First Look At Momo In ‘The Last Airbender’

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The Last Airbender First Look At Momo In The Last Airbender

Director M. Night Shyamalan returns to theaters next week with The Last Airbender, his highly-anticipated big-budget adaptation of the popular Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender.

While the most recent TV spots for The Last Airbender offered a significant look at the film’s version of Appa, the Sky Bison, this new promo reveals the design of another fantastical creature – the flying lemur, Momo.

In the original series, Aang (who will played in Shyamalan’s film by Noah Ringer) formed a particularly strong bond with both Appa (his means of transportation) and Momo (his pet) as they, like him, are the last of their kind. In The Last Airbender movie the white furry creatures will aid Aang in his quest to restore balance to the world – alongside the comical Sokka (Jackson Rathbone) and his water-bending sister Katara (Nicola Peltz).

You can get an early look at Momo in the TV spot below:

The visual effects and production design of The Last Airbender continues to look rather impressive, as do the element-based fights and battle sequences.  Unfortunately, the dialogue and acting still sounds and looks wooden at best, lifeless at worst.

You probably also noticed that The Last Airbender has officially been Rated PG for “fantasy action violence.”  Despite the dark tone of the film’s cinematography and the wartime setting of its plot, this doesn’t exactly come as a surprise for a film based on a kid’s TV show.

Noah Ringer in The Last Airbender First Look At Momo In The Last Airbender

Will younger moviegoers be more likely to forgive The Last Airbender for its flimsy screenwriting and poor acting if it delivers some spectacular, FX-heavy action?  I wouldn’t be surprised, but here’s hoping that the thematic elements of the film are more stimulating than they’ve appeared to be so far.

Do you like the visual style of The Last Airbender?  Do you think the young actors will be more convincing when seen in the context of the film as a whole?  Sound off in the comments section below.

The Last Airbender arrives in regular and 3D theaters in the U.S. on July 1, 2010.

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  1. I just hope the comedic aspect of the show is there, the special effects and bending look great, but im weary about the feel of the movie….

    • Amen, brudda

  2. Story, character, and acting. Anything else is not as important.
    If special effects trump the story and character development, the movie will fare poorly versus the original series.

  3. i want this movie to work, but i see it ending up like the Transformers movies, cool visuals terrible plot and characters, act was not awful but not award worthy unless you were sams mom in rof or megan fox in both in which case you won a award called a razzie

  4. if it is wooden/ stiff acting style i will be very upset hope the Sokka we came to know and love will be there but i do not expect much because no offence to Jackson Rathbone but from what i have seen in the twilight movies he is not a good Sokka candidate because he is to stiff there are many others who could play Sokka. such as Jake Gyllenhaal or other comical actors. i hope that Aang is funny too he is supposed to be comic relief type character

  5. I am a very avid fan of avatar and while the special effects are extraordinary and the action makes it a must go see movie the acting is a little dry like wood as you would say. Even though they are not actors with a lot under their resume, m. Knight should have directed them better if their acting is like that throughout the entire movie. But if its just the way they sound on the trailer then everything is cool. and wheres zuko scar over his eye that was given ti him by his father. Aangs tatts also doesnt go all the way downs his back. Whats up with that!

  6. looks almost as lame as appa

    • so true, i mean appa’s body is good but his face looks nothing like that of the original anime. also you can tell that this thing is a bit of animation running around aangs arms, it would have been good if they put more time on the little things and not just the elemental effects.

  7. uuuhm.. “Dalogue and acting still sounds and looks wooden at best, lifeless at worst.”
    seriously?? you’ve seen only trailers.. you cant analyze the dialogue with a trailer!!

    • Magnus,

      Um, you can’t? Was there no speaking in any of the trailers of footage so far? I’m pretty sure there has been…


      • yeah from the few few scenes in the movie where you’ve heard “you can bend air!” and “woah” and blabla you cant say whether or not its good or bad from that.

      • “Will younger moviegoers be more likely to forgive The Last Airbender for its flimsy screenwriting and poor acting.”

        Assumptions, assumptions. It sounds like you’ve seen the movie already.

        And the dialogue in the trailer isn’t even that bad.

        • Exactly. Flimsy screenwriting?? Way to judge before seeing it. The acting doesn’t even look that bad. The way these writers talk about it, I keep expecting it to be much worse.

  8. I can’t wait to see this movie. Looking good so far.

  9. from just that 16 second clip the movie looks pretty good i like how they added the little part where katara accidentally freezes sokka that was what happened once in the animated show so maybe we can all be optimistic and hope that there is some comedic parts…

    wow the kid playing Aang actually smiled!

  10. I think that he will adapt the tv series well.

  11. How ridiculous is it to judge an entire movie on the trailers, which I think look excellent. I’m a huge fan of the series and am hoping, like the other fans that the movie does it justice.

    Momo looks great. Appa looks great. The actors look great and so do the trailers. We will know the rest in a couple of weeks.

    • Leech,

      We don’t “judge an entire movie” based on the trailers, but you can get a sense of whether it might be good or not based on those. A trailer is, after all, cut from footage from the film.

      If it turns out to be good, you know we’ll say so. :)


  12. This will prob make more then Jonah Hex but suck non the less.

    • It will make much more than Jonah Hex, which isn’t saying a lot. Most of the lead roles are teenagers, so you can’t expect much from the acting.

      It blows my mind that Hollywood can make a legitimate, big budget translation of a nickelodeon cartoon and completely defecate on one of the best animes of all time in DBZ.

      Either way, I’m looking forward to some Airbending!


  13. Bane, did you see Chloe Moretz in KickAss? She pulled off a spectacular role as Hit Girl and she’s not even 13?

    Its all in the writing and casting.

    • 790, you’re right, Chloe was spectacular. Much of her success was, as you pointed out, in the writing. People shouldn’t expect academy nominated performances from these young, and in Noah Ringer’s case, inexperienced cast members.

      Look at the Harry Potter films, the acting is far from great but they don’t “suck.” I think The Last Airbender can be an enjoyable film, even with so-so acting.

  14. White people playing Asians, huh… what a load of crap!

    • What? You mean someone is ACTING a part? Get over yourself. Its over. You lost and actually there was never a battle.

      Before you come in spouting your “propaganda” do a little research on the subject matter at hand.

      T below has taken the time to provide you with some insight to it. The rest is up to you to open your mind and eyes and find the truth.

  15. Sucks.

  16. Vic,

    I was not referring to the article, which is good, I was referring to the naysayers here in the comments.

  17. The dialog in the trailer was indeed awful, but kids will not even notice – their tastes have been honed by special effects their entire lives.

  18. Kudos to T for his comments. All these people crying that there are no Asian actors in this movie crack me up. For one the cartoon isn’t even Anime. It’s an american show made by a Very white man. LOL And two it is an Asian Inspired world. Just wait until you actually see the movie before you judge. I am very much looking forward to this. Shyamalan needs some redemption. He’s a good filmmaker who has made some bad decisions. Ok, some Very bad decisions. But i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • i know i agree. i mean they just look asian cause its inspired by anime, even though its influenced by asian culture and history. but thats what you get when you give hollywood the idea and want to make an international movie. i wonder if they would be happy if it was an american in the lead that looked asian.. like john cho.. but they supposedly complain cause asians didnt even get the chance to act or something. and that they rather wanted Caucasian. oh well i dont really care what color they’re skin is or anything, i just wanna see the movie and hope its good :)

  19. I really don’t think there’s enough dialogue to actually criticize the acting in the film. I have seen almost every episode of Avatar and I say the transition from the cartoon to screen is very well done. And I heard Shamymalan actually has seen the whole show as well with his family. If this being so I have the utmost support for the movie

    As for the Asian/American actor dispute: GET OVER IT YA WHINERS!! The show was an alternate reality with an Asian-based culture. NOT EVERYBODY WAS ASIAN. So please enough already. For those that are complaining about this, it’s already happened and there’s nuthin you’ll say to change that so please.

  20. I have to say that I’m almost afraid to go see the movie for fear of it ruining Avatar completely for me. I have been an avid Avatar fan since it first came out like what five years ago? I just really can’t see how this movie can do it justice. The depth of the characters was amazing for a cartoon show on Nick, it was simple enough for kids to understand but intriguing enough for an older audience to become caught up in it. My whole family enjoys it and it’s one of those shows where even the reruns don’t get old. The actors just don’t seem to hold that depth to me or seem capable of ever holding it. I am jumping to conclusions though for someone who hasn’t seen it yet. I also don’t like the actors they chose and the way they chose to present them. Some seem to old, some to young, Katara looks too young, too pale, and not as pretty as I’m sure most people imagined her. Zuko’s scar isn’t even noticeable (and I’ve looked up screenshots!) and it’s literally a HUGE part of his identity, so it really shouldn’t take a microscope to identify it. The special effects aren’t that great either, I hate the way Momo and Appa look. I am not saying the film is going to be awful, it’ll probably make bank and for people going to be entertained for a good hour or two it’ll be a good show. The real Avatar fans however will be aware of how Avatar had so much potential to be something great, something amazing, and how it was all thrown away, completely wasted.

  21. Oh, sorry to go off again, but as for the four nations whoever believes them to be Asian is completely stupid. They all have different skin colorings and their eyes usually represent what nation they’re from. I have always noticed that…
    Water- Clear blue colored eyes for water
    Air- Grey colored eyes for the sky
    Fire- mostly amber but some reddish brown? representation for fire basically without looking scary
    Earth- green (duh) for the earth (although Toph’s are kinda hazy but that’s because she’s blind)
    The water tribes always seemed darker, almost like Inuit, the air always seemed to have the most Asian influence, the earth nations always are paler with brown to black hair, with the fire nation being dark haired and light skinned.
    On another, similar note, does it bother anyone else that the fire nation was cast as mostly Middle Eastern? Stereotypically displaying the “bad” guy as Middle Eastner when in the series they’re actually pretty light skinned bothers me a lot, and Zuko looks NOTHING like that. I’m hating this movie more and more by the second…

    • You guys are right just because the show is clearly inspired by asian culture doesn’t mean the people are asian. Who cares if the title screen has asian symbols in it, doesn’t mean their asian. Besides avatergirl is right they cant be asian they all have different skin colorings, we all know Chinese, Japanese, Korean & Vietnamese people all have the same skin tone. If u cant tell, I’m being sarcastic.

  22. I don’t get how the casting of the characters are so upsetting. They could practically cast whoever they wanted to cast, and when you pitch the idea to hollywood what do you expect? im sure the movie will be good even if Zukos scar is too little or that Momo and Appa dont look exactly like they do in the show or that Katara isn’t as pretty as in the show… really?
    why do you care so much? the movie and the show cant be exactly the same, so just stop expecting everything. and dont jugde the movie so fast just cause of tv spots and trailers.

  23. I’m not saying it’s going to necessarily be an AWFUL movie, just that it’s not going to be anything memorable when it really had the potential to.
    And to Tessai22, I never said there weren’t any characters of an Asian influence, I was responding to the commenter who said they were all Asian which is NOT true. The show is inspired by the Asian style and tradition, however that doesn’t mean all the nations are Asian.

  24. okay, fine, so you’re all tired of us “hardcore” fans griping about the racebending.

    But really, if any of you looked closely at the characterizations of both the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, they’re all BROWN-SKINNED.

    They could’ve at least tanned those lead actors with the Water Tribe parts. But Nicola Peltz is as white as snow… She could’ve been better as Yue, at least… and then Seychelle Gabriel would be Katara… I feel that she could pull off a better Katara than Peltz. But then that would’ve jumbled up the casting again; with Gabriel as Katara, they would have to opt Rathbone out as Sokka.

    I like the attention they gave to the pronounciation of the names, though. I got tired of people pronouncing Sokka as “Sock-ah”, instead of the more correct “SOHk-kha”. although people still mispronounce Katara as “Kit-TAR-ra” instead of “Kaht-TAR-ra”. ooh, and Aang’s “EH-ng” instead of “Ahh-ng”.

  25. I think its nonsense that they replace so many with caucasian actors. Reason being Martial Arts is an asian Cutural and past history legacy and treasure. I would be as bothered if they replaced Jonah Hex, Superman or Batman as an Asian instead of a White. Not being racial But the discipline and practices showed from the cartoon (anime) are portrayed better by people of their origins

  26. How many times must we reiterate? It is an American cartoon not anime. If Shyamalan wants to use some American actors then so what.

  27. Just because its an American cartoon doesn’t mean the characters are Caucasian. I don’t see how anyone can say they watch the show, admit its based in asian culture, then say the characters aren’t asian.

  28. Well if we follow that logic then Sokka and Katara should have been Inuit actors. In the show their water tribe was inspired by the Inuit people. Let’s just give the movie a chance. We might be pleasantly surprised.

  29. That is exactly what I’m saying stay true to the characters. I’m not saying the movie is gonna be horrible but a nice first step is to cast the appropriate people.