Four New ‘Last Airbender’ Nation Clips

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The Last Airbender image Four New Last Airbender Nation Clips

If the MTV Movie Awards clip from The Last Airbender only left you wanting more,  I’ve got good news. One of our readers, coolmartfloyd, sent along four brand new clips that give a detailed look at some of the epic settings featured in the film.

The clips are unconventional, each highlighting a different location – showing it off with uninterrupted wide shots set to some pretty amazing music. If you weren’t already convinced, these videos solidify just how epic The Last Airbender‘s scope is.

Take a look at the videos after the jump:

[Sorry, videos remove by studio request]

Ladies and Gentleman it’s official- between the Japanese trailer, the awesome international posters, and the recent TV spots I am undeniably impressed. I’m not a huge fan of Shyamalan’s other films but even I have to admit that The Last Airbender is looking pretty sharp.

I’m curious what fans of the cartoon think of the film – since I’m not terribly familiar with the source material or how closely the movie is sticking to it.

The Last Airbender firebending Four New Last Airbender Nation Clips

The new clips are a great way to build excitement for The Last Airbender without giving too much away. I’m really loving “The Fire Nation” in particular – probably because of the music.

The film’s July 1st  release date is almost upon us and I’m shocked to say that I can’t wait.

What do you think of the clips? Do you like the way The Last Airbender is shaping up or do you still have some reservations? Sound off below.

The Last Airbender will be released in theaters on July 1st.

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    • Good look K.

      I’ve corrected the release info.

  1. Definitely my most anticipated movie of the summer, even more so than IM2. I enjoyed the Water Nation clip, the music is righteous. Can’t wait!


  2. As a fan of the original show, I was hesitant when I first learned that Shyamalan would be directing. However, since the trailers began coming out I’ve been very impressed by how closely this movie seems to stick to the show’s first season. Almost every clip from the trailers I can look at and point to a corresponding scene in the show. Plus, it looks like it could stand on its own and still be an impressive movie.

  3. I’m a fan of the show and, like everyone else, I was skeptical of Shyamalan directing Airbender. Casting aside, however, this movie looks promising and seems pretty loyal to the key parts of Book 1. If this lead to two more films, I like to see what will be done.

  4. i think it is sticking reasonably similar to the tv show the northern water tribe city looks nearly identical for instance, the air temples look good too iv yet to see a shot of an earth kingdom city or the fire nations cities but i have to say the fire nations ships are not only very similar to their tv counter part but look a much much cooler.

  5. So how much do you guys think this is going to pull down opening weekend?

    • 60-70 could be more but I think that’s the range.

      • if they had kept the release date for australia the same i recon it could have banked at least 80 million.

        wtf did they have to push it back by 2 months i will never find out :(

      • i think around 50-60 yeah, i think it could pull much more if it wasnt for the twilight opening. which will probably reach near 100:\

  6. For reasons I myself can’t quite fathom, I decided to start watching the TV show a couple of weeks ago (you know, the one that’s been off the air for a while now?). I finished them all last Wednesday and am thoroughly a fan now, so I really hope this lives up to the show, but apart from Aang (who doesn’t seem to be as fun loving in the movie, but I’m basing this off of the trailer of course) it seems to be par for the course.

    • the ‘fun loving’ part is what I found most annoying about the show.

      I didn’t see many of the episodes, but I like the story. I think the full trailers we have so far look great

      • To me, that’s what made him real, he wasn’t some dead-panned boy on a mission (like Zuko), but he actually felt like just some young kid who liked to have fun once in a while and had real emotions. He was much easier to relate to that way, if he’d just been some boy who was always about the mission, I’d have grown to dislike him.

        • doesn’t have to be boring, just not annoying.

          sure he’s a kid, but he doesn’t need to be like the kid from Jerry McGuire which is how he sounded to me half the time, but like I said I didn’t watch the whole series

  7. i’ve come to the conclution that Shamalan is’nt really a bad director, he’s just a terrible writer. he had one or two good ideas and then nothing since then. Thats why i think this one will be better than his rest, because he’s not writting the story.

    the music and scenery really remind my of Lord of the Rings. which is a very good thing. I was really afraid this would stoop to the level of DragonBall Evolution. but after seeing clips, even stuff as simple as this, i know thats not the case. This movie will be in the same ball park as Narnia or something

  8. I’m undeniably a fan of the show, I have been since it debuted when I was 15. Basically, I’ve been waiting for this moment for five years, and what I’ve seen has me greatly impressed.
    When they announced Shyamalan would be directing, I actually was excited (he’s one of my favorites), even more so after I heard how he was such a fanboy of the show himself. He’s made a few changes, obviously, but what he managed to *keep* from the show has me floored.

  9. As a fan of the original tv series I always wondered how Shyamalan was going to potray it on the big screen. So after seeing these clips on the website I was utterly gob smacked, they are beautiful and amazing. I to also think this is going to be on the same scale as Narnia and other films. I also bought the soundtrack yesterday and that too is beautiful! I’m excited to see it! August for us in the UK!

  10. What is exciting about these, exactly? The Fire nation one is sort of interesting because it has a ship and some actual people. At least we get a look at the Water Tribe’s architecture.
    But they say nothing about what the actual nations are like, just that they…have land. SAY something, people! What are these groups actually like? What are their cultures, what are their roles in the story?
    And that music…so generic. If these are the themes of different ethnic/political/geographic groups, can you make them atleast sound distinctive?? If the Fire Nation is basically India, why not make their theme sound it! Put some sitar in there, some hand drums!
    Go to youtube. Type in “Agni Kai” and click on the first link.
    THAT is a good score. Distinctive. Unique. Characterful.
    The music in these is just so forgettable

    • The four nations don’t have “themes,” those are just audio clips of the score that sort of fit their videos.
      These aren’t film clips, their whole purpose is meant to show some of the geography. That’s what the article stated, so I don’t see how you were expecting anything different.
      The Fire Nation isn’t “basically” India, it’s inspired by many other nations and empires. (For the film, at least.) So an exclusively Indian sound wouldn’t make much sense.

        • Well, I’m sorry you don’t like the score, but that doesn’t make it “generic.” I’ve listened to it in its entirety several times, and I loved it. To each his own.

          • I just think they need to push the envelope more.
            It’s not BAD, I was overreacting there. It just sounds like so many other movie scores. It sounds conventional, and I think in any form of creativity be it storytelling, music, art, etc, convention is the enemy.

  11. CRAAAAAAAAP!! I couldn’t watch these at work, so now of course they’ve been removed. Anybody know where I can find them, or have they been yanked entirely off the net?

    • dragonnmum,

      Try a Youtube search.


  12. This film looks off the hook. I am such a big fan of the animated series. Animated story telling and visual presentation at it’s best.
    I’m one who normally does not like fun loving stuff as well but as you watch the series The Avatar grows as the story grows. He is a fun loving kid at first but as he and the others of group go through many ups and downs through their adventures he becomes more focus at his task of his destiny.
    To me, it gives me a better connection to the character. Most of us grow up fun loving kids but as you go through life, things become more serious and you really take notice to your actions and choices.
    I know many will disagree but I’m a fan of M. Night Shyamalan, as writer I think he’s pretty cool. I find his stories fresh and entertaining.I feel that they would be better books than movies. His casting has been sort of out of wack lately. The Happening story was interesting and unique(just my opinion), it was the actors that sucked bad in that film.