‘The Killing’ Season 3 May Be On Another Network

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The Killing cast season 2 AMC The Killing Season 3 May Be On Another Network

As is now the typical response by studios behind the various television series on the receiving end of the proverbial network axe, the makers of The Killing are reportedly interested in staving off the show’s death by shopping it around to numerous other television networks.

Last week, AMC made the announcement that it would not be seeking a third season of the once critically acclaimed murder mystery, after the second season failed to garner sufficient enough ratings to warrant the series’ continuation.

Of course, it likely won’t be long before the name Netflix pops up as a potential contender for the series, as the streaming content provider is now seemingly obliged to feign some interest in every serialized drama that has been given its walking papers in the past few years. It’s worth noting however, that even though Netflix has been briefly associated with the resurrections of recently canceled programs like Terra Nova and The River, the only show it’s actually had enough interest in is Arrested Development – a series last seen on television in 2006.

Besides wondering what network a dark, character-driven drama such as The Killing might be able to call home, selling the show may be too much of a problem for any legitimate interest to arise. As fans will note, executive producer Vena Sud and AMC underwent a maelstrom of criticism after season 1 ended with the main character, Det. Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) being served up yet another red herring, instead of the answer to the mystery nearly every viewer believed they had been promised. Following that debacle – which resulted in AMC head of original programming Joel Stillerman issuing a statement about how the network and the show may have better managed fans’ expectations – The Killing never quite seemed to recover.

That kind of baggage almost certainly led to the poor ratings performance of The Killing in season 2. The April premiere saw its ratings down a whopping 33 percent from the year before, with just 1.8 million viewers tuning in. Unfortunately for the series, those numbers continued to decline until the season finale, which garnered only 1.4 million viewers. Additionally, with the series wrapping up its central mystery of who killed Rosie Larsen, AMC took the declining numbers as a sign the series had reached its end.

Joel Kinnaman Mireille Enos The Killing AMC The Killing Season 3 May Be On Another Network

Despite all that, the studio that produces The Killing still believes in the series enough to begin shopping it around. In a statement released shortly after AMC’s announcement that it was canceling the series, Fox Television Studios had this to say:

“Fox Television Studios is extremely proud of The Killing, the extraordinary writing staff and crew, and what we believe is one of the best casts on television. We will proceed to try to find another home for the show.”

If The Killing does find a new home, chances are, it will not resemble the program it once was – and that is likely a good thing. With the Larsen murder solved, the series would be forced to essentially recast nearly every character, with the exception of Det. Linden and her partner Det. Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman). Kinnaman addressed the need for a fresh start to the series soon after the second season wrapped up by saying:

“I feel like Linden and Holder [are] just [getting] started. I imagine that there would be a new case, and that Linden’s obsessive nature is not going to keep her away from police work for too long. It’s like the first season [of a show], where it [would] be original material and not based on the Danish [series] anymore.”

As it stands, many of the deviations made by The Killing from its source material – the Danish series Forbrydelsen – have been some of the most criticized aspects of the show. If The Killing were to continue, perhaps what it would need is a more direct translation of the original series.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on any progress made to land The Killing at another network.

Source: EW, TVLine

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  1. People speak of the low ratings and “hard to follow” pacing of this series, yet it was one of the more interesting series I’ve watched in some time. I didn’t begin watching until the end of season two but I was riveted. This show was built on an ensemble of understated, unpolished actors who turned in riveting, powerhouse performances. I can think of no less than four cast members who turned in the performances of their careers (to date). Yes, the show hinged on discovering who killed Rosie Larsen and that case has been solved. It doesn’t need to go on for three, four or five more seasons. It was powerful while it lasted and sometimes that’s the best way to remember the creative effort. I’ll certainly be interested in seeing what else comes from the cast and crew.

    • Everyone I know LOVED this series, myself included..I found it to be the most intelligent, most original “take” on a crime show ever…I loved Linden and Holder and the very sensitive depiction of all the characters involved. I was riveted from the first episode…I think AMC is making a huge mistake in letting this go, and I do hope another network picks it up.

      • I am so distressed by the news that AMC is not renewing The Killing. One of the best things on TV ever and was looking forward to more next season. So what if ratings were down-doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be worth a go for another season if done as well as it has been thus far. Any chance of persuading AMC otherwise? This is as disappointing as HBO cancelling Carnivale a few years back and still have not gotten over that. Not much good to watch on television anymore, so it is very sad to see such a well- done show dropped.

        • please bring it back even if on another network. this was the best show ever.

    • I agree…I just found out about it 2 days ago and my husband and I watched both seasons in two days…we loved it!!! Every time we thought we were finished for the night and planned to head off to bed they would leave us wondering what was going to happen next…so much for sleep!!! I hope they go on to have a 3rd season.

  2. This was the best series i have watched in a long time. Great actors and well developed characters.

  3. We love this series and we’re so sad and disappointed about the cancellation. Brilliant story, beautifully designed and realized.

  4. I don’t understand this huge cry of viewers being let down by the case not getting solved at the end of season one. These are the same type of people who cried foul when Laura Palmer’s murder was solved as soon as it was on Twin Peaks. Sometimes you just can’t win no matter what side you’re on. I, for one, loved the slow pace. It gave us time to get to know the two cops, Rosie, her family, and the suspects. Unfortunately we are living in a time when character development and story take second chair when it comes to flashy SFX and an audience built on quick CSI resolves.

    • The problem with Twin Peaks was that the studio forced Lynch’s hand when the viewers weren’t pushing for it. The Killing had the opposite issue; viewers had been led to believe that they would get the big reveal at the close of the first season and instead they received a proverbial slap in the face. The irony of Veena’s insistence that The Killing wasn’t going to be a formulaic show (her exact words) pulling one of the most formulaic acts for a season finale wasn’t lost on the viewers either. Veena’s reaction to the audience backlash didn’t help matters much either.

      Sorry, but anyone that invested themselves into a show that would have taken some 13+ episodes for a reveal were already not the types to go for the CSI-effect. Had viewers complained about the mystery not coming to conclusion after two episodes you could certainly make that statement and you’d be certain those viewers had already retracted their viewership not long after. It’s a tired argument that is not applicable. Bringing up the one-episode procedural merely serves to be dismissive of the viewers criticisms.

  5. This was the best program I’ve watched in a long time. It was intense and kept my interest right through the end.

  6. I downloaded this series from itunes after numerous friends had raved about it. It’s a fantastic series. Why does anything of any artistic quality end up being canned? Enough with trashy reality TV. Fox – Please save this show!!

  7. What a great show ! It better get picked up like south land did !

  8. The Killing was a great series! The decision to end it was is really a mistake. Please reconsider.

  9. Oh my gosh… I sincerely HOPE they find a network to air this series! I LOVE iT!!!

  10. I loved this show and really hope it gets picked up again in the fall! Everything about this show is great from the characters to the storyline.

  11. Fabulous show. I dowloaded the first season and was just amazed by the performances. Wish they would keep this on.

  12. this series was all we talked about the next day at work after it played. we followed every character and plot move. we were totally absorbed and thought every aspect of the series to be brilliant. when we found out season 3 was being cancelled, we were frustrated and disappointed in AMC. Please keep us posted on hopefully some new network understanding that the ratings of the moment can change into something greater (like this was at the outset) if only they would learn to take a little interest in the longer view.

  13. Best Series in a long time. Anything that is good they take off.

  14. This show is absolute brilliance in writing and acting! I have watched every episode and every episode was just great! I talked about this series at work, and my coworker rented Season 1, and said to me after, “Bruce, you are right, what a great show!”

    AMC has made a major error in discontinuing this show, but you can bet another network will pick it right up. You don’t see a series that is this good come along very often. It might need to be advertised more. I would think that a lot of people aren’t aware this show exists. Shop it to a major network. The show itself is perfection! Just make more of the “intelligent” viewers aware of it!

  15. I, too, can’t understand AMC giving up on this amazing show. I had tivo’d the entire series and had never gotten around to watching it. Then, I broke my arm in an accident, was laid up in bed, and finally watched the first episode. It got me so hooked that I wound up watching the entire series in 4 days.

    It’s a real shame that people are so impatient. The series carried and held my interest throughout. Did it always play fair? Not always…..the constant red herrings were a bit frustrating at times. But believe it or not, I imagine that’s how real crime investigations go! Plenty of false starts and clues that wind up leading nowhere. All angles are pursued….until the truth eventually emerges.

    The amazing acting, cinematography, script and chemistry between Linden and Holder are what left me spellbound. I sure hope there will indeed be a 3rd season.

  16. I loved the series, but not because of the specific murderer mystery, but because of the effect of a murder on so many. The who-done-it was trivial and I think the creators lost sight of that.

  17. I think one of the reasons season 2 didn’t not do as well is because it aired almost a year later. Season 1 was great and season 2 was equally as good. The show has not been given a fair chance. Instead of 2 13 episode seasons, it should have been given 1 26 episode season. That would have made it better. The wait was too long, and if fans were anything like me, they forgot a lot of the details of the show by the time season 2 started. It deserves a third season with more episodes so that the case can be resolved in one season. This is one of the best shows I have ever seen on television, I sincerely hope it sticks around longer.


  19. did another network pick this show up?

  20. Along with Saving Grace, The Killing was the best crime drama to come along in many, many years. One always has to wonder why shows of this caliber are cancelled and crap like Dancing with the Stars are around year after year. I know, I know, ratings and the money that follows them are King. But, you have to admit, we are exceedingly unchallenged when it comes to television programming.

  21. I loved the show. And yes I agree the two detectives made the show. Please search for someone to pick up the show. Since there is no longer law and order and law in order criminal intent, there is really not a show which the viewer is drawn to the detectives. I can honestly compare Linden’s charecter to the compulsive attitude to the detective in law in order crimial intent. I forgot his name, but he was assome just like Linden and her sidekick please let me know what your planning to do. Please keep the show going, everyone in my house hold is crazy about this show.

  22. I was looking forward to watching the 3rd season. Don’t understand regarding the low ratings mentioned by the producers because I knew of many viewers of the show. It’s a shame AMC isn’t bringing it back. Can’t wait to see what network picks up the show.

  23. I just wanted to say i live the show and i thought every since the last episode ther should be more. Even though there is not alot of us there is people whoenjoy the mistery and murder cases and there is only a handfull of shows we can watch please make more episodes

  24. Best crime drama show I’ve seen! Hope it returns soon.

  25. Please let us know what is happening with this show.
    Chomping at the bit over here.

    So disappointed it’s off. Fall is here, weather is turning cold and gray and no THE KILLING. :-(

    Waaaaah! Seriously, come on people we LOVE IT!!!!!

  26. I’ve had Holder withdrawls since season 2 ended. Best series I’ve watched in years. PLEASE BRING IT BACK.

  27. I believe the rating issue stems from the decline of cable /satelite customers. People are sick of paying high rates, hence turning to Netflix or Hulu. Unfortunately, no one seems to be paying attention to online ratings/tracking views.

  28. It figures..The Killing is so well written, the characters are real, the acting is top notch and the mystery drove fans crazy!! I absolutely could not wait for each episode to unfold. I watch it over and over on Netflix and cannot get enough. I haven’t seen the “original series”. I am sure it is wonderful but so is this one!! I think it is sad that any show that doesn’t draw the multitudes cannot survive. It happens every season; some great show with a cerebral connection or just great characters and/or writing doesn’t survive, Because it doesn’t appeal to the great rabble who lap up the reality abominations, the great cancer of our society. Someone, please, of the powers that be, save The Killing so that this great drama will survive another season and another….and another.

  29. My girlfriend and I loved the series and looked forward to warching every week. You will be missed. Hopefully will be picked up by another network.