‘The Iceman’ Trailer: Michael Shannon is a Cold-Blooded Killer

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The trailer for Ariel Vromen’s The Iceman trailer has been released and based on the sneak peek, it looks to provide both a riveting crime drama for the casual moviegoer crowd as well as a potential awards contender – thanks to the onscreen talent and an engaging true-life story premise.

You can check out the trailer at the top of the page but be warned, it does contain mild SPOILERS – if you’re unfamiliar with Richard Kuklinski.

The Iceman tells the true story of contract killer Kuklinski, who worked for almost two decades between the 60s and 80s, all the while hiding his job from his loving family. Vromen’s Iceman stars Michael Shannon as Kuklinski, who looks perfect for the role with his creepy, mob-inspired visage. He’s joined by Winona Ryder as his wife, Ray Liotta as his handler, and an unrecognizable Chris Evans as his unhinged partner (a role once owned by James Franco).

While not a household name (yet), Shannon is definitely a growing presence in Hollywood – turning in solid performances in Boardwalk Empire, Machine Gun Preacher, and this year’s Premium Rush. Of course, most moviegoers know Shannon as General Zod in Zach Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel movie. Kuklinkski, who was both a charismatic family man and a brutal hitman, might tease a few of the nuances we can expect to see in Shannon’s interpretation of Zod.

Michael Shannon Iceman Movie The Iceman Trailer: Michael Shannon is a Cold Blooded Killer

Additionally, viewers might mistake Evans for a Sam Rockwell clone initially – and it’s a great example of the Captain America/Avengers star extending his range beyond the usual “handsome hero” roles.

The period detail from 1964 to 1986 looks great and evokes memories of classics from Goodfellas to Ridley Scott’s American Gangster. With only two other feature credits to his name (Danika and Rx) writer/director Ariel Vromen already looks like one to watch.

Mickey Rourke has also been attached to another version of the Kuklinkski story (based on the Philip Carlo biography, The Ice Man, Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer). However, that film hasn’t made any tangible progress since shooting was set to start in June 2010 but never got off the ground.


The Iceman just played at Venice and does not have a domestic release date yet.

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  1. Michael Shannon as a psychopath! It’s so unexpected….

  2. now i see him as -zod- and i think he will be great.

  3. Kuklinski is definitely one of my favorite serial killers. I hope this does him justice. Looks good so far. However, I hope Hollywood isn’t oversimplifying reality again. He WAS a devoted family man- in his own way. Never cheated on his wife, would kill or die for his family, but he was also a brutally abusive husband and father who beat his wife violently, because he was himself brutally beaten by his dad. In fact, his dad beat his younger brother to death, and this abuse is likely part of why he became a serial killer.

    The movie will be a much more interesting drama if they show this part of his life. Just showing a guy who kills with no apparent motive is not anywhere as interesting.

    • Being a psychopath is its own motive. He’s totally fascinating, though I can’t agree that Hollywood owes this man a story that does him justice, his father beating his brother to death probably means that he and his father shared the same compulsions/runs in the family, which is certainly no excuse for murder.

      Been waiting a long time for this one, regardless.

      • No, that’s exactly the simplistic explanation I’m not interested in. Saying a guy is just a psycopath is a cop out. Serial killers aren’t just born, they are made as well.

        His father was abusive not because he was a psycopath, but because he was probably abused by his own father. It is a classic tale of the cycle of violence. Understanding why people become serial killers is more interesting (for curious, intelligent minds, anyway) than just wanting to see a movie about them killing people.

        Dr. Park Dietz is a foremost expert on serial killers (he also interviewed Jeffrey Dahmer). He interviewed Kuklinski in prison, and explained to Kuklinski why he became the monster he was. It was a combination of genetics (a fearless gene) plus physical and emotional abuse. If you want to watch the interview, go to Youtube and Google “The Iceman Tapes: Conversations With a Killer Part 1″

        Very fascinating. These insights into the killer’s mind and psyche are much more fascinating to me than just watching yet another with one guy shooting another guy in the head.

        • Its weird that you say Hollywood deserves to give this man a great movies…. he is a serial killer why on earth would anyone owe him anything….

          • well said ! it´s a farce that -etrigan- is so fascinated about this guy. just because he was abused in his youth or childhood is no excuse that he has killed people.

            • Excuse? Excuse? It is a sad day when people don’t understand the difference between an excuse and an explanation.

              How do people go through life with no curiosity? It baffles me. The reason serial killers are so fascinating is because they are so aberrant. If you mistake an intellectual curiosity about the intricacies of criminal psychology for ‘excusing’ I feel sorry for you because I can’t imaging what it is like to go through life not being curious about anything, and simply making meaningless moral judgments about everything you come across.

        • Well, I have watched all that stuff and read about him and whatnot and I have to say I disagree, tho’ I’m certainly not an expert. Serial killers are an anomaly, other than this one found a way to get paid for it, but he also killed people for his own reasons besides profit. And plenty of people were abused or saw trauma and didn’t become murderers because they enjoyed it or didn’t have the emotions to know that that behavior is wrong. 99.9 percent of murders that occur are usually by the most obvious suspect, i.e. their boyfriend, some person that they’d had an altercation with, whatever, not some stranger that picks them out for premeditated reasons unbeknownst to them. But being a psychopath doesn’t mean you can’t also be a genius, live hidden amongst people without those tendencies, or be a huge and powerful man with a rare talent for violence, like Kuklinski. And if I understand you correctly, you are saying that serial killers can be created as well as born, which I disagree with, a psychopath can be born with tendencies and not act on them, or be rehabilitated with proper treatment and supervision, but not created, tho’ again I’m aware I could be wrong. Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad claimed to have the same tendencies as his son, he just didn’t act on them. But with the right environment such as the one his son experienced, it seemed to push Dahmer Jr. over the edge. I can’t help but feel that at least Dahmer Jr. seemed to want help before his urges controlled him. None of which is meant to sound like an excuse for murder.

          I couldn’t agree more that it looks like a fascinating film about an incredible true story and I can’t wait to see it but I can’t say I’ll be rooting for Kuklinski at any point in the film. And Kuklinski was an anomaly even among his own select. genre of murderer for sure.

          • Also it’s hard to say he was a family man and savagely beat his wife in the same sentence, he probably would have had no trouble killing his wife either if he’d felt like it, he was just smart enough to know he’d get collared for it.

            • He beat his wife savagely. AND he was also a devoted family man. Fact. Deal with it. People are more complex than the simplistic picture you want to believe in.

              When you put emotion aside and start studying the world- and people- the way they actually are, rather than the way you emotionally feel they should be, you^ll see the world is a much more fascinating place.

              Serial killers and other deviants are interesting precisely because of their contradictions. Many of them like John Wayne Gacy, were respected pillars of the community, while hiding dozens of corpses under their houses.

              If you actually bother to read about Kuklinski or watch the interviews (I know you didn’t because you seem too lazy to actually study before forming an opinion) you will understand how and why he could be a devoted family man, wife beater and serial killer all at the same time. And it is all rooted in his own family background.

              • Wow. Son, I think I was being pretty nice to you despite you saying some really ignorant stuff about people who should not be glorified. How dare you accuse me of lying when I say I’ve seen and read the same material as you?

                At least one of us isn’t claiming to be an expert despite watching some youtube documentaries and having read a few books by a pop psychologist.

          • What exactly are you ^disagreeing’ with? I can’t see anything in your response that was relevant to what I wrote at all.

            And about how serial killers are created- you’re wrong. Read some books and get some knowledge before expressing strong opinions. I quoted the explanation of one of the world’s foremost criminal psychologists and experts on serial killers, and you say I am wrong?

            I don’t understand people who don’t bother to educate themselves and then make strong assertions based on emotion.

              • Your spelling, grammar and general argument say a lot about you. That being the case, I don’t expect you to be the sort of person who has read a lot of books about psychology- or indeed on anything. So let’s just agree that we are on different intellectual planes and leave it at that.

                Have a good day.

                • yes,it´s saying that i am german/turkish from germany, now i´ve write a 2oth time that my grammar is not good and i don´t excuse for that. i have read books and i know why are you so fascinated,like i said they are polarising people. so,we live it here at that,o.k.. just one thing: i hate it if people think they can tell something about my life,because of this discussion. i´ve read and do read a lot of books,you serialkiller-lover.

                  • correction: …so,we let it here at that,o.k..

            • THEY ARE killing people, i give a damn on it how they are created in their ill brains.

            • Oh the irony…

    • favourite serialkiller ? are you serious,this man can be the best familyman,but he has killed people for money. who pays justice to the victims families ?

      • alright thanks for your opinion and support -layer cake- sir. : )

  4. Michael Shannon is perfect for that roll of a psychopath…I can’t wait for the release