‘The Last Airbender’ DVD/Blu-ray Details

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The Last Airbender DVD and Blu ray The Last Airbender DVD/Blu ray Details

It’s not exactly a secret that the career of the once-great M. Night Shyamalan has taken a serious turn for the worse in the last few years, starting off with The Village in 2004, by way of Lady in the Water and The Happening, the latest destination on his trip down the ladder of acclaim was The Last Airbender, a film which some people argue is his worst yet.

However, even if the majority of critics and fans hated Shyamalan’s adaptation of the popular Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, there are still some out there who liked it, just as when a movie is almost universally loved there will be some out there who don’t like it.

If you were one of those people who dug what Shyamalan had to offer with The Last Airbender then you might be interested in buying either the DVD or Blu-ray, which will be released on November 16th this year. You have the option to buy it either as a combined Blu-ray/DVD (with more features) or separately on DVD or Blu-ray.

Here are all the details you need to know about the forthcoming home release:


Disc One (Blu-ray):

  • Feature Film (HD)

Discovering The Last Airbender (nine-part documentary in HD)

– Inspirations: Co-creators of the show and M. Night Shyamalan give insight into the inner journey the characters take

– Spirituality: Explore the deeper spirituality that colors The Last Airbender

– Heroes: Aang, Katara and Sokka journey together to save the world; behind-the-scenes piece provides a closer look at these characters and the actors

– Greenland: With sub-zero shoots on glaciers and frozen rivers, travel with the filmmakers to Greenland to meet the locals and experience the magnificent landscapes captured for the powerful opening of the film

– World: The sets, props, costumes and make-up that helped bring to life four unique nations in the film, each with a distinct look and style

– Action: With the film’s “bending” rooted in Martial Arts, uncover Shyamalan’s process with Noah Ringer to create complex, heart-pounding action sequences

– Effects: Closer look at the jaw-dropping cinematography and special effects that were created to blend seamlessly with ILM’s computer generated imagery

– Music: Longtime creative collaboration between M. Night Shyamalan and composer James Newton Howard is celebrated in the film’s sweeping score

– Finale: The journey culminates in one breathtaking moment on the ice wall


  • Siege of the North (HD) – Get transported to the frozen realm of the Northern Water Tribe and the largest indoor film set ever built on the U.S. east coast
  • Origins of the Avatar (HD) – Birth of the mythology from the original co-creators of the animated show, Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Concept art from the popular series provides further perspective into how the story would eventually reincarnate into an epic feature film
  • Katara for a Day (HD) – Spend a day on the set with Nicola Peltz


  • Deleted Scenes (HD)
  • Outtakes (HD)
  • Avatar Annotations (Picture-in-picture on select scenes) – Insights with cast and crew

Disc 2 (DVD):

  • Feature Film
  • Digital Copy

THE LAST AIRBENDER single disc DVD and single disc Blu-ray each include:

  • Origins of the Avatar (HD on Blu-ray)
  • Deleted Scenes (HD on Blu-ray)
  • Outtakes (HD on Blu-ray)

So there you have it, if you’re a fan of The Last Airbender then you’re certainly getting a lot of bang for your buck, even if you just buy the single disc Blu-ray or DVD. If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see how the special effects were put together as they were one of the few impressive things about the film.

However, on the whole I agree with the majority of people in thinking that The Last Airbender is a bad film. Everything from the hammy acting and dialogue to the rushed scenes and poorly constructed story added up to what I think is not just one of the worst films of the year (if not the worse) but more importantly, the biggest disappointment.

the last airbender review The Last Airbender DVD/Blu ray Details

Before Airbender was released I really thought Shyamalan had discovered and unleashed a talent we never knew he had (big-budget, special effects-driven blockbusters) and he would prove with the film that he still has something to offer as a filmmaker. Instead, it was a case of clever marketing that made the promos look good and ultimately drew in the cash ($281 million worldwide at the box office).

No matter what fans or critics say, The Last Airbender made more than enough for the studio and Shyamalan to be planning TWO sequels. Hollywood really is a “money talks” type of town, isn’t it?…

As stated, The Last Airbender hits DVD and Blu-ray on November 16th, 2010.

Source: Paramount Home Entertainment

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  1. i personally think think instead of a DVD release, M. Night should just issue out a refund form instead…

    • i don’t know what your talking about but not the last air bender ok

  2. It seems as if no one cares what critics have to say anymore. Good. Critics haven’t been able to relate to the public in years.

    • Bobby : My critic forum is Screen Rant. I have agreed almost 100% with what the crew here has to say….so SR says it blows….it blows! I will rent the BR to see for myself. “In Screen Rant We Trust!”

  3. those are expensive coasters !

    • Frisbee-type discs…replacements for clay pigeons in skeet shooting…horrifically tacky earrings for Lady Gaga…

      Did I miss any other uses?

  4. Bobby, it is the other way around. People haven’t been able to relate to critics & critically acclaimed films for quite sometime….

  5. Shyamalan left out so many key scenes in the live action adaptation of the last airbender the film felt like some one was hitting the fast fwd button from time to time in my opinion I think the film was not properly thought out then rushed into production giving us this poor adaptation of a great series :(

    • He covered an entire season in one film. I think he pretty much covered the highlights. The rest is filler anyway just like Dragonball Z. It takes ten episodes to show a single fight.

  6. Ok, I’m one of the few who actually thought this film was not bad. Of course, I’m also someone who never saw the cartoon, so I could not compare them. Saying that, the film, IMHO, is not worth a DvD purchase. I will watch it when it comes on TV but I will not buy the film; it’s just not rewatchable enough for me.

  7. From the moment “Katara” pronounced Avatar, Aang and Sokka’s names wrong in the introduction, I knew it was going to suck. How can you make a basic and horribly glaring error like that? I had heard when the first trailer with the mispronunciations was released, they had gone in and changed it, but not in the theater I saw it in. Was this ever addressed otherwise? Don’t even get me started on the mis-casting of Uncle Iroh.

    Worse than that, he missed the very essence of the relationships of the characters and to say it was disappointing is a monumental understatement.

    Maybe, just maybe, he will have learned from his mistakes and will give us the story quality we need in the second installment. Here’s hoping.

    • she didnt misspronounce anything.. it was meant to be said like that, i wasnt the basic english pronouncation of the names you hear in the cartoon, but the asian version i think. but i still think it was stupid. and you say uncle iroh was a miss cast? most people found him to be the best casting.. and actor in the movie lol

      • He may have been the best actor in the fire nation, but not the old, white haired kindly uncle from first season of the cartoon, that’s what I meant. And as far as I know, there was no where in the entire three seasons of the show they pronounced their names like that–I just think it was annoying as heck to hear them repeatedly mispronounced.

        Hope he does “Cave of Two Lovers” from the second season.

        • yeah i know, but i dont mind if the actors dont resemble the cartoon characters that much. and i havent seen the movie yet, i love the series. but i fear that this movie will be crap! and as i’ve heard its.. worse haha. but it think it will be interesting to see it in live action, no matter if it sucks or is ok. im not gonna compare it to the series like most do cause that in my opinion, is just stupid considering the series is amazing (yes i know it is based on it, but still! i dont wanna be super disappointed). and yeah, im counting on that the prnounciation will be annoying!! but oh well :)

          i also hope he will do “cave of two lovers”. i also think it needs to be longer. im sure it can be ok and still just be 100 minutes. but i think it needs to be longer to get more attached to the characters and to be actually good.

  8. I am also one of the few that mildly enjoyed the film. I have been a fan of the animated series since it came out. My complaint was the timing and pacing of the film but there was some things that were actually done well in my opinion. I will get this dvd.

  9. I didn’t see it in theatres, I’ve never seen the original cartoon, but I’ll buy the dvd… when it’s in the $5 bin at WalMart. It’ll go well with my collection of other “adaptations” that have horrified the rest of the movie viewing world like Bloodrayne, Howard the Duck & Spawn… =)

    • “I’ve never seen the original cartoon, but I’ll buy the dvd… when it’s in the $5 bin at WalMart.”

      We can only hope it bests the speed record set by Mariah Carey’s “Glitter”; it was in the $5 bin about 10 days after its DVD release here in Illinois.

  10. This is one film the studio would have to pay me to watch.

  11. the last air bender is a film that I really liked, where the effects of images shown me good to watch

    • I think Jackson Rathbone did a good job as Sokka, and the bending practice dance Katara and Aang did together was fluid and like ballet.

      I think people have problems with the lack of respect paid to the cartoon. Why didn’t M use the writers from the tv show???

  12. I’ll never buy this DVD// The film is a disgrace to the animated series!

  13. I just finished watching all three seasons on instant queue… I thought the movie was real good… not that different at all… the acting was fine and if some one thinks they can do it better or act better should do it themselves and keep their negativity to themselves…. lady in the water and the happening were both good films… but the village was bad

    • I actually liked all three of those films. Lady in the Water was amazing, despite the glaring plot holes, Happening wasn’t M’s worse, but it was Mark Wahlberg’s and Zoey Deschanel’s worse movies.

      • I agree .

      • I think it needed more explosions…because I don’t want to have to think or just enjoy something for what it is. I need senseless violent and no consequences. /end sarcasm

  14. I am a HUGE fan of the series, and while I was slightly disappointed with the film, I find Shyamalan’s attempt to be commendable. While it did fail in many aspects, I immensely enjoyed watching his film. It definitely was not worth the 3D, but it was fun. I loved watching the scenes from the show spring to life. Maybe that’s just me being a nerd, but I enjoyed the movie and I hope Shyamalan gets some dialogue writing assistance for the second one. 😛

  15. I am a gigantic fan of da series and I thought the movie was great.I’m gonna buy it wen it comes out on DVD.I love it!!!

  16. Hello!!!is someone there!!!!!8)

  17. I LOVE THE KAST AIRBENDER AND AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER AND EVERYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH AVATAR. :)))))))) when this movie comes out on dvd, it will make my year like 739837186 times better xDDDDD

    • uhh sooryyyy i meant LAST airbender!! ehhe…

      • Omg!!!!!u r so ritethe last airbender is thebest I gonna buy it wen it comes out on DVD.I love it so much!!!!!!I saw the movie and learned tai chi just so I could learn 2 do water bending moves!!!!:p

  18. Well We got the Dvd yesterday and although I like it for what it is I still can’t stop mocking it.

    I just hope he does better on the next 2

    • I got the DVD on the 17th I love it!!!! I wached it twice!!the gag reel is halarious!!!!

  19. I am not familiar with the cartoon but here’s my review.
    The movie was totally horribly rushed. I mean completely rushed. Maybe there was too much to compress into 1 DVD. Don’t know cause i never watched the cartoon. There was not a moment where you actually could understand anything in detail. It went quickly from place to place & fights to fights until they finally drove the Fire Nation away with a 5 minute display of CGI ocean water. If i wanted to see that I would just watch cast away all over again cause that was awesome. The main characters seemed like adds. It also seemed like the whole elemental bending idea went to the twilight zone because everyone was bending left and right. There were no uniqueness to anyone anymore. Tribe of earth bending. Tribe of water bending. Entire Tribe Nation bending Fire. So many people bending. Guards bending fire. I guess what I mean to say is that if everyone was bending elements this would make the MAIN char just another common elemental bender. Glad I did not pay a dime for it like every other gullible fool out there.

    And that’s my review.

    • U r soooo wrong!!!!the last airbender is awsome!!!I can’t wait for the next one!!!

  20. I have the DVD and love the film, hopefully the second will be much better and longer.

  21. This is the only m night movie I have ever liked I think it got a bad rap