Is The Lizard Spider-Man 4’s Only Villain?

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spider man 4 the lizard main villain Is The Lizard Spider Man 4s Only Villain?

Less than a week ago, Dylan Baker confirmed that he’d be returning as Dr. Curt Connors in Spider-Man 4. At the time, he said he’d be regulated to a small background role similar to his appearances in the last two Spidey films.

Now, comes an insider report from Jim over at Market Saw who’s saying that The Lizard may not only be in Spider-Man 4, but that he’d be the only villain of the movie. This of course would bring the franchise back to its one-villain roots as utilized in the first two movies of the series.

Sam Raimi did say that he loves The Lizard

The info allegedly comes from a reliable inside source, but we know that the script is still being worked on by Gary Ross.

If true, this wouldn’t be unexpected as the franchise so far has made plenty of effort in tying each film to its predecessors and Raimi made sure to include Dr. Curt Connors in the last two movies. It makes total sense to have The Lizard make an appearance and I’d love to see that transformation finally occur. However, I wouldn’t mind if he was the lesser villain of a pair of baddies instead.

Three villains, as we saw awfully featured in Spider-Man 3 is simply too much, but as we’ve seen in other comic book films, two can work nice if done right. So, whether that means The Lizard is the featured super villain or a secondary one, don’t be surprised to see Dylan Baker grow some scales in Spider-Man 4.

Remember though, this next Spider-Man adventure may be the last time we see Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Sam Raimi helming behind the camera. With that in mind, is Dylan Baker’s Lizard really the last villain we see Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man duke it out with? Is that an epic enough conclusion to their Spider-Man franchise which may continue with a Spider-Man 5 & 6 starring different actors and helmed by a different director?

spider man 4 dylan baker dr curt connors lizard Is The Lizard Spider Man 4s Only Villain?
Dylan Baker to take the spotlight in Spider-Man 4?

However this may play out, I’m a fan of Baker and would be happy seeing Connors turn grow his arm back. This could be the end of the hopes of some fans who want to see Bruce Campbell play Mysterio.

What do you think of the idea of The Lizard being the main (and only) villain of Spider-Man 4?

Spider-Man 4 is scheduled for an early March production start and will hit theaters May 6, 2011.

Source: Market Saw, Header edited from beautiful art by Julie Bell

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  1. Your right Pitt Man he doesn’t necessarily have to have a lot of screen time. A chunk of the movie might even end up in the sewers! Ever notice how some of comics episodes would show these holding vessels where mains and trunks would converge with unusual interior designs. A semi haunted house effect. What better place for Spidey and the Lizard to have a go? A single villain can still work if you stage it right.

  2. @Brian

    They can’t do that. Each of those characters is controlled by different studios.


  3. Michael,

    ” – but only one villain should be cast because multiple villains make the movie suffer”

    How do you know that? People are too over-dramatic and absurd sounding ” a certain amount of villains will attack the movie” don`t you think?

    If you don`t try the harder tests then it might not help the movie because if you only try the easier tests that are obvious that would work then it doesn`t develop the story into seperate means of function so it`s better not too lazy.

  4. Jose,

    ” but whatever it is Sam Raimi and the Spiderman production team is planning we have to go by that.. if they only want the Lizard in the movie then hopefully its for a good reason..”

    I wouldn`t like to rush them on this film after the hard work they`ve done on this series but i wish they took the franchise smoothly and not too deep into minor plots of the comics. I think they need to somewhat try to keep their energy up to work hard.
    Though a problem is, even though Maguire looks alot like Spiderman he`s still too old to play the character.
    How could people be satisfied if there`s only one, or positively two villains in the movie, seriously, HOW?

  5. i meant to put the word even before the word positively…

  6. I agree w/ John K. Again, multiple villains wasnt the problem. It was the writing of the script. In my opinion it would be difficult if Spidey was to have his hands full tryin to help his friend turn back to his normalself while at the sametime a 2nd villain would be distracting him.

  7. the Pitt man,

    ” My money`s on bruce playing Mysterio and a second unknown villain.(and according to baker, likely not lizard) so… maybe Vulture with the KingPin as hiss boss.”

    No, those villains WON`T work, they are too ordinary and don`t have a tie in or have really anything to do with tie-ing in to Spiderman, all they do is commit crimes such as Robbing a bank, or doing something to just attack the city.
    It can`t just be an ordinary villain out of nowhere, i think it needs to be villain that stabilizes a deep come-in in and out from place to place with Spiderman or a villain that`s dark in a solidly-textured sort of way in which the way they attack Spiderman. Even if that villain has some sort of backstory it doesn`t mean it`ll work for the movie, it`s probably too ordinary to go on a deep wide-range of Spidermman, HOWEVER, i`m not sure if any villain would work, especially after the disaster that Spidey 3 was.

  8. Bruce Campbell will be playing Morbious as the main villain in the movie. You heard it hear first. We will see clips of Dr. Connors being turned into the Lizard for the upcoming movies but not for the fourth movie.

  9. Maybe they should use less popular villains. Smythe…or Carrion… or the Spot!

  10. k, that`s it, can`t even explain how infuririated i am. I can`t believe i hav to deal with on e bad thing happening to my favorite superhero, and this franchise is absolutely ****** up by using the wrong villains.

  11. @ John K
    They already used Spidey’s top villains. They’re at that point we shouldnt be too picky about what villains they would use. After what Bud said, id say Smythe & Vulture could work out well by knowing how smart Smythe is. They could use Smythe to build a suit that would enable Adrian Tombs to reduce his old age for him to cause havok while its someone tryin to take his company away from him or somthing else. Kinda have like how people threaten to put a end to Oscorp. in the first movie which drove Osborn to kill those people etc.

  12. Yeah that`s what i`m saying, this franchise is ruined by already using up the top villains, but Tobey is still too old to play Spiderman.

  13. No the franchise is ruined by already using the top villains i am really frustrated what has happened to the franchise and that i`ve had to deal with hearing news on sites over the past year about what`s gonna happen with the 4th movie that i explodingly can say i don`t like to hear.

  14. Wasn’t Vulture’s whole bit about getting revenge on Osborne Senior? One thing that could be done to put S.H.I.E.L.D. in the mix is to bring on the Chameleon. The whole purpose of that would only be to establish some continuity between the different franchises without expensive negotiations about character licensing. The payoff would be down the road sure but why not now since many people see the franchise at a crossroads with no particular great place to go villain wise. We know too that Kingpin has been a fixture in the comics and the cartoon series. With organized crime as the villain you have a way to pull some loose threads together including Connors.

  15. They dont need to have Osborne Senior in the film. Most companies still go on without the founder, and they could always use Silvermane w/ Hammerhead as a alternative. Id like to see Kingpin myself by the studio makin some sort of a offer to atleast borrow the character. But with news of a Daredevil reboot, who knows.

  16. M-Cat,

    “Bruce Campbell will be playing Morbious as the main villain in the movie. You heard it hear first. We will see clips of Dr. Connors being turned into the Lizard for the upcoming movies but not for the fourth movie.”

    Huh? Bruce Campbell is not even close to playing the part of Morbius I would say Del Toro would be the perfect guy for that role. Bruce Campbell would be a perfect guy for Mysterio thats if they decided to bring him into the picture..Even if Dr. Connors does not fully become the Villian (Lizard) in the 4th movie that would work out ok to because then they could add an additional 2 different villians for Spiderman 4 bringing the Lizard to the 5th movie when the franchise Finishes and reboots again. i would hope to see Morbius in the picture if this did happen and Maybe even Mysterio or Electro.

    John K,

    “Yeah that`s what i`m saying, this franchise is ruined by already using up the top villains, but Tobey is still too old to play Spiderman.”

    Tobey Maguire is not that old to play Spiderman lets compare Superman Vs. Spiderman Superman is an alike character like Spiderman both work at a news paper company (Ones a Writer the other is a photographer) they both wear glasses …etc I would say though that this would have to be the last movie as Spiderman and im sure he agrees with that as well.

  17. @ Jose

    yeah my choice of Bruce Campbell playing Morbious is really far fetched compared to Del Toro. good luck with casting Del Toro.

  18. I think i`m a little frustrated that they waited this long to start filming. But i don`t know, i mean SM3 was such a piece of **** that i don`t exactly know what to say about the 4th film. Likely it`s too bad that once a superhero mobilizes this amount of degree in popularity, the ideas get clammed in and then it absolutely ruins this series. Well i mean i don`t think 3 villains is the problem for Sm3 but if they had to rush Venom in in the last minute then thats definitely one thing i don`t and i don`t think they were ready to use Venom yet.
    Though i think even if Maguire was about 22 in the first one, i think we`d have to live with it, most actors in their early or mid or even late 20`s dramatically get changed to look like a young senior student. Shia Labeouf was 20/21/22 when filming the Transformers films and he was really 18/19 in each of the movies, which i believe still worked fine. There are many movies i`ve seen with actors who look much younger and are much younger than they are in real life, but i`d say that i think if Franco/Maguire were 22 years old and no older then i`d still be satisfied, it may be able to carry on for enough movies, however, if maguire and franco were the perfect age in the Spiderman movies then Venom shouldn`t have been pressured on Raimi at all, but neither should have Green Goblin in the first one as well as Sandman/New Goblin in the third one. I think they`ve treated the Spiderman franchise too kid-friendly by using up the top most powerful villains and just relying on the action, if people thought ” the first two movies were “awesome.”
    The old man, ” Wasn`t Vulture`s whole bit about getting revenge on Osborne Senior, etc.” Chrisj, ” They don`t need to have Osborn Snior in the film etc.”
    No i still think those villains will work i`m not sure if any villain would work i`m not trying to be too picky though after the teamn of Sandman, Venom, newgoblin those stories aren`t big enough for the movie but i don`t think any villain would work this series isn`t unruined by using up the top villains as well as other mistakes so maybe the best thing to do would`ve been just end with Venom,carnage,lizard in this movie raimi actually started to enjoy putting Venom in Sm3 but because it didn`t lead to close to an “r-rated movie” though many people made it clear that they know Carnage Won`t be in Sm4 and i don`t know how they know that when it wasn`t news on any site but i`d have to “make it clear” that i don`t think carnage would be in the movie also if people have met the studio in person and know what the storie`s goona be about anyway after the sinister pile of dumpster socks that Spidey 3 was i don`t know what to say about the 4th film.

  19. i meant to say wont work

  20. I’m sick and tired of this stupid fanboy mentality, just because Spiderman 3 wasn’t as good as the first two, Raimi sucks, really? Wow, so I guess if you’re not great every single time you do something in life, then you must suck!! Get over yourselves and grow up fanboys, nobody is perfect, we’re just humans.

  21. 3 villains can work just look at the dark knight. if done right and thought out it can work.dark knight shows a villain being beaten early in the film scarecrow.just have rhino or scorpion destroying the city and spiderman beats him,then jump into character build up with my favorite the lizard,like they did with the joker biuld and biuld his story with spideys. then a third villain could slowly merge from the story like two-face did. i prefer either carnage,or kraven for the lizard story,but mysterio could work since bruce cambel was in the last three films he could become mysterio.and see it could work and not take away from the story or character development if handled for spiderman 5,and sixi really want to see scorpion,more doc ock,carnage,and more lizard.

  22. i love the lizard and cant wait to see him on the big for spiderman 5,and 6 lets see more doc ock,some scorpion,and carnage.some small characters lets see kraven,and mysterio.

  23. @ Maikeru
    I agree with ya. My opinion people over exaggerate about Spider-man 3 being bad which i thought it could of been better but not bad enough to think the franchise is no-more.
    I didnt think Spider-man 2 was the best. First film will be my favorite but to each his/her own right. Bottom line is im not one of those people to let one film get me down. Spidey 3 made quite a bit of money compared to the previous films so Raimi did somthing right in the film.

  24. Spider-man 4 villains: The Lizard and Morbius.
    Spider-man 4 story: Neogenic Nightmare
    Spider-man 5 villains: Electro, Scorpion, Vulture
    Spider-man 5 story: The wedding

  25. ” How long do you think it takes to get a PHD in physics? Would you be able to go through NYU and be about say 22?”
    Uuuh, so you`re saying?

    ” You`re doubt has seemed to have raised to an anxiety level where you`ve lost some perspective.”

    Ok that`s it i give up, i`m just gonna let be whatever`s in show for this film. I`ve seen it now.

    ” Despite what happened in #3, many would agree to have two successes like “Spiderman 1&2″ grants you enough credibility to be given a second chance.”
    Alright, well if you loved the first two that much then i guess i should just shut my mouth then.

    ” – just because Spiderman 3 wasn`t as good as the first two, Raimi sucks, really?”
    No, didn`t say that. I said i believe it was more clumsy than the first two, but that doesn`t actually mean i jag a knife in him, dfi.

  26. FINALLY some good news regarding this film.

  27. John K says: ” but i`d say that i think if Franco/Maguire were 22 years old and no older then i`d still be satisfied”

    So what are you saying?

    John K I’m not interested in debates or arguing. I just want to discuss the issues. I’m not saying your point of view is worthless either. OK, so maybe justifiably your having a little trouble with the way some things look now. Give them a chance, their’s a ways to go before premiere day for #4. Really not even a solid script rumor…

  28. I hate it when people bad mouth & and say this or that movie will suck when there’s no script yet.