‘The Mentalist’ Season 5 Details – ‘Dark’ Jane & Red John Reveal

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the mentalist season 5 The Mentalist Season 5 Details   Dark Jane & Red John Reveal


After six “relaxing” months in Las Vegas, The Mentalist season 4 finale brought Patrick Jane closer to Red John than ever before – or so he thought (again). Though Red John may still be at large, the CBI now has Lorelei, one of his accomplices, in custody. Will Jane be able to “make her sing like a bird” next season?

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Bruno Heller discussed what’s in store for Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) in season 5, the dark turn the series will take next season, the move to Sunday night, how some fans will be disappointed when Red John is finally revealed, and much more.

With Lorelei (Emmanuelle Chriqui) firmly in the grasps of the CBI, fans are waiting to see how Jane will get information about Red John out of her. Even though Red John’s accomplices don’t typically survive capture, Heller says he “hopes” she’ll stick around for a bit next season – hopefully long enough to get Jane closer to Red John.

Perhaps hinting at Patrick Jane’s interrogation techniques, Heller says that fans will be seeing a darker side of Jane in season 5:

…it’s not that Jane is No More Mr. Nice Guy, but we’re certainly going to see a little more of that hard darker side of him.

The show is not going to turn into a much darker show, but that character will show more of those colors. We’re getting closer to the meat of what the show is about.

That being said, don’t expect to see Red John officially revealing himself anytime soon. If anything, it will be at least two more seasons before that actually occurs. Being completely aware of how temperamental some series fans can be, Heller says that he knows people will be disappointed when Red John’s true identity is finally revealed:

…if season 5 we just opened a door and said “tah-dah!” and it was some mid-range actor, that would be disappointing. The trick is going to be — and this is coming — bringing the audience along and making them second guess themselves and ask, “Is that him? Is that him?” Red John ultimately is just a man — whenever you see the great criminals reduced to the flesh it’s sort of disappointing. I have two seasons or so to make it come true. I can guarantee that people will be disappointed.

You might already have seen him.

the mentalist season 51 The Mentalist Season 5 Details   Dark Jane & Red John Reveal

When it comes to talk about future seasons, one has to touch upon CBS’ recent decision to abruptly cancel CSI: Miami without providing the producers enough time to end the series appropriately. Fortunately, The Mentalist doesn’t appear to be anywhere near the position that CSI: Miami was when it was canceled. But if it does happen, Heller promises that they’ll know well enough in advance to make sure closure is provided for fans.

It’s the job of myself and everybody else on this show to keep it working as well as it does to ensure we get that final arc. A show that’s been running this long with the degree of success it’s had, we’ll know well in advance of that sort of outcome and we’ll adjust accordingly. I’m not concerned about that.

Of course, making the move to Sunday night may still have fans worried about what may happen to their favorite series. Thanks to Sunday night no longer carrying the terrible programming stigma that it has in the past, Heller has no worries about viewers finding The Mentalist in his new timeslot.

If I thought making a fuss would make any difference then I would feel differently. But there’s aspects of this job you don’t have control over. Our audience will follow us and hopefully we’ll also find a different audience than we found on Thursday nights.

While we won’t for sure know how The Mentalist will do on Sundays nights, CBS’ decision to move the series to the weekends represents their intention to expand their schedule to include compelling series across the entirety of the broadcast week, instead of solely focusing on certain key weekday programming.

So make sure that your viewing schedules are adjusted accordingly, as Patrick Jane takes on Sunday nights this fall.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. I think it’s agent Van Pelt

    • I think Van Pelt is the person who gave McCallister the list. But who cares? They admitted they make this crap up as they go along so it could be the Easter Bunny– tune in next week. Or Popeye. Maybe Petunia Pig.

  2. This was a weak ending. You can tell the difference between a writer/director/ producer like Joss Whedon and Bruno Heller. With Buffy, he knew the end of an arcing confrontation a whole season or more ahead of time. Heller gave in to making it up as he went along. A brutally insufficient way of handling a mystery. Rule number one is you planned it all along which is not the case here. It was weak. The Phase Two of the Mentalist is even weaker and seems completely incredulous. Even poor Simon Baker is laughably bored. My Blue Heaven was horribly weak and predictable. A parody, if you will.

  3. So…..
    Is Heller still “in charge”, taking responsibility, do you think, or is he a figurehead? Either way, do you think the devotees are being passive-aggressively treated to the “you wanted it badly (the unmasking & confrontation concerning RJ), now enjoy the consequences of your choice”?
    Or, as it is usually vindictively phrased: “You want it bad, you get it bad.”?

    I haven’t watched the “Blue Heaven” episode yet, hope to do it tonight.
    Can’t you guys think of anything constructive & congruent w/all that has gone on before to put on your wish lists wrt the direction you would really like the show to go off into now?

    Like how about Visualize getting classified as an organized crime syndicate, so the gang can go risking life to trace its tentacles into the levels of govt, free market, etc.

    That is just “for instance”.

  4. @Elsmitho

    I am sorry but the corner they have painted themselves into is beyond suspension of disbelief and does not let any fan, like me, address all the questions you ask. It simply says,”why bother.” They just make s*** up from episode to episode without even an outline.

    SPOILERS!!!!!!! Even though the episode already aired.
    The new one Abbott is annoying and not in a good way. The character sucks and might belong in a Mentalist episode in season 2. A napkin list of demands would never reunite the team with a Federal institution in 2013 no matter what the circumstances were. These people don’t even work for the FBI (save Cho). They are just going to hire them when they aren’t FBI, forgo training, place them on a specific team all at the napkin demands of Mr. Mentalist? My suspension of disbelief has already evaporated, so I don’t even care to whom Mr. Mentalist mailed the other copies of his demands. It is ridiculous.

    And they touted My Blue Heaven as “Patrick like you’ve never seen him before, free and joyous.” Don’t be fooled. It is 60 minutes of him being just as pensive and somber as ever. Except we are treated to 44 minutes of him wearing a ridiculous sarong bottom with a button-up collared shirt.

    • Unfortunately the resolution was always going to disappoint some. Someone astutely said that the Mentalist was moving from Psyche to White Collar but as I consider White Collar to be trivial fodder, the Mentalist has plenty of space to explore.

      The Red John that Bruno executed was not the Red John that Bruno birthed, I forgive that. It’s a shame that they didn’t let Stawberries stand as the definitive end of Red John but I forgive that too.

      This season has been excellent and I’m pleased that Red John has been to rest. Now the show released from its fetters can develop and become the cerebral whodunit that I hoped it would be.

      • Just to let you know, I wrote what I considered to be light-humor, but on target comments in response to Endymion’s woeful report of the show having lost direction & pizzazz.

        It was not posted @ the time though no swearing, lewdness, or abusiveness toward anyone, fictional or otherwise was overt or implicit, really, but maybe they are now ultra-sensitive.

        Anyway, it is now 15+ hours later, no edited version, no explanation, or acknowledgment of the necessity for the sake of the general good, I have been censored.. Has this happen to others of you?

        All I know is they take my suggestions for TL in particular, I will laugh my southern regions off, sarong or no sarong.

  5. Hitting the nail on the collective thumb, it is hard to know if they were aiming for the (iron) nail, no?

    PJ in a sarong will please poster collectors & those who dream about close encounters. Maybe he was trying to look happy, but knowing what a turkey he was wandering around in kept getting to him…

    Well, do you suppose this post will last much longer?
    JK seemed to encourage migration to TV mysteries in their prime.

    I still haven’t watched the most recent episode, but I think TL needs a Harley, bigger biceps, more leather, unshaven pits to have picked up the dirty habit of chewing tobacco so she can spit whenever she would’ve said, “Sheep Dip” before. I am considering the repercussions of also wanting her to have a reverse Mohawk streak running thru her other while pony-tail or fat-braided hair. For a role model, she could look to Karen Allen’s character in “Raiders of Lost Ark”, the first Indiana Jones woman, also an angry woman whose loyalty was unceremoniously discounted once the hero got what he wanted.

    I would think adequate screen writing could fold that tension and legitimate recapping w/ some movement toward denouement over the next how-ever-many weeks the writers et all are confident they have funding for. It wasn’t very funny when Woody Allen & Bette Midler went @ each other in “Scenes from a Mall” partially b/c it was trivial & outcomes were predetermined.

    For want of better entertainment, the writers could park each of heroes & heroines in private outside therapy and weave it in & out w/ “here & now” scenes of things that are getting easier for them & things that are still hard. Like the way the original “Godfather” would cut from one setting to another & back…. I am thinking of the juxtapositioning of the baby’s christening w/ wholesale slaughtering simultaneously, per his orders, going on not far away outside.

    “The Alexandria Quartet” was a collection of 4 books, each from a related character’s POV wrt how things came to be as bad as they did among friends. (It was acclaimed in its time, like 40+ years ago, Durant was the author, somebody might have even tried to make a movie of it, but was not a hit.

    If we like the characters that have been developed to date, dress them up in creative new “outfits”.
    It is amusing for us & can do them no harm that I know of.
    Would you believe my very first time in print was a letter to the editor in “Mad” Magazine, back in 1970?
    My grandma used to say in a not very kind way, “Water seeks its own level”.

  6. I always thought your commentary was insightful and never vulgar. My view may be a bit bleak about the episodes in question but I am only so critical because I initially cared.

  7. Just to be clear, Simon Baker shirtless in a speedo holding a half-empty bottle of tequila saying, “Let’s party” might have made a more interesting episode.

    • @Endymion

      To each their own…

      Yeah, I see my post b/f my last finally cleared the moderator limbo. I had written an inquiry to the site we are invited to click on if our posts go missing & do not reappear, but that came back “undeliverable”, causing me to wonder if that contingent of “Mentalist” staff was also being stripped down to skeleton crew.

      I decided to check on eBay wrt whether the “Alexandria Quartet” is still available. It is. Turns out the author is Durrell & it is billed as mostly about sexual preferences. TMI for my naive academic brain @ the time (late ’60’s) or else some publicist was grasping @ straws. What I recall as seminal was how differently even close friends interpreted each other’s actions, and that is a concept that could certainly be put to good use in finally giving more depth to the CBI Team members.

      But certainly TL needs to lighten up & take the lid off her past. She deserves either a Harley or a pick up w/ a gun rack.

  8. The over investment of many in the Red John storyline has created a vacuum. There is much more in the show to discuss other than the identity of Red John

    Jane’s role as symbolic father

    The relationship of Red John to Jane

    Gender in the show

    Why Jisbon will never happen

    Is Jane psychic?

    The changing nature of Red John from terrorist to bureaucrat.

    The show runners lost their way with Red John then quite unnecessarily revealed and killed him. Red John could have quite easily escaped then continued to haunt the story. I felt that there was a weariness with RJ and they just wanted him gone. I’ve really enjoyed this season and I hope they can make it work and if they can’t, I’ll always have my iTunes downloads lol

  9. Just watched final of Red John plot. I love Simon’s acting in prior movies, love him on night time talk shows, funny and kind and he never slips his USA accent. As does other Aussies–Crowe,. In the Mentalist I Like that he is aloof but present, mentally sound vs Monk, not playing fool (as do both in Psyche), or rude antagonist (Elementary), doesn’t find love in Police dept (Castle). I have only seen this 2013 season, so can’t judge series but seemed to me RJ was the exit to the show. Good job to all associated with the Me Taoist.

  10. Hi All.
    I have truly missed you.
    Writers seem to be trying to be clever & ironic (I finally saw “My Blue Heaven”): his heaven is teaming w/ kids & playful energy, but it is still blue for him when evil invades SPOILER ALERT when the bad hombres happen to show up in the same time frame as the crushingly boring & only quasi-moral, in the writers’ eyes, Feds, the former re-igniting the same pains for our hero thru cruelty to innocents, destroying life, seizing power, having no concern for others (these still could be re-linked to his Oedipal battle w/ his Dad if they have anyone left w/ the taste for relational dialogue @ all, which admittedly was not in evidence w/ this episode).

    VP & hubby have sidelined selves by becoming terminally boring. TL still feels wronged when she learns Patrick was reeled in to the FBI by another woman. Boring unless she uncorks herself pretty darn soon.

    Cho, the silent, needs a side kick worthy of his deadpan humor.

  11. Good riddens to Red John. Green Thumbs was inspired. The future without John is bright!

    • I still think it (the big reveal) should have come two seasons earlier before the incredulity set in and we couldn’t care less. Overrated writers. Now they have to create ridiculous fictional gymnastics to reunite the “team” that would never happen in any real law enforcement world. They want us to revel in Patrick’s logic but overlook such ridiculously unbelievable plot devices? Sorry, I can’t. I believe this is the last time I will post here. Jumped The Shark.

      • I came back to this site to see if I was missing any witty repartee. Sadly no. The show has hardly been on @ all either, which I consider a breach of trust: just when I plunk down good kessef for a “Season” of shows, I get exactly 4 beyond what CBS had posted for free on their web address. I wish I believed the writers had secluded themselves & were feverishly coming up w/ plot lines based on already established character vulnerabilities and/or gaping holes still extant in the overall “The Mentalist” narrative that will frustrate watchers of re-runs & college students who want to do term papers on the plots, sub-plots, ethics, relatedness to classic heroes in drama, etc.

        If the money to make the show suddenly dried up, or the key players are too busy elsewhere, that is a problem. It is a shame to throw away the ardor of such a large committed group of “Mentalist” devotees.

        Does anyone have news what is really happening behind the curtain in the Kingdom of the Great & Powerful Heller?

  12. WAKE UP!

    C’mon, you grouches. I know some of you still miss Cho & the gang, sneak a peek on Sunday nights & curses the entire production crew when no fresh episode is available….. Have you deleted yourselves from this list serve that gives you updates?

    JK, now aren’t you sorry you denigrated ol’ BH’s wit, creativity & style? See how the show literally limps & stumbles along w/o out him @ the hei
    Lm? Sure he may show up long enough to tweak a few things, but he has moved on. It can definitely be said that the character of PJ is smarter than the real person portraying him….. duh. Not a fair comparison. We did not expect all those characters portraying Superman, 007 & Spdey to do their antics in real life. So we got episodes like “My Blue Heaven”

    On the + side! Choose did get a goofy side kick Wiley, like I asked for.

    Even having paid up front for the season, I hadn’t been getting the most recent episodes until this week. I do not suppose it would be received well to put the “undead” candidate / suspects from last semester up on the big FBI board, but shame on our fearless band of seasoned warriors if they do not start recognizing styles and & thinking outside the box.

    Odds are it is a Visualize guy lurking in Van Pelt’s room. Unless she has some other acting engagement, why ditch her now? I predict it is the bald headed anxious guy come to tell her of similar strafing of “church” members & properties. Then we ought to start re- thinking about the HSA guy ( sometimes I am terrible w/ names, it will pass, it depends what all else is swirling around up there, accumulated sleep debt, I know You know what I mean …. Thanks for that great tip on BBC’s “Sherlock”, no I am not Bipolar).

    Anyway, JK, didn’t you say you had peaked ahead & the actor portraying HSA Head has some episodes coming up? Maybe him, maybe as twin, maybe as both, like the (very ) old “Patty Duke Show”.

    If the writers are going to satisfy our very reasonable artistic cries for closure, the ghoulish kid can be a culprit, but he has no ties that I can recall it Visualize, while what’s his name has those rich intense ties. Now if they can just hire a few wordsmiths .

    Don’t get a sunburn w/all the beautiful rays we are going to be having outside this w/e.

    If you still get these posts, WRITE IN.

    The writers & producers seem so thought impoverished that they might just accept ideas from you, who have glued your eyes to every twist & turn, looking for clues, if not symbolism. At least you have a good sense of what is congruent & how to sail this ship to shore.

  13. Wrt: Episode “Violets”. To quote our hero, “THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about, yeah!”
    Thank you.
    Was that SO hard? (Probably was)
    Especially like Wylie who is far more like “Tweetie Bird” in appearance & style than the cayote nickname…. Nice double entendre.

    And Jane waking up to not only does Lisbon have attachment feelings, so does he….
    Just being wise for grateful strangers (call it “hit & run” gratification) isn’t enough to terrify his intimacy-terrified self back into an “air-raid” pose that he doesn’t emerge from without chemically-induced sleep. He finds himself hungry for @ very least more pig-tail tweaking of Lisbon & the admiration of the Law ‘n Order professionals as he obliquely expounds on why his ideas worked almost instantly while they could not even ID the perp. He finds the gang has opted for more spontaneous ways to debrief, and he can step lively to learn a bit part or sit & wonder when they all will realize how much they need him .