The Incredible Hulk Trailer!

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the incredible hulk trailer The Incredible Hulk Trailer!
The Incredible Hulk in all his glory in a scene from the movie trailer

[UPDATE: Here’s the hot off the presses new Incredible Hulk trailer released on April 30th, 2008.]

Ok, I’ve updated this post with our patented, high quality Screen Rant version of the brand spankin’ new trailer for The Incredible Hulk.

There are things I like about it and things that I’m not sure about. Watch it below for yourself and then we can talk about it.

My thoughts on the trailer:

– Ed Norton: Love the guy, but for some reason the thought that popped into my head when I saw him was:

“The first rule of ‘The Incredible Hulk’ is that we don’t talk about ‘The Incredible Hulk’…”

– Abomination: Waaaay to obviously CGI-ish as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, how do you make something so creepy look real?

– The Hulk: I’m torn on this point… I almost think that the version from the Ang Lee movie looked better.

Now… Speak to me, what do you think??

The Incredible Hulk is currently scheduled to open on June 13, 2008.


Updated bonus for you:

Comparison look at The Hulk from Ang Lee’s film and the new version
old hulk new hulk The Incredible Hulk Trailer!

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  1. I totally forgot the trailer came out yesterday. I know, I know; subtract 10 points from my geek card. :o)

    I just watched it and thought it was a good trailer; not great, but good. I actually liked the Ang Lee version of the Hulk, except for the growing-the-madder-he-got thing. I saw nothing wrong with Norton’s version of Banner but I think I like Sam Elliot more than Hurt. They should have made Abomination green but he’s still OK. I did like the end of the trailer with both Abomination and Hulk jumping at each other.

  2. I really like the premise of this movie (always have since the basic plot outline was released). I like the Hulk’s new look (the round face of Ang’s version makes him look a little boyish).

    Not impressed with Abomination, he needs the ears that he’s known for and maybe a little more human look to his face (not sure how to say it, ok just forget it). This Abmonination looks like something out the Resident evil movies.

    Speaking of the pants, I hope they don’t make the same mistake as Ang’s Hulk by showing him shrink back to Bruce, pants and all. I think I would actually like it better not showing the transformation at all, be creative with the cuts.

    I don’t know why some people on here are so down on this movie, I feel better about it after seeing the trailer (minus Abomination’s look of course).

  3. It’s the Hulk vs. Hemingway from Gene Nation. Those of you who read X-Men comic books know what I’m talking about.

    The new Hulk looks awesome, makes the Ang Lee one look like a wrestler in green make-up.

    I hope they have some better shots of “Abomination” as he looks dorky.

  4. “The first rule of ‘The Incredible Hulk’ is that we don’t talk about ‘The Incredible Hulk’…”

    Yeah, I think they followed that rule up until about a week ago :) Marketing anyone? please?

  5. Anyone think this Hulk will have mutant poodles? MUTANT POODLES!!!

    “Yeah, that sounds like a great idea! now where’d I put my bong?”

    Mutant f***ing poodles, sweet merciful crap


    I fell asleep about 90 seconds in. Last I saw, this is a movie about an Orc from Lord of the Rings.

    Yep, just another throwaway CGI zombie creature. Oh, is it inside-out man? Skinless zuvembie? I’ve never seen anything like THAT before. Yawn.

    I liked Ang Lee’s visuals and some of the new concepts (growing with anger, liking the feeling, feeling a kind of freedom) The overall style was, well, refreshingly comic book-ish.

  7. Kel, I agree about the look. I liked Ang’s version. Massive, not muscly. Greener!

    Kahless–I’m glad I’m not the only martian on the block who didn’t hate Ang Lee’s take. BTW I didn’t hate Daredevil either.

    Rob, nicely done–b**** about us complaining, and then complain about the the first Hulk movie.

    Stephen/Panda, there’s a reason the pants stay on. Radiation has a similar effect to steroids. You just don’t wanna see that. (Actually Ang Lee’s Banner was trouserless after the Hulkdog fight.
    I think there’s some room for artistic license, since we’re talking about a 9 FOOT MONSTER :-)

  8. I dont know at this moment my true feelings about this movie. When i saw the first Hulk movie, i was all hyped and excited. This one didnt do it the same way. on the first movie we saw an angry hulk, running around doing what he wanted, breaking things. He wasnt under the control of anyone.

    Here it seems bruce wants to control him and makes the hulk do whatever…. Hulk to the rescue. I think theres to little of the plot revealed to make a judgement. I will go see it regardless. 3 mths to go………

  9. Jim Carey-
    I never implied the Hulk should not have pants, seriously. Everyone knows it’s rediculous that the pants still fit after becoming the Hulk and that’s fine (it is a comic book movie afterall), but seeing the tranformation back to Bruce in Ang’s movie, and the pants actually shrinking back to normal size with just some ripped cuffs? it’s a bit too much.

    Just don’t show the transformation, at least not in that much detail, problem solved. But by all means, wear pants

  10. i have some doubts but looks way better than the first

  11. Panda, you either suspend disbelief about the pants, or, you got the Hulk wearing suspenders (hey, it works for Larry King…)

    BTW, I saw you on Lost tonight! 😉

  12. “Mutant f***ing poodles, sweet merciful crap”

    Panda, thanks for making me laugh out loud. 😀


  13. Oh wow, Panda, I missed that one until Vic mentioned it. Wow, what a great line. Yeah, the Gamma Canines. Not my favorite part.

    But it was a good way to introduce the Hulk vs. living creatures, but in a way that both could go all-out. I liked when he finally whipped the one off is arm into the trees.

  14. the abomination looks accurate to me in movie format. Makes no sense if abomination has pointy ears and fish scales. besides, how the hell would you do it. As for the hulk design, perfect. I didn’t hate ang lee’s version of hulk but like someone said earlier , he looked like a wrestler in green make up.
    point is, cgi will always be as good as the technology at the time allows it to be. saying it looks too cgi is kind of stupid to say because everyone with more than an acorn in their head knows it’s not real. it’s just eye candy. the story, acting, and whether or not you give a crap about the characters is what will make the movie great. When I saw batman begins, my favorite scenes were the small subtle ones , before he put on the bat suit. Just hope that hulks story in this is a solid one.

    later taters

  15. Jim, you slayed me with your Larry King comment! LOL! 😀

  16. I thought it looked awesome.

  17. At first, I thought the trailer looked like a major letdown. Then, the Hulk stands up in the street and lets out an incredible ROAR!!!! That changed my mind. The first Hulk didn’t actually startle me; this one did.

  18. I’ll sign on to preferring the massive-not-sculpted look. I liked the Ang Lee version too; if they manage to make this compatible with it, I’ll be very happy, but either way it does look pretty cool.

    Love the drop from the chopper. Anyone else think of that scene in The Ultimates?

  19. Holy S..H..I..T, I can’t believe there any complaints about this traier or the new version of the hulk.The first hulk movie suck balls. That didnt even look like the hulk. Well a least I dont have to worry about the movie tickets being sold out

  20. The one thing they should have learned from the 1st movie is that staying true to the comic is key to a successful movie adaption. That said, I’m very disappointed how Abomination has been “re-invisioned”.

    I do think this Hulk looks better, although the CGI still needs some work.

  21. this movie is going to be sweet….the old one sucked but the hulk looked awesome in it, but this one looks even better … im excited for a great movie

  22. Maybe more people would be happy if Fred Harryhausen did the animation.

    He does look a little like a plastic toy but, I won’t hold that against him.

  23. It looks very good to me. I did enjoy the Ang Lee version (although I did feel that the father/son story line was a bit too over the top) but it left me feeling somewhat slighted in what I know the Hulk to be and capable of.

    I didn’t like that the angrier he got the bigger he got, as that was just waaaaay to off base. I know that comic book movies are simply BASED on the actual comic book and can leave rrom for added creativity (i.e Peter Parker having organic webbing instead of web cartridges in the “Spider-Man” movie franchise.. etc.. etc), but like I said, having the Hulk actually grow bigger (20 friggin feet!!!) is just waaaaaaaaay outta the park.

    The Incredible Hulk movie IMHO looks and feels the way that the Ang Lee version SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE. Edward Norton is PERFECT for the part of Bruce Banner (scrawny… “puny” human who actually looks like a science nerd), Liv Tyler is a pretty good actress and puts a lot of passion in her roles (after all, she does have a lot to live up to being Steve Tyler’s daughter and puts a lot of heart into her roles, in order to show that her talent as an actress can cut it apart from her fathers fame), Jennifer Connely version of Betty Ross was very dry to me.

    I must admit that the casting of Sam Elliot as General “Thunderbolt” Ross was superb and I will miss what he brought to the screen in that character. As far as The Abomination is concerned, yeah, he doesn’t look anything like the Comic book version, however, if they DID try to do the comic book version I don’t believe it would have translated well to film.

    The bottom line is that this version of the Abomination truly lives up to his name because… well… he is uglier than ugly itself, I mean seriously, take a look at that thing… YIKES!

    I totally love the scene where Bruce jumps/falls backward from the helicopter to trigger the transformation as he’s plumeting to the ground without a parachute, then falls through the concrete (midway through Bruce’s transformation his skin/body becomes virtually invulnerable) and next thing you see is the big green hand pop outta the ground!

    Get ready ladies and gents, The Incredible Hulk is gonna be SMASHING!!!! :)

  24. It’s amazing what can make people RANT about a film. I wonder sometimes about my own sensibilities and gut feelings.

    All people that see a movie do so with implicit understanding that the visual is the first or foremost sense that a film is playing to. So how does a character get to look stronger? Everyone that has seen a person exercise over time sees the transformation. The body in certain ways gets bigger! Now visually you communicate this in a radical way so that the one seeing the film instantly knows what’s happening. No conversation needs to be wasted on it! In the case of “The Hulk” new-commers to the story don’t need back story, the madder he gets the stronger he gets, because effects communicate the back story!

    The compromise of course is that the classical nature is broken. It violates the sensibilities of those familiar with the story. The fan base or classicist becomes disinterested, however the artists are counting on new viewers. So despite the classicists’ opinions a film can go on to be successful. Mr. Lee’s version of “The Hulk” is just that a version. If it failed on some or many levels well the classical story was handed to him to attempt to tell. Now if Marvel, can’t succeed with the classic fan, well fans, where ya gonna go? Your only hope is to suck it up and hope that the next one will be better tweaked to your liking.

    I’m not saying that RANTING fans isn’t a good thing, just make sure to buy the product anyway! At this point its your only hope to get what you really want. :-)

  25. Yeah, DjoFilmBuff, I’m with you. IMHO, this movie will surpise ALOT of doubters. All of the clips I’ve seen look very good if not great, just hope the cgi is tuned up just a little. :)

  26. First of all people THEY COULD NOT HAVE DONE A MOVIE WITH BANA AND CONNELLY!! BANA HAD NO INTEREST IN A SECOND FILM and Connelly wasn’t signing on with a new cast. Norton is a good choice. Closer to the original Banner in the comics anyway. I will give you this: Ross should not have been recast; but do we know they had a choice? I’ll reserve judgement till I see the entire film but I still thought the CGI wasn’t realistic enough. Anything would have been better than the day glo Shrek-On-Steroids design of the first film. Lee’s movie was visually poetic but the screenplay was one of the most dreadfully convoluted, meandering stories I have sat through ina long time. It was just completely boring.I like the idea of the reboot: forget the first MISTAKE was ever made, start from scratch and do it right.

  27. That brought an idea to mind. Import your fav image into GIMP and play with the Hue Saturation lightness all you like! Hold yourselves a contest, pick the best fanfav Hulk then send it to Marvel . Sign a petition, this is the Hulk you want to see! Maybe then everybody can be happy for the next Hulk outing. Just a thought. :-)