‘The Mentalist’ Season 5 Details – ‘Dark’ Jane & Red John Reveal

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the mentalist season 5 The Mentalist Season 5 Details   Dark Jane & Red John Reveal


After six “relaxing” months in Las Vegas, The Mentalist season 4 finale brought Patrick Jane closer to Red John than ever before – or so he thought (again). Though Red John may still be at large, the CBI now has Lorelei, one of his accomplices, in custody. Will Jane be able to “make her sing like a bird” next season?

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Bruno Heller discussed what’s in store for Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) in season 5, the dark turn the series will take next season, the move to Sunday night, how some fans will be disappointed when Red John is finally revealed, and much more.

With Lorelei (Emmanuelle Chriqui) firmly in the grasps of the CBI, fans are waiting to see how Jane will get information about Red John out of her. Even though Red John’s accomplices don’t typically survive capture, Heller says he “hopes” she’ll stick around for a bit next season – hopefully long enough to get Jane closer to Red John.

Perhaps hinting at Patrick Jane’s interrogation techniques, Heller says that fans will be seeing a darker side of Jane in season 5:

…it’s not that Jane is No More Mr. Nice Guy, but we’re certainly going to see a little more of that hard darker side of him.

The show is not going to turn into a much darker show, but that character will show more of those colors. We’re getting closer to the meat of what the show is about.

That being said, don’t expect to see Red John officially revealing himself anytime soon. If anything, it will be at least two more seasons before that actually occurs. Being completely aware of how temperamental some series fans can be, Heller says that he knows people will be disappointed when Red John’s true identity is finally revealed:

…if season 5 we just opened a door and said “tah-dah!” and it was some mid-range actor, that would be disappointing. The trick is going to be — and this is coming — bringing the audience along and making them second guess themselves and ask, “Is that him? Is that him?” Red John ultimately is just a man — whenever you see the great criminals reduced to the flesh it’s sort of disappointing. I have two seasons or so to make it come true. I can guarantee that people will be disappointed.

You might already have seen him.

the mentalist season 51 The Mentalist Season 5 Details   Dark Jane & Red John Reveal

When it comes to talk about future seasons, one has to touch upon CBS’ recent decision to abruptly cancel CSI: Miami without providing the producers enough time to end the series appropriately. Fortunately, The Mentalist doesn’t appear to be anywhere near the position that CSI: Miami was when it was canceled. But if it does happen, Heller promises that they’ll know well enough in advance to make sure closure is provided for fans.

It’s the job of myself and everybody else on this show to keep it working as well as it does to ensure we get that final arc. A show that’s been running this long with the degree of success it’s had, we’ll know well in advance of that sort of outcome and we’ll adjust accordingly. I’m not concerned about that.

Of course, making the move to Sunday night may still have fans worried about what may happen to their favorite series. Thanks to Sunday night no longer carrying the terrible programming stigma that it has in the past, Heller has no worries about viewers finding The Mentalist in his new timeslot.

If I thought making a fuss would make any difference then I would feel differently. But there’s aspects of this job you don’t have control over. Our audience will follow us and hopefully we’ll also find a different audience than we found on Thursday nights.

While we won’t for sure know how The Mentalist will do on Sundays nights, CBS’ decision to move the series to the weekends represents their intention to expand their schedule to include compelling series across the entirety of the broadcast week, instead of solely focusing on certain key weekday programming.

So make sure that your viewing schedules are adjusted accordingly, as Patrick Jane takes on Sunday nights this fall.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. They’ve done a great job of keeping Red John interesting and intriguing without tiring the character out. They’ve built up enough mystery that you can make cases for characters from Lisbon to Jane being Red John but I still think/hopes it’s Bradley Whitfored

    • Haha… Bradley Whitford is always great. Funny fact I found out about that episode: they were actually worried about everything involving that scene leaking out. They had to film in a mall and were unable to close it off.

      Thankfully it didn’t. Love Bradley Whitford.

      • He did a fantastic job and I have to say that I was thrilled with the concept that he was Red John. The way that he and Simon Baker played off one another made that particular episode the best finale of the season.

      • I do think this is how the Red John storyline should’ve ended. Then the future episodes could have been Jane finding love and bringing Mashburn and Stiles down!

        • why mashburn?

  2. Am I the only one who thinks CBS and Heller are taking the Red John thing way too far? C’mon…a serial killer with a cult following? Ummm…okay, so what does he accomplish by randomly murdering people? In my view RJ could only be one off people: Brett Stiles or Walter Mashburn

    • Fox is about to premiere an entire series based solely on such a concept, so, no I don’t think it’s too far. In fact, it’s my understanding that many serial murderers in society have had their share of devotees. It’s a frightening concept and that often makes for intriguing drama.

  3. As I was saying, RJ is either Brett Stiles or Walter Mashburn. Only they have the $$$. And it doesn’t make sense that it’s Mashburn. The voice of RJ is most likely Brett Partridge…and if not it’s a misdirect by Heller. The whole RJ thing is ridiculous whoever it is…and is doomed to be a non-sequitur.

    • @Rafter

      how could it be Bradley Whitfored when he’s dead.. The Show isnt a scifi show

      @John BOB

      if you dont like it dont watch it….

      Also im not saying this is red john but does anyone agree that the voice of red john on the season finale sounded like Garret Dillahunt….

      • You never see his face in the season premiere. He’s lying face down and is taken to the morgue and then mortician is found dead in the blind woman’s house with the Red John face above the body which is why I think it might still be Bradley Whitford simply because we never see him die.

        We see him get shot but with the way the episode premiere went it raised enough suspicion that he is still alive having worn a vest or what have you. Re-watch the premiere and I think you’ll get the same feeling.

        • I’m afraid there is a flaw to this theory…Jane sees Rosalind feel Carter’s face. So as great a theory as it is, it can’t be. BUT…how about Carter WAS Red John and once Jane avenged his Family’s deaths, felt so empty that he took on Red John’s mantra? Thoughts?

    • Dude – I have been thinking the same thing about Brett Stiles.
      He not only has the money but the dude is like a cult leader so he is able to convince people to be his “followers”

      It makes perfect sense for him to be Red John. Also in the episode where he gives Patrick the location of that woman that Red John held hostage – how could he have known where it was?
      Red John is super sneaky.
      I am really willing to bet its Brett Stiles. Especially if they are saying we have likely already seen him. I mean out of the characters we have seen NONE could possible have the money and following that Brett Stiles has.

      Its Brett…

    • Indeed it is ridiculous. There cannot be any plausible explanation for his reach and influence. Its like he commands an army but no one knows who he is. The idea is that all his followers are somehow ‘damaged’ and Red John preys on their insecurity to inspire devotion. Its absolutely ridiculous that he could be this influential yet at the same time be able to conceal his identity. However they decide to write the story so as to explain Red John’s immense influence over his minions it will not come off as believable. But what would? They have painted themselves into a corner with this one. Red John has people everywhere and an intelligence level far in excess of any person who has ever lived. You think you’ve got him but he either saw right through your plan or someone tipped him off. Always. He’s practically omnipotent. How will they come up with anything that makes this even remotely believable. I don’t think they will be able too. I’m sure the writers and producers themselves haven’t figured out yet who Red John is and how he does what he does. Well they are afraid if they resolve the Red John plot that viewers will lose interest. But they’re in danger of making the whole show about Red John. It doesn’t have to be that way. The show is good without Red John but if you make it all about him people will less compelled to watch if that plot line is over. I find it infuriating. I wish they would just please wrap up the Red John storyline already. I’m tired of it. I’m not enjoying it anymore because it has become so unbelievable. I just want to find out who Red John is. I don’t want it dragged out any longer. I’m getting ready to rebel by not watching anymore. Let me know when its revealed and I’ll tape that episode and watch it. By then I probably won’t even care enough to watch it.

    • It seems that Brett Stiles would be too obvious of a Red John, though he probably has some significant link to him…

  4. Is it obvious to anyone but me that Patrick Jane is Red John??

    • I’ve thought but I think they’d risk losing too many fans over it though it seems like several fans think he is too.

      • i rewatched the episode and it could possibly be him.. it would be cool because he seemed like that kind of person and i was convinced he was red john on that season finale…. Also i really like the actor

    • i agree………. and im already diasappointed….

    • I was thinking the same thing.

    • It is so obvious that Patrick Jane is Red John. Listen to Red John talk in the limo again. We are headed for a Fight Club ending. PJ is RJ!

      • boa noite acho que não deve ser p.j poois que sentido teria sera que ele teria matado sua esposa e filha

      • dont think so. they would risk too many fans and i dont think pj is rj because they wouldnt make a show about a serial killer chasing himself

    • susan i agree. it was definitely patrick jane’s voice as red john. it’s him holding his nose. its so obvious its crazy. i am not sure how they will explain the time red john saved him from the copycats, but that was 10000% patrick janes voice as red john. he obviously pre recorded the message. its the same exact voice, except he was holding his nose. i can not believe not too many people picked up on it. i dvr’d it and listened to it 20 times.

    • If you have the hole season 3 on dvd, watch the bonus features, i recal heller saying if he were to make RJ, PJ he would feel to much as though he were cheating the fans and viewers..

    • That makes no sense. They’ve come into contact with people who know who Red John is but they’ve not reacted to him as Red John. Also there was an episode where Red John killed the copycats and saved Jane. No – Jane is not Red John.

  5. Did anyone else notice how much RJ sounds like Patrick? I personally don’t think RJ is Patrick, but they sound really similar!!

    • THIS. He sounded like Simon Baker using a higher pitch to me…I don’t even think PJ is RJ, so I;m not just saying that for the sake of proving a theory.

      • it def was jane’s voice. u can tell it’s just him holding his nose. it was so obvious. alot of my friends said the same thing remember, red john can hypnotize anyone into doing what he says. so his minions all have probably seen him but he hypnotized them so they dont remember. maybe jane doesnt know he is red john

    • It doesn’t matter what the voice sounds like. The producers and writers have not yet figured out how to resolve this ridiculous Red John storyline. They had to use some voice for Red John but that doesn’t mean they had decided who Red John was from the start. The voice is not any kind of clue at all. In fact looking for clues is pointless because there is no Red John yet. They’ll go back before they need to reveal Red John and figure out a way to make Red John make sense but they’re not writing with a known explanation for Red John.

      • And who’s to say ‘Red John’ in Season 2 finale isn’t just a disciple? Again, we only hear a voice but it could be anyone under the mask with a phone or walkie talkie inside it too. Gale Bertram has a link to Red John for sure though! And he appears strong enough to lift Jane up in a chair. But I do think one more Season of Red John is enough.

    • what episode was red john in a limo?

  6. Brett Partridge all the way. We’ve only seen him a few times but he is convincing.

  7. hoping it isn’t Jayne, that would really really annoy me and ignore previous events – in my opinion anyways!



  8. I’ve always liked the idea that Red John is really Jane himself. If you watch some of the episodes where Jane behaves darkly or cruelly, it lends to the idea even more. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to watch the latter half of the season thanks to CBS’ decision not to air on Hulu, but, will look forward to catching up on DVD.

    • It would be interesting and a very strange twist considering how Jane was in the first season especially if taunting RJ was the cause of the death of his family. But it would raise the question of the times that he’s meet with RJ in some form of how that was possible while both were in the same room or via phone.

      Honestly, I won’t be disappointed who RJ turns out to be, just glad to know who the character is and hope to be surprised in some way. And if it is PJ, I just hope there’s an explanation.

  9. I know this, when “The Mentalist” ends, I will be one sad lady as I
    LOVE young Simon Baker. He is such a good actor and so very charming.

  10. @Rafter

    “You never see his face in the season premiere. He’s lying face down and is taken to the morgue and then mortician is found dead in the blind woman’s house with the Red John face above the body which is why I think it might still be Bradley Whitford simply because we never see him die.

    We see him get shot but with the way the episode premiere went it raised enough suspicion that he is still alive having worn a vest or what have you. Re-watch the premiere and I think you’ll get the same feeling.”

    You see him die at the end of the season 3 finale and in the morgue at the end of the season 4 première when the blind woman tells Jane that he’s not Red John.

    • But they never show his face. You see a body but you never see the face of the person lying on the floor. We can only assume that it is Bradley Whitford but we don’t know that for sure because they hide the face at all times.

      I really wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be him, that’s all I’m saying.

      • Didn’t Jane stand there to make sure he died?

  11. I think it’s Van Pelt.

    • I have also suspected Van Pelt, but she just doesn’t seem bright enough to be RJ (though she is smart…).

  12. I think it’s Virgil Minelli, the boss of the CBI for the first couple seasons. Heller said people would be disappointed, and that guy had the access to the guy who was burned. He’s also played two sided characters before.

    • Or maybe Kristina Frye, the psychic lady who was trying to convince Patrick that he *really* had psychic powers and wouldn’t admit it to himself… did she really get abducted, or did she just leave, and pretend to be catatonic later?

  13. watch the bonus features on the season 3 dvds, heller says that if he were to make pj rj,he would feel like he would be cheating the fans and viwers…

  14. Jane is not Red John. Don’t be absurd!

  15. I think it isn’t Stiles or Mashburn, but the Medical Examiner the one that supposably died after Jane drank Tea with him, Idk its a Gut Feeling Heller mentions that we have MIGHT already have seen him.

    He also died like RJ guy in Season 3’s final without a real death scene.

    This is without solid fact, but like Patrick always says it’s your gut feeling. Jane is all Mental to Catch the Killer, But on the other hand The Forensic/Medical Examiner is the opposite of Jane. just think it out might make sense…

  16. man, things are getting really mysterious. from red-john, to jane’s new attitudes mentioned at the 5th season. ‘looking foward to see jane’s bad side.

  17. one surprising thing is this- with all jane’s tricks, red-john happens to be more trickier. you know to play games with jane is very unlikely likely for you to succeed. i think red-john would be a replica of patrick.

  18. Personally I believe there will be 2 things that could happen with Red John

    1. He was a minor character in a previous episode that no one will remember until Jane reiterates were he has seen i.e. “You’re X’s son” Or something to that effect. Remember although Red John appears to be a mature male it could easily be a man in his early 20’s. Also considering History and Genes its likely a man.

    2. He will be one of these characters: Walter Mashburn, LaRoche or Bret Stiles.

    I think it is more than likely Walter Mashburn as IMO for dramatic purposes his relationship to Lisbon and Jane would make better TV.

  19. The Red John storyline represents both the best and the worst of The Mentalist. Without a doubt Bradley Whitford was supposed to be Red John that decision was reversed and season 4 has paid the price for this, patchy, flat and unconvincing.
    Red John HAS NOT appeared in the series. Bruno Heller will cast a great character actor to play him. Some of the Red John theories are just ludicrous, as if some unknown actor hanging in the backdrop in a red jumper or as if Bruno has engaged an actor to put on a mask or make the odd phonecall.
    Red John story is out of control, He began as a simple serial killer and has somehow morphed into a ridiculous Batman supervillain, killing cops than rappers in rhymes and at the centre of some Charles Manson type cult.
    We were promised a resolution at the end of season 3 with a two hour special. The failure to do that means the Red John story is now unresolvable.

  20. We have to consider also the words of the end of season 2. I think that the Edgar Alan Poe´s poem gives us some special clues. I can remember very well that after RJ saves Jane, La Roge and another man talk, the man say some words of Poe and then La Roge answer that it is Alan Poe.

    There is something interesting there, and maybe RJ appears.

    • La Roche was always a shady type of character! He seems to have just disappeared from the show. Will he come back in some way next season?
      Remember Jane’s bluff when LaRoche’s house was broken into? Jane bluffed, saying that the intruder saw something – La Roche then immediately gave Jane the list of suspects…

      • Why did he need to get the list from La Roche when Minelli had already given it to him?

  21. The Rebbeca’s killer (the man that cross the hall and put poison in her hand) is probably RJ, because she was very happy when she recognized that face. I think RJ could be Ron, from the CBI. He is appearing more and more.

    • I think it might be Ron from the CBI as well.


    • I think this person who killed Rebecca could be RJ and if you look at him walking away, he’s wearing a Medical Examiner’s Jacket…just like Brett Partridge!!!

  22. What are the chances of it being Patricks father? He is not dead is he?

    • Why would he kill his Daughter In Law and Grandaughter?

    • I’m beginning to think it could be Jane’s Dad. However, there is one thing we don’t know which could decide where the Red John story goes: What do we know about Jane’s Wife and Daughter? Very little. They may have been separated (even if married) for all we know. It’s certainly a question to ask for those ‘PJ is RJ’ Theories.

    • I’m beginning to think it could be Jane’s Dad. However, there is one thing we don’t know which could decide where the Red John theory goes: What do we know about Jane’s Wife and Daughter? Very little. They may have been separated (even if married) for all we know. It’s certainly a question to ask for those ‘PJ is RJ’ Theories.

  23. If they plan on continuing the show after the Red John reveal, there’s no way it could be Jane, obviously. But, if revealing RJ is the show’s last order of business, then no holds barred. Personally, you can put me down in the frustrated and disappointed column. This has gone on long enough, and the show would still be successful, in my opinion, without the RJ storyline.

  24. I’ve always been intregued by the chemistry between Jane and Lisbon, and Chao cracks me up. I think he needs to show a uncharacteristically fun side instead of the constant mono tone, like how he would be if on an amusement ride at Disneyland, just one episode, no more, I love his character as a badge/interogator. I love the episode titles referring to red (RJ) as he/she is such an imbeded person that is PJs “ghost”. PJ can’t always be cool, he has to be haunted or conflicted to bring out his fragile side. But I do believe the show would still keep me as a fan if PJ continued to use his unique skills to solve cases, even if RJ wasn’t the episode primary plot focus. It sure would be nice to know who Red John is, but at the same time, not my primary concern for the shows draw.

  25. I’m in England and nearly at end of series 4. I have a gut feeling it is Luther Wainright!!! Just his comments on a few of Janes reactions are as if he doesn’t want Jane to stop playing the game….!

  26. Its virgil the director of the cbi. He recited a line of the poem red john left jane at the end of one episode if season 3 i think it was then he’s not really been in this season at all to throw the audience off the scent

  27. when will season 5 air ive been looking for it and idk who its oh a source has told me red john is cho………..

    • I don’t think that Jane is red John, because he was genuinely shocked after finding out the gun and phone were stolen after killing carter, I wanted to know how red John knew that Jane was at that shopping center, and I believe that van pelt is compromised, but I don’t think she was from the start, I think her fiancé started the process and stiles pushed her along and somewhere in the background she became entirely compromised. And I also think red johns intention is to pin his every murder on Jane which is why it does look bad for Jane. And he realized this when Darcy accused him of being a follower.

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