‘The Killing’ Season 2 Details Emerge As Production Begins

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The Killing season 2 AMC The Killing Season 2 Details Emerge As Production Begins

Although it was reluctant to deliver on the tagline heard throughout its inaugural season, the producers of The Killing want to assure viewers that they will unequivocally know the answer to ‘Who killed Rosie Larsen?’ But the second season has more up its sleeve than answering the many questions left hanging at the end of season 1.

As production on season 2 of the Seattle-set drama begins this week, showrunner Veena Sud is quick to set the record straight in regards to what season 2 has in store. Sud states, “We will solve the investigation of who murdered Rosie Larsen — all will be revealed — and there will also be a second case that emerges.”

While Sud doesn’t go into detail on how the Larsen murder and this new case will share screen time, it is worth noting that Michelle Forbes, who played Rosie’s mother, Mitch Larsen, to critical acclaim and an Emmy nod, has been brought back as a series regular. This seems to suggest that there are enough questions still surrounding last season’s case to take up the bulk of season 2.

With the implication being that Det. Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) was duped into nabbing Seattle mayoral candidate Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) for Rosie’s murder – at least partially by her new partner Det. Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) – the ramifications that accompany such answers will undoubtedly be far reaching.

Also pressing is how the Larsen resolution, and additional case, will further disrupt Det. Linden’s personal life, which includes her somewhat uprooted son Jack (Liam James), and long-suffering fiancée Rick Felder (Callum Keith Rennie).

In addition, leaving things open for Forbes’ return, The Killing will also be bringing in two new major characters – though it is anyone’s guess as to how either will fit into one, or both, of the show’s cases.

For starters, Det. Linden will be receiving some much-needed help from Lt. Carlson, who is described as a dapper, well-groomed man in his fifties, who always has his finger on the proverbial pulse of Seattle’s political landscape.

Michelle Forbes The Killing Season 2 AMC The Killing Season 2 Details Emerge As Production Begins

Michelle Forbes will reprise her role as Mitch Larsen on season 2 of 'The Killing'

With the high-stakes political arena playing such a large role in season 1, it should be to law enforcement’s benefit that a politically savvy individual is amongst its ranks – provided Lt. Carlson’s interest in purely from a lawman’s point of view.

Secondly, The Killing will introduce Alexi, a young Polish-American riddled with piercings and tattoos. This product of the foster care system is said to be a “dark, frightening teen who can turn on a dime emotionally.” While Alexi may sound like a prototype of misguided youth, his connection to either Rosie’s murder or another may make him a central figure of season 2.

Even though The Killing caught a bit of bad press with its inconclusive season finale, the program as a whole delivered a well-crafted, compelling piece of drama that garnered a handful of Emmy nominations (six to be exact), and likely has as many fans eager for its return as there are those skeptical of what the next season is promising.

The Killing will return to AMC sometime in the spring of 2012.

Source: TV Line

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  1. As one who was as disappointed, as everyone else who watched the series, in the non-resolution of the case (which I think was a major disservice), I will be watching the second season. I’m willing to give a second chance to an excellent show and hope they can deliver. I thought the storyline regarding the case was a bit ‘stretched out’, but the back stories were interesting and the acting top notch. One thing… please let Mitch ‘lighten up’ a bit.

    • Oh, I forgot… as someone who lives near Seattle, I enjoyed watching for gaffes (since it was filmed in Vancouver), such as the depiction of the WSF ferry boat. Also, it doesn’t rain that much… so don’t be afraid to come visit.

      • Also born in Seattle. It’s the wrong kind of rain too. Seattle rain is more of a drizzle, not heavy as shown in The Killing. Also, how about a few sunny days with Mt. Rainier in the background?

        • Jean… didn’t the ferry scene crack you up?

  2. I have seen two seasons of the original Danish version. The primary difference is how AMC has taken one complete story and turned it into two seasons. Maybe they are going to blend the Danish season two (a whole separate story) into the US season two.

    Want to know who killed the girl? Send me $20 bucks!


    • That’s funny as hell, old rogue… I’ll save my $20, since I read that they will solve the case right away. How closely did AMC follow the original version? I really enjoyed the show and looked forward to watching each week, but was getting tired of the constant bleak atmosphere, and the somber music that seemed to constantly follow everyone around. Please tell me that Mitch can start to find some happiness somewhere…

  3. “I’ll save my $20, since I read that they will solve the case right away.”

    Not if AMC follows the Danish version – as they have done so far – they won’t solve it right away. You’ll have to wait until the last episode, like everyone else.

    Although I haven’t watched any more than a couple of AMC episodes, Wikipedia’s list of AMC’s episodes seems pretty much step for step with the Danish version, which makes me certain you have a long way to go to know who the killer is.

    No $20, no info on Mitch either. Heh, heh, heh.


    • I have seen the Danish version too. The American version starts out almost identically to the Danish version, shot for shot. But after a few episodes there are some differences. I had read that the American version was not going to have the same killer as the Danish version for people like me who have seen it already. But, then again, I also read that the first season would be solved at the conclusion which it clearly was not.

  4. Of course I want to know who the killer is, but
    I respect the decision to keep the viewers in suspense. Also, I read somewhere that they didn’t want to make the series predictable, wherein the end of each season would have to conclude a case, and the beginning of each season would introduce a new crime.

  5. liked season 1 but season 2 will probably end up like dexter, completely void of mystery, predictable, and instead of building tension (like season 1 of the killing did), have massive reveals every episode with soap-opera melodrama delving deeply into nothing. except dexter was that way from episode one.

  6. Hello
    It was okay with me that everything wasn’t neatly tied up at the end of season 1 . I think the acting of the 2 main detective is superb and cannot wait for the next season to begin. I never knew the name of the actress that plays Mitch but I remember her from Kalifornia and she is great .
    I grew to really care about everyone involved in the first season of The Killing . Don’t worry I am not a shill .
    Thanks , Diane .

  7. I don;t agree Prickly pete …LOL TOO funny as Mitch was the big salad chick on Seinfeld too !!
    Anyway the acting is too good to fall by the wayside . I am going to give it the chance .

  8. I can’t wait for season 2 to come out to see the real killer of Rosie Larsen, but I say its Stephen Holder, and not Darron, I just can’t wait!!!

  9. My husband and I loved the first season of The Killing, except for one episode near the end that seemed to be all filler. We’re guessing now that’s when the producers decided to not solve the case, as promised, and so they needed another episode. I’m afraid we’re not as forgiving as some others. We loved the concept of a murder investigation taking an entire season AND being solved. Didn’t appreciate being duped so we’re not going to tune in to S2. Producers should realize viewers have so many choices, if you disappoint, we move on, no matter how good the actors.

  10. At first I was disappointed not to have the case resolved, but now that I have Tivo-ed the 1st season and am rewatching at my leisure, I am enjoying looking for clues and trying to figure it out. The acting is both superb and intense. The twists and turns are awesome. I look forward to season 2 and whatever it holds, I am sure it will not disappoint

  11. I can’t wait for season 2 of Twin Peaks-er-The Killing, when we find out who killed Laura Palmer-er-Rosie Larsen. Last season it was shocking to find out about the teenage brothel and casino, One-Eyed Jack’s-er-The Native American casino. I don’t think that the town’s most powerful man, Benjamin Horne-er-Darren Richman killed her. I bet the killer is the father, Leland Palmer-er-Stan Larson. Can’t wait.

    • It was BOB, he killed Laura, I mean Rosie. Twin Peaks FTW, high five /)

  12. As a viewer who watched every episode 2-3 times let me tell you some things that Ms. Sud neglected.
    Every episode was built around a red herring. There was a 4 episode storyline about Rosies teacher that led absolutely no where.
    There was an episode that everyone recognized as a filler, mainly because the writers and producers were in way over their heads.

    As far as “the program as a whole delivered a well-crafted, compelling piece of drama”, I don’t know what you were watching but it wasn’t The Killing. After the first episode the plotline went into a coma and it has yet to come out.
    As far as emmy awards,I think the Simpsons were more deserving of an emmy than anyone associated to The Killing, and everyone knows the Simpsons have jumped the shark.