‘The Incredible Hulk’ Returning to TV

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hulk tv show 02 The Incredible Hulk Returning to TV

Not to be upstaged by DC Comics and their recent announcement of a new Wonder Woman show, Marvel has revealed plans to team up with ABC for a new series based on The Incredible Hulk.

Marvel’s television department has been operating in near secrecy since Jeph Loeb took over this past June and The Incredible Hulk quickly became one of their high-priority projects. They presented the idea to Disney along with a list of other properties they had designated as potential television shows.

According to THR, The Incredible Hulk and Cloak & Dagger were selected from that list and both are in the earliest stages of development. Loeb is currently meeting with writers for Cloak & Dagger (which would likely wind up on ABC Family) and The Incredible Hulk is actively searching for a showrunner.

THR‘s sources claim that Guillermo del Toro and Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick will each be pitching their take on The Incredible Hulk. While a del Toro helmed Hulk series might sound, well… incredible, his name is currently being attached to everything under the sun and it’s typically only true a fraction of the time.

With or without him, The Incredible Hulk certainly has potential in the television medium – as proven by the successful CBS series that ran from 1978-82. While somewhat divergent from the comic book source material, that depiction of The Hulk remains the most iconic to the general public and Bill Bixby’s portrayal of Bruce (Er, David) Banner is probably the most beloved.

The list of other properties that Marvel Television presented to Disney offers some insight into what shows we might expect from them in the future. In addition to The Incredible Hulk and Cloak & Dagger, series based on Heroes for Hire, The Eternals, Jessica Jones, Moon Knight, Ka-Zar, Daughters of the Dragon, and The Punisher were all proposed.

While THR hints that The Punisher is being eyed as a cable show, they acknowledge that Marvel won’t be making any concrete plans for its development any time soon. For now, the focus will remain on The Incredible Hulk and Cloak & Dagger.

new hulk tv show 03 The Incredible Hulk Returning to TV

I have limited exposure to Cloak & Dagger so I’m pretty neutral on a television adaptation (though ABC Family seems like a strange fit). In regards to The Incredible Hulk, I’m not at all adverse to a new show, but I am curious to see if it will follow the template of its predecessor or if it will instead utilize an entirely different format.

There’s also the issue of Marvel’s interconnected movie universe. Will the shows have their own continuity or will they be tied to the films as well? It seems highly unlikely that movie Hulk Mark Ruffalo would participate in a TV show. Could audiences accept a new actor in the role? Yeah… that was sarcasm.

I’d almost prefer a show that has nothing to do with The Avengers or other Marvel characters. Bruce Banner really is a compelling enough character on his own. The TV movies that followed the original series where they brought in Thor and Daredevil were so clumsy. He really doesn’t require special guest stars or hints at a larger mythology.

How do you feel about Marvel’s television plans? Would you watch a new version of The Incredible Hulk?

Source: THR.

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  1. Only if they keep the sad walking away music….

    • I second that!

      • third!

    • awwwwww come on thats a epic tune,,,i still use that as my walk away music lol

  2. Beh, I prefer a Captain America tv show..

  3. STUPID idea…yea a cap show would be a great idea tho

  4. I would watch a Incredible Hulk if it follows a combined format from the original series,and new adventures taking place after The Incredible Hulk series ended.
    As to Moon Knight,and Cloak and Dagger I’ll wait for casting news,writing chores,and show runner news .

    I’m waiting for a Invincible Iron Man series that takes place in the movie-verse,but that should be launched when IM#3 is off the movies screens,and that they can afford RDJ in the title role or an unknown that is a true lookalike for the part.
    That’s all for now.
    Christiaan Schildt

  5. Down like a clown Charlie Brown. That is frickin Awesome!!!! As far as them not giving him other characters in the show… why not? You mentioned Thor and Daredevil from when 1986? Of course it sucked. That whole show was okay for its time. Minus the writing for the show it is all horrible now. I sat down and watched some of the old episodes recently and spent more time laughing than anything. It will be good to see what they do with him now. It also gives them an opportunity to do the Hulk series justice. Grey Hulk, She Hulk, big friggin green giant HULK SMASH!!!! Sorry, just a little excited.
    I am also excited about the prospects on deck. I am a Cloak and Dagger fan and I could see it easily making it’s way to the small screen. Hopefully Punisher will be on HBO or something to do it justice. The one I am excited to hear about is Moon Knight. I loved that comic. I haven’t read it in a while but it was great when I was a kid. I can only imagine what they will do with that series.
    Then Heroes for Hire. This is perfect. I have said it many times on this site, Luke Cage and Iron Fist do not need there own movies. A tv show… sure. I would watch it. This would also be a good place for the Defenders. They should give Dr. Strange a movie and then make the Defenders a TV show. Then they could just put all these guys in one bigass basket. Cage, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, all great candidates for the show. Also a good place for Cloak and Dagger. It could just be what Heroes should have been from the start.

  6. I would very much enjoy an Incredible Hulk TV show, I have very fond childhood memories of the original and the Hulk is my favorite superhero.

    If or when this show does happen I will be watching!

  7. Cloak and Dagger… on Family?

    Unless their background has changed from what I remember when they first showed up was they were runaways.

    They were tricked and or coerced into taking drugs that activated their mutant abilities. There was a whole background on drug and “child” trafficking.

    Now to wiki to see if I remembered it all.

    • i liked Cloak and Dagger with Henry Thomas and Dabney Coleman :)

      • WOW… I remember that.

  8. A Hulk tv show AGAIN?! Now mind you we have come a long way in special effects and CGI but I think it’d be better to do a tv show based on Jennifer Sue Walters “The Savage SHE-HULK” and let Bruce Banner and or the Hulk cameo within that with other cameos. As far as “Cloak & Dagger” I agree with Aknot on that, I had the first issue of that and I can’t see that really being a family friendly show. On the other hand the other ideas are great but I sincerely think that The Eternals should get the CGI movie treatment ala “Beuwulf”. Moonknight & The Punisher are absolutely perfect for adult cable tv series ala “Dexter”,”Sopranos”,and “The Wire”. One character that deserves to have a comical animated show then a live action movie to follow is “Groo, The Wanderer” starring Jack Black as Groo.

    • Jack Black as Groo would be awesome.

  9. A Guardians of the Galaxy show would be the next Fireflies or Serenity if the get a big enough show budgeting.

    • Guardians of the Galaxy might work if it’s done like you said “Serenity” or “Battle Star Galactica” or “Babylon 5″ but it’d be extremely expensive with all of the CGI and characters, maybe they should start that out as a 3D CGI movie first.

  10. With the popularity of reality television why not have New warriors (vol. 3 version) as a TV show.


  12. I’d love to see both “Hulk” and “Cloak and Dagger” on TV, provided they do a good job with the storytelling; Hulk should be an action-adventure; Cloak and Dagger should be a supernatural thriller; they should not be soap-operas.

  13. I personally want to see a mystical Dr. Strange series… with Harry Potter ending soon, we could sure use some new magic! He can be very David Carradine Kung Fu, only with spells.

    Or Smallville it up with with the Pheonix, female character learning about her powers, being recruited by both an old man in a wheel chair and another in a purple helmet, while making time with an orphan kid whose in search of his brother after his dad tossed him out of a plane for an unknown reason.

    Or, how about the Watchers (OR THE BEYONDER!). Then you could have a new hero in every episode of a rather voyeuristic show where the life of a hero is peeped into from every angle, and influenced by these god like Peeping Toms.

  14. “Ka-Zar and The Savage Land” would be an awesome mix of “Jerassic Park”/”Xena”/and “Lost”. It could be based on an island that exists on earth but also exists on another plane or dimension that opens and closes at certain times and like the Bermuda Triangle,objects,people extc., get stuck there. Imagine a show like that and how random creatures,people,aliens,wizards,other worldy beings could randomly get stuck there while Ka-Zar tries to survive there but constantly trying to figure a way to get out.

    • hmmmm…

      Okay. Here’s where I stand: No.

      They passed up Marc Spector/Moon Knight…. for that

      It’s not that I don’r like The Hulk. I do.
      It’s not that I wouldn’t watch if a new series aired. I would.

      It’s just…well, as mentioned, Hulk is in The Avengers. We would re-cast the part (s) of Hulk and Banner again. We would also have to recast, if they should appear, Doc Sampson and Abomination as the actors who played them (Ty Burrell and Tim Roth) are on two different (and hit) TV shows.
      They would have to be separate from the films (Ang Lee version? No, we’d have to recast there too) …so we have to find an out.

      Here is my pipe dream proposal: the series ties into the Avengers films but The main character is NOT Bruce Banner. So why is it called ‘The Incredidble Hulk? Because it only “has” Hulk in it. The main characters are Jack McGee (!) – the “college reporter” in the film (shady reporter in TOS) and Rick Jones. They run into SHIELD agent Clay Quartermain; they are after “The Red Hulk”. Jenny Waters/She-Hulk shows up too.

      Not going for it? Shucks!

      Cloak & Dagger though, no problemo there.

      KA-ZAR would rule the school. I mean, come on, folks miss The Legend Of The Seeker, Xena, Beastmaster and so on! The pitch isn’t that hard! Self-contained! Savage Land action! I’m down!

  15. Heck yes! Live action Marvel charecters on tv! Ive been waiting patiently for 21 years. Although i think they should start with another charecter since the incredible hulk would probly be too much like the original. Guardians of the Galaxy or Heroes for Hire are both good ideas in my book!

  16. How about another shot with Lost in Space, forget the movie, forget seasons 2&3 of the original TV show. I know there was a shot at it, maybe 10 years ago with a TV pilot and a ridiculous looking robot, stick with what worked, season 1 of LIS (Kind of dark, but a bit, small bit of humor, you could get the boomers on the young end to watch, Anyone born in the 60′s and bring in a whole new generation of people who only might have had exposure to the movie. I would rather see a TV adaption of LIS over another Hulk. I would say you could never replace Bruce Banner, played by Bixby, but u could never replace Dr Smith, played by Jonathan Harris. .(but starbuck was played by KS) The way things are going on reboots, “V”, BSG, Hawaii 5-0 and now Hulk it’s only a matter of time. I still love season 1 of LIS and season 3s episode, antimatter man, good stuff.

    • Cyberghost,

      Lost in Space has already been re-done on TV. It was called “Star Trek: Voyager.”


      • And Stargate Universe.

  17. I like the idea and dislike the it. I guess it’s a wait and see. I Hope they don’t follow the movies format and connect it to the Avengers it really is unneeded and at this point I’m wishing they wouldn’t connect the movies either since it’s only going to take away from the films individually.

    I’ve got a great suggestion though they could do a Hulk of the week thing and get a new hulk every episode just like they do with the films…/End sarcasm.

  18. I repeat. Make the show about the adventures of Clay Quartermain and Rick Jones.


    I still want my Sleepwalker show, Marv.

  19. HBO.
    THe Punisher.
    ‘Nuff said.

  20. I love the idea of a new Hulk show. I loved the original series and with today’s technology they can really make an impressive show. The show would need to be completely seperate from the movies with different adventures…think Hulk in a completely different universe. I wonder if Eric Bana would return as Bruce Banner for a TV show?? Although the movie was crap, I think he did a pretty good job as Banner. Of course Lou Ferrigno would HAVE to be involved in at least the pilot. :D Could they use him as the Hulk again, but use CGI to make him bigger?

    Punisher would be awesome, but it would have to be on FX or something on cable.

  21. If The Punisher was actually made into a series on HBO my head may explode. That would be the most amazing thing ever. My head is spinning just thinking about all of its epicness. O.M.G!!!

    Btw sorry for the language but a punisher tv show calls for it

  22. This sounds bad all around. The old ‘Incredible Hulk’ tv series was damned awful when you get your head out of the nostalgic clouds and look at it objectively. If there was one thing wrong with the Ed Norton Incredible Hulk film it was that it gave too many nods to the TV series rather than just telling the story of the REAL Hulk.

    After the last 3 failures of trying to translate teh Punisher to film I do not hold much hope for a TV series. If “Punisher: War Zone” was the best they could offer so far(and it was) then this proposed TV series does not bode well. In order to make a GOOD Punisher movie or show they need to go back to the Mike Zeck & Steven Grant Punisher. Not the scrawny, post- Zeck crap that the movies seemed to be based on(albeit Dolph Lundren was well cast as a sort of Mike Zeck punisher/Jim lee Punisher hybrid. Too bad the rest of the movie was so awful, from script to post production stuff). Punisher should be a barrel chested, bullet sweating ex-marine with a neck like a pit bull. Not a runway model.

    Cloak and Dagger as a family show?! Did they even read the comics before proposing this?!

    • I saw you say the old hulk show is awful when you don’t depend on nostalgia and I thought finally someone who can speak the truth but then you said War Zone was the best Punisher and you lost me. Punisher from 04 was 20 times better and the old one with Dolph sucked and was still better than War zone very few comics films are worse Steel and The Spirit are all that come to mind.

      None of the punisher films are the best they could do it’s just the result of bad casting and putting failure in the directors chair. A TV show could be great and as I’ve been saying for years it’s what they should of done.

      • Besides, the fact that all three Punisher movies were done by different studios,not Marvel Studios themselves. I can deal with The Punisher doing a few cameos on the big screen but an adult cable tv series is the best way to go for now.

      • On some levels I agree with you. Thomas Jane made a great Punisher, I didn’t like the story all that well. War Zone was superior in every way as far as I am concerned… If it would have had Thomas Jane. I loved the story, the fights, and the over all tone of the movie, more than I did the 04 version. Like when he cleared the mob boss room. That was what I have come to expect from the Punisher. Dolph’s movie was just crap.
        I would love to see this made into a series. I am with you on this in the fact that I have been saying this since the 04 movie came out. It is hard to tell much more than a straight up revenge story in 2 hrs. I would rather see more about his life as the Punisher.

        • Thomas Jane is not the Punisher. His movie had a couple interesting action scenes ( with Big Sexy as a russian ). Johnny T had his worse performance by far and the translation of classic Punisher story’s came off contrived and felt watered down. War Zone at least brought the grit back to the skull, and we saw some mass killings of a lot of no good thugs and criminals. Also WZ felt tactically more realistic (aside from hanging on the chandelier) and if you’re a Punisher fan you know he has to be strapped to the nines with all kinds of goodies.

          Punisher cable series, great. Cloak and Dagger? It’s gonna be smallville style, big surprise. Hulk, hell no. I thought Marvel wanted to push some of their other characters. Stan effing Lee wasn’t the only guy who has created characters for Marvel, Disney!

        • Are you kidding me? War Zone didn’t even have a story how could you like it?

  23. I am glad they are doing real Marvel action on t.v.
    enough with the cartoons
    Punisher I think would be great, but Thomas Jane has to play him!
    no matter what Punisher series or movie THOMAS JANE FOR PUNISHER
    The Hulk wold be ok but i think it will eventually will die out

  24. The 04 punisher was one of the worst comic movies ever! Frank castle was a killer! Not a prankster! Pretty big detail to over look it was probably based on ultimates crap

    • Nice. ^ _ ^

  25. So will Lou voice Hulk if it’s CG? Whoever plays him will be the fourth Hulk in the past ten years. I guess they figured Hulk isn’t fir for the big screen but can have success on TV.

  26. Why do people hate the 04 Punisher? I love that movie, and having a tv show about him would be really good.

    • No

  27. Never did like the old “Hulk” TV show. It was pretty lame and I much preferred reading the comic books anyway.

    The books had better dialogue, composition, action and drama. :-)

    It would be cool if “The Punisher” got the HBO treatment.

    • Totally agree, the only thing that helped that show was that Bill Bixby was so passionate about his performances as Bruce Banner and he made you really feel sorry for him. But never did we REALLY see the genius side of Bruce Banner. Other than that, all the Hulk did in that show was yell and do his “Mr.Universe flex”,throw things or people and occasionally bashed stuff. He was just “sort of” a strong guy maybe able to lift about 1/2 a ton that’s it. They need to NOT do another Hulk series but do a She-Hulk series instead. Sort of a “CSI+Law & Order”+”x_Files”+”The Fringe” type of mix with Jennifer Walters.

      • @ ulik

        Yeah all due respect to Bill Bixby but that’s about it.

        Now a She-Hulk series might actually be very interesting. :-)

        • a She-Hulk would be cool i think. perhaps our own Rickster could play the title role(i jest because i know he is skulking around here somewhere)

  28. OK now i agree that the Hulk should not be done, and that the She-Hulk should, now the question is who should play Jennifer Walters a.k.a She-Hulk? (PLEASE NO Megan Fox!!!)Jenya Lano would be my pick she doesn’t do much work lately, but she is a tall & beautiful lady IMHO (watch “Charmed” season 7 Inspector Sheridan)

    till next time

    • @Kenoboss,I like your Avatar btw(A character that needs a good CGI movie)Good suggestion though, Magnetic Eye,Daniel F,and a few others are really good at casting ideas. I personally think it should be a new and talented up and coming unknown actress,Lucy Lawless proly can do it but she’d be a cliche’ or too obvious pick and I don’t think she’s that great of an actress. WHO DO ALL YOU GUYS THINK WOULD MAKE THE PERFECT JENNIFER SUE WALTERS aka SHE-HULK?????

  29. AKNOT Has some good casting ideas too, Who do you think would be great as SHE-HULK?