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the karate kid jackie chan jaden smith The Karate Kid Remake Trailer

Following some first official images, Columbia Pictures has released the first trailer for The Karate Kid (formerly titled The Kung Fu Kid), the remake of the classic ’80s movie. The film stars Jaden Smith (son of megastar, Will Smith) as Dre Parker who, because of work pressure for his single mother, moves to China and soon thereafter comes up against a bully. His misfortune catches the eye of Mr. Han (read: this new version’s Mr. Myagi), played by Jackie Chan. Mr. Han then teaches young Dre karate, presumably in order to defend himself.

There’s been much negative fan reaction to this Karate Kid remake, some people citing Jaden Smith playing the lead role as their problem, others just generally hating the idea of remaking such a classic movie that a lot of people hold dearly from their childhoods (myself included). This trailer starts out alright, but the further it gets into it, particularly when that annoying and cliched rap music kicks in, the more it looks very “blah” to me.

I won’t say anymore for now, check it out for yourself, courtesy of Yahoo below.

You can watch the trailer in HD over at Yahoo.

Well, I must admit it doesn’t look as wretchedly awful as some (myself included) were expecting it to be – but it doesn’t completely squash my apprehensions about it, either. I hate that they’ve thrown in a hip-hop feel (whatever that means 😛 ) and the more grown-up (since The Pursuit of Happyness) Jaden Smith doesn’t have the instant likability and charisma to pull off the role, particularly to make those few lines he utters in that trailer seem cool, something I imagine was the intention.

Perhaps the biggest mistake made about this project (apart from giving the it the greenlight 😛 ) was getting Harald Zwart to direct it. Why’s that? Well, he was responsible for the Pink Panther sequel with Steve Martin, as well as Agent Cody Banks with Frankie “Malcolm in the Middle” Muniz (ouch on both accounts). Of all the directors they could have chosen, I have no idea why they went for Zwart. It’s almost as if they wanted to give themselves a challenge!

Anyway, enough from me, what are YOUR thoughts on our first proper look at The Karate Kid remake? Does the trailer inspire confidence that it may be decent? Or does it confirm previous suspicions that it’s going to suck, muddying the legacy of the original Karate Kid?

The Karate Kid is set to kick its way into theaters on June 11th, 2010.

Sources: Yahoo (thanks to Cinemablend)

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  1. Epic Fail!

  2. wow i think they just ruined a classic movie

  3. It looks like one of those kid movies, like Agent Cody Banks. I’ll be skipping it. I just can’t relate to a 12 yr old kid wanting to learn karate. Sorry.

  4. I don’t understand why everyone is posting this trailer. There couldn’t be a movie that looks more like it’s obviously going to be a giant disappointment than if you posted a “Transformers vs. Avatar” trailer.

    Some news isn’t worth posting!

  5. This looks…pathetically bad. I agree with you though, the hip-hop theme kinda ruins it.

  6. The trailer is ok but I still don’t want to watch it.

  7. Damn its too bad they didnt have a crap ass metal or rock theme, or some country music, because those are the only forms of music that make anything good in a trailer about martial arts aside from traditional asian music. Boo hoo and hoo and hoo and hoo.

    Aside from the trailer music what else was “hip hop” about it.

  8. couldnt they waited till they were both older… my god this is a sad

  9. Ugh. This looks awful. First, I can’t believe that someone would move to CHINA because of work pressures. Yup, working in a sweatshop sure beats working at the grocery store or McDonald’s (or you know, going to school.) Also, I’m sure that EVERYONE in China knows how to speak English, so they won’t have ANY problem communicating. Jaden Smith, unlike his father, is a HORRIBLE actor. Yeah, he’s only 12 or what, but name something where he DIDN’T suck. I like Jackie Chan, but he’s not going to be able to save this pile of crap. He should have made Rush Hour 4 instead.

  10. i think the critics to this movie are lame and racist, thats why they want it to fail because young jaden is black, now i am a martial arts fan, jayden knows martial arts foreal unlike the star of the original so right theres the authenticness of fighting and jayden is young and adorable. this movie is a classic already, deal with your hatred internally and please dont direct your hatred towards a young child.

  11. LOL! Love the tribute to Pat Morita with the catching flies with those sticks

  12. Isnt karate from Japan, Taekwando from Korea & KungFu or Wushu from China? And is so obvious that they are in China.
    So just why the hell they still call it karate again???


  14. The original Karate Kid was a great movie that played to a wide audience. I saw it late in life and it still made an impact on me.

    This new one looks like it lacks all the great elements of the first one. Just another remake. Nothing to see here. Moving on.

  15. This movie is being remade for money, plain and simple. It’s a cheap way of recycling an old idea, slapping it in some recognizable packaging (i.e. a name that everyone knows), and making a quick buck. Think about it: Sidekicks, starring Jonathan Brandis and Chuck Norris, was made 8 years after The Karate Kid and was basically the same storyline, and it was a flop. It made very little money, and as far as I know has never been released on DVD. But, you take a completely different kid, wait long enough, tweak the story to be a little more modern and a little more politically conscious (the new story is set in China, remember?), give it the same name and brand it the same way and audiences will (hopefully) flock to theaters to see it. Throw in the star power of Will Smith’s progeny and you’ve got a product that you can probably sell.

    Other than being pissed off that these people are now traipsing around in the backyard of my childhood memories, it also bothers me that they are calling it KARATE when it so clearly is not KARATE. He is obviously learning (within the context of the film) some form of wushu.

  16. i absolutely loved the karate kid series (watched them when i was young) and all i can say is that the movie doesnt have heart, the fact that they chose a “fully sick” gangsta* to be the student is ridiculous, however this is probably aimed at young teens who are somewhat similar to the lead character and aims to teach them that listening to rap will ruin you.. or something like that.

    i’ll probably take my younger brother to watch this

  17. @chicago
    C’mon Racist are you kidding! Just cos he’s black, Wow your preety simple in that case. also The karate kid wasnt just about Karate ya Muppet.
    also please save your reply. I dont care


  18. “i think the critics to this movie are lame and racist”

    ROFLMAO @Chicago

    Yes, yes, of course it’s because Jayden is black and Jackie Chan is Asian that people are saying this looks awful.

    BRILLIANT deduction – don’t know why I didn’t figure it out sooner.



  19. I’m into hip hop, and yea i think it killed the trailer also.. I remember when hip hop was also used in the american release of Supercop(also with Jackie), and it killed it for me. Chinese music is much better, and puts a better tone to it. Oh well, I hope this movie does good in some way.

  20. Utterly Ridiculas

  21. Nice job Will, “Karate Kid” is going to look pretty sweet on Jadens resume… Sarcasm? 😉

    I’ve got t-shirts older then this kid and he’s already working with Jackie Chan? Wth? 😯

  22. I really like Jackie Chan, but that is not enough to get me to see this movie.

    Also Sidekicks is the best movie ever…EVER!

  23. i liked the preveiw karate kid was a great movie but this one looks like it has potential and some of wills talent has to have gone down to his son i cant wait to see it

  24. Some of the responses I have read about this film have been disturbing and disgusting accross multiple sites. As for the hip-hop music in the trailer not being applicable did you listen to the lyrics?

    “This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, 100% reason to remember the name.”

    How are the lyrics I have listed above not applicable to martial arts?

    The original Karate Kid (Ralph Maccio) was not a martial artist and niether was Pat Morita. It was apparent that niether of them had the martial arts backgrounds.

    A notable amount of the negative comments about this film comes out of the fact that Jayden is black. We have come so far to have not gone anywhere…

  25. @Taz G


    Show me ONE comment above that is criticizing this movie because Jaden is black.



  26. @ Vic, I didn’t say this site I said across multiple sites. I should have spaced after my first sentence. My main response was predominantly about the comments on hip-hop

  27. @Taz

    In that case I apologize. IF people are slamming this movie because of Jayden, I certainly hope it’s because they don’t want to see the movie remade or his acting skills and not because he’s black.

    Best regards,


  28. No prob, Tone is hard to convey in brief written form.

    I was on Yahoo Movies and facebook forums when people made really disturbing coments about this movie.

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