season then maybe Season 4 (Writer strike season)… Needs to go back and rewatch the show. Ive rewatched all 8 seasons a minimal of 4 times each, yes I have no life, and season 8 is by far the most forced and weakest written season so far. It was great for the first 13 episodes, they dragges Andy not knowing if he can run the branch out WAY TOO LONG, Only 2 of the florida episodes were really good. I give them props for trying something new, they’ve done well with that for first 7 seasons, but I personally feel like in this case the same wouldve been better.
      There is a reason why the producers decided to bring back David Wallace.

  3. Catherine Tate, Nellie, is the worst thing to happen to a television series in a long time. I loathed every moment she was on-screen. And Andy’s “mercy” on her in the finale put the nail in the coffin for me.
    I got tired of Robert California after his house party, but I despised Nellie the second she leaned in Ryan’s ear and uttered her first line. They should’ve killed her off after last season’s interview.

    The Office’s Savior has been there all along: CREED!!!

      • Agreed. I meant Creed was under utilized

      • Darryl used to be so much better. All funny died at the end of “Lottery”. Since then he is a Confident “Jim” that’s all.

  4. Season 8 was awful! Andy as the boss was a sloppy choice. In fact the office was incredibly sloppy with its cast and storylines this year. Whatever happened to the girl that was hired by Will Farrell’s character? Whatever happened to the other girl who took over for Pam who was hitting on Jim? Whats been the point of the Angela/Senator storyline that’s been strung out. For me Tate was the only character who made the show worth watching – it was just a shame it took over half the season before she came in. So for me, season 8 was a fail. Season 9 needs to be the end. and Andy better be out of that bosses chair. He’s not Michael Scott and they need to stop making him out to be Michael. Andy was only funny as a supporting character. Here’s to hoping season 9 will step up.

    • TATE WAS THE ONLY CHARACTER WHO MADE THE SHOW WORTH WATCHING??? TATE???? Tate is the single worst thing to ever happen to The Office. Beyond the fact that the actor comes across forced and absolutely skin crawlingly annoying 100% of the time, the character herself is worthless, mean, vindictive, and has ZERO qualifications for ANYTHING does! Hell, the only reason she even got a job was because she was friends with the CEO and she STOLE Andie’s job. I wish she had died. Then maybe the series would’ve lived.

  5. The word “great” and “Whitney” have never been used in the same sentence. I wasn’t even able to get through the ads for that show, let alone an episode. How that got greenlit, I’ll never know.

    The Office had some great moments this year (the Florida storyline was ripe with them), but the show is not the same without Michael Scott. As much as I still enjoy the show, I think it’s time to put it to bed. Next year will be nine seasons, and I think that is as good a time as any to bid adieu to the good folks at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

  6. Is it true Season 9 will be the last? and if it is can we get a michael/holly wedding and a 1½ or 2 hour series finale where we see what happens to every character will be awesome.

  7. I actually hated Michael Scott after season 3 and was overjoyed when I heard he was leaving. I didn’t find him funny in the least. Offensively ignorant. Hated him.

    I loved the first couple episodes with Andy as the boss were my favorites of all time. He balanced being a goof with being a real boss.
    But then they changed him; tried to turn him into Michael Scott 2.0 and the season plummeted.

    • Michael Scott was the best character in the Office, and wasn’t any of those things. YOU’RE WRONG!

      • Ba-da-bump Roasted!!!

  8. I can’t believe I just went through this slideshow. This season has been absolutely horrible. I have laughed maybe three times the whole season. It’s gotten so unrealistic as far as office dynamics go, that it takes away from the whole point of the show. Spader’s character was OK for a minute, but throughout the whole season, was just annoying. Obviously, writer of this was on some kind of illegal substance if they genuinely found this season funny.

  9. This season has turned out better than I had hoped, I was hesitant to see how this would all work out, but they did a pretty good job. I didn’t care much for the whole Andy chasing Erin story, just seems forced and I think they could’ve come up with a better way to give Erin more screen time. The true gem of the season though has been the focus on Jim and Dwight, I think they do an excellent job of finding that balance of keeping the “frenemies”, where the can work together (quite well actually) and have respect for each other, but still not be buddy buddy. The episode where Jim was trying to save Dwight from getting fired was one of the best episodes of the season.

    • Gonna have to agree with you…

  10. This last season was awful. Robert California is such a annoying and one-dimensional character. The Andy getting fired and starting his own paper company story line is just recycled from the Michael Scott Paper Company story line. And what happened to the girl that was trying to seduce Jim? Just lazy writing. This show needs to end.

  11. Come on — Erin, played by Ellie Kemper, deserves a slide of her own. She’s the main reason I watch the show now.

  12. Tate was horrible

  13. I’d say the second half of season 8 was excellent. I wasn’t sold for the first few episodes of season 8 and believed that when the season 7 finale had Michael Scott removing the microphone would have been the best series finale. But, the cast shined more and more throughout the year. You are correct about Dwight and Jim’s relationship became even better in this season…they actually do care for each other (it’s like my Grandpa always said, we only pick on the ones we love). I’m actually excited to see where the show goes from here. And my campaign against Whitney failed…stupid NBC renewing that crapfest.

  14. Anthony – How much did NBC pay you to write that article? Could not disagree more and have yet to actually talk to anyone face to face who still likes the show. What used to be MUST SEE is now CAN’T WATCH

  15. Everyone has a right to their opinion but you’re just plain stupid if you consider this season any good. Maybe compared to other lame sitcoms on TV but compared to season 1-7 this was the worst season.

  16. Maybe we’re not getting the joke and the article was written ironically…

  17. Nellie sucks. I grimace whenever I see her. Also this season lost a lot without Michael. He mad the how what it is and if you didn’t like Michael then why did you bother watching the show? I liked the awkward sense that Robert brings, but he is a little over utilized. I don’t see another season happening because Robert, kellie, and Dwight are all not going to return

  18. I really did enjoy quite a few of the episodes this season in part because of Robert California. In the early episodes I liked the awkwardness he brought to the show, and at the end of the season I was laughing at his weirdness brought on by his going off the deep end following the collapse of his marriage. The other thing I really liked was the changing dynamic of Jim’s and Dwight’s relationship. They both were terrific this year.

    The one thing I hated was when Nellie appeared. I just really do not like her in the least and can find nothing about her being there that is a plus. With Robert leaving and her staying I’m concerned about season 9…I’m hoping she leaves and whatever the new dynamic is that drives the show is a winner.

  19. I agree on parts of this but being a longtime fan I have to say this season has bean the WEAKEST. I agree on the Jim and Dwight chemistry being stronger than ever, the Halpert family is still awesome, and the locations are good. I do feel that this season since Michael Scott is no longer there the other characters seem to have become dumber or something. I HATED Robert California he is a total ASS and not funny a majority of the time in my opinion, GLAD he is leaving. I really wanted Andy as boss but I feel the writers tried to make him too much like Michael and not let him be himself enough, but overall he is all right. With many having not renewed their contracts, Rainn leaving midseason, and Kaling probably leaving my question is who will be left do the show???? I wish it had ended with season seven because the show has become pathetically stale and might not even get a decent final season with all this mess of contract renewals and characters departures. I’ll just enjoy Community for one more season and watch Big Bang Theory I suppose

    • been*

  20. this was the worst season ever, so hard to watch. I really didn’t like it until David Wallace bought the company.

  21. I respectfully completey disagree.
    As a huge fan of the series and a loser with no life who has viewed every episode of The Office at least 4 times…
    I feel like this entire season was forced and thinly written.
    I believe the use of Tate and several locations were there attempt to provide new and different takes to the show, which it does, but this is one time where i felt like it couldve been better left undone.
    The first 13 episodes are fantastic.
    I will agree that even in the weaker episodes Jim and Dwight’s rivalry/friendship still continue to shine.
    But i felt like Tate was just too much.
    Robert California was great.
    They forced Andy to hold onto “uncomfortable” Andy too long.
    Confident Andy needs to come back from seasons 2-6… Then we will have another Michael as the boss.
    I like the direction the show is going.
    And I did enjoy this season still.
    I just felt other then maybe Season 4 which has 3 of my favorite episodes (Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Launch Party, and Dinner Party)… It is the second weakest season of a consistently great show.
    That’s like trying to insult a compliment…

  22. Odd I’m usually the guy to defend a show when everyone else doubts it I’m fairly loyal to my shows. I defended House these last two season and have loyally stuck by Supernatural through the last two years that people have bashed it.

    That all said I think this is easily the worst season of The Office. There have been a few great moments here and there but over all it’s been terrible.

    Robert California was over used and really had no place being around half as long as he was. His character was neither funny nor interesting.

    Daryl has lost a lot of his humor which is odd for one of the funniest actors around. He’s dropped a lot of his comedy to play the straight man role.

    Jim seems less intelligent half the time and while it’s nice to see him back at doing the pranks they have probably been the worst he’s ever done.

    I’m a big Ed Helms fan and a long time Andy defender, but this season was bad for him. I’ve actually enjoyed the Andy Erin relationship the past few years as well that’s how much I usually like the guy. This season though I have not been laughing at the Andy scenes because they’ve made me uncomfortable. None of them are funny it’s just been watching a poor pathetic man meltdown all year.

    Lets get in to the real big negative for the past few months. Nelie. She’s terrible in every way. She’s unlikable and worse yet unfunny.

  23. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  24. Season 8 was pure crap.

  25. Season 8 storylines made no sense. I don’t think I can watch anymore of Andy, Erin or Nellie. The writers and editors have ruined a once great show.

  26. He managed to get almost everything wrong about this terrible season. Andy was a bore, Jim and Pam were non-existent, Robert California and Nellie were uninteresting and the ensemble was ignored for endless Andy as manager stories that went no where. Only Jim and Dwight were bright spots in what was easily the worst season of the series. A fact matched by its plumenting ratings.

    • Yeah, this article is about as wrong as it could be. I used to think Season 6 was the lowest this show could fall, but they plumbed new depths this year.

  27. As a huge office fan I couldn’t disagree more with this. Season 8 a huge disappointment. Yes Steve Carell has gone and it would naturally be hard to replace him but I just find it difficukt to watch now. Previously the writers always kept a serious meaningful side to the characters. We got to know them and felt For them. Now all the new characters are a joke. We know nothing really about Robert or Nellie or val. Lazy writing. Really big prot holes. I could go on and on but no need. I will always love the office but just disappointed how it’s ended up abit of a joke quite literally.

  28. I’m assuming when you say Miami, what you mean is Tallahassee? Those are two very different, and very far-apart cities.