Is The Lizard Spider-Man 4’s Only Villain?

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spider man 4 the lizard main villain Is The Lizard Spider Man 4s Only Villain?

Less than a week ago, Dylan Baker confirmed that he’d be returning as Dr. Curt Connors in Spider-Man 4. At the time, he said he’d be regulated to a small background role similar to his appearances in the last two Spidey films.

Now, comes an insider report from Jim over at Market Saw who’s saying that The Lizard may not only be in Spider-Man 4, but that he’d be the only villain of the movie. This of course would bring the franchise back to its one-villain roots as utilized in the first two movies of the series.

Sam Raimi did say that he loves The Lizard

The info allegedly comes from a reliable inside source, but we know that the script is still being worked on by Gary Ross.

If true, this wouldn’t be unexpected as the franchise so far has made plenty of effort in tying each film to its predecessors and Raimi made sure to include Dr. Curt Connors in the last two movies. It makes total sense to have The Lizard make an appearance and I’d love to see that transformation finally occur. However, I wouldn’t mind if he was the lesser villain of a pair of baddies instead.

Three villains, as we saw awfully featured in Spider-Man 3 is simply too much, but as we’ve seen in other comic book films, two can work nice if done right. So, whether that means The Lizard is the featured super villain or a secondary one, don’t be surprised to see Dylan Baker grow some scales in Spider-Man 4.

Remember though, this next Spider-Man adventure may be the last time we see Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Sam Raimi helming behind the camera. With that in mind, is Dylan Baker’s Lizard really the last villain we see Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man duke it out with? Is that an epic enough conclusion to their Spider-Man franchise which may continue with a Spider-Man 5 & 6 starring different actors and helmed by a different director?

spider man 4 dylan baker dr curt connors lizard Is The Lizard Spider Man 4s Only Villain?
Dylan Baker to take the spotlight in Spider-Man 4?

However this may play out, I’m a fan of Baker and would be happy seeing Connors turn grow his arm back. This could be the end of the hopes of some fans who want to see Bruce Campbell play Mysterio.

What do you think of the idea of The Lizard being the main (and only) villain of Spider-Man 4?

Spider-Man 4 is scheduled for an early March production start and will hit theaters May 6, 2011.

Source: Market Saw, Header edited from beautiful art by Julie Bell

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  1. I would like to see Lizard but i would also like to see the Black Cat make an appearance.

  2. If they ,the studios, end up doing three more movies they have the opportunity to build characters up like a piece at a time. Good or no good? You perhaps end up waiting till the third movie to see what you want, but plenty of time to wonder how it will all turn out. I would think an incremental buildup can be more believable than some spectacular transformation. We already had several stories like that. You can’t say the long view hasn’t been considered, look how long Campbell has been low on the radar?

  3. Okay, listen to this…

    I’ve already talked about how I think Spider-man 4 should be about Spidey looking for a cure for his mutation disease which causes him to grow 4 extra arms, and dealing with Lizard and Morbius as villains. But, within the storyline, Adrian Toomes, played by Tobin Bell, takes over Oscorp changing it to Toomes Dynamics. He finds the Goblin Lab and learns the truth about Norman Osborn. Plus, he finds a secret document on Norman’s computer about an experimental suit with wings. This sets up the Vulture for 5. But, also in 4, Mac Gargan, played by Bruce Campbell, agrees to be part of an experiment funded by Jameson. This sets up the Scorpion for 5.

    So, The main story for 5 is the planning of Peter and Mary-Jane’s wedding. Throughout the movie, Spider-man battles Scorpion, The Vulture, and Electro all on seperate occasions. At the end of the movie, the wedding is taking place and is interrupted by all three villains at once. This forces Peter to battle them immediately, without his suit. Which exposes his identity to all of his friend and family. After an intense battle, Peter defeats all three villains. His friends thankful that he saved their lives, they accept knowing that he is Spider-man. And that would be a great way to end the series!

  4. haha Bud you’re crazy!

  5. So Bud your saying 2 more movies not three? Then would you try to get the core cast to stay on for a fifth and what do you do if they won’t?

    Let’s say they do. Do you think they should reboot on the sixth? How should a reboot proceed or would you do it like the Bond series, a sequel with the time line continued?

    Why is this a better way to go than what others have proposed? What about Peter’s career aspirations? Would you save Carnage for the sixth film?

  6. i love the lizard.i also would like to see more doc ock,carnage,and scorpion in spiderman 5,and 6. i think if they use the lizard either,carnage,kraven,or mysterio could be used imn the film as well.

  7. The Spider-Man vs Kraven how would you do that Chris?
    1. They get in each others way hunting down the Lizard?
    2. They team up but ultimately once the Lizard is caught, Kraven hunts Spider-Man?
    3. Kraven gets ahead of Spider-Man in the chase to capture the Lizard, corners him but slips away as Spidey stops Kraven leaving a weakened Spider-Man trying to administer a serum to the Lizard in a desperate attempt to get Connors back?
    4. Do you make 4&5 sequel story wise? The Lizard escapes, Kraven is defeated in 4, enter Mysterio in 5 with a Carnage subplot that blows out at the end of 5. The Lizard shows back up takes out Mysterio and wounds Spider-Man leaving Spidey to face Carnage alone in a cliffhanger for #6?

  8. My only issue with all this is that… The Lizard would not be “regulated” to a small role.
    He would, in effect be RELEGATED to a small role.

    Dictionaries, they are your friends.

  9. “Dictionaries, they are your friends.”

    Actually you would need an automated grammar checker and or one of those books on grammar. For example to say “The Lizard would be regulated to a small role.” Your using the verb regulate in a preterite form. Even an automated system isn’t going to be able to intuit whether your talking about the past or the future in all contexts. At least I haven’t seen one. This sentence would also get by a spell checker because regulated is spelled correctly. As for their meaning:

    relegated- To assign to a particular class or category.
    regulated- To put or maintain in order.

    Class and category are types of order. To “put” something is to “place” it and one of the definitions of “place” is “A particular situation or circumstance.”

    Uncommon usage? Definitely. completely wrong, arguable. Which isn’t why I come here. Which makes me wonder at myself why I’m bothering. :( The writer, “Rob” didn’t. Language is one of my interests I guess.

    “Nothing is ever perfect or finished.” Edward Teller

  10. all i wanna say right now is i think the best thing to do wood`ve been venom,carnage,lizard,electro in this one. But themn again, it wouldn`t. Though people complaining with this “too many villains ruins the movie” thing are just to old-fashioned, it depends on how long they have to develop the story and the way the studio know their cut.

    Anyway, i`d also like to say no matter what the villains ar in this movie i guess i have to watch it even if it`s not satifying, after all it`s spiderman so i guess no matter wat it`s a good movie somhow.

    oh, and i never hAD a problm with kirsten as mary jane!!!!!!!! she looks exacty like the range of the way mary jane looking beautiful in the comics.

  11. @ the old man

    Rob is my name, lol. What with “Rob”?

  12. If Lizard is the only villain I will be pissed. It’ll be another villain who’s not really a villain that gets redeemed at the end. Been there done that. I want a villain who’s completely and stays that way.

    Because of an idea someone on another site came up with I’m rooting for Lizard and Electro. The idea was that Electro causes a blackout and the Lizard emerges from the sewers and starts hunting people in a dark city. No one would be safe. That’ll be a pretty epic IMO.

    Not very many of Spidey’s foes are complex enough to hold their own movie anyway. In fact, I think only GG and Doc Ock could.

  13. KCJ506

    that sounds like an awesome idea! i like it alottttt!!!!!!

  14. Oh and what site was that?

  15. It was on the Spider-man 4 board at imdb. It was posted there months ago. So I don’t think the topic’s there anymore.

  16. I think as a Spider-man comic book fan that the Lizard is a very simplistic character that will not work alone.
    The last movie mixed new and old characters which was obviously done for popularity reasons and not because they would contribute to a good story. That is why it was a mash.

    The first two installments were more true to form although I hate no web shooters as they were a great source of problems for Spidey. The perfect place to get the idea for shooters would have been OSCORP (Missed a huge opportunity here).
    The comics had females in them but the romance side was overdone in my opinion in the films. More action is needed.
    Make Spider-man a bit darker such as the Dark Knight did.

    I think that if you have the Lizard then you have to have one or all of the following neogenic mutants as in the comics, ie. vulture, scorpion, morbius.
    These characters go well with man-wolf(John Jamieson) and the tinkerer.

    I would like to see Lizard, Scorpion and the Tinkerer in one movie.

    Then something like Carrion, Morbius and Man-Wolf could go together.

    Having another hero such as in Marvel Team-Up for a cameo would be really cool as well.

  17. @ Lefty
    As a Spider-Man fan myself. I wouldnt mind the idea of Peter having his web shooters built by hand. Maybe building them at Oscorp. when no-one is around might not be a bad idea. Like on 90’s animated series he’d run outta web shooters at a bad time and have to rely on his intellect to get outta a hot spot. I agree that more action was needed in Spider-Man 3 aswell as Spider-Man 2 did. But to make Spidey darker, only if he was in the Alien costume. Spidey is Not Batman and thinkin of makin Spidey darker doesnt mean the film will do just as good as the TDK. Batman is a dark hero but not Spidey. Id like the idea of Vulture & Scorpion teaming up. Adrian Toomes’s CO would now be makin more of a profit since Oscorp lost its founder and his son. Adrian Toomes somehow built a suit to absorb people’s youth to put a end to Spidey for gettin in his way and at the sametime Jameson sends Mac Gargan to Toomes to build him a suit in which not use to unmask Spidey but put a end to him aswell. Just a idea putting those two together.

  18. sorry for mistyping. i meant to say scorpion could use a suit to not only unmask Spidey for Jameson but put a end to Spidey aswell.

  19. I just hung out with a friend of mine who is working for fischer and is gearing up for spidey 4 who confirmed with me villains for this one are black cat, and vulture. he said there were no plans in the script as of yet that he had seen for any lizard.

  20. yea but mmmm why can spider man 4 has carnage with the lizart that will be the best movie in my whole life!!!!!!

  21. yea but mmmm why can spider man 4 has carnage with the lizart that will be the best movie in my whole life!!!!!!

  22. maybe you can still have The Lizard but with The Chameleon as you need a villain who is a master of Disguse and use that against peter such as Uncle Ben Parker,Harry Osborn,MJ,J Johan Jamson,Edward Brock Jr and anyone who Peter Parker cares so much about to emomotionly crush the Wall crawler and lastly you need The Catwoman of Spiderman Universe you guessed it The Black Cat but as a coutumed Bank and Jewel Store Robbing Crimnal who openly flirts with him everytime they run into each otner which her turn from crinmal and into a anti hero but this it causes Mary Jane worry about Peter is even loyal to her at all but peter comes through with a loyal boyfriend to mary Jane by rebuffing The Black Cat’s advanges and reconecting with with mary Jane and him confessing his undying love to her then jumping back into by overcoming his own fears in the process and growing up and defeats his villains such as having The Chameleon locked up in Jail and Turning The Lizard back to normal with an anitode and breaking off the romantic chemstry with The Black Cat who ultmatly becomes an ally and a friendand tells pete that he lucky have have Mary Jane before leaving then in a credits cut scence at the end of the film it has Norman Osborn alive and been apoching by The Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson and The Kingpin to send Spiderman’s Villains and create master Plans of how they can be used to defeat or Kill Spiderman then put those villains into the employ of J. Jonah Jameson and The Kingpin then after that J. Jonah Jameson and The Kingpin then left leaving the end for the audience to decide then norman then directly at the screen and grins sinsterly and winks then the screen goes black and credits roll.

  23. or I have a second idea just as good as the first one, such as Having The Lizard [cause Peter needs a reason to protect his mentor\father like figure] and The Scorpion [ as that Way J Johan J