Is The Lizard Spider-Man 4’s Only Villain?

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spider man 4 the lizard main villain Is The Lizard Spider Man 4s Only Villain?

Less than a week ago, Dylan Baker confirmed that he’d be returning as Dr. Curt Connors in Spider-Man 4. At the time, he said he’d be regulated to a small background role similar to his appearances in the last two Spidey films.

Now, comes an insider report from Jim over at Market Saw who’s saying that The Lizard may not only be in Spider-Man 4, but that he’d be the only villain of the movie. This of course would bring the franchise back to its one-villain roots as utilized in the first two movies of the series.

Sam Raimi did say that he loves The Lizard

The info allegedly comes from a reliable inside source, but we know that the script is still being worked on by Gary Ross.

If true, this wouldn’t be unexpected as the franchise so far has made plenty of effort in tying each film to its predecessors and Raimi made sure to include Dr. Curt Connors in the last two movies. It makes total sense to have The Lizard make an appearance and I’d love to see that transformation finally occur. However, I wouldn’t mind if he was the lesser villain of a pair of baddies instead.

Three villains, as we saw awfully featured in Spider-Man 3 is simply too much, but as we’ve seen in other comic book films, two can work nice if done right. So, whether that means The Lizard is the featured super villain or a secondary one, don’t be surprised to see Dylan Baker grow some scales in Spider-Man 4.

Remember though, this next Spider-Man adventure may be the last time we see Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Sam Raimi helming behind the camera. With that in mind, is Dylan Baker’s Lizard really the last villain we see Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man duke it out with? Is that an epic enough conclusion to their Spider-Man franchise which may continue with a Spider-Man 5 & 6 starring different actors and helmed by a different director?

spider man 4 dylan baker dr curt connors lizard Is The Lizard Spider Man 4s Only Villain?
Dylan Baker to take the spotlight in Spider-Man 4?

However this may play out, I’m a fan of Baker and would be happy seeing Connors turn grow his arm back. This could be the end of the hopes of some fans who want to see Bruce Campbell play Mysterio.

What do you think of the idea of The Lizard being the main (and only) villain of Spider-Man 4?

Spider-Man 4 is scheduled for an early March production start and will hit theaters May 6, 2011.

Source: Market Saw, Header edited from beautiful art by Julie Bell

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  1. These conversations keep circling around the same set of thoughts it was all said in the last thread. It’s beating a dead horse but I’m in agreement with the wisdom of the majority that a single villain is Not the way to go out for Maguire, Raimi, and Dunst. Their is one idea though that I think hasn’t been given due consideration of late and that’s New York has its fair share of ordinary criminals. In the first movie that was focused on some. So why not rip that page out of the first script and tie it in to #4? Two super villains plus ordinary criminal filler plus the Parker M.J. story is plenty. Yeah and Travis’s idea should be thrown in for good measure. Put big Bruce in the costume.

  2. quick question here…since the release date is around the Avengers movie why can’t they try to tie it in to the Avengers movie?

    and if not that i agree with a previous post about the sinister six. yes it would be hard to establish a bunch more characters. But it could work like the first X-Men movie.

  3. Ivan says: ” why can’t they try to tie it in to the Avengers movie?”

    Yeah they could do the sinister six or they could just have Iron Man jetting across the skyline at the end of the movie.
    We’ll just have to see what develops…

  4. The Lizard is a terrible villain, how good story lines does the character have? None.

    This franchise is in the wrong hands, it is in dire need of a reboot, get rid of the director, actors, and the pedestrian storytelling and give this character what he deserves.

  5. 1st. It is going to be next to impossible to get Spiderman into the Avengers and vice versa unless you get Sony and Marvel/Disney working together. Not unprecedented as studios have shared assets in the past (Who Framed Roger Rabbit comes to mind) but it is not easy. Spiderman 4 can not just through Iron Man in there without permission and in all honesty they are not likely to get it.

    2nd. Its kinda hard to do the Sinister Six story line one of if not the most important member of that group is dead in the movies.

    The Lizard is a good idea with Kraven included. It is really easy to fit those 2 together. It can easily go one of 2 ways. A) Conners becomes the Lizard, Kraven and other hunters are called into to hunt him down. Spiderman goes after the Lizard to save him and as a result must confront Kraven and saves Conners. Kraven is humiliated and to get back at Spiderman, lures his him into a trap using Mary Jane. B) Kraven is a famous hunter known as a celebrity in the city, when Conners becomes the Lizard and begins to terrorize the city Spiderman teams with Kraven to hunt him down. At some point, SPiderman realizes who the Lizard is and must stop Kraven from destroying him. He battles him letting the Lizard escape. He then goes after the Lizard saving him and possibly being confronted by Kraven again.

    Seem the easiest and best way to go to me.

  6. @ Evan,

    LOL, maybe they got that from the MTV poll which had Lizard and Carnage on top.

    It’s just a throwaway comment for two characters most talked about online for the next flick. Like you, I don’t expect to see Carnage at all, personally. I’ve always said they’ll be stepping away from the symbiotic villain for the next go.

    As for traffic-drawing, I don’t know – they’ve had correct scoops before and I don’t bash other sites like some other sites do… I guess we’ll have to see – it won’t be too long before we hear more with production starting early next year.

  7. I think having only one villain in Spidey 4 is a bad idea. Especially if it’s the Lizard. If this is the last movie with Tobey as Spider-man, then he should be fighting someone more evil. The Lizard is Peter’s friend in need of help. He behaves as a villain uncontrolably in his reptile state. The Lizard will make the story great, but there needs to be another villain. Bruce Campbell encountering Peter in different ways in the previous films is almost as if he is spying on him. Reminds me of Mac Gargan aka Scorpion! And if Scorpion comes into the story, that means a bigger role for J Jonah Jameson!

  8. Bud has a point. Heck Mac Gargan could of been introduced in Spider-Man 2 when Jameson was slandering Spider-man in the newspapers. Another idea would of been Spidey takin alittle bit of his anger on Jameson after Brock’s pictures surfaced and Mac Gargan sees the whole thing and Jameson asks him to watch both Peter and Spider-man. All that could lead up to Jameson talkin Mac Gargan into becoming someone who can defeat Spider-man and unmask him. Kinda like he does in the 90’s spider-man animated series. As for Sinister Six, just replace Doc. Ock with someone else. In the animated series they had Vulture replace Mysterio.



    Maybe you mean relegated?

  10. I doubt Spider-man franchise is that ruined. C’mon, why think the franchise is no more over one film? If rebooting the franchise you still get nowhere cause people expect to see the same villains, some of the same things seen before. Examples would be Batman, Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, and many more franchises in the works to being remade. I think thats why i hate reboots. Different approaches, but same stuff thats already been done already. Spider-man 3 could of been better yes, but to exaggerate how bad it was, well like i said before, i seen worse comic book adaption films than Spidey 3.

  11. Bud, Jose, and chrisJ all have a great point with Bruce Campbell. Except I thought he was supposed to be Mysterio? Which I think would be a better fit for him than Scorpion. Showing how he could disguise himself and be watching Peter Parker the whole time just screams Mysterio to me.

    And chrisJ again said change the members of the Sinister Six. Which is true, it doesn’t have to be the exact crew. Instead I was thinking more along the lines of having Mysterio as the Leader, than have another main villain Scorpion or Lizard or Electro, than have 4 lesser villains. Villains like Shocker, Rhino, Boomerang, Scorcher. Villains that could be explained shortly to have a hatred for Spidery in some way. And then make Spidey fight them like a gauntlet with Mysterio as the last stage revealing whatever master plan he had to kill a weakened Spidey. And then watch Spidey overcome any insecurities, confidence issues and beat some ass.

    Its not well thought out I know, but I don’t get paid millions of dollars to iron everything out 😉

  12. @Rob
    You’ve basically made your case, so maybe we will “agree to disagree,” but I agree with greenknight, bud, chrisj, and others that the writing was the problem, not the number of characters. Later, you say that you agree that the writing was a problem, but you still make is sound as if it is impossible to have a quality film with 3 or more main villains. As with anything, you just need the right writer, director, producer and cast to put it all together. They just have to put the effort into the project and not whip out a quickly made movie.

  13. Sam Raimi hatest the symbiotes?
    How could you not like Venom and Carnage? I loved them in the comics.

  14. @ K-Man,

    I think “writing is the problem” goes without saying, no?

    You can have 3 villains but you can’t develop three independent fleshed out story arcs and have the characters developed properly and having the movie make sense – how much coincidence can the viewers take?

    I’m not literally referring to the numerical quantity of characters, it’s about making a story make sense. Having three separate and independent characters with three separate and independent origin stories – all happening around the same time in the same area involving the same dude (ie. having them involve, mesh with Peter Parker) doesn’t make sense without having them all come together, work together, intertwine, etc. and it can easily become a cluster of nonsense and a waste.

    If they did go that route, 1 or 2 of the characters would have smaller parts in the movie and would be there just for the sake of meeting some fans’ needs (the same reason the studio threw in Venom last time…). I’ve seen lots of folk say that Shocker could just be in the intro scene or that Lizard could be a small part of the movie with another main villain featured throughout.

    Obviously, writing is the problem, it’s everything.

    I’m looking for more than just an action film this time around and it’d be cool of our suspension of belief wasn’t stretched beyond enjoyment.

    Personally, I don’t want three big villains because it’d be a waste. Either, they wouldn’t get enough screen time, or they’d waste the opportunity to fully utilize that character in another sequel.

  15. Jason says: “1st. It is going to be next to impossible to get Spiderman into the Avengers and vice versa unless you get Sony and Marvel/Disney working together.”

    I agree up to a point but in the end it’s really all about the money. Look what happened to “Watchmen” after all…

  16. I’m personally all for The Lizard, but is anyone else a little worried about how he might turn out looking on-screen? I personally hope he wouldn’t be entirely CGI…

  17. Dylan Baker is a fine actor. It would be cool to see a kind, generous professor slowly begin to show signs of a cold-blooded lizard’s personality creeping through.

    maybe he’ll make a fool of peter in front of his class, maybe he’ll reject peter’s dissertation.
    maybe he’ll sleep with half his quantum mechanics 101 students

    regardless, those who think that, ” the lizard character has little depth and the film needs a second villain”, should think again. Spidey 2 was the best super-hero film ever made according to roger ebert and myself. 1 villain and some great writing are all that’s needed

    all this talk of villains, what aspect of Peter’s life will be covered? If Lizard/conners is the villain, then his college years should be explored further. Toby is getting older, so peter should graduate.

  18. And finally propose to Mary-Jane! They could end it with the wedding. Stan Lee cameo a must.

  19. “Personally, i wouldn`t want 3 villains because it`d be a waste.”

    No, not if it`s the right villains for the movie, i wish people would stop being naive and judgemental when they find out ” a certain amount of villains a movie will have which may be too many ” using lots of villains once in a while is just cornerwhile to try a test, it doesn`t matter how many things something has if it`s all assorted out.

    And i see what you mean if they don`t have history together, but if they were both tooken down by Spiderman it could make sense for them to team up.

    ” Spiderman ain`t a team-based superhero.”

    Are you reffering to Spiderman teaming up, or him taking the villains by himself? Spiderman and Harry teaming up against the same number of villains isn`t too wide-versed once in a while, Spiderman can face any amount of villains any way, doesn`t matter how much it is for him to deal with. Superman 2 made some sense with Superman beating all the villains by himself, didn`t it?

  20. Good points Pitt Man. What do you make of Dylan’s statement; “he said he’d be regulated to a small background role?” Trying to commit without giving the story away?

  21. And guys, villains like Rhino, Shocker, Vulture, aren`t dark enough to be in the movie, just because ” it was interesting in the comics” doesn`t maen you`d be treating the franchise seriously if you put them into the film, And the sinister six? No, guys, Spiderman is a somewhat ordinary intellectual superhero, it`s not THAT simple that you can choose a ” Wow, this plot looks great, i think it`d be good in the movie” fill-in, however, i am fed up, because so far i feel like their intention was to treat this like some kiddie franchise where you`re spoiled to do anything you want.

  22. the top three villians for spiderman 4 are scorpion,electro and the lizard but only one villian should be cast because multiple villians will make the movie suffer unless you have another superhero helping spiderman.

  23. I think that if they have multiple villains they should have
    Wolverine team up with Spidey.

  24. @ The Old Man

    “Regulated to a small background role” does not sound too synchronous with the whole “Lizard in Spidey 4″ rumours. Unless there is very little of curt conners and we see mostly lizard. Perhaps he changes early in the film and its lizard from then until the end.

    There does seem to be a lot of contradiction in the Spidey 4 villain rumors. And the whole Bruce Campbell in a larger role is very curious.

    Perhaps Lizard is not in Spidey 4, but being built for 5 or 6. Then who is? My money’s on Bruce playing Mysterio and a second unknown villain. (and according to baker, likely not lizard) so… maybe Vulture with the Kingpin as his boss.

    I was however, more partial to a solo Spidey vs, Lizard movie. Mano et Mano.