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the karate kid jackie chan jaden smith The Karate Kid Trailer #3

When they announced they were remaking the (classic movie?) The Karate Kid I was, like most of you (I presume), really quite annoyed. Again Hollywood was looking backwards instead of looking forwards and remaking something from decades ago, trying to modernize it for today’s audience.

The first trailer for The Karate Kid didn’t impress me (the hip-hop music thrown in there I particularly hated) and even though the international trailer was an improvement, it still didn’t make me excited for the movie. Sadly, this third theatrical trailer doesn’t place it on my most anticipated list, but I have to say it’s a vast improvement over the previous trailers.

Check out the new Karate Kid trailer below, thanks to Yahoo:



You can watch the trailer in HD over at Yahoo.

Can someone, anyone, please explain to me why this film isn’t called The Kung Fu Kid? They even mention Kung Fu throughout the trailer and yet they still put the title The Karate Kid up at the end…

There was, and still is, some confusion as to whether this film is titled The Kung Fu Kid or The Karate Kid. The last we heard it may be changing back to “Kung Fu” (Jackie Chan suggested it would be called Kung Fu in China and Karate in America) but now this trailer suggests it really is “Karate” after all. I’d like some sort of official announcement telling us which one it is!

Anyway, the title issue aside, as I said this trailer looks a lot better than the previous ones in my opinion, with some genuinely funny moments (for instance, when the kid leans over and says his name to a Chinese man next to him in Chinese and the guy replies, “Dude, I’m from Detroit”). There’s also some decent looking action in the film – enough that I’m willing to keep an open mind.

karate kid one The Karate Kid Trailer #3

Oh, and Jaden Smith still sucks in the role… Oohh, did I just say that? 😛 …

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What do you think of the latest trailer for The Karate Kid? Is it an improvement over the previous two? Like me, are you confused why it’s called The Karate Kid?

The Karate Kid hits theaters this summer on June 11th.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. This film actually looks pretty good. And it's a double-edged sword (no pun).

    If you saw this trailer, and it had a diff title, you'd say “Dude, it's freaking Karate Kid!”
    But with that title people start…doing what they're doing now.

    Kung-Fu Kid would be better, though. But I think you're dead wrong, Ross, Jaiden looks good in this.

  2. I do think that the original Karate Kid is a classic , in the same way that Double Bubble is classic chewing gum ( good but not neccessarily the best there ever was ).
    I like Jackie Chan a lot and what I've seen of Smith so far looks pretty good.
    I think that this looks like a good movie( even if its been done before ).
    I have 10 years worth of training in 4 different martial arts ( one of those being Shotokan Karate ) and I must admit to being baffled that they aren't calling this The Kung Fu Kid.
    That being said , if the movie is good enough the particulars of the title won't matter much.

  3. The problem is that it shows much DISRESPECT for the artform itself! If they are practicing “Kung Fu” in this movie then it should be called “The Kung Fu Kid” that title sounds cool! Its so much disrespect to the art by calling the movie something that it's not, that shows how much these people really care about this beautiful art.They don't give a damn to even be respectful enough to be correct. Now if they were to call it “The Kung Fu Kid”, that would give this movie the opportunity to stand on its OWN two feet and become it's OWN franchise instead of leeching and lagging on to the title of “The Karate Kid”. I do believe the movie will be good though, Taraji is a great actress and you can tell that Will Smith was present all the way through this movie so I doubt that he'd let his son fail. Also Jackie Chan looks like he's doing some very serious acting in this. Lastly, I was raised on Hi-Hop and I love me some “REAL” Hi-Hop but I am a musician myself and very eclectic. I'm mostly Neo-Classical Metal in terms of my music, but the sound track to this movie sounds like genric Hip-Hop and I don't find it necessary to make the sound track “all” Hip-Hop just because the main character is from Detroit and black. They should just have blended some traditional “CHINESE” music and orchestrated it and maybe a little epic dramatic music when he is leaving Detroit. Then blend the “Chinese” music with “elements” of Hip-Hop but not straight ahead Hip-Hop. That was one of the greatest things about the original Karate Kid was that the soundtrack was epic. So far, I haven't heard anything epic about this new one.

    • As far as the music goes, I just saw it and I really liked the music. I mean, it’s pretty much all hip hop and pop, but it’s got some actual Chinese pop as well which I thought was a nice touch. There’s also a new song (at least new to me) by K’naan feat. Adam Levine called “Bang Bang” which is pretty awesome. I downloaded it as soon as I got home. :)

  4. Forgetting about the title, it does like like it might be an enjoyable movie.

    Thing is, I've been burned by awesome trailers before. Terminator Salvation comes to mind, such an amazing trailer, but such a let down for the movie.

    So an open mind I'll have. I'll watch it, but I won't keep my hopes up.

  5. This movie should be headed straight to video like High School Musical, but unfortunately, and fortunately for Chan and Jaden Smith (Will's son), it won't be. And It will probably spawn a sequel…..

  6. Looks atrocious. Nepotism at its best.

    Dear Will Smith,

    I do not care to pay to see your son so you can make him a “star”. This whole idea of a Chinese bully is ridiculous. Have you ever lived among the Chinese? Your kid is a terrible actor. Karate in China??? Maybe if the teacher was a Japanese in China. Oh wait I'm being more creative than Hollywood. Imagine that.

    I can't wait for this movie to release. So it can vanish in a heartbeat. I'm tired of hearing news about this lame film.

    • As far as your comment about Chinese not being bullies, I think that’s a bit misguided. I went to school with a large amount of Chinese kids for about 7 years, and I’ve also traveled a lot in China, and I think they can be bullies as much as any other nationality. I actually thought the film did a really nice job of showing China and it had some really beautiful cinematography of Chinese countryside.

  7. Okay people, lets give the movie time, the trailer looked great, great fighting, awesome scenery, excellent cultural montages, its blatantly obvious the main and only REAL issue with the movie is the title.. But lets talk about the ups vs the downs, a refreshing setting, 2 VERY recognizable stars apparently, and jackie chan action where his character is more sincere than comic relief, for “HOMBRE” down there, i dont see whats ridiculous about a chinese bully, not at all, I think a bully is defined by character, and tell Taiwan you don't believe in a chinese bully, and if it was your kid and someone else said that, im sure you would want to kick some ass so lets try not to down the kid too hard, hes just a kid, and for “ULIK” down there, I COMPLETELY respect your talent as a musician and opinion of the music and couldnt agree more, but have you ever seen Never Back Down??? Was the rock music too race specific for that “karate kid” esq movie?? Or did it not seem to bother you? Or did they even use rock because the main protagonist was white?? Who knows?? I say that you shouldnt judge the movie by the music played in the movie trailer.. just not enough hard evidence you know? Dont get me wrong i dont like whatever song they played in that trailer, but we gotta wait and listen for some epic soundtrack titles to come from this… Everyones been bashing on this movie simply because of the title, im sure if it were called anything different there wouldnt be AS MUCH hate on little smith and jackie chan. but again, this trailer looks very impressive, refreshing, packed with action, and for a right wing compliment, because ive been hearing so much duff about this movie, Jaden looks about 10 years old, and im sure he and jackie chans character, would beat the mess outta danny laruso and mr. miagi, but of course theyre both just movies.. Much respect to the original and this one. RIP pat morita.. go to hell ralph machio lol jk jk hes cool too.. stay golden pony boys

  8. Good post and no I've never seen “Never back Down”. I think the music should be mixed, a little rock a little hi-hop and the movie's OWN theme. I don't have a problem if the character is “Urban” or “sub-urban” and I think certain parts of the movie should have urban music if the character is “urban” but if the movie is in China, I want to hear “Chinese” music whether its Chinese fused with orchestrated music or whatever, I don't want to hear generic Hip-hop all throughout whole the movie. Hopefully they don't do that. Other than the title and the music, like I said I think it will be good.

  9. Like I said to before respect the art form. In painting Impressionism,surrealism,or abstract are different styles and they have certain names for a good reason. So is the same with Martial Arts, it's NOT all the same and Americans are not that stupid were they don't know the difference. The average American knows the difference between Karate and Kung Fu. Kung Fu and Karate didn't just become popular recently! Especially now that mixed Martial Arts is so popular, even more people know the difference than ever before.

  10. Im not understanding why everyone is so hard on this remake. They actually explained the title in earlier movie summarys(if you pay attention and kinda fill in the blanks). Im not sue which site i was reading up on but it states Jaden's character took karate lessons in his hometown(explains his fighting stance in the park bully fight). Most likely, which is darn near confirmed by everyones neg. comments that most likely in china, people would make fun of someone who practices karate. Especially a novice at KARATE who is a new KID. Seems to me and if you have ever been to middle or high school…. when someone makes fun of you or the way you fight they might call you… mmmm idk… “Karate Kid”.
    End all… “Karate Kid” is used as a taunt by the bullies. He uses his karate experience to adapt and get better(explaining why one might get really good at kung fu in a short time). Trains with a true master…yadda yadda yadda……. Hence the name of the movie.
    Oh and you cant judge a soundtrack on a min 30 sec trailer. Unrealistic.

  11. OMG!!! Will people get over this title thing!

    Yes, it is disrespectful to the art form of martial arts – but it's MORE than obvious that some suit who knows/cares nothing about marital arts slapped “Karate” on there for name recognition alone.

    Even Chan is walking around saying “Kung Fu Kid” and you can bet your ass the studio will alter the name in the foreign markets where it WILL affect the movie's performance.

    We have a smart readership on this site but the simple truth is a large number of Americans will NOT give a crap whether it's Karate or Kung Fu in the title – same as a large number of kids and tweens don't give a crap about the original film, because it's too old for them – same as when my parents tried to get me to watch movies from the 60s or 70s when I was an 80s baby. It didn't fly til I was old enough to appreciate cinema and its legacy.

    The music – again, that's clearly some studio exec, focus group pizza-bribery madness. They don't play Chinese music because they think (or the focus group, bribed by free pizza thought) an American boy kicking foreign ass should have some Americanesque theme music – so we get the most generic hip-rock-hop there is in the form of Mike Shiroda from Linkin Park.

    Jayden Smith is displaying some excellent physicality, IMHO and Chan is looking wise and serious for once. I also appreciate that the movie is getting into zen-style themes of harmony and focus bringing Eastern philosophy into the “cool zone” of Western urban tastes. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

    This movie is not a forgone disaster – and when it hits HBO I WILL be watching, LOL.

  12. What he said *points up*

  13. How about some traditional Chinese music fused with Hip-Hop, now that would be BADASS!!! Mike Shinoda could definitely do that well. I know his work, solo projects and with Linkin Park.

  14. I watched the trailer again, it's got some good orchestrated music in the background too. That's great! I'm glad I watched it again! That generic hip-hop distracted me.

  15. I still say he looks just like Riley Freeman!

  16. No problem with the movie. Good and bad movies will always exist. However, calling it the Karate Kid when obviously it is Kung Fu is confusing to the uninformed public and melding the Japanese culture and the Chinese culture will continue to keep people ignorant. I can forgive using Chinese actresses in Memoirs of a Geisha because that is acting and they are creating an illusion. If someone called American football, soccer or rugby, people would have a fit! So why in the world not call it the Kung Fu Kid?

  17. Im down for me and my kids to see this movie looks like it's going to be a good one.

  18. Im down for me and my kids to see this movie looks like it's going to be a good one.

  19. I think “theicontake” just explained everything so well right now, He single handedly put to rest the arguments and unsettled masses out there about this particular movie title… Go read his post to hear what im talking about.. in the mean time YES the karate kid title in itself might be used as mockery tool for jadens Chinese counterparts if in the movie jaden arrives in China with a pre-training and history in KARATE.. and the bullies in this new home of his would mock him as THE KARATE KID being that all the bullies train in kung fu.. and that of course the dominant fighting style in China.. But wait and see, all these little girls crying over the title will come to realize EXACTLY WHY ITS CALLED THE KARATE KID WHEN THEY SEE THE MOVIE!!! much respect to “theicontake”….

  20. (handshake for Mr. Cutting)
    Ah… Finally a comprehensive brain. Too bad there are so few out there. Perhaps there are others who would like to try some intellect on for size. Maybe use some detective skills to figure out plausible scenerios before blasting an UNSEEN movie, hmm? Perhaps…..

  21. Was thinking the same thing as Bill. He's probably mocked the karate kid and that's why the call it karate kid. The other reason of course is that their movie will earn much more with this name. But if there isnt a proper explanation in the movie it would be pretty dumm. BTW – Actually it would be wushu kid :) and im pretty sure the chinese title will be”wushu-xiao-zi” or something like that.

  22. Was thinking the same thing as Bill. He's probably mocked the karate kid and that's why the call it karate kid. The other reason of course is that their movie will earn much more with this name. But if there isnt a proper explanation in the movie it would be pretty dumm. BTW – Actually it would be wushu kid :) and im pretty sure the chinese title will be”wushu-xiao-zi” or something like that.

  23. i mean im purty sure they called it the karate kid, inorder so they couuld get more peopel watching…since the original karate kid is a classic,

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