‘Underworld’ Director Len Wiseman is No Longer Working on ‘The Mummy’ Reboot

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mummy movie reboot director Underworld Director Len Wiseman is No Longer Working on The Mummy Reboot

Movies featuring creatures such as the Frankenstein monster, Dracula and The Mummy have been continually made (and re-made) in Hollywood since the 1930s. Hence, in our current reboot and remake-happy age, it doesn’t come as a huge shock to have to report that several of these monsters are getting facelifts for the new century. Case in point, new Dracula and Frankenstein movies have already been formally scheduled for release in 2014; in related news, a reboot of the Mummy franchise has been actively developing over the past year and a half.

The Mummy reboot is being produced by longtime collaborators Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, whose collective resume includes multiple installments in the Star Trek and Transformers movie properties (in addition to TV series like Fringe). Said duo have maintained from the project’s genesis (in its current form) that the film will move away from the serial adventure throwback-style of the last three Mummy installments (headlined by Brendan Fraser) – in order to “go back to the franchise’s roots in dark, scary source material.”

Last year, Len Wiseman was brought onboard to direct the Mummy reboot, which had been targeted for a Summer 2014 release date. However, The Wrap is reporting that Wiseman has been forced to drop out as the film’s helmer, due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict. Kurtzman and Orci – who recently worked alongside Wiseman on the pilot episode for the upcoming Sleepy Hollow television series – have begun searching for a replacement director. The same is true for producer Sean Daniel, who also backed the Fraser-starring Mummy flicks and the Scorpion King spinoff featuring Dwayne Johnson.

wiseman beckinsale underworld evolution Underworld Director Len Wiseman is No Longer Working on The Mummy Reboot

Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman filming ‘Underworld: Evolution’

Screenwriter Jon Spaihts – who penned the original Alien: Engineers script draft that eventually became Prometheus – is reported to have written a Mummy screenplay that takes place in the present-day, with inspiration taken from the mix of horror elements and (relatively) grounded sci-fi featured in several of the stories written by the late Michael Crichton (see: Jurassic Park, Sphere, The Andromeda Strain).

Some of Wiseman’s past work has contained a similar mix of genre elements – in particular, the first two Underworld movie installments (both starring his wife, Kate Beckinsale). However, his approach on those films had prompted doubts about his ability to make a genuinely creepy and shocking Mummy reboot (or “epic” as Wiseman called it); as opposed to, a movie that lies closer to a serious modern horror-action flick (see: Underworld, Resident Evil), without the self-awareness and charm of the Fraser movies as compensation. Truth be told, it’s hard to argue with that assessment (going by the quality of Wiseman’s previous film output), so maybe his departure from the project is for the best.

We expect to have an update on Wiseman being replace as the director on The Mummy reboot in the foreseeable future; in the meantime, feel free to let us know which filmmaker you would like to see give the titular creature a makeover.


The Mummy currently does not have an official release date; for the time being, it seems unlikely to reach theaters any sooner than by late 2014 or the first half of 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Why does every movie all of a sudden need a reboot? The Mummy movies except for the third were very good.

    • I thought the second was the weakest. Except for The Rock.

      • You’re in a very small minority there. The 3rd one was garbage. 😛

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      • that one Gas station app!

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  2. Hooray!

  3. Hey, dummy! I wanna mummy!

  4. i think they try to get more audience (marketing from a business point of view)playing with the people nostalgic or fans to see again some continuation of the old ones

    “that movie now days will be better because now there is better Fx, CGI etc”

  5. sweet, at least with him gone we might get a reboot (why its getting one ?)_ not focused on his wife.

  6. Thank God! Len Wiseman is one of the worst directors working today. He steals material from other films. And I had a feeling he’ll do the same with ‘The Mummy’ reboot.

    • All directors use material from other movies. There is no such thing as original material anymore. Same goes for Authors taking ideas from other books.

      • Not exactly true. There are some films that use original. Yes not often but still.

  7. They want this to come out next summer? I don’t see that happening.

  8. I can’t believe I’m about to defend Len Wiseman but I actually kind of liked Total Recall.
    Let’s not get crazy, the script was awful and the movie just ended up being a 90 minute + chase sequence but I liked the action and the decisions that Wiseman made with the tone, set pieces and world building were pretty solid IMO.

    • I happen to have liked Total Recall as well, Kevin.
      I thought Wiseman delivered on design and action.

  9. Okay… So no Mummy Reeboot for Len Wisemen. I’m guessing then “Underworld 5″… maybe? (fingers crossed)

    • You actually WANT another Underworld movie? Kate Beckinsales a$$ stuffed into tight pants just isn’t enough to hold my attention through ANOTHER f***ing Underworld crapfest.

      • The movies are terrible but good for them keeping the PVC and fetishwear industries in business I guess.

      • Do not diss Kate’s ass, especially if stuffed into tight black leather :-)
        That being said, even I thought the last Underworld was the opposite of captivating and I have low standards…

        • Thanks for the support. :) I’m not the only fan of miss Beckinsale. 😉 And I do agree with you about the last Underworld. I just hope the 5th is the last one and they’ll end this series with a shine.

  10. I hope this Mummy reboot is as good as the first two Mummy movies from 1999 and 2001 because if not, then it will just turn out to be another flop like the Mummy movie called “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”, that was released in 2008.

    • Rachel Weisz dropping out is what ruined that movie, plus the fact that it was in China instead of Egypt like the first two. If they hadn’t had re cast Rachel’s character it would’ve been better

  11. Hollywood is getting Lazier …what a joke !

    • We knew it was lazy when Adam Sandler kept getting work for the same movie every time.

    • the Alex was illegal Bulldog “very good wine” ahh.

  12. I haven’t seen a lot of wiseman’s stuff so I can’t really say that I’m thrilled that he’s gone or upset that he’s leaving I imagine they’ll find a great new director though

  13. These need to be rebooted? Were they even that big of hits?

    • Yes they were. “The Mummy” franchise is a huge milestone and property for Universal Studios. Also Dracula, and Frankenstein are among the most remade franchises of all time.

  14. If it is a period piece done in the spirit of the old Universal Mummy movies featuring people like Karloff and Chaney, done in that atmosphere, then yes, I would be interested. The modern ones with Brendan Fraser really did not do that much for me (although I will grant there were some good special effects). I am more of a “classic-ist”, and loved the old Creature Features nights growing up when the original Universal Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, and Wolfman flicks came on, along with all their fiends, er, friends. I still relish the theme music by Henry Mancini (composer) from the movie, “Experiment In Terror”, which was used to introduce the show each Saturday night. I would sit with my face practically glued to the TV set, once in a while edging a sandwich or two between my lips and the screen! My teen-aged years were spent being raised on Creature Features and related shows, as well as the old Famous Monsters of Filmland magazines (as well as several others in that genre: Monster World, Creepy, Eerie, Tales From The Crypt, etc.). Ah, it was great to be a horror movie fan in those days! Anyways, while the upcoming descriptions of various Frankenstein and Dracula-inspired movies and themes have failed to attract much interest out of me, hopefully the Mummy will stay fairly true to canon. And I hope they revive plans to do the development-H*ll-stuck Creature From The Black Lagoon as well. I don’t know if they could improve on the originals, but they are welcome in my book to try. Incidently, Universal’s remake of the Wolfman actually was not a bad attempt at combining a slightly more modern take with the spirit of the old movie. An honest attempt, even though I might have written a couple scenes different and used a different main actor. Gosh, I like this stuff!

  15. ALex Proyas, David Yates or Ian Softley would be great choices for replacing Wiseman.

  16. I like vfx of underworld it fastastic !!

  17. i like the mummy but not going to like creep value in the new one, then should be horror flix instead of syfy flix.

  18. If they try and make the Mummy reboot to present day era, the movie will fail. What gave the Mummy movies such an appeal was setting the time period to the Victorian era or the early twentieth century.

  19. Oh, for pete’s sake, how about just moving the story into a more modern era, maybe like the ’50’s. I mean, there are so many untapped ideas.

    They’re so afraid to try something a little different.

    They won’t even learn if it flops.


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