‘The Incredible Hulk’ Returning to TV

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hulk tv show 02 The Incredible Hulk Returning to TV

Not to be upstaged by DC Comics and their recent announcement of a new Wonder Woman show, Marvel has revealed plans to team up with ABC for a new series based on The Incredible Hulk.

Marvel’s television department has been operating in near secrecy since Jeph Loeb took over this past June and The Incredible Hulk quickly became one of their high-priority projects. They presented the idea to Disney along with a list of other properties they had designated as potential television shows.

According to THR, The Incredible Hulk and Cloak & Dagger were selected from that list and both are in the earliest stages of development. Loeb is currently meeting with writers for Cloak & Dagger (which would likely wind up on ABC Family) and The Incredible Hulk is actively searching for a showrunner.

THR‘s sources claim that Guillermo del Toro and Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick will each be pitching their take on The Incredible Hulk. While a del Toro helmed Hulk series might sound, well… incredible, his name is currently being attached to everything under the sun and it’s typically only true a fraction of the time.

With or without him, The Incredible Hulk certainly has potential in the television medium – as proven by the successful CBS series that ran from 1978-82. While somewhat divergent from the comic book source material, that depiction of The Hulk remains the most iconic to the general public and Bill Bixby’s portrayal of Bruce (Er, David) Banner is probably the most beloved.

The list of other properties that Marvel Television presented to Disney offers some insight into what shows we might expect from them in the future. In addition to The Incredible Hulk and Cloak & Dagger, series based on Heroes for Hire, The Eternals, Jessica Jones, Moon Knight, Ka-Zar, Daughters of the Dragon, and The Punisher were all proposed.

While THR hints that The Punisher is being eyed as a cable show, they acknowledge that Marvel won’t be making any concrete plans for its development any time soon. For now, the focus will remain on The Incredible Hulk and Cloak & Dagger.

new hulk tv show 03 The Incredible Hulk Returning to TV

I have limited exposure to Cloak & Dagger so I’m pretty neutral on a television adaptation (though ABC Family seems like a strange fit). In regards to The Incredible Hulk, I’m not at all adverse to a new show, but I am curious to see if it will follow the template of its predecessor or if it will instead utilize an entirely different format.

There’s also the issue of Marvel’s interconnected movie universe. Will the shows have their own continuity or will they be tied to the films as well? It seems highly unlikely that movie Hulk Mark Ruffalo would participate in a TV show. Could audiences accept a new actor in the role? Yeah… that was sarcasm.

I’d almost prefer a show that has nothing to do with The Avengers or other Marvel characters. Bruce Banner really is a compelling enough character on his own. The TV movies that followed the original series where they brought in Thor and Daredevil were so clumsy. He really doesn’t require special guest stars or hints at a larger mythology.

How do you feel about Marvel’s television plans? Would you watch a new version of The Incredible Hulk?

Source: THR.

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  1. MOON KNIGHT!!!! Loved this when it had its first few issues. I was very young when the first issue came out, but it became one of my favorite series by Marvel.
    I would love to see this happen. Not only would it make a good television show it would make a great movie!

  2. I want them to pitch Spider Girl. Not sure if there are any legal issue tied to Spider Man and Sony, but she would have a great built in audience.

  3. I would love to see the hulk return to tv I actually like the tv show better then either of the movies yeah it was corny as hell but you cared about Bill Bixby’s charter and felt his pain while at the same time you couldn’t wait till he hulked up I think with th right actors are cast it would be as good as Smallvile is or even better.

    • I love all of the Marvel characters! I watch all of the movies and TV shows and even if it is a hit or flop, I will watch it over and over again because I am a true fan. If you are a true fan, it does not manner otherwise.

  4. Here’s a wild and crazy idea, do a HULK story where the origin creates HULK and THE PUNISHER and the 2 become inter-tangled where PUNISHER is constantly hunting for and tryingto take down the HULK believing the HULK is responsible for the Punishers ‘[List beloved family member here]‘ death, kind of a duality in anit-hero origin where both anti-heros are opposites to each other and in a twisted way were created by the other.

    The PUNISHER would start out as a military guy who eventually gets the boot because of his obsession for the HULK and so he then transitions into the PUNISHER.

  5. OMG, I missed that piece about Shows Geeks Deny (by Kofi) when it originally appeared on Screen rant; I don;t get top check it but a few times a week and so I miss stuff.

    It was traumatic watching some of those bad attempts like the Justice League film. Some folks in the TV & Movie business just have no clue what they’re doing when it comes to this genre ey?

  6. cast Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and cast Lou ferrigno as the hulk.

  7. e-mail me about my comment about who to cast for Bruce Banner and no reboot too.

  8. could you cast Edward Norton or Sharlto copley or Adam Braveman from parent hood tv show.

  9. I heard Gale Ann Hurd said that their will be a Incredible hulk 2 which is a Sequel to the 2008 version and Norton is Sign on to a sequel. Look on the incredible hulk 2 fanon.

  10. the incredible hulk 2 fanon has a script cast and the same actors from 2008 version.

  11. Show on Ka-Zar? Really? yawn!
    Cloak and Dagger on ABC family? Really? Yawn!
    Hulk reboot? CGI or human? Who’s large enough to play the Hulk?

  12. Danile Radcliffe should be cast in new Hulk tv Show,because Radcliffe plays in harry potter movie. hes a good Bruce Banner too like Norton And should be cast rightway.

    • I think radcliffe is a bit to young to play banner

  13. TV Hulk is going to have the same design and CG model from the Avengers to cut costs but not the same actor.

  14. The new series is going to focus more on the love story between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross.

  15. The CG model they can just put in and make it move about, they’ll probably make shock footage of him leaping and roaring and fighting the army.

    We’ll see more Bruce Banner in the series because Hulk is human most of the time, another way to save money.

  16. Having a new cast is just a way to separate the new series from previous live action Hulk TV and movie adaptations.

  17. The only problem with an Incredible Hulk TV show will be the inevitable focus on Bruce Banner and his constant whining about Betty Ross. Snore!!!! I was very disapointed when the Hulk movies wasted so much time on this pointless romance angle. People want to see The Hulk smash things, not drone on as Bruce Banner in boring soliloquies like some sort of Hamlet reject. I can guarantee that if they waste too much time dwelling on the “doomed romance” theme, this ahow WILL NOT last a year and will be relagated to the Sci-Fi channel re-run lineup. The show is called The Incredible Hulk, not the Whiney Sissy Boy Bruce Banner show. Hopefully if this comes to pass, the shows writers will take this into account.

  18. Yes I would love a new series of the incredible hulk I was a huge fan of the original show and was truly gutted when it ended so let’s bring it back I think the actor john cussack would make a perfect David/bruce banner.

  19. I would watch the new Incredible Hulk,if it was like the one in the 70s and 80s. Not so keen on the movie version of the Hulk. It is nothing compared to when Lou was the Hulk. If it is a computerized version of the Hulk,I’ll probably check it out once and then discard.