The Incredible Hulk Trailer!

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the incredible hulk trailer The Incredible Hulk Trailer!
The Incredible Hulk in all his glory in a scene from the movie trailer

[UPDATE: Here’s the hot off the presses new Incredible Hulk trailer released on April 30th, 2008.]

Ok, I’ve updated this post with our patented, high quality Screen Rant version of the brand spankin’ new trailer for The Incredible Hulk.

There are things I like about it and things that I’m not sure about. Watch it below for yourself and then we can talk about it.

My thoughts on the trailer:

- Ed Norton: Love the guy, but for some reason the thought that popped into my head when I saw him was:

“The first rule of ‘The Incredible Hulk’ is that we don’t talk about ‘The Incredible Hulk’…”

- Abomination: Waaaay to obviously CGI-ish as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, how do you make something so creepy look real?

- The Hulk: I’m torn on this point… I almost think that the version from the Ang Lee movie looked better.

Now… Speak to me, what do you think??

The Incredible Hulk is currently scheduled to open on June 13, 2008.


Updated bonus for you:

Comparison look at The Hulk from Ang Lee’s film and the new version
old hulk new hulk The Incredible Hulk Trailer!

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  1. It looked good. Then I saw CGI monsters.

  2. I have been anxiously awaiting that trailer, and while i wasn’t dissapointed with it, I expected a little more. I don’t know what it is that its missing. I just didn’t get as excited as i thought i would. I was hoping to feel the same way as when i first saw the Ironman trailer, and i just didn’t. Abomination does look awesome though. And watching them fight through a city is what we’ve all been waiting for in a hulk movie. Finally, it is time to Smash.

  3. A little CGI, but I liked it. Seeing him meditate and trying to stay in control is cool, plus hearing Thunderbolt Ross say, “Property of the US” was cool (regarding Banner’s body). But I still feel that Liv Tyler and Ross shouldn’t have been recast…


  4. That was…surprisingly underwhelming, Boss (aka Vic!)

    Don’t get me wrong, I want it to be a balls-to-the-wall kick-*** HULK film as much as the next guy. But…that doesn’t look to be it at all! Although I hope I’m wrong.

  5. Heath,

    I’ll go even further. They could have easily just done an action-packed HULK sequel with Bana, Jennifer Connelly and Sam Elliott without having to reference the previous film.

    But instead we get this reboot non-sense (with a great cast of actors to be fair!) That trailer didn’t convince me of ANYTHING Marvel’s been saying about this for the past 2 years.

  6. See this just proves to me that nothing satisfies hulk fans. I mean if this doesn’t get you excited noting will. All I see here is bitching. C’mon people. It ain’t gonna get better than this.

  7. I wouldn’t say that I am dying to see this movie now, like I am IM or TDK or IJ. The Hulk looked WAY too CGI, but I am hoping that this is like that IM trailer where the part was just unfinished CGI. When I first saw the new Indy trailer, I got goosebumps and my sense of anticipation shot through the roof. With this trailer, it’s almost ho-hum. I do hope that this is a kick-butt Hulk movie or we will NEVER see another big screen adaptation of our favorite green giant.

  8. Hmm,

    I don’t know… It looked ok, but then trailers are often either better than the movie or nothing like it.

    In this case, I’d say it’s well, it looks ok… I’m going to give it a shot. Thought seeing Edward Norton as The Hulk doesn’t really work for me. I mean he’s a scrawny man, then he turns into a giant, still wearing his whatever size pants!?!?!?!?

    I know I know…

    Just an observation… ;)

    Still, I’ll watch it…

  9. The non subtitled version is available at now.

  10. Ummm… Yeah, Bruce Banner IS a scrawny man who turns into a giant. That’s what the Hulk is dude. (are you aware that it’s based on a comic book?) I think the trailer was cool, didn’t expect too much considering the complete lack of hype for the movie. The one thing that kinda bothered me is the end sequence with Abomination and Hulk running at eachother with the epic soundtrack behind it…. Ummmm.. Matrix Revolutions already did that scene guys..

  11. it looks pretty cool, personally i think it will be a vast improvement on the last hulk movie, am waiting for it anyway, although i can wait, so that must mean i’m not that excited about it. we shall have to see.

  12. Looks pretty awesome to me. I’ve always wanted to see The Abomination on the silver screen. I’m in the middle on his design but, awesome nevertheless.

  13. Ok, folks, a better quality, larger version of the trailer has been added to this post. Plus, my thoughts on the trailer.


  14. I thought the Hulk would’ve been more like the illustrations and the statue we saw. He looks sorta like the Ang Lee version.


  15. Wow. I thought it all looks pretty cool.
    I’m really looking forward to this one.
    I’m surprised that there are any complaints at all ; there’s just no pleasing some people.

  16. Heath, no way bud, I think they look very different. I’ve updated the post (again!) with a comparison shot of the two Hulks side by side. :-)


  17. I thought the setup for the fight was awesome, and straight out of a Hulk comic book. Especially the pre-fight roar and how they automatically started running at each other when they saw each other.

    Im not too worried about the quality of the CGI because the movie isnt even done being edited yet, so they can fine tune some of the scenes. Sort of like the tank scene in the iron man trailer, not quite finished yet, but when it hits the silver screen you know its gonna look better(at least I think it will. They better not screw it up)

    Im a big fan of Tim Roth when he plays creepy people, so I am hoping that the Abomination retains some of Tim Roth and isnt just a raging beast.

  18. You know, it COULD be be early CGI, like that scene from the Iron Man Super Bowl commercial with the tank.

    I do like that they’re making the Hulk heroic.


  19. LOVE IT!!

    WOW! I wish we could have seen more of Hulk but I thought that was pretty darn good for a first trailer. It almost felt like an advertisement for a new Hulk TV series, which would be pretty sweet. But I think it will be a good movie, much better than the Ang Lee version. I love the direction it’s taking.

    Here are the main things I liked about the trailer:

    Liked: Hulk’s size (9 ft. instead of 20!), Ed Norton as Banner disguising himself trying to escape from someplace, scene with Abomination and Hulk going at it at the end, Tim Roth’s scenes as Blonsky (short but sweet), and last but certainly not least, the scene where Banner’s eyes turned green, remniscent of the opening scene from the Bixby TV show. LOVED that scene, even tho it was short. :-)

    Not sure about: Abomination’s look. I like the comix version better, looks more like a monster, IMO. Don’t see why they didn’t use that look.

    Dislike: How “rippeley” and body-builder-ish the Hulk looks. IMO, the Hulk should be built like the Kirby version, not show offy muscles but massy, thick and very heavy looking. More monster like (al la Frankenstein’s monster). That’s the Hulk that I like. But this translation of the Hulk’s appearance from the comic to screen is MUCH better than how SOME comic characters appearances have been adapted to film (*cough* Batman *cough*). ;-)

    I can’t wait for this film. I hope it does well. Overall, I’m much more pleased with what I’ve seen here than I was with Ang Lee’s film. I was really surprised at how different it looked (hopefully the makers of the next Superman will take notice of this!) from the other film.

    Finally, HULK can SMASH!! :-D

  20. I have to agree that the previous version of the Hulk looked better, but this trailer leads me to believe that the story in this movie will have at least some of what I felt the previous movie was lacking, specifically the idea that Banner is upset by what’s happened and what he might do if he loses control. If they do a better job with that this time around, this may just be what’s needed to get this movie franchise off the ground.

    Still, we’ll have to see when the movie comes out if it lives up to the promise I see in the trailer.

  21. I still think Lou Ferrigno was the best Hulk. :P

    I’ve watched the trailer 3 times now and each time it seems a little better-until the CGI becomes blatant. I am REALLY hoping that it’s just due to it not being a finished product, but that is what I thought about Ang Lee’s version and I was wrong.

  22. Trailer didn’t do it for me, but I still have the utmost faith this will be a very good movie.

  23. Gosh I just realised that the guy he’s talking to in the beginning is Doc Samson, umm do you guys know if they are going to use him any in the upcoming movie.

    Those who don’t know he gets hit with similar rays or what not but its not as extreme as Bruce’s case and he essentially is just really strong and has long green hair. I know what the die hard hulk fans are saying “oh but that doesn’t happen till Betty is turned into a crystal thing(don’t ask)” But you know the movies don’t exactly follow those time lines or origin stories. I’m just saying the fact that they cast a doc samson is cuz he will be in either this movie or he is a set up for a sequel.

  24. It seems all most people do on this site is complain, it makes no sense. What do you guys actually enjoy? Have you looked at the CGI Ironman? how bout that scene where he shoots the tank, it looks like 1998 graphics

    How can you possible make a giant green superhuman comic book character look better than that with modern CGI tech? You guys are retarded for complaining of that. Maybe you should also take a look at I Am Legend…Maybe you’re forgetting Hulk isn’t a real person…

    I hated the first hulk, and this one im iffy on, but im still going to see it. But reading your complaints, makes me want to hit my head.

    I think this one looks promising at least because its all dark as opposed to the first Hulk which was designed as a bright and colourful comic book.

  25. Vic,

    Visually, I look at the two versions of the Hulk, and I gravitate towards liking the newer version better, on design only.

    I take it for granted that they’re obviously not finished with the cgi work yet, though it needs a LOT more work than the Iron Man footage did at the end of the super bowl ad (which I still don’t see as lacking very much- some people must have super-eagle-eye sharp vision to be able to pick apart that one – maybe you could put up a photo-to-photo comparison of the super bowl tank shot with the post super bowl tank shot just to see if it’s really that much of a marked difference, but I digress.)

    The good news is that they’ve got more time to fine tune the effects than the makers of Iron Man do, so there’s still hope all the technical issues will be ironed out before it gets released.

    If nothing else, they do seem to have at least nailed the story of the Hulk better than Ang Lee did at this point. I really am not as interested as a viewer in the father-son psychology that permeated the Lee version, as I am about Bruce Banner simply coming to grips with the unimaginable beast living inside him and the isolation he feels as a result of it. It was the strength and hallmark of the TV show, and now it seems we might see that aspect translated to the big screen.

    I’m looking forward to it, but still not as much as my “Big 4″, which are the only films this summer I intend to see regardless of what critics say:

    The Dark Knight
    Indy 4 (not gonna spell it all out)
    Iron Man

    “The Incredible Hulk” is one of those I intend to ‘wait and see’ what the early word on it is before deciding to part with the time and money to see it.

  26. I got to say one thing ruined the abomination for me… the ears, they have always been like the main noticeable thing about the abomination at least for me.

    But, Doc Samson anyone?

  27. Looks better than Ang’s “Hulk” and the tone is so Bixby/Marvel comic, which is perfect. IMHO, Love the look of the savage Abomination and the new Hulk looks fine(like the Ang’s Hulk design alittle more). I’ll be there opening day.
    IM will be a much better film.

  28. I take it back the new design of Hulk is better after watch it for the 10 time. LOL, This Hulk will look much better in the Avengers film.

    Hey guy,IMHO, believe that some of us are harder on this trailer because we naturally compare it to the amazing trailers of IM and DK. If you look at the trailer without the mental comparison, it’s a must strong trailer.

  29. I would have to agree with you Vic on this one. The newest rendition of the Hulk is not to impressive. I still think they should do a real human in the role and make him biggie like Xerces(sp?)in 300. That actor is like 6 foot tall not 8 foot tall.