The Last Airbender Trailer #3

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prince zuko aang the last airbender movie posters The Last Airbender Trailer #3

The Last Airbender is without a doubt one of the most anticipated movies left of 2010 (it made Screen Rant‘s top 20 list) and we have something to fuel that fire of anticipation even further. Apple has just debuted the third trailer for The Last Airbender and you’ll be glad to know it’s just as awesome as the previous ones.

As if most of you need reminding, but just in case you want to be or aren’t familiar with it, here’s the plot for The Last Airbender:

Based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon, the film brings things to live-action life as our main character, Aang, a young successor to a long line of “Avatars,” seeks to stop the Fire Nation from enslaving the Water, Earth and Air Nations. It stars Noah Ringer (Aang), Jackson Rathbone (Sokka), Dev Patel (Zuko), Nicola Peltz (Katara), Cliff Curtis (Firelord Ozai) and Jessica Andres (Suki).

The trailer is only on Apple for the time being so you’ll have head over there to check it out (we’ll have it embedded ASAP). But be sure to come back to Screen Rant to tell us what you thought!

The Last Airbender Trailer #3

Okay, now that you’re back…

Wow, they’ve really been doing a great job putting together these trailers for the movie. I hope that’s because they’ve had such amazing footage to work with and it’s not just down to clever editors as is often the case these days.

It’s funny how movie anticipation works: When I first heard of the movie version of The Last Airbender I hadn’t even heard of the original cartoon series (originally titled Avatar: The Last Airbender). And the fact that Shyamalan was directing it made my thoughts turn from indifference to “what the hell?”

However, when the trailers and TV spots were released I began to get more and more excited for the movie and now it sits comfortably near the top of my most anticipated list.

What do you think of the latest trailer for The Last Airbender trailer?

The Last Airbender will hit regular and 3D theaters (yes, the movie will be converted to 3D in post-production – groan…) on July 2nd, 2010.

Source: Apple

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  1. Trying to invalidate my point by taking it a step further into the absurd is a fallacy. May I suggest a logic class at a local community college for you?

  2. There is a dragon in Book 1 that takes Aang to see Roku. That dragon looked better in the cartoon. LOL This film is like a low budget tv mini series by a low rent director with extremely poor casting choice.

  3. This movie looks anything but low budget.

  4. A thinly veiled attempt at calling me stupid to make you feel smart? May I suggest a community class in humility.

  5. Hells yeah its high budget. Aangs voice needs work, but the rest seems pretty in league with the original show.

  6. Agreed. The dragon looks extremely cheap in design, color, motion. Perhaps the visual effects does not look “low rent” but rather simply poorly designed. None of it is a worthy interpretation of the original cartoon series. Joaquim Dos Santos's series finale set the bar to which M. Night cannot live up to.

  7. And the right guy would be you, I'm guessing? If you read equality as neutrality that's your call, but it's not what I said. This is a post about a movie trailer, and the fact so many have turned this post into anything other than that is tragic when there are far more productive forums for that.

    I'm done with this post. Moving on.

  8. This is one movie that I will not miss this year! Of course I'm a little bias since my great nephew has a part as one of the extras in the film. Notwithstanding I would see this film anyway. I enjoy M Nights work and have most his DVD's in my personal collection! Thanks for the article here!

  9. Man. This movie should be alright. If you look at the cartoon each nation is represented on a map, Almost like different continents or regions. Asia is massive, part of Russia ( the western part is considered Asia) so having a deversity in race make sense in the film. In cartoons you do not have to add these details, but when translating this into live action you have to relay this type detail to the audience. Now I do not know how the races were selected for each character but it does make sense for race variations given the climate changes and different areas. Look up Avatar the Last Airbender map of all the nations and see for yourself .

  10. Yeah if you really look at the cartoon the Earth Kingdom have a more East Asian presence compared to the other nations.

  11. Do your homework and get your facts straight before you comment. Otherwise I have a room covered in saran wrap waiting for you.

  12. The ENTIRE freaking show is filled with East Asians and Inuit, not just the Earth Kingdom. You people are blind. You see what you want to see.

  13. You keep saying that and yet you keep commenting. Shut the F up already.

  14. You, sir, are making accusations and drawing unfounded conclusions in an effort to invalidate people's opinions and opposing viewpoints. You're comments here are useless.

  15. Here's the bottomline. I will not be buying any tickets to see this film nor will I rent or purchase a bluray/dvd.

  16. My whole point is, it's entertainment. If the movie is good, good, if it's bad, so be it. I am a black man and I loved TTC. I had no problem with it not having actual Egyptians nor Jews in it because it was just a theatrical representation of a biblical event. I don't see all the hoopla about Prince of Persia. Why? Were actual Persians cast in that movie? I will this movie a chance just as I gave Dragonball: Evolution a chance.

    Kahless wanted to go on a blood feud but I put tribbles in his way. :-)

  17. What ever slim….

  18. That was a damn good trailer. They are really advertising the heck out of the Last Airbender and doing good a job at the same time.

  19. Because POP is a film no one cares about. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  20. I saw the trailer. I got to say, this is making me not want to see the film more and more especially after reading all these comments. I'm going to take my money and do something else with it… if Nicolodeon is lucky I'll check out the cartoon instead which I hear from close friends is great. But they all say stay away from the live action film.

  21. I watched the last airbender all the time, it was an awsome cartoon, this guys is translating it to the “T” I think this will be his chance to redeem himself, I also think to what I've seen so far he has a good chance to make a good comeback! But will I watch it in 3D? hmm, I don't know, what is up with that trend? How to train your Dragon was cool on 3D, but the Lord of the rings was not in 3D and it was an awsome trilogy! I'm on the fence with 3D

  22. Robert,

    The Last Airbender is being converted to 3D, not filmed in 3D so I am seeing it 2D for sure. If it was filmed in 3D then it would be a different story imo.

  23. You know that a Kane and Lynch film is being made. Guess who’s playing Lynch? Jamie Foxx. A black man, Lynch is suppose to be white. I guess people will get mad about a black man playing a role of a character who is white in the video game. Come on people we should be above this racist stuff.