AMC Cancels ‘The Killing’

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the killing AMC Cancels The Killing

Mystery drama The Killing has finally lived up to its namesake. The series – which stars Mireille Enos as a detective investigating the murder of a girl named Rosie Larsen – has officially been dropped from AMC’s upcoming schedule, ending its run after just two seasons.

The network dropped the news of the show’s cancellation in the following statement:

After much deliberation, we’ve come to the difficult decision not to renew The Killing for a third season. AMC is incredibly proud of the show and is fortunate to have worked with such a talented team on this project, from showrunner Veena Sud and our terrific partners at Fox Television Studios to the talented, dedicated crew and exceptional cast.

Despite initial strong ratings and Emmy nominations for two of its stars, The Killing received backlash from fans and critics when it failed to solve its central murder case by the end of its first season. Soon thereafter, executive producer Sud mentioned that the show would continually diverge from Forbrydelsen, the Danish series on which it was based, but despite the promise of a different direction, ratings continued to dip throughout the series’ run.

The Killing’s second season finale saw a 17 percent decline from its premiere and a harsh decline of 35 percent from the first season’s close.

The Killing2 AMC Cancels The KillingLate in its freshman year, The Killing received a last-minute renewal for a second season, and perhaps some were hoping that the network would again make a delayed decision to keep the show on for another go-round. Sadly, that isn’t the case, though at the very least, fans can be thankful that the show finally got around to solving its over-arching mystery before its cancellation.

In addition, the series offered a career boost for Enos and co-star Joel Kinnaman, both of who have used the series to transition into film. Kinnaman assumes the lead role in the upcoming Robocop remake, while Enos is featured in the just-delayed Gangster Squad, alongside Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn.

Both films are set for release in 2013.

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  1. After reading all your reasons about ratings, viewers backlash,etc about the Killing it reminded me about the Sopranos. We all had our favorite season and there were ebs and flows but we continued watching because there was something compelling about the story, the actors and we often did not understand where it was going.

    With the Killing you must not have counted my social group in your assessment. There is so much left unresolved, so many excellent story lines to continue and such excellent acting by the entire cast. We enjoyed the drama every single episode. Remember there aren’t that many compelling dramas for us to watch anymore with topical issues and interesting twists. Just like the cancellation of Missing we wonder what are the networks thinking?

  2. I fully admit I’m much harder in The Killing than I should have been. Now that it’s over I appreciate it more than I thought I would.
    But that does mean I feel any different about the mistakes made bye the show and AMC.
    And that’s why I’m fine with it being over. Another season of stretching things out and red herrings coming out the ying yang would have been to much…

  3. Good. Should have canceled it after the first season.

    I watched the entire first season, and while there were definitely some good performances, I found it to be extremely over hyped and massively underwhelming in nearly every facet. Not only was it terminally slow, with side plots and characters that went absolutely nowhere, but to get to end of the season and then unrepentantly SCREW the viewers over was unforgivable.

    Also, a giant F.U. to Veena Sud, for not only not admitting you were in way over your head and had no clue what you were doing or where the story was going, but especially for your reaction to the fans who were justifiably upset with your extremely weak, cop out of an “ending”. Your continued feeble bluffing, lame excuses, and your arrogant and condescending attempts to actually blame the viewers for your glaring mistakes, was absolutely inexcusable.

    I can understand wanting to drag it out and milk the show for every penny, but don’t assume all your viewers are ignorant hicks who can’t tell when they’ve been conned and then lied to.

  4. Angelripper, your viewpoint would bear more weight if you had actually watched the second season, which was, in my opinion, far superior than the first. But, that said, I understand why so many people were disappointed last year. We stuck with it and are very glad we did. It was so much better all year long. Specifically, the performance of Brent Sexton as Stan Larson. I was very disappointed, but not surprised, that he didn’t get an Emmy nomination. He was exceptionally good at carrying the grieving family torch all season, sometimes switching emotional gears several times in the same scene. But the lack of hype and coverage killed The Killing and any hope for it to continue. So, very sad, especially after the way it ended. After investing so much time on these characters and the story, they gave us a very emotional and satisfactory ending. We were very pleased, and most importantly, shocked at how they exposed Rosie’s killer. So, yeah, very good, and it will be missed. But, part of my really wonders if it was more than just the lower ratings. Could it be that AMC is running out of money? They lost Dish Network recently and had to agree to pay Mad Men more money. Breaking Bad is on it’s final run (DAMN!!) and the only other thing they have is Walking Dead. (I don’t count Hell on Wheels as in the same league, even though I do watch and enjoy it.) Will AMC be able to add any new shows to it’s network? If they do, I hope they’re able to get closer to the quality of Breaking Bad and Mad Men. I know, very tough to do!!

  5. I was annoyed at how season 1 ended but was willing to watch season 2. However, the extreme and continual forebodng sense of dread, the darkness of the scenes, their choice to depict only the (depressive) rainy atmosphere of Washington, the tunnel vision of Enos’s Sarah and her obsessiveness to her job to the detriment of raisng her son, the ‘never’ any good news, wore on me and I lost interest.

  6. It’s interesting comparing the original to the US version: season one seemed to be a shot for shot remake (although it finished half way through), however season two very quickly diverged which was impressively disconcerting. The other major issue for me was that I could ‘watch’ the remake in the background, whereas the original commanded my attention if I wanted to read the subtitles. It’s sad that the US has lost the opportunity to see a re-imagined version of the Danish season 2, because the finale really floored me. Of course the elephant in the room is George Sluizer…

  7. I liked the show, but it kind of got exhausting to watch. Every episode was a snooze-fest where nothing happened. It took 2 seasons to solve one murder. Seriously? Law and Order has every case solved at the end of each episode. And while that doesn’t build the same level of drama that “The Killing” did, it was still easier to watch.

    I won’t miss the show. They finally revealed who killed Rosie and unless if people wanted to sit through 2 seasons of them solving another murder that would have the same things play out in the exact same ways, the show needed to die.

  8. Good riddance. AMC makes good shows. This only makes room for something better in the future.

  9. I rember on twin peaks after they revealed the killers identy the show tanked. They haven’t said who killed Rosie Larsen and the show is cancled amazing.

  10. I enjoyed The Killing but really didn’t know where they would go with a 3rd season anyway. The main character should, by all rights, fly “home” to her new life which removes her, her son and the drama that goes with it. So all we would be left with to carry on would be Kinnaman? We needed a bit more of an anchor than that.

  11. I’ve only seen the first two episodes of the show,and liked it,but haven’t had a chance yet to finish watching it.It was a quality show that probably deserved better,but it reinforces my theory that the only show that AMC really cares about and is 110% behind,is Mad Men.

    • I was going to say, “what about Breaking Bad?” but they are ending that show and then being ***** and holding the second half of that season till next year.
      And there there is The Walking Dead that had some real shake-ups last season with people leaving and budgets being slashed (and it showed)

      So you may indeed be right. Funny thing is I don’t watch or even particularly like Mad Men, it’s just not my style.

      • they are ending breaking bad’s story. It isn’t being cancelled because no one wants to watch it. They gave Vince the end date so he could make a real ending to the show. And as for the walking dead, season two did not suffer. If all you want is massive amounts of zombies attacking people then go watch crappy zombie movies.

        • yeah, I believe i stated they were ending BB. And I understand “going out on a high note” but I don’t believe they have peaked yet and there is still plenty of interesting story to tell if they had the chance.

          And many (including myself) would disagree with you about TWD. They spent the entire season meandering around a farm and it fell very slow and needlessly drawn out. They could have told that story arc in 3-4 episodes. I’m not asking for the zombie horde every single week but when all we get is a token zombie every week, the budgetary restraints show.

          It’s was a highly successful show so there was no need to cut the budget which goes back to Longshanks assertion that AMC only truly cares about their Mad Men baby.

    • Actually, I think AMC is now behind The Walking Dead 110%, even though I thought the longer, second season was far inferior ot the six-episode season 1. The show gets ratings and ad revenue, although season 2 was a pretty slow burn and now that we know that everyone has the zombie virus (although it wasn’t a big surprise), I’m not really sure where the story is going to go, other than to be a soap opera, with the group surviving the zombies (as well as their own internal spats) on a weekly basis.

  12. I liked The Killing and question AMC’s thought process. They have thrown some real stinkers down in the last couple years and then tossed out shows that had fantastic promise. They are starting to act like Fox or NBC and not letting a fanbase be built and thinking if something is not a instant success then its over. Seinfeld was almost cancelled for the 1st couple years and look how that worked out.

    • I thought Rubicon was an interesting and unique show but *poof* it got the axe. :(

  13. Certainly not a surprise but a bit disappointing given that the show had so many positives, namely the strong acting of Kinaman and Enos in well-written roles. I think the show could not get over the mistake of a two season format (with a full year in between). The story was compelling and just when we thought we were getting a pay off – wait! tune in next year when you will no longer care to find out what happens!

    Whoever thought of this format, whether it be Sud or AMC head Chuck Collier, should get fired as well for making such an egregious error in judgment.

    I hope the show gets picked up by HBO or Showtime. I think it would do better on a premiere cable network.

  14. I loved watching The Killing. I wish you would bring back Mireille Enos and Joel Kinneman in other crime solving shows. Make them a regular police show like Law and Order. I look forward to seeing them on a regular basis.