M. Night Shyamalan Ready for ‘Airbender 2′

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m night shyamalan M. Night Shyamalan Ready for Airbender 2

While M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender may have been a critical disaster, the film has supplied Paramount with a decent box-office run, taking in over $79 million domestically, as it heads into its second weekend. While Shyamalan still has a way to go before he recoups the $150 million budget, it’s not hard to imagine the film turning a decent profit.

Of course, with that kind of box-office potential, it’s only a matter of time before Paramount starts talking about The Last Airbender sequel – poor critical reception didn’t stop the studio from making Transformers 3. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, Shyamalan has already mapped out two Airbender sequels.

Speaking with MTV, Shyamalan confirmed that he’s already  begun work, in an unofficial capacity, on a pair of Airbender sequels. Just like any director staring down the barrel of a critical bomb, Shyamalan is already resting on one of Hollywood’s principle go-to change-ups, promising that the Airbender sequels will be darker in tone.

“I do [have things mapped out]. The third is more ambiguous, but the second one, I’ve written a draft that I’m really happy with and is darker and richer, and it has a wonderful antagonist in it in Azula, who’s kind of like our only real, pure antagonist in the series, so I’m excited about that.”

Check out the interview snippet below to hear it straight from Shayamalan himself:

Shyamalan also indicates that certain Last Airbender footage that was shot, but cut, will not appear as deleted material on the DVD release – as the scenes have been saved for the future sequels. Giving a hint at the direction Shyamalan hopes to take the franchise.

Hint: Elite female warriors en route.

“We shot [an amazing scene with the Kyoshi Warriors], and we spent an unbelievable amount of time choreographing them. And they just distracted from the movie, because the movie wasn’t about them. I probably won’t show the Kyoshi Warriors [on the DVD] because I want to save them for the second movie, because I’m going to have to introduce them all over again.”

Since Paramount already took a number of liberties with the franchise, to the studio an Airbender sequel is probably a no-brainer - considering the box-office potential, not to mention cliffhanger in the first film. But will they bring Shyamalan back? Especially since most critics have universally placed the blame, for Airbender’s failure, squarely on the director’s shoulders.

the last airbender review aang M. Night Shyamalan Ready for Airbender 2

Shyamalan seems pretty rooted in the production process (having already shot scenes that could be used in a sequel), as well as the future direction of the franchise. It’s hard to imagine Paramount uprooting him simply because critics thought the first film was a total mess. While many fans of the Avatar cartoon, myself included, might have felt cheated by Shyamalan’s Airbender film, the general public is embracing the film with cash-money. While Shyamalan might have made a mockery of the cartoon as we know it, Aang and the Avatar franchise now have more commercial appeal than ever before.

Hopefully, the critical failure of The Last Airbender will finally be the kick in the pants that Shyamalan has needed for years – getting him out of his own head and back in the business of quality filmmaking.

What do you think of the prospect of a trilogy for The Last Airbender? Do you think Shyamalan is the man to finish the job?

Source: MTV

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  1. Shayamalan needs to end it because he’d started it

  2. i thought the 1st film was great. really hope they make a 2nd soon. with korra on the 4th season now they are gonna want to make that one but we willmiss out on the earth kindom with Bumi who i thought was class. im probably too old for this but i love this type of cartoon. hoping they make the sequel


    • Clearly you havent watched the cartoon series!!
      it was a terrible movie, there was incorrect name pronunciation, poor character portrayal and they ruined the pivotal moment where aang goes into the avatar state at the northern water tribe! so dissapointing!! SmH

      • I’m not a fan of the cartoon series, yet I find The Last Airbender movie really bad — from the character to their acting to the story line. And I can’t burst into laughter each time Ang (just guessing the name of the airbender) makes a real close up and see how his nostrils just open wide. sorry but that’s how I felt about his nose. LOL.

  3. opino que las películas se puedan parecer. Pero según mi humilde pensamiento como fan de este tipo de filmes, creo que Shyamalan hizo un gran trabajo con la primera película, y que Paramount haría bien en apoyar la producción de toda la trilogía de Airbender. Sí bien se pueden parecer las tramas de ambas películas, son totalmente diferentes también cómo trilogías, si más no asín lo considero yo (sólo es la opinión de una simple fan). Los dos filmes pueden ser entrambos éxitos cinematográficos. Sólo que el éxito no debería subirse tanto a la cabeza, dejando que la humildad de los productores no deje que prenda el poder la envidia para que los fans del cine fantasía y aventuras podamos disfrutar viendo ambas trilogías. Y los críticos sólo son trabajadores que deben hundir a posibles personas de éxito porque quizás tienen sueldos pagados de más por hacer fracasar a buenos productores solo por la ambición del poder del capitalismo.

  4. I don’t care who finishes it, as long as it gets into the movie theater! Although I do feel that M. Night was man enough to present this story to us so he should have the honor of finishing his work! My son and I waited far too many years for the sequel to this cliffhanger! We’re so hype and excited that M. Night is talking about it again! I just googled this for the status update to find out what’s happening! I don’t know how people could think this movie was a disaster! It was awesome to me!

    • If you want to know what happens watch the animated show. Avatar the last air bender. It’s actually 1000 times better than the movie and is hours of bonding time with your son. Plus you get to see a lot that the movie left out.

  5. Hell yeah…. it’s been awhile now and still no info on the seque… and the trailer it self better be good for the last airbender book 2

  6. No, just no. M. Night is destroying the good name of Last Airbender. He can’t even pronoun the names right! They are clearly pronounced in the show, too bad he didn’t watch any of it

    • True that!! and i love the indian nation and people but avatar has a chinese theme going on…dev patel was all wrong for the zuko role i think!

  7. I am one of those fans who cannot comprehend how anyone who has seen the show could have liked this movie. When I first heard that M. Night was making the film I was skeptical but thought: well maybe he can pull it off, let’s give him a chance. He’s watched the entire series with his kids, maybe he’ll make a great movie.

    I wanted to turn the movie off after ten minutes. I have never wanted to do that with any movie I have ever seen before; even Batman and Robin took me a half hour and that movie sucked. No more M. Night on this series please. I would suggest that the first movie get remade with a different director so those of us that watched and loved the animated series can have the movie, the trilogy, that we deserve to have. One that does our beloved show some justice.

  8. Movie in whole was great left me wanting more. Seems as if the director was successful at that in many directions. People should get over the cartoon differences. It was simply an inspiration. The critics need critics about their critiques.

  9. i like m. night movie lady in the water but i’m a HUGE AVATAR FAN and i’m sorry this movie SUCKED A**

  10. Look, as a big fan of the Avatar animated series I to thought that the movie was completely wrong and was portrayed wrongly compared to the original animated series, but then I saw some interviews with M. Night were he said he will really try to make the next two movies better and he said he was really sorry about the first movie.Just think about it, wouldn’t it be awesome if they made two other movies, but portrayed right this time as M. Night said he will make it.I think if they will really make the next two movies good they should, and plus M. Night already started the movie series so he should finish it.

  11. Please make another airbender sequel me and my daughters really enjoyed the movie and hope that we could see the next one. It’s been far to long please come with the sequel. I don’t really like cartoons but when I saw this movie it was really something that me and my daughters could relate too. It took our attention and left us wanting more so I started watching the cartoon and and it wasn’t the same for me. I hope there will be a sequel soon.

  12. The Last Airbender only performed decently at the box office because it was the first one. It’s a bit harder to fool people a second time. I suspect the sequel will bomb if it ever comes out.

  13. I love the cartoon series. An I think the movie was great. Yes there was some flaws but your gonna have that like you do with any book or cartoon series made into a movie. Come on only so much can be done and put into a movie an the main points are the focus when making it. I was hoping, looking forward to and seriously think that all the sequels to The Last Airbender should definitely be made in my opinion. Thank you for the 1st one I truly enjoyed it M. Night Shyamalan an everyone involved with it! An I personally do think that he should do all the other sequels to The Last Airbender for sure since he did the 1st movie an it was great! #WaitingForTheRest #TheLastAirbender

  14. I agree I was gutted that no sequel of this movie seem to come out, every time I see it I really enjoy it & wwantmmore, I’ve never seen the series to compare it to, but as a movie find it great enough

  15. Oh please please PLEASE hurry up and make another one already :-(:-(:-( My husband and I are really looking foward to.it and have been for so long… The first movie was so awesome.

  16. just make the other movie i couldn’t give two monkeys what the cartoon version is about i thought this movie was awesome its been 4 years now and still no release for second need to finish what u started

  17. people should not say the movie was a disaster, they should just mention that it isn’t what they were expecting. Instead of criticizing the first movie, people should just point out what they felt was wrong with the movie, and in turn try to give their opinions as to how the director can make the sequel better! as for me, I loved the first movie!!!! but it has been too long so the second 1 should be out now!!! the only thing that i feel should be enhanced in the movies is the activeness of the actors. the actors should be more active, aggressive and their fighting actions should look much more real. M.N.Shaymalan is the only right man that should complete this sequel. infact, i might as well start a team to back him up…….go M.Night shaymalan!!!!!go last airbender!!!!!please do not disappoint us this time.

  18. Last Airbender sequel, I can’t wait.
    since I saw the last airbender i wait for the sequel.
    S0 please go for it..

    sorry if my english is not correct.

  19. Please stop it already !
    f*** you night shyamalan , you’re gonna ruin the 2nd one too …. please somebody stop him from directing movies !
    Give this work to someone like james cameron or spielsberg or that harry potter director (FORGOT HIS NAME =_=’)

  20. I still don’t understand… Fire nation is directly influenced by ancient chinese civilization. They are all basically chinese, and in this movie they make them indians??? What the hell? This Shyamalan deserves to go to prison if you ask me.
    I sincerely hope someone else will take the job and start over from the beginning, and make it right.

  21. Preferably another director, but I honestly don’t care who makes it – they must just make it happen!! Its been too long already, and most people have forgotten about the last one already!

  22. Its a great movie we all wait for next to come

  23. I just have one question… Did Shyamalan even watch the original series? Surely working on the set had kids that watched it or watched it themselves should have said something. The movie was terrible. For the sake of time I’ll neglect the horrific acting, but I cannot excuse the obviously mispronounced names within the movie. The CGI was awful, the character development was nonexistent, and ALL of the character interaction was unnatural and no where near the original. Also, a key point in the series was that Aang never wanted to be the avatar, but you completely glossed over that portion and substituted a carefree, childish character for a near mute background piece. Shyamalan, what made the impending threat of war so serious in the original series was the interactions of peaceful characters and comedic reliefs. In an instant laughing smiling children were expected to carry the fate of the world on their shoulders, and you never addressed that once. Honestly, I feel sorry for the film investors, because they are obviously foolish.

    • LOL …. True dat

  24. Why did u realase the legend of korra insted of contuned with aang movies

  25. Please do not allow M.Night to direct anymore ATLA movies. He already butchered it enough with the terrible casting, awful dialogue and so much more! He changed pronunciation’s of the names and made me want a refund when the movie was over! And for some reason he thought that the entire fire nation was middle eastern. He didn’t stock to the original cartoon and I want a new director and someone else to play Prince Zuko because Dev Patel did a horrible job. Btw the everyone in the fire nation is extremely pale with brown eyes. Please get a new director and a new Zuko. I’m going to have a fit if the second movie is as big of a disappointment as the first.

  26. No No No you suck at making movies please just stop.

  27. The 1st movie was horrible he should not make a 2nd movie bad acting wrong name pronunciation. It’s understandable that it was cut down due to time limit but too many things where cut. Also the way he made the fire benders, bend fire, was so incorrect did you ever see the series. They’re power comes from the sun not a burning rock! The list goes on really, such a huge disappointment. If he does make a 2nd movie i hope nobody goes to see it