‘The Hunger Games’ Teaser Trailer Is All About Katniss

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The Hunger Games Trailer The Hunger Games Teaser Trailer Is All About Katniss

The Hunger Games teaser trailer has finally arrived, giving fans of Suzanne Collins’ novels and casual moviegoers a look at what could be the next young-adult book series-turned blockbuster movie franchise (a la Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga).

Guiding The Hunger Games to the big screen is director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville), and this first teaser will be the first testament to whether or not Ross (along with second unit director Steven Soderbergh) has managed to capture the rich world of Collins’ novels, or simply crafted yet another standard action/drama blockbuster.

For those who don’t know, here’s the lowdown on The Hunger Games:

In a dystopian future America is now Panem, a nation made up of twelve impoverished districts, all ruled by a militant capitol where technology and excess are a way of life. Every year the capitol holds a televised battle royal, where one male and female teenager from the twelve districts must battle to the death for the pleasure of capitol. When a young hunter from District 12 named Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) sacrifices herself to save her little sister from the games, she embarks on a brave fight for survival that could change a nation.

Now, check out The Hunger Games teaser, courtesy of MTV:

Simply put: This teaser is just that: a tease. There’s not really enough in the footage to judge whether or not Ross and Co. have captured the world of Collins’ novel in full – however, all of those questions take a back seat to the biggest issue at hand:  Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen.

A lot of fans didn’t approve of Lawrence playing Katniss when the casting was first announced, but seeing this footage it’s clear why she got the role. By this point, mainstream movie goers have had time to check out Lawrence in films like X-Men: First Class, while indie moviegoers have already been impressed with her work in films like Winter’s Bone (which earned her an Oscar nom), and will see her flex some acting chops once again in the upcoming love story, Like Crazy. Lawrence has proven she can handle both drama and action, which is exactly what the role of Katniss Everdeen requires.

The Hunger Games movie cast District 9 tributes The Hunger Games Teaser Trailer Is All About Katniss

There’s still a looming question of whether or not The Hunger Games will be able to successfully establish its own unique cinematic world, thereby distinguishing it from similarly-themed films like Battle Royale. Given the talent involved with the film, it will be a surprise if the finished product isn’t an entertaining experience.

What did you think of the trailer?

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The Hunger Games will be in theaters on March 23, 2012.

Source: MTV

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  1. Well that was underwhelming.


    • Agreed, hopefully the full trailer will show more.
      LOTS more.

  2. Nope. Not impressed. Sorry.

  3. Wish they showed a little bit more…

  4. ok.. this looks like its gonna be garbage

    • My thoughts exactly. Hemsworth didn’t even bother to eradicate his Australian accent. Now I’m expecting Katniss to have it also, being from the Seam and having the same looks, mannerisms, etc. as Gale.

  5. The moment they went with Jennifer Lawrence and not Hailee Steinfeld I understood that they were going for marketability over substance in terms of the casting. Jennifer may do fine, but it looks like Twilight and she is far too pretty.

    • I really think she’s a fat Katniss. This is why they’ll probably keep her shirt intact even though half of it burned in the fire. She’s too flabby.

      • Seriously? Fat? Flabby? WTF is wrong with you?

    • I never pictured Katniss to be ugly.

      • Oh,I never pictured her as ugly. Hailee Steinfeld is beautiful. I just think Katniss has too many complexities to be slapped with the face of your typical Hollywood starlet of the moment.

        • Agree.

  6. I was hoping for a bit….more

  7. They didn’t really show annnything at all. So as the article states, there’s nothing to judge. The only people to criticize are the people who cut the trailer for a movie that isn’t finished filming.

  8. Ok….. a kid running through the woods with a bow….were they hunting the cast of Twilight???

    Seriously sucky trailer. It reminds of a better trailer with a girl with a bow, Disney’s The Brave.

    I’ll skip this Twitard fest.

    • Are you serious? Yes I agree the trailer wasn’t good, but that was cause they only showed 1-2 scenes of Katniss in the woods. But you say you’re gonna skip it cause of that? That’s ridiculous. Wait til you see a full trailer before you decide. It’s like seeing an official poster and go “well this movie is obviously going to suck”.

    • Simon,

      The Hunger Games books are pretty much the antithesis of Twilight when it comes to the young female protagonist. No comparison.

      Katniss is strong, independent and eschews relationships for the greater good, while Bella is an utterly dependent creature, incapable of existing without one of two men in her life.


      • Vic you said it all :)

  9. Jennifer Lawrence looks tasty yes that does sound creepy BUT TRUE LOL

  10. Teaser for MTV, kind of shows what audience they are targeting at this point. Maybe there will be more trailers in the future aimed at other perspective audiences.

  11. Doesn’t do anything for me. It’s just like the teaser for The Dark Knight Rises. It just teases! I want more!

  12. It looks like Im the only one who LOVED this. It was freakin’ awesome. Short but still it will be good Im sure. I just finished this book last week and Im currently reading the second.

    I think shes the perfect Katniss.

  13. Oh and the only thing that can possible ruin this movie is if they go all twilight with the story. THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY. If they do this I will be seriously PISSED.

    • Well there is some sort of connection between Katniss and Gale, but I hope they keep that very subtle as they do in the book. And there is love angle katniss has to play with Peeta. So obviously there is going to be some, but as long as they don’t overdo it I’m good.

    • Well, you’ll probably be pissed. Gale’s running through her head in that teaser and Peeta’s supposed to save her life after the fireball scene.

      • Katniss does constantly think about Gale while she’s in the arena. But, this series is nothing like Twilight.

        • I don’t think we can avoid the comparison now as it’s being marketed like Twilight and the first peek had to happen at the VMA’s. Gale’s role in her life is stressed in that teaser(though this could be because they finished filming with Hemsworth’s scenes first).

          • All I hope is that they dont focus on a love triangle since the book doesnt focus on that at all. It should focus on the games and the tributes and surviving. Gale is there only at the beginning and I heard rumors that Katniss and Gale will kiss in the movie -_-

            • God, I hope not. SPOILER – Though, they did kiss…

              • Yeah but they kissed in part 2.

                • Some websites say the leaked THG script even had Gale out of D12 and into the Capitol with Katniss. I’m assuming he’d be hanging out with Haymitch. But SC and G.Ross clarified that it’s not the script they used for this film.

  14. Underwhelming but I’m still eagerly awaiting this.

    Some of you CLEARLY havent read the Novels if you think this is another Twilight…

    • Indeed…. :l

    • Well, MANY people read the books for the romance and Suzanne Collins was probably expecting it. That’s why she decided to lambast all of us with bombs in Mockingjay to point out to the Twitards that war is bad and they better realise it.

      • Still romance isnt the underlying theme in the Hunger Games, its a coming of age story of survival set in a dystopian future. Then again which novel,movie or show doesnt have some element of romance

        • Well, Lionsgate will overplay the romance. The teen girls control American economy in their grubby little hands and they want to see the boys. The studio will milk the romance angle for all its worth. Ugh! Hemsworth as Gale and he didn’t even bother toning down his accent.

          • It’s all due to the hormones raging in these teenage masses….and guess this Hemsworth isn’t as talented as his brother…

            • Hmm..I actually found Chris Hemsworth to be a REALLY bad actor (monotonous and bland and he squints!). Audience were pretty much distracted by visual effects (primarily), musical score, his support group and his buffness! Thank goodness Gale is pretty much just an extra..but of course, even in flashbacks in Katniss’s head, they can’t even get him right. Eeek…the accent really bothers me. He had, what, 4 sentences in that teaser and he couldn’t even tone it down? Epic fail!

              • I thought Chris did a great job as Thor especially since it was his first big break. The vfx was great, even more so than Cap and Iron Man but I thought the score was weak and underwhelming, especially the random Foo Fighters song and can you blame the audience for his buffness? I’m an 18 year old male and hell even I’m amazed how large him and Chris Evans got

                • Yep! When I was watching Thor, I was like, “Oh boy, this is how immortals should fight!” Was really impressed with the effects but I thought the actor playing Thor is Sabretooth from X-Men and that he really needed more acting workshops. I was really surprised to learn he’s 27 years old and basically an unknown. And no, I can’t blame the audience for loving tall, blonde, buff men. I love them, too, it’s just that, I really felt Chris Hemsworth is a bad actor. I guess we have to agree to disagree. :)

                  Chris Evans….he’s a much better Human Torch and Evil ex. no. 2 than Captain America (he’s still hot though!), but then the movie is a snoozefest, but I give kudos to the set design and the impeccable application of matte cosmetics on women though I probably missed some good scenes because I have a stinking feeling I dozed off in the cinemas. Anyway, we’re straying! :) The teaser for THG sucked and I have a strong feeling the movie will also.

                  • Here’s my last two-bits about this topic then I’m done:

                    The difference between Evan’s Cap and Torch is unlike his other roles, we finally got some seriousness out of him and wasn’t his usual wise ass role for him. The movie may have been a snoozefest for you but I’m more connected to Cap than any other character so TFA was heaven for me. There’s just something about a kid with heart that I find more enjoyable than an arrogant god or a wise ass womanizing billionaire.

                    Yes I am done

                    • Well..hmm..I’ve never really read comic books so I was totally disappointed to learn that Captain America can’t even fly. Wonder what use he’ll be to the Avengers and they pretty much spent the entire movie trying to bring him to the present. And, there wasn’t really much character development, was there? He just..got buff and got a contrived sad love story but Tommy Lee Jones kept stealing the show as another Agent K. And again, after RDJ’s turn as Iron Man, I guess I expected more from the actors to play his comrades. And yes, THG board, I am done, too!

              • You didn’t just find him to be bad, but REALLY bad? I’m guessing you’re talking about Thor right? A character that he portrayed excellent. And you obviously know that “The audience” feel the the same way am I right? Cause they were just distracted by all the other elements to realize that Chris Hemsworth is actually a REALLY bad actor. I don’t even know why I am questioning your opinion. I mean it’s not like he got any praise for his portrayal. Wait.. he did?! How weird.

                • Yep, REALLY bad. I don’t really expect you to respect my opinion though. I’m just ranting here. :)

                  • I don’t. Not because I liked him and I can’t see past that. I would’ve if you said you didn’t think he did a good enough job. But you said it more like you hate his guts, at least that’s what I got the feeling of. And when you said he resembled Sabretooth from X-men I now know you have no clue. Paying attention is a good thing while watching movies. Just so you know.

                    • Well, okay, sorry for stating it as a fact. It was just my opinion. :) And hmm, I think I paid attention to this one, only I didn’t bother reading about the cast and crew when I went to the movies. All I remember is seeing Natalie Portman in the commercilas and heck, i don’t even like her but I love my mindless summer blockbusters.

                      Hmm, it was my first impression of him, Sabretooth. i didn’t say he resembled Sabertooth, I really thought it was him and I vaguely remember X-Men (by Bryan Singer). Blank eyes, tall, supposed to be menacing (gritted teeth), messy blonde hair…and anyway, Hemsworth is no RDJ nor is he a star. His role is to be a guy often angry, stupid and often wielding a hammer; it’s not that hard to do, he was already given costume for it and special effects. The camera wasn’t even constantly on the shift of his facial expression yet you can see his limitations. He’s pretty much saved by his support, uhm, a very dumbed down Portman and almost dead Anthony Hopkins. Whenever someone’s on the scene with him (or even doing a voiceover), I look at/think of the other person (He did this again in the teaser for The Avengers seen at the end of Captain America and all he had to do was stand and look beefy). I didn’t see a guy filled with inner turmoil and remorse when he was supposed to be grieving his eternal banishment, or a guy victorious after he finally lifted the hammer or a guy filled with tension as he was fighting the evil bro with the funny name. His character development is there, but he didn’t shine through the lousy material given to him. I saw the same stupid expression over and over again, with different background music and costume. When it comes out on DVD, I’ll go see it again and I’ll even post it here if I changed my opinion. :)

                • You don’t have to read comics to know that Cap doesn’t fly. That’s the beauty of Cap as a character, he may be just an ordinary man with a shield and some villains may be far more powerful but he’ll give it his all even if it kills him. Which is why he is one of the most respected men in the Marvel universe by heroes and villains alike. “Wonder what use he’ll bring to the Avengers”? You clearly don’t know that Cap has been leading the team for decades now as he is the most qualified,having the most battle experience after years of fighting in th war and being level headed compared to Thor,Iron Man and Hulk despite them being more powerful than him. The “character development” was Steve staying the same “good man” despite being given newfound abilities. Caps “sad love story” was the most believable romance compared to Natalie Portman just ogling Thor for the entire film after hitting him with her car or Gwyneth Paltrow being Tony Starks love despite him sleeping around and hitting on every piece of ass that walks his way. And if it wasn’t for Cap, The Avengers wouldnt even be made since he is the most important piece of the team and technically it all started with him in the 40s hence “The First Avenger”.

                  • I’m not American and honestly I didn’t have a clue what Captain America did. I guess he had Superman’s colors so I associated him to flying and this is completely my bad…. And from what I’ve seen in the movie, he slept for decades and he was a show girl for most of the time he was Captain America. Before that, he was a scrawny kid who can’t make the Army. He had, I think, two successful missions in the film.

                    He’s Captain America, there wasn’t really any internal conflicts, was there? Or this is the point where he decided to give up the show girl image and actually save people? Anyway, yeah, he’s the first avenger. He’s really old and I guess he’s like Wolverine, he’s not supposed to age? Why was he knocked out for decades with a plane crash? And no, sorry, the way he was depicted, I don’t see the point of bringing him into the Avengers movie, other than moral support. Whatever he’s capable of, I didn’t see it in the Captain America movie.

                    I actually felt RDJ and Gwyneth Paltrow had a lot of chemistry. That scene where he needed her hand to dig something from his chest from the first Iron Man movie is just spot-on. They played it really well, especially the dialog-delivery. As for Captain America and chick with British accent, uhm…their romance felt…contrived and a lot of it has to be done in front of Tommy Lee Jones for voyeurism effect.

                    • I’m Canadian, from Vancouver no less and I still know my Captain America history. You clearly werent paying attention during the movie…the show girl stint was done solely for the movie. The internal conflict was he was pushed around his entire life and he was told before the transformation to stay good which he did unlike the villain Red Skull who also had the serum in him yet he chose to go bad. He didn’t age because the super soldier serum kept him alive while frozen in arctic which happened by, if you were watching properly, Cap trying to stop a plane carrying bombs targeting the States which he had to crash due to the speed, lack of landing area and the fact it was carrying several bombs otherwise it would put lives in danger. The film takes place over 3-4 years, and the montage sequence halfway through depicts Cap LEADING HIS TEAM through several missions in those 3-4 years but only some were focused on in the film. The “point” of bringing him into the avengers is something thats already written into the comics, that’s how it’s been for years and thats how
                      It always will be. Go research and find out for yourself and pay more attention that way I don’t have to explain all this…

                    • Sorry, I’m a less privileged kid from Southeast Asia. Anyway, he turned into Captain America from being bullied all his life. There was no conflict, only visual development. He didn’t lose his morality with his physical transformation. Also, if he could survive a plane explosion, even made bigger by bombs, he probably could have found a way to survive the ice. As one reviewer from RT said, it felt like the entire movie was a trailer for The Avengers.

                      And anyway, I did say I have a stinking feeling I dozed off through some parts of it. Thing is, I just feel that Captain America is an unnecessary addition to the Avengers but hey, if that’s the way the material goes, OKAY.

          • that’s right. some of the HG fans think mtv will keep the integrity of the book. How many books has hollywood butchered on the screen? Let’s face and accept this — this will be seen a Twilight with Arrows. I can smell the corporate profit desperation from here. However, if I’m wrong (which is often) good.

            And since I come from NC/VA border (where Jennifer said they were taping), the idea of another world just went away from my imagination ;)

  15. The music and the voice over with Gail bring the intensity and makes you interested in the movie and Jennifer, what little we see of her seem good as Katniss, but the way it’s filmed, like with a low quality camera fails to bring any tension or sense of danger that’s needed for this sort of film.

    So… yeah, they still got stuff to do.

  16. Looks good.

    Always makes me laugh what people seem to expect from these teasers.

    • Exactly.

  17. whoah, haters!!!!! yes, this TEASER wasn’t very good, but why do we have to go off on Jennifer Lawrence and everything else about the film when you haven’t even seen it yet!!!

    • It’s righteous indignation by fans. :) Katniss being thin and small has a lot to do with her being a good huntress where her survival will depend. She’s supposed to be light and fast and Jennifer Lawrence looks rather heavy.

      • Jennifer Lawerence may still have curves (I can’t understand fans’ frustration at that) but that doesn’t mean she can’t be super athletic. I know several girls who make you hate them because of their bodies but can still beast an obstacle course.

        • I’d like to see her climb a tree like a squirrel. Her curves just look heavy for Katniss. I have nothing against her body, really, it’s just that, it’s not for Katniss. She’s too tall at 5’7″ to be really quick and beat Gale from plucking the biggest berries, etc. Her quickness is her main advantage over the Careers. People can say anything they like about Jessica Simpson’s inexistent acting chops but she worked her butt off to give justice to Daisy Duke shorts. JL could have shed off the pounds for the role that will change her life forever.

          • Katniss is the hot girl of District 12 and completely doesn’t know it. She’s able to climb trees, but she’s not as tiny as, say, Rue, who is really the squirrel, able to hop from limb to limb.

            If you read the book, it also clearly says that she puts on pounds while training for the games, so that she could survive longer in the wilderness. She gets thinner as the games go on, but the scene we see in this teaser with the fire bombs is pretty early on in the games.

            Again, I don’t mind people objecting to a film, but at least have accurate reasons…

            • Gale compared her to a squirrel when climbing trees. Anyway, JL is not going to drop 15 lbs through this movie and even if she did, she’d still be a large Katniss. I saw the trailer only during the livestream yesterday as I’m not in the US and it’s not available in my region. I hope the bow and arrow scene I saw is not from the fireball scene because she’s not supposed to have a bow and arrow there. It could be a scene in the woods prior to games (I suspect this as she doesn’t look banged up) or after the fire, in the arena. There doesn’t seem to be any weight fluctuation.

              I realise she and Peeta stuffed their faces in the week before entering the arena, but that’s not enough to transform Katniss from Ms. Malnourished Ghetto Neighborhood to Ms. Well-Fed America.

            • And here, for your reference:

              “Gale always says I remind him of a squirrel the way I can scurry up even the slenderest limb. Part of it’s my weight, but part of it’s practice. ”

              Suzanne Collins (2011). The Hunger Games (Kindle Locations 2029-2030). Kindle Edition.

              • good job charlene, you proved your point about what Gale says about Katniss climbing a tree but you forgot to cite what Kofi accurately describes in the book as well.

                • Terrible Terry Tate, must you really completely miss the point? Katniss never grew as large as Jennifer Lawrence, see previous post to the one you replied to.

                  ANerdyBatGirl, Yes, flabby. youtube.com/watch?v=TcOMH1Wm-M4 or rewatch X-Men First Class and you’ll easily catch it in several frames. I mean, sure it’s cool to look curvy in real life but they’ll probably keep Katniss ensconced firmly in that jacket throughout the Games her curves don’t jingle when she runs. She just really looks heavy to play the perpetually starved Katniss, imo.

  18. i think the guys who portray peeta and gale are gonna mess this movie up.

  19. And The Dark Knight Rises got flak for it’s teaser, at least we saw the bad guy in TDKR teaser. This makes me think of the movie No Escape which starred Ray Liotta and he had to play a game for people to watch in a similar manner, also there is Death Race and that movie with Stone Cold, The Condemned. But given that those were more on a B movie level and this has a great director and 2nd unit director teaming up, plus a good cast don’t know if it’s a great cast yet. Need to see actors chemistry and a good actress doesn’t mean a good film. As long as it doesn’t go the Twilight path(havent read the books) it seems it could be the next big series, but then again so was Eragon and Golden Compass. Interesting to see what happens.

  20. I guess that’s Rue’s song at the end?

  21. I don’t get why they didn’t cast Hailee Steinfeld. She was awesome in True Grit. Idk though, didn’t read the hunger games, so I can’t say who would make a better Katniss.

    • I read the books and yes Jennifer Lawrence is a good fit for the part of Katniss, but Josh Hutcherson as Peeta is not.
      I will say to go get the books because it will be one of the best books you’ve picked up in a well, depending on how often you read. It’s a written, easy to fellow, tragically heart-wrenching, depressingly good read, with heartwarming undertones. Seriously pick up this book.

  22. hailee would have been good but she can,t pull off a braid plus jennifer looks better splattered in blood

  23. You should definitely read the Hunger Games! The first time I read the first one, I read it in a night – it was just THAT good.

    Anyway I thought the teaser trailer was pretty good; I was hoping for a glimpse of Peeta (TEAM PEETA) but I guess they’re holding him back for now. Also, did anyone else see the #WhatsMyDistrict hashtag towards the end of the trailer? If you look for that on Twitter right now, you’ll see tons of Hunger Games fans tweeting out something about how the Capitol knows who they are and linking to some weird site called http://thecapitol.pn – something’s going down!

    • Yeah thehob.org posted something about the hashtag. Is it something you need twitter and Facebook for? Cause I don’t have either nor do I want one. I was hoping for peeta as well (wonder bread <3) but Gale's voice (as much as I hate Gale) will suffice.

  24. It’s a teaser trailer people! And don’t compare it to Twilight! Not even close! Also, Jennifer Lawrence is great for the role because she is an amazing actress. If you want to watch a movie in which the characters are all looks and can’t act, watch Twilight. As for Hailee Steinfeld, she’s too young. Yeah, Katniss is suppose to be small and look fourteen, but I don’t think anyone wants to watch a 14 yr old make out with two guys varying from 16-18 years old (labor laws), and JLaw is such a good actress you’ll probably forget how curvy she is. On another note, if you pay attention to the trailer you’ll see how much they actually did show you. At the end you can here Rue’s four note whistle. You can see the cave I think in one scene. And at the end when Katniss shoots the arrow, I believe it is in response to Rue (when she shoots that kid in the neck after he kills Rue). That’s a lot considering they’re still filming and are trying to keep most of it quiet.
    Liam sounds exactly like I imagined Gale to be like, and he is a very good actor from what I have seen (granted, that isn’t much) and he does perfectly fine hiding his accent (see Last Song). Josh Hutcherson practically already is Peeta if you watch some of his interviews and is a great actor. And finally, they’ve said countless of times that the movie stays true to the books (See Elisabeth Banks’ interviews). Suzanne Collins is very involved in the movie (screen play, casting, etc.) and Gary Ross is a great director (pleasantville ftw!). The bottom line is we’ll have to wait and see, but I have great faith in the cast and crew and think this will beat out Harry Potter (big words I know, but I stand by them).

    • @Sho

      Yes I noticed that she screams “Rue” right before she throws the arrow and that was amazing!

      Oh and it wont come close to Harry Potter LOL

      Also Im hoping for a strong PG-13 rating or else it wont be THAT big.

  25. I think the movie will be good but it looks like it was a rushed Teaser put together by the MTV staff

  26. ***Spoiler Alert***

    One potentially wonderful thing about this film is that, unlike the vast majority of popular stories, most of the characters actually die. We are eternally warned of the danger posed to characters in stories like the Potter series, Twilight, LoTR and so on, but only very few of the characters you get to know actually die. Not so in the HG. It’s just the opposite; almost everyone dies. Hurray for a new idea.

    • Game of thrones is they very same way, most of the popular character are killed off and the author prefers it that way, because he feels it draws the reader deeper into the story line. The reader becomes more emotionally connected to the story, and invested in the characters.

  27. Love the books, and awesomely excited.

  28. I’ve read the books and have to say that I’m in agreement with the casting of all but two characters, that being Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, and the guy playing Haymitch. The guy playing Peeta is not right for this role, and will not pull off this roll. I’ve come to this conclusion based on his other work, and just reading the books. He’s not the one, and that to me is very disappointing. I can’t believe he convinced the director to cast him, by merely begging that fool.

    • I thought they nailed Haymitch.