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prince zuko aang the last airbender movie posters The Last Airbender Trailer #3

The Last Airbender is without a doubt one of the most anticipated movies left of 2010 (it made Screen Rant‘s top 20 list) and we have something to fuel that fire of anticipation even further. Apple has just debuted the third trailer for The Last Airbender and you’ll be glad to know it’s just as awesome as the previous ones.

As if most of you need reminding, but just in case you want to be or aren’t familiar with it, here’s the plot for The Last Airbender:

Based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon, the film brings things to live-action life as our main character, Aang, a young successor to a long line of “Avatars,” seeks to stop the Fire Nation from enslaving the Water, Earth and Air Nations. It stars Noah Ringer (Aang), Jackson Rathbone (Sokka), Dev Patel (Zuko), Nicola Peltz (Katara), Cliff Curtis (Firelord Ozai) and Jessica Andres (Suki).

The trailer is only on Apple for the time being so you’ll have head over there to check it out (we’ll have it embedded ASAP). But be sure to come back to Screen Rant to tell us what you thought!

- The Last Airbender Trailer #3 -

Okay, now that you’re back…

Wow, they’ve really been doing a great job putting together these trailers for the movie. I hope that’s because they’ve had such amazing footage to work with and it’s not just down to clever editors as is often the case these days.

It’s funny how movie anticipation works: When I first heard of the movie version of The Last Airbender I hadn’t even heard of the original cartoon series (originally titled Avatar: The Last Airbender). And the fact that Shyamalan was directing it made my thoughts turn from indifference to “what the hell?”

However, when the trailers and TV spots were released I began to get more and more excited for the movie and now it sits comfortably near the top of my most anticipated list.

What do you think of the latest trailer for The Last Airbender trailer?

The Last Airbender will hit regular and 3D theaters (yes, the movie will be converted to 3D in post-production – groan…) on July 2nd, 2010.

Source: Apple

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  1. OMG! that was amazing. i never watched the original show, although i knew all about it, the premise, the bending. this movie looks like its gonna be just great, probably a lot better than some people will give Mr. Shyamalan credit for. think he's gonna pull it off just fine

  2. Holy Sh*t!!!! That was epic of an epic scale! Even if the rest of the film falls flat in terms of acting and dialogue at least I know I will be getting Kick Ass special effects when I go into this film.

  3. im definitely going to watch this in 3D, just for the crazy CG elemental effects.
    by the looks of it this movie is going to be pretty sweet, it would be cool if shymalan made a trilogy like he said, but i guess it all depends on how this one does

  4. I have doubts about this in 3D


  6. I saw no evidence of East Asians represented in the trailer. Instead what I saw was a lie. I see East Asian architecture. East Asian costumes. East Asian martial arts. And yet no East Asians.

    I will actively campaign against this film.

  7. EPIC FAIL. It is yellow face. It is racist casting. They can make each nation an ethnicity. But with over 1/3 of the world population being East Asian why are they not properly represented when this world borrows soley from them.


  8. There is not one East Asian in any of the trailers. And yet everything else bout the film aside from the actors SCREAMS East Asian culture. Hollywood is not getting my money for this film. They need to change their ways.

    I will not be watching this film.

  9. This is the best trailer they're able to cut with the footage?! This does not bode well for the film. Normally the trailer editors make gold out of crap leaving you hoping the film lives up to the trailer. My guess is that they're having a very difficult time with M. Night's debacle.

  10. The trailer was very good but where's the humor? It's so dark. I'm worried the cleverness and humor from the cartoon may be lost. To me and my 10 year old son this is what made watching the cartoon every week so much fun. I'm sad.

  11. Now that was pure awesomeness. On another note whats up with everyone protesting the casting decisions? I can understand that hollywood can go overboard with “westernization” of a film but does that mean they have to cast everyone to match the source material? Its reminds me of debate that occurred a while back about a black girl who was cast as Alice for an Alice in wonderland play. Everyone was in Uproar bc she didnt fit the “source Material” but she def had great acting ability and charisma. So do we always have to cast based on skintone or ethnicity?

  12. Really…most epic trailer yet! Just behind Iron Man and Predators, this is going up on my list of must-see-movies.
    I've seen the show twice completely and well done (untill now), mr. Shyamalan.

  13. That is an incredibly horrific trailer. This trailer and the previous one, Aang speaks and it's horrible each time. The acting is atrocious. He's not convincing at all especially in the physical acting for the martial arts. The visual effects is terrible. The lighting and compositing is low rent. Poor integration. The dragon is laughable. The cinematography is bad from the lighting to the choice of lenses. This doesn't make me want to pay more money to see it in 3D let alone purchase a movie ticket or even rent it. It would have to air on free tv for me to consider wasting my time watching it.

  14. Epic alright. EPIC FAIL. Are you people serious? This film looks like garbage.

  15. Your example is weak. This is not a case of casting a minority in the role that is traditionally white. This is a case of yellow face, a case of casting whites in roles that should go to East Asians. Why you ask? Because there are not many roles for East Asian actors in Western films. In addition the source material as shown in the trailer shows East Asian influence from the costumes to the architecture to the marital arts. All of the trailer screams East Asian as one person put it, but with not one single East Asian face. How wrong is that?

    Last time Hollywood did that it was called Dragonball Z…. it failed miserably in the box office like M. Night's last few films. Something to chew on, honey bunny.

    • you really need to get over yourself

  16. I'm sad too. My kids asked me after seeing this trailer, “Why isn't Aang Asian?” What was I going to tell them? Because no one likes to see Asian faces like your faces in movies as the heroes, only if you're a pretty Asian girl or an evil Asian man. Right. And yet that's the message this yellow face casting sends out to all the Asians.

    I won't support this film. My family including my extended family will not see this film in 3D, 2D, or bluray/dvd.

  17. yes.. and it depends how fast it will be released as well..
    shymalan did say he wanted to make something after this movie, and then start on the second one. so that we'd get it in like 4 years maybe less. but if this movie becomes a huge success, then i'd think people would want the second one out as fast as possible. but we'll see, i hope he does make a trilogy, but i dont want him to make movies between each one, would take too long.

  18. hahahah you got to be kidding me, that is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard.

  19. You were right with Holy Sh*t. After that you were way off. The film will be Sh*t. And I won't be paying for that crap.

  20. If by crazy you mean poorly done CG effects then by all mean pay extra to see it in 3D. Most people like myself will do no such thing.

  21. and for you who think this is racist.. it is NOT racist.. its an american created show for crying out loud, with INFLUENCES of chinese art and japanese anime et cetera. so please, dont talk, your making a fool of yourselves. just enjoy the movie and what it has to offer.

  22. Sigh yet again you never answered my question. All you did was repeat what everyone else was saying. The purpose of my example was stating that regardless of where the story takes place, or what the original ethnicity of the character is, should there be animosity for casting roles based on that persons skin tone? It is after a movie based off a cartoon. Like most anime, characters are usually westernized to give them appeal to westerners.

  23. “Nickelodeon wanted to make a “legends & lore” type of show with a kid hero. That’s a genre we are very interested in, but we wanted to create a mythology that was based on Eastern culture, rather than Western culture.

    “Although “Avatar” isn’t based on a specific Asian myth, we were inspired by Asian mythology, as well as Kung Fu, Yoga, and Eastern Philosophy. We were also inspired by Anime in general. We wanted to create a story that inspired people’s imaginations and that had elements of comedy, drama, and action.”

    -Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, Creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender

  24. “What if someone made a ‘fantasy’ movie in which the entire world was built around African culture? Everyone is wearing ancient African clothes, African hats, eating traditional African food, writing in an African language, living in African homes, all encompassed in an African landscape…but everyone is white.”

  25. I wasn't trying to answer your question(s). I was trying to educate you. “What if someone made a ‘fantasy’ movie in which the entire world was built around African culture? Everyone is wearing ancient African clothes, African hats, eating traditional African food, writing in an African language, living in African homes, all encompassed in an African landscape…but everyone is white.”

  26. yes, but i dont really care. and people take it too seriously. that example is not the same as this movie. and its a MOVIE. get over it.

  27. I don't want M. Night making any more Air Bender films let alone films.

  28. It would appear you are a M. Night nut hugger. Isn't that right?

  29. It would appear you are a M. Night nut hugger. Isn't that right?