Is The Lizard Spider-Man 4′s Only Villain?

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spider man 4 the lizard main villain Is The Lizard Spider Man 4s Only Villain?

Less than a week ago, Dylan Baker confirmed that he’d be returning as Dr. Curt Connors in Spider-Man 4. At the time, he said he’d be regulated to a small background role similar to his appearances in the last two Spidey films.

Now, comes an insider report from Jim over at Market Saw who’s saying that The Lizard may not only be in Spider-Man 4, but that he’d be the only villain of the movie. This of course would bring the franchise back to its one-villain roots as utilized in the first two movies of the series.

Sam Raimi did say that he loves The Lizard

The info allegedly comes from a reliable inside source, but we know that the script is still being worked on by Gary Ross.

If true, this wouldn’t be unexpected as the franchise so far has made plenty of effort in tying each film to its predecessors and Raimi made sure to include Dr. Curt Connors in the last two movies. It makes total sense to have The Lizard make an appearance and I’d love to see that transformation finally occur. However, I wouldn’t mind if he was the lesser villain of a pair of baddies instead.

Three villains, as we saw awfully featured in Spider-Man 3 is simply too much, but as we’ve seen in other comic book films, two can work nice if done right. So, whether that means The Lizard is the featured super villain or a secondary one, don’t be surprised to see Dylan Baker grow some scales in Spider-Man 4.

Remember though, this next Spider-Man adventure may be the last time we see Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Sam Raimi helming behind the camera. With that in mind, is Dylan Baker’s Lizard really the last villain we see Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man duke it out with? Is that an epic enough conclusion to their Spider-Man franchise which may continue with a Spider-Man 5 & 6 starring different actors and helmed by a different director?

spider man 4 dylan baker dr curt connors lizard Is The Lizard Spider Man 4s Only Villain?
Dylan Baker to take the spotlight in Spider-Man 4?

However this may play out, I’m a fan of Baker and would be happy seeing Connors turn grow his arm back. This could be the end of the hopes of some fans who want to see Bruce Campbell play Mysterio.

What do you think of the idea of The Lizard being the main (and only) villain of Spider-Man 4?

Spider-Man 4 is scheduled for an early March production start and will hit theaters May 6, 2011.

Source: Market Saw, Header edited from beautiful art by Julie Bell

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  1. this story is a crap rumor and nothing more. The “reliable” source mentions Carnage too. We ALL know that he is not going to be a villain since Rami hates the symbiont anyway.

    Observe the following Collider article that ran this story yesterday:

  2. @ Evan,

    The source didn’t mention Carnage, the “source” said only that it’s the Lizard.

    The Carnage part came from the writer of that site who simply said fans speculation was leading towards (or hoping for) Carnage and Lizard. Then he followed by saying one of those may be true.

  3. I hope he is not the only villain, the problem was not 3 villains, but the story which was crapy, at least one more should be in, maybe kraven or Black cat or Wolfamn

  4. If Lizard is the only villain i think it`s going to suck, or with only Kraven how`d that satisfy people, i think if i cared more about this film i`m a little infuririated that they`re too lazy to do more than one villain though i wouldn`t wanna rush them after Sm3.

  5. I disagree with it, 3 can work and also more VILLAINS could work, look at the 4 villains FROM X-men, MAGNETO, MISTIQUE, SABERTOOTH AND TOAD, THAT WAS MY FAVORITE X-MOVIE AND IT WORKED PRETTY WELL


  7. ” 3 villains, as we saw awfully featured in SM3 is simply too much,”

    Rob, 3 villains is not too many like many people say it`s the fact they had to rush the script they were in a tight position. Haven`t you seen movies work with it?

  8. @ John K

    In X-Men, those weren’t established individual villain stories. That’s a team of bad guys, the villain being Magneto. Spider-Man ain’t a team based hero.

    In that comparison, it wouldn’t have worked if the Marauders were in it, the Brotherhood AND Apocalypse.

    See what I mean?

    For Spider-Man 4, I expect 2 villains.

  9. ok i guess i have to care about this film even after 3 but if lizard is the last villain with maguire it`s going to be sad i mean maguire always seemed like the perfect guy to play Spiderman. I wish they could`ve ended with just Venom, Carnage, and Lizard though i doubt it would after Raimi made his point of “hating” venom from the comics ( i know cuz i hear from other people) and after the “abortion” that Spidey 3 was people would be complaining and be very surprised they`re going back to 3 villains and see that the studio hasn`t “learned their lesson” that it`s “too much to cram into one movie.

  10. Use the Todd McFarlane story arc with the Lizard, Kraven and Calypso!!!!!!

  11. I say the Lizard and Kraven. But who was the third villain in Spiderman-3? Wasn’t it just Venom and the Sandman? Unless you’re counting Harry’s green goblin but that was just at the beginning, wasn’t it?
    I also have a general screenrant related question. How do I put a picture next to my name for my posts?

  12. Spider-Man 3 having 3 villains wasnt the problem, it was the script. You might say Venom was added at the last minute almost due the studio’s listening to fanbases of fans who wanted Venom in the film. Everyone ive talked to agreed that certain scenes like peter’s dancing on the sidewalk could of been replaced with more scenes of Peter in the Alien costume, or Venom for that matter. Superman 2 had 3 villains, 4 counting Lex Luthor and that film worked out well. Even the TDK had 3 villains, and though people deny it, Scarecrow does count as a villain in that film. Especially when his screen time was pretty close enough to New Goblin’s. If people disagree with that, remember Harry wasnt all that evil for very long in the film and you’d think he’d attempt to kill Peter again after the bomb disfigured half his face after their 2nd fight. But instead told Peter to get out, and thats when his butler told him the truth about his father’s demise. Villain motive gone. One other thing is, If people hate the idea of 3 villains for a film, why would anyone be anxious to see the Avengers film which will have multiple heroes in it? See my point?

  13. i think they should start the movie with spidey defeating a villain like mysterio or rhino or someone…..

    just open the movie with spidey sending a super villain to jail

    that would be pretty cool

  14. Rob it’s still four villains..Three are major players in the X-verse(Toad being the one who isn’t). Team story or not, Singer, DeSanto and David Hayter did a GREAT job of weaving that many villains into a great movie and making it work effortlessly…Sam and Ivan Raimi and ALvin Sargent ruined S3 with three villains because they failed to make a cohesive story that could adequately support three villains. Having the Brotherhood and Apocalypse would only work in the same movie if they teamed with the X-Men to fight him and it could easily be done. Off topic a little….I don’t even consider Harry a bad guy because he dies a hero at the end..

  15. Let me up the geek factor here by saying that I’m a grown man that watches The Spectacular Spider-man cartoon. They should use something close to the plot of the that show; super villains are created by a rich crime boss(in the show they use Tombstone via Norman Osbourne, but I think the Kingpin would be a more recognizable fit)to distract Spider-man and prevent him from thwarting the petty street crime that keeps their criminal organization afloat. You’d have Kingpin as the “evil mastermind” and be free to use multiple thug villains(two at the most to allow for at least a little character development). I think that would be a good way to bring in Rhino and Scorpion, or even Tombstone.

  16. Spiderman 3 was poor because of the story, not the amount of villains. I feel Spiderman 4 would do great if the Lizard is accompanied by a secondary villain. I’d prefer for the villains to either be Lizard and Morbius, or Lizard and Electro.

  17. I also like Travis’ idea about starting the movie with Spidey battling a lesser villain and sending him to jail. Like possibly… Boomerang or Shocker or Beetle or Hammerhead…

  18. @ greenknight,

    In X-Men, they’re there in the fight scenes, but there’s no history, relationship or development between Toad, Mystique and Sabretooth and any of the particular X-Men within the film. They’re just there for action set pieces…

    That’s NOTHING like a villain in the Spider-Man movies where each one is a big story related to Peter Parker, with history. They’re not comparable. Those are ensemble pieces.

    And yes, the script and story of Spidey 3 was its biggest downer

  19. I have to say.. I can not see a Spider-Man without Tobey at this point. I honestly think he is the best person to play Peter Parker. And also Sam Raimi.

    As for the Villain(s). The Lizard, I like. I mean he isn’t my favorite Villain of Spider-Mans, but okay. I personally would enjoy seeing Bruce Campbell as Mysterio. Or maybe even throw in Rhino or Electro.

    IF this is the last Spider-Man with Tobey and Sam, then they have to do it big!

    Sinister Six!!!!

  20. screenrant should do a post to find who could be the next spiderman, thatd be a fun discussion.

    also travis nailed it, but i agree that raimi and tobeys last SM should be kind of an epic send off.
    The lizard would be great for a sequal, but for a finale the dudes gonna need some help.. especially since the lizard poses no threat to anyone that doesnt go looking for him. hes a stupid (in most versions) reptile that has crazy good senses and a bad attitude.

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the only villain.

  22. @Rob

    You are right. It was the writer. Sorry.

    The writer, though, comes off as a tool when he mentions Carnage as even a remote possibility. I would bet my paycheck that Carnage is not even being considered for this movie.

    It is still a crap article. And the way it is written, with the assumptions the writer makes about the villains being considered, makes it next to next to impossible for me to believe this is anything close to accurate information.

    I am not mad about you reporting it at all. Your headline has a question mark. You aren’t reporting it as fact or anything. I just don’t think it is anything more than a rumor used to draw traffic to that site.

  23. Dr Connors has been in all three films so far, why does everyone leave out his appearance in the first film?

    I think a good duo of Villains would be Kraven and the Lizard as Both of those story lines would mesh well…

  24. I think the whole “clone” storyline would make a good movie. Not really related to villains though.

  25. 1. The third villain in Spider-Man 3 was Mary Jane Watson.

    2. Would it be sacrilege to suggest that a second villain for Spidey 4 could be…original?

  26. @ Sylar’s Hunger Continues:

    Original as in completely made up for the movie? i don’t think people would be too happy with that…

  27. @ Sylar’s Hunger Continues:

    yeah, people would hate that. There too many classic villains that would be great to adapt for the screen. It would be another thing if the only villains left were Rhino and Hammerhead.

  28. Guys my understanding was the 3 Villians wasnt the big issue in Spiderman 3 it was the way the script was written..Believe me I know that the movie could work out with at least 2 villians Lizard being the secondary Villian.

    Bud I also agree with you when you said:

    “Spiderman 3 was poor because of the story, not the amount of villains. I feel Spiderman 4 would do great if the Lizard is accompanied by a secondary villain. I’d prefer for the villains to either be Lizard and Morbius, or Lizard and Electro.”

    I totally agree with you on that because it wasnt the amount of Villians the movie had it was the way the script was written for each villian.

    But I can say that I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt reveal a 2nd or 3rd villian until production began..Maybe they want to keep it a secret so they wont upset fans or surprise fans with the villians that will be in the movie..I believe and think that maybe there will be more than 1 villian they just dont want to annonce it..the reason why they annonced the Lizard as one of the villians was because everyone already knew that he had to be a villian in Spiderman 4 and we all can agree with that..but not everyone can agree with the other villians that could also make an appearance in Spiderman 4 like Electro, Morbius, Mysterio I think they want to keep it a secret until Production begins to reveal a second or maybe 3rd villian.

  29. Sam Raimi’s original plan for Spider-Man 3 was 3 villains which would had a cohesive story when it was Sandman and the Vulture as partners right from the beginning and no Eddie Brock Jr, alien symbiote, and Gwen Stacy.