‘The Killing’ Season 2 Will Reveal Rosie’s Murderer

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the killing renewed season 2 amc The Killing Season 2 Will Reveal Rosies Murderer

AMC’s emotional crime thriller The Killing closed out its first season with more questions than answers – chief among them, viewers still don’t know who Rosie Larsen’s killer is. According to AMC executive Joel Stillerman, we won’t be left wanting for another year: Rosie’s murderer will be identified in the upcoming Season 2.

Stillerman seemed almost apologetic at the Television Critics Association press tour, where AMC presented previews for upcoming shows and took questions from entertainment reporters.

The Head of Original Programming was quick to laud the writers and actors on the celebrated series, but admitted that the expectations of viewers were mishandled.

For everybody who was frustrated, we hear you… It was never intentionally meant to mislead anybody. Our goal was to create a brilliant piece of character-based story telling… I can say definitively, you will find out who killed Rosie Larsen in season two.

It’s worth noting that The Killing is based on a Danish series that gained outstanding popularity in the UK. Although, unlike the US version, the identity of the murderer was revealed at the end of the first season (though the season was actually 20 episodes). Even though the Dutch version of The Killing has continued with seasons 2 and 3, each one brings a new case, with only a few select faces remaining from the previous season.

the killing season 2 mireille enos The Killing Season 2 Will Reveal Rosies Murderer

While there’s no getting around the fact that the season finale last month left many viewers disappointed, the show is still a hit with the critics. The Killing has secured no less than six Emmy nominations: Outstanding Lead Actress for Mireille Enos, Outstanding  Supporting Actress for Michelle Forbes, Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Writing for the pilot episode, and Outstanding Casting and Outstanding Editing in the Drama category. The awards will air on September 18th, with no lack of competition for The Killing.

AMC finally renewed The Killing in June, after continuing strong viewership across first thirteen episodes. The finale netted 2.3 million viewers – very strong for a somber cable show. The new season hasn’t been scheduled yet, but will probably take its original mid-season slot next spring. Those not caught up on the series can catch encore episodes Sunday nights at midnight.


The Killing returns to AMC in 2012.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I just wonder when in the season they’ll announce the killer. If they announce it in one of the earlier episodes and then move on to another case that’d be great but I can’t see them dragging this current storyline out anywhere past 4 or 5 episodes without things getting boring. I also don’t need any more filler episodes such as the one where Linden’s son took off. Fantastic show but I hope they move it along a little bit next season.

  2. I can’t believe I have to wait until spring of 2012 to see the next season—that’s what, seven months from now? But I’ll be there watching, for sure. It’s the best thing on American tv.

    • that’s for sure

  3. I have just finished watching the whole season, and I have to say I enjoyed it but it could have been better, very very slow and the ending is shocking!!! I won’t say what happened in case some poeple haven’t seen it but they have left the whole thing hanging which is so annoying espically with the whole season being slow and they should have rounded the whole thing up. So disappointed as I hate loose ends.

    Would say to anyone who has not seen it please watch it as there is some very good performances from the cast.

  4. Was thoroughly disgusted with the show. Bought the Danish version which was outstanding. So much that I had to watch the Second Season and am now waiting breathlessly for Season Three. I don’t care now who killed Rosie. I don’t intend to watch another boring scene from that show!! However I am grateful for it bringing to my attention the Danish version which I would not have known about if I had not watched this show. I could not believe that the show had been so highly rated in Denmark so I had to find out why by watching the Danish version and what a treat!! Thanks a million!!

    • i know your type. youre petty and just hate anything thats American and you think it makes you smarter than anyone else. it doesnt. this show is freaking awesome. great acting, great vibe. absolutely great.

  5. Love the movie – very suspenseful!!

  6. Love,love,love the show! I am dying to know who killed Rosie,But waiting until The Spring is way too long! maybe by that time I just might not care who killed Rosie Larson!

  7. What were they thinking of when they ended the show like this knowing full well they weren’t renewing until Spring of 2012??? They should have ended the mystery and then started a new plot next year. Or, if they chose to have a cliff hanger, they should have had the next season start in Sept or Oct like the other networks do. Ridiculous.

  8. The Killing is the classiest thing I’ve seen on the telly for YEARS. Absolutely loved it. May the plaudits rain down on all involved. I’m at a bit of a loss about all of this MOANING:

    i) I loved the ‘detour’ episode where Jack went AWOL. That chance to get to know Linden and Holder better was a very welcome contextualisation, since their relationship drives the plot so well – and then, of course, this was completely blown apart by the ending…

    ii) …And what a brilliant ending – did NOT see that coming! And huzzah for series two! Hope Joel Kinnaman’ll be back! ;)

    Liz, UK

    • I was going to type a response about the moaning, but you said it better than I could have said it. Slow? Then watch a Hollywood thriller with all of its formulaic glory and light-weight acting. My opinion of this series sky rocketed when they took the time to spend entire episodes developing the characters instead of using short hand phrases and flashbacks to give us 30 second insight into each actor. I love a classic who-dunnit, cliff hanging thriller. Remember how long it took to find out ‘Who shot JR’? Maybe the world has just become too fast and impatient to savor a great show like this.

  9. What a cop-out! Great show, great acting, great atmosphere, dreadful ending! I can’t believe we sat through countless episodes only to have the mystery finish unresolved. Not only is it unsatisfactory, but if you think it through, the final twist was totally nonsensical. I really don’t think I’ll bother watching Season 2.

  10. I loved the ending!! Makes me remember it and I’ll be back for season 2, I want to know who killed her and what holder is up too! Can’t wait!!!

  11. As it happens I’m UK based and couldn’t really get into the US version having already seen the Danish one. The US version was so close to the Danish one that 13 45 minute episodes was never going to cover the entire plot which was in 20 60 minute episodes in the Danish version.

    • I want to ask HipposRule, where he or she watched the danish version, please so that I can watch it too.

  12. By the time Season 2 starts I’ll have forgotten most of what happened in Season 1 of The Killing. The gaps between these seasons of shows is getting too long. I’m planning to start reading the Books of the Game of Thrones series between seasons so by the time the next season starts I’ll be ready for it and won’t have forgotten the plot line.

  13. What the heck!? The new season won’t be till Spring in 2012? Why the terribly long wait?

    I think if they are going to stretch the wait out so dog gone long, they should offer an email alert service to notify those who subscribe to the alert when the first season episode 2 is about to be shown. I hate it when i wait and wait only to find that life gets in the way and I miss the start up of the new season!!!

    • Great suggestion! I’m in the same boat. I travel a lot and have to remember to DVR my favorites. Would love a reminder – even a particular month in Spring.

  14. This was a pale shadow of the Danish version, thankfully shown on BBC4 here in the UK earlier this year.
    Like so many US remakes, this series was heavy handed, obvious, and leaves the viewer ambivalent to the fate of the majority, if not all, of the characters within the plot.
    The best thing about it was the kudos and awareness it brought to the original series.

  15. I was hoping the show would have a new case each season. We were so disappointed that we didn’t get a “real” finale in Season 1. Waiting until Spring for Seeason 2 is frustrating, but we’ll be there. I really don’t see how they’ll make a whole second season on this case interesting, but I hope they do.

  16. u get a 2nd season because that’s no the original.. watch the real thing
    the killer at least in the original was the dad’s best friend. he confessed after kidnapping the dad, and the dad guess wat he did? HE KILLED HIM. he ends up in jail…

    • Why did Angela tell us the ending, and who the killer is???? so then it might be Belko????

    • I cannot believe you just posted who the killer is when everyone on this site is discussing season 1 and obviously did NOT know who the killer was! What an incredibly selfish and inconsiderate thing to do. Seriously, if you wanted to discuss the Danish version and who the killer was, go somewhere else!

  17. The article to which we’re all responding states the original “the killing” was a Danish series, yet a few sentences later refers to it as Dutch. So which is it?

  18. I loved the show, all of it. I didn´t think it was boring at all. Each episode kept me interested and wanting to see another one. But I do think that having to wait until next spring is really stupid. By then I will not remember what happened. You should do it like other series, wait maybe 2 or 3 months and then show the next season, but not 7 months!!!! I have never had to wait so many months to watch the next season of any show. I hope you don´t take that long cause, really, I will not watch it.

  19. To be clear; It was an Danish serie from origine. I’m from Holland and was also misled by this article. Even thought i might have missed a dutch version of The Killing, lol.

  20. I love The Killing on AMC. I don’t understand what everybody is so worry about, I love the suspense of not knowing yet. I’m just very happy that there is a season 2. I hope the program continues with the same detectives and more seasons to come. I like the way the episodes are laid out. It gives the detectives a chance to get to know each other and it keeps me involve and wondering what’s next. I do hope they solve the case at hand, and start a new case, that leads into season 3. Keep it going AMC’ you have some great programing!

  21. I absolutely loved the first season of the killing can’t wait for the new season to begin. April I think…best show on Tv….

  22. Uggg…you guys NEVER post negative comments…

  23. Sadly, the reviews are out.. The Killing Season 2′s premiere was melodramatic (BAD writing where the lead was embarrassed to speak half of her lines), slow paced, too many scenes involving the Mayor’s aids… so…. yes, due to that focus, it will most likely be the blonde who was in love with the Mayor… so predictable…
    HBO should have stepped in and said “Wrap it up by episode 4… the second murder case should have begun at the end of the double episode so that it would keep viewers glued to their sets… think the Killing has unravelled. Half of my friends said they tuned out after the first 20 minutes… paled in comparison to Season 1′s premiere which was taut (but then again, they were simply copying the Danish version) American versions always kill the integrity of the original series… Veena Sood, you have to shoulder that burden, as you wrote that mess of a premiere.

  24. I just saw Season 1 on Netflix – I got hooked after the first episode and will surely watch the second Season – worth waiting for.

  25. I would like to know if there is a book out of The Killing? The book is always so much better however I can’t imagine it being better than what I am seeing on T.V.

  26. Did season 2 start!!! W t efffff!!!!