M. Night Shyamalan Ready for ‘Airbender 2′

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m night shyamalan M. Night Shyamalan Ready for Airbender 2

While M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender may have been a critical disaster, the film has supplied Paramount with a decent box-office run, taking in over $79 million domestically, as it heads into its second weekend. While Shyamalan still has a way to go before he recoups the $150 million budget, it’s not hard to imagine the film turning a decent profit.

Of course, with that kind of box-office potential, it’s only a matter of time before Paramount starts talking about The Last Airbender sequel – poor critical reception didn’t stop the studio from making Transformers 3. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, Shyamalan has already mapped out two Airbender sequels.

Speaking with MTV, Shyamalan confirmed that he’s already  begun work, in an unofficial capacity, on a pair of Airbender sequels. Just like any director staring down the barrel of a critical bomb, Shyamalan is already resting on one of Hollywood’s principle go-to change-ups, promising that the Airbender sequels will be darker in tone.

“I do [have things mapped out]. The third is more ambiguous, but the second one, I’ve written a draft that I’m really happy with and is darker and richer, and it has a wonderful antagonist in it in Azula, who’s kind of like our only real, pure antagonist in the series, so I’m excited about that.”

Check out the interview snippet below to hear it straight from Shayamalan himself:

Shyamalan also indicates that certain Last Airbender footage that was shot, but cut, will not appear as deleted material on the DVD release – as the scenes have been saved for the future sequels. Giving a hint at the direction Shyamalan hopes to take the franchise.

Hint: Elite female warriors en route.

“We shot [an amazing scene with the Kyoshi Warriors], and we spent an unbelievable amount of time choreographing them. And they just distracted from the movie, because the movie wasn’t about them. I probably won’t show the Kyoshi Warriors [on the DVD] because I want to save them for the second movie, because I’m going to have to introduce them all over again.”

Since Paramount already took a number of liberties with the franchise, to the studio an Airbender sequel is probably a no-brainer - considering the box-office potential, not to mention cliffhanger in the first film. But will they bring Shyamalan back? Especially since most critics have universally placed the blame, for Airbender’s failure, squarely on the director’s shoulders.

the last airbender review aang M. Night Shyamalan Ready for Airbender 2

Shyamalan seems pretty rooted in the production process (having already shot scenes that could be used in a sequel), as well as the future direction of the franchise. It’s hard to imagine Paramount uprooting him simply because critics thought the first film was a total mess. While many fans of the Avatar cartoon, myself included, might have felt cheated by Shyamalan’s Airbender film, the general public is embracing the film with cash-money. While Shyamalan might have made a mockery of the cartoon as we know it, Aang and the Avatar franchise now have more commercial appeal than ever before.

Hopefully, the critical failure of The Last Airbender will finally be the kick in the pants that Shyamalan has needed for years – getting him out of his own head and back in the business of quality filmmaking.

What do you think of the prospect of a trilogy for The Last Airbender? Do you think Shyamalan is the man to finish the job?

Source: MTV

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  1. I think they should continue to do the last air airbender and to go out with a bang kids and adult love this movies. Do it and have fun doing it!

  2. I would love to see the sequel and would pay to see it in 3d

  3. They should do the sequel and complete the trilogy as originally decided. I enjoyed the movie and will pay to see further plot to it. I dislike when they stop making movies when they already announced in the beginning that it was a trilogy. They can’t stop in the middle of a story. That’s rude.

    I’m angry they didn’t make the sequel to the Golden Compass movie too.

  4. I absolutly cant wait for the new Avatar movies 2 be made and released! Whats goin on?? I along with many people i know loved the first Avatar movie! Jus because a couple critics that dont know there butt from a hole n the ground gave a bad rating! Come on! Ask the people what they want! The answer will b Avatar sequels!!!

  5. Loved the first movie. I’ve been waiting for the sequel to finish the story. DON’T change the cast it would take away from the story. M. Night I am fan and saw everything you created. Aang still need to master the other elements and crush the Fire Benders (LOL)….

  6. I’ve been waiting for the sequel for what seems like forever! Loved the first movie an ready to see what happens next!! Don’t just leave us hanging like we have been for 5 years!!! Make the sequels!!!

  7. I never understood why THE LAST AIRBENDER got such bad reviews.. even as adults we found it to be a rather good entertainment…

  8. I wish the other Airbender movie would come out. My kids loved the first one and now they are waiting on the second one to come out.

  9. this movie had such bad reviews because of all of the fans who are looking forward to seeing The Last Airbender have already seen the cartoon series.there were many things wrong with the movie compared to the cartoon series for example the main character’s name was completely mispronounced compared to the cartoonthere were many many many avatar last airbender fans that were extremely upset about just that. My wife and I are also avatar fans both for the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra and were completely disappointed with mr. Shyamalan’s directing of this movie. you would think this man did not even see the cartoon. In the cartoon the fire benders could fire bend without a source of fire they could simply throw a punch and a ball of fire will be launched from their fists. earth benders could stop the ground and a huge boulder would come out floating in front of them and then they would punch the Boulder launching it to where they desired. in the movie they all had to dance around in order to move a rockthis was simply just ridiculous. for all of you who are in disbelieve on why the movie got such bad reviews watch the cartoon one more time if you haven’t already watched it and then immediately watch the movie look at the differencesthey are so obvious. and if you still disagree and believe the movie should have a sequel with M night Shyamalan as a director then you are one of those one in ten people who actually like the filmand see nothing wrong with it. I do believe they should make a sequel however they need to use a different director and completely redo the first movie

    • This is unbelievably true

  10. You should of just released the movie Years ago

  11. Absolutely loved The Last Airbender. Can’t wait to see the sequels. Ignore the critics. Just do what you do best.

  12. Do them with the Director that did the cartoons or have M night watch the cartoon series in one day I would love to see a two or three but the first one was a bomb shell my kids where upset about how the names were used and many other things

  13. My husband, kids and I loved the cartoon series. I was actually obsessed with watching the entire storyline beginning to end. When the movie was made of course I took my family to see it. Yes, there were several differences from the cartoon series. However, much is as the cartoon. While I can’t say I was blown away by the movie production, I will admit I wasn’t totally disappointed. I would definitely love to take my family to see the sequel(s). I’ve actually been waiting for it. It’s a beautiful story. The movie has beautiful scenes. Critics definitely would not sway me from paying to watch the sequel, even after waiting years to see the ending.