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prince zuko aang the last airbender movie posters The Last Airbender Trailer #3

The Last Airbender is without a doubt one of the most anticipated movies left of 2010 (it made Screen Rant‘s top 20 list) and we have something to fuel that fire of anticipation even further. Apple has just debuted the third trailer for The Last Airbender and you’ll be glad to know it’s just as awesome as the previous ones.

As if most of you need reminding, but just in case you want to be or aren’t familiar with it, here’s the plot for The Last Airbender:

Based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon, the film brings things to live-action life as our main character, Aang, a young successor to a long line of “Avatars,” seeks to stop the Fire Nation from enslaving the Water, Earth and Air Nations. It stars Noah Ringer (Aang), Jackson Rathbone (Sokka), Dev Patel (Zuko), Nicola Peltz (Katara), Cliff Curtis (Firelord Ozai) and Jessica Andres (Suki).

The trailer is only on Apple for the time being so you’ll have head over there to check it out (we’ll have it embedded ASAP). But be sure to come back to Screen Rant to tell us what you thought!

- The Last Airbender Trailer #3 -

Okay, now that you’re back…

Wow, they’ve really been doing a great job putting together these trailers for the movie. I hope that’s because they’ve had such amazing footage to work with and it’s not just down to clever editors as is often the case these days.

It’s funny how movie anticipation works: When I first heard of the movie version of The Last Airbender I hadn’t even heard of the original cartoon series (originally titled Avatar: The Last Airbender). And the fact that Shyamalan was directing it made my thoughts turn from indifference to “what the hell?”

However, when the trailers and TV spots were released I began to get more and more excited for the movie and now it sits comfortably near the top of my most anticipated list.

What do you think of the latest trailer for The Last Airbender trailer?

The Last Airbender will hit regular and 3D theaters (yes, the movie will be converted to 3D in post-production – groan…) on July 2nd, 2010.

Source: Apple

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  1. How convenient of you to make that statement which incidentally is fallacious.

  2. what? no idea what that is, but no im not. i hadnt heard of him before this movie. i just think its ridiculous say those kinds of things like they're gonna start an campaign against the movie cause the trailer seems racist.. i mean cmon..

  3. what? no idea what that is, but no im not. i hadnt heard of him before this movie. i just think its ridiculous say those kinds of things like they're gonna start an campaign against the movie cause the trailer seems racist.. i mean cmon..

  4. That example is exactly the same as in this. Are you that blind?!

    I will have saran wrap and a special room waiting for you…

  5. then let it be insensitive and ignorant, atleast its realistic. look, you take an american created cartoon influenced and inspired by not only asian culture but mostly. and you hand this over to hollywood. thats right.. hollywood. what do people think they would do? they wanted it to be american. and im sure they tried to cast the best and the most appropriate. so instead of getting all grumpy and hurt, open your eyes yeah?

  6. it is not only based on asian culture. thats why i said it. but yes its something alike, but not the same.

  7. It is not a history piece it is a movie based on a cartoon. I'm just glad the director (M. Night) isn't white. He would have been tried in court and brought before the congress for interrogation.

  8. I liked the trailer and plan on seeing the movie. Is it the best trailer ever? No, but it does look entertaining. This is a movie based on fantasy, not history; have any of the people who say this is a racist film ever seen The Ten Commandments? Were actual Egyptians or Jews cast in those roles? And TTC was based on actual biblical history. This is a movie based on fantasy people. And the DB: Evolution comparison? That movie was just crap, no matter what race was in it.

  9. Ah, now I see the racist in you. America equals white. Whatever happened to the melting pot? Shall I share some quotes from the key people on the Avatar show? Let's do that shall we? All Americans mind you.

  10. “It’s been a huge disappointment to hear about the casting for Avatar’s live-action movie. The show was heavily influenced by Asian culture, some of the characters were even modeled after Asian members of the crew.

    But now, with the pre-dominantly white cast, it feels like all the Asian/Eastern influences, origins, what have you, were just a backdrop for these characters.

    [...] I always believed they were Asian, or even mixed Asian. And that belief added a little extra pride in working on such a great show. The appreciation Mike & Bryan had for Asian culture, the interest it generated in the fans, gave me greater appreciation for my own culture.”
    -Dao Le, Animatic Editor for Avatar: The Last Airbender

  11. Ignorant fool. The cartoon is based entirely on Asian culture. That's the point!

  12. if you noticed, the cast isnt all american, nor white.

  13. Hilarious that you use a film from 1956 when racism and segregation was acceptable as was Hollywood's black face and yellow face casting practices. Times have changed. America has evolved. Why don't you?

  14. The fact that the film is not a historical piece does not invalidate any of these arguments that the foundation of the story is based entirely in Asian culture. Would it be ok for you if Batman was an Asian or black actor?

  15. These conversations aren't getting entirely constructive. Others calling others racists for not sharing the same opinion . . . I have a hard time grasping that. That's just not necessary. I could say that “maybe they just found the right actors/actresses who fit the character,” but that'd go over like a ton of bricks.

    Hollywood never has had a very strong Asian presence on-screen aside from stereotypes. Minorities remain largely marginalized to stereotypical roles, it's true, but I'm more concerned about whether a cohesive story is told rather than believe Hollywood will suddenly become the UN.

    It's going to take awhile for Hollywood to change how they do things, but don't resort to baseless insults of people here or those involved with the film who haven't gotten a chance to share their piece.

  16. You then should educate yourself on the matter before commenting like that. Very insensitive and ignorant of you. I suggest you read this:

  17. All I can say is you better not be Asian.

  18. Regardless of the influence TLA was still an American cartoon, and the filmmakers had a responsibility to make sure that that requirement was met, I'm sure if they could have found a young Asian American kid with an American accent (like Aang) who could perform martial arts and was a decent actor, that's the guy who would have been cast. Noah Ringer looks as much like Aang as I imagine anyone could, physically he's perfect for the part and has a wonderful martial arts background.

    Of course they'd have to use black actors in an African themed movie, it's not necessarily a matter of sensitivity, but a matter of common sense, people of African ancestry have a distinct look (such as hair and skin tone) that cannot be substituted. Which is why VERY few quality films featuring individuals of African descent get made in Hollywood, because of the restricted requirements. You MUST be black to play black to look the part. With other races, it's not so restricting, of course people of Asian descent look very different from those of European descent, but not nearly as differently as those of African descent, it's not the same.

    The complaints are simply ridiculous! I could see if the movie was based off of some Godfather like epic drama, but it's not, it's based of a kids cartoon that would ONCE again display Asian actors performing martial arts in a historical setting. Instead of campaigning against some kids action FANTASY flick maybe the Asian acting community should focus it's wrath on the lack of Asian American leads (especially males) in dramatic and comedic roles in Hollywood, basically everything else.

  19. man yo u guys are so dumb to think the whole show was east asian

    please rewatch the show

    yue- spanish
    iroh – iranian
    zuko – indian
    zhao – indian
    ozai – Maori

    damn White people LOL

    you know why you see no east asians well because the whole damn earth kingdom is east asian and we saw 1 clip of earth bending you fool

  20. (Slides through the door Kozmo Kramer style..)
    “Okay,okay! What did I miss???”

  21. The people of the Earth Kingdom will be cast as Asians, it has already been announced. The Earth Kingdom will feature prominently in the second movie, as per the second season of the cartoon.

  22. What is the dragon in this? Don't remember him in Book 1.

  23. So I guess the entire cartoon should have been in an Asian dialect as well, because since it was based in Asian culture having the characters speak English is also wrong.

  24. Oh man, I can't wait for Kahless' response to this.

  25. Oh man, I can't wait for Kahless' response to this.

  26. I think you might have missed the point of my comment.

    I try not to get hung up on ethnicities if I can help it, but I try to see people as people. Crazy, isn't it?

  27. You are way f'n off, fool.

  28. You're defending the wrong guy. If you want to stay neutral then stay neutral in your comments rather than siding with someone who has no idea what he's talking about. Argument for the sake of argument.

  29. What? The Bible is biblical history? WTF does that mean? Bible is a collection of myths based in Jewish Culture. Oh… like Last Air Bender is a modern day myth based on Asian Culture.