Lionsgate Preparing to Pick ‘Hunger Games’ Director & Star

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hungergames1 3 Lionsgate Preparing to Pick Hunger Games Director & Star

The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins, was the closest remaining super-popular property Scholastic Books had to Harry Potter, until last week, when the third and final book, Mockingjay, was finally released. All three Hunger Games books (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay) have achieved massive success, financially and critically, with teenagers as well as old folks alike. In fact, Mockingjay is currently sitting incredibly pretty at the top of all national bestseller lists, including The New York Times and USA Today, and it’s already going back for a second printing.

It’s a good week to be Suzanne Collins, especially considering recent reports that Lionsgate is getting ready to choose their director for the hotly anticipated film adaptations.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the studio is down to three directors: Gary Ross (The Tale of Despereaux), Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road), and David Slade (Twilight: Eclipse).

The question is, if Slade gets the job, what does that do to Wolverine 2?

Meanwhile, USA Today is claiming that  Chloe Moretz (Let Me In) has the inside track for the lead role, as protagonist Katniss Everdeen, an expert in hunting, archery, and lying in front of television cameras for strategic purposes.

After all, who better to play a teenage, kill-or-be-killed survivalist than Hit-Girl herself?

hitgirl1 Lionsgate Preparing to Pick Hunger Games Director & Star

For those unfamiliar with the story, The Hunger Games is about a post-apocalyptic future where the United States of America are dead and gone, and in their place are twelve districts that make up a totalitarian nation – Panem. As punishment for a prior rebellion, the leaders of Panem put on what they call the ‘Hunger Games,’ an annual televised event wherein one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 are chosen at random (from each district) and forced to fight to the death. Last boy or girl standing is the winner, and their reward is they get to continue living. This year, Katniss Everdeen is the lucky (sarcasm) female candidate chosen from District 12.

So it’s basically The Running Man for teenagers, and Chloe, if she gets the part, will play the Arnold Schwarzenegger character. Sounds awesome.

runningman hungergames Lionsgate Preparing to Pick Hunger Games Director & Star

The Hunger Games’ screenplay was written by the book’s author, Collins, with a pollish by Billy Ray (24). The Hunger Games is set to start shooting early next year.

Source: Deadline HollywoodUSA Today

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  1. it’s so simple people!

    chloe moretz aka HIT-GIRL
    HG or hunger games also stands for Hit Girl!

    Kaya Scodelario or an unknown, PLEASE. Chloe’s just not Katniss at all. I’ll wait for the movie to rent instead of seeing it in theatres if she’s playing katniss.

    • Laura, you’re soo right! Kaya is perfect for the part or they should really take someone who is unknown. Most important – someone who suits the description of the role – which Chloe doesn’t! Hell, she’s 13, pale and blonde while Katniss is supposed to be 16, has olive skin and dark brown hair! How is that meant to suit at all? Just because she played a similar role? Seriously, her acting talent can’t be so extraordinarily well for me to forget she’s such a way too young, nice girl next door.

      Please, please, don’t make that come true!!

    • Kaya S. would make a great Katniss. Shes an amazing actress and much netter choice than chloe. Chloe, no! shes ten and can never be a katniss. maybe a prim. she looks around the age and fits the description

      • Hello, where have you people been? Chloe will be 14 in 6 months and her age now fits with the story logic of the game. But more importantly she has contractual commitments that very likely would keep her from shooting this for at least a year or more. By default if the studio intends to fast track this they will cast someone else. Even if they worked everything out and it was released in 2011 Chloe has definitely changed since her work in “Kickass.” Your also not allowing for what a scriptwriter can change in the story or what can happen even in real life. Elvis Presley fell for Priscilla when she was only 14 and the story is a future dystopia. Who can say what mores or what people will be like in such a future…

        • Yeah, but she does not have the physical build of Katniss. Even with makeup, hair dye/wigs, and contacts, she wouldn’t have the right body structure or look. She looks too happy, too youthful – while Katniss has strong features and an aged look she gets from starvation and survival.

    • Kayla is very much a figure to play Katniss. She is gorgeous but not over the top and with the right cast and crew I could see her playing the part to the fullest extent.

  3. Ughhhhhh! I lovvvvved the hunger games but with chloe as katniss it will be turned into twilght-a great book with a terrible movie with terrible actors!!! I strongly advise somebody the right age and has the right looks and can actually act. So far, all the actresses for katniss i’ve seen suck!! they really need to find someone fabulous or im not watching it!!!!!!

  4. Chole= to young
    Half the other actresses aren’t hard enough looking. It would be great though if they had open auditions all over the country for unknowns, I think this would open up to a wider fan base and make the best movie possible.

  5. That girl looks waay to pampered to be katniss…

  6. Wasn’t that Chloe girl shown on Clevver TV, along with Kristin Stewart? She would make a better Prim then Katniss, #1 reason, to young, and as you ppl say to papered, I can see her as Prim though, just as I stated.

  7. Too pampered?! LOL. Guys, please do find out first about the actress before you comment. This way you seems so ignorant. You could say she’s too young (though she’ll be more than 14 even maybe 15 when they start filming) or don’t have the right appearance (though that’s why we have makeup artist). BUT to say she looks too pampered is wrong. Try to at least search about movies KICK ASS and LET ME IN, better if you watch it full. Then you can comment fairly.

    • I have to agree just take a look at her twitter page;

      If her face was any slimmer she would look down right unhealthy, so I don’t think it’s a stretch for her to have a deprived look. I guess the biggest concerns have to do with the ending of the story. I think most don’t see her looking believable performing the action at the end, but the thing is, who they choose to play Peeta will matter as much as who plays Katniss!

  8. I want Troian Bellisario for Katniss, Drew Roy for Gale, and Lucas Till or Alex Pettyfer for Peeta. I’d be happy with those three, no matter who the other actors are :)

  9. I don’t think that Chloe should play Katniss. She looks nothing like what Katniss would look like. She looks too young for one. and, THERE HAS TO BE A WOLVERINE 2!

  10. i agree with people who say unknown actors/actresses should be starred in this brilliant series. I would make the perfect katniss Everdeen. I have read each book three times(obsessed I know) and I think I love the books so much because I relate to them. Like Katniss, I have grown up in poverty, hunting with my dad when I was younger and i actually used to shoot a lot of archery, i can prove it! It may have only been a recurve bow but hey i think that makes it even better. i have tan skin/dark brown hair that pretty much looks black. i do have brown eyes but hey Hollywood can give me color contacts right? I think this could be a chance to give people who do not have connections a chance to do what they do best. i am very tomboyish like Katniss, it’s like i am Katniss! I know I may sound like a freak but people I will make these movies brilliant just like the books! I just need a chance

  11. I am also very petite like Katniss and i am seventeen years old! I definitly look sixteen though!

  12. I would like to say a couple of things. One, I read and love the Hunger Game Series. And Chloe is an AMAZING actress. I loved her in the movie kick***. SHE IS AMAZING!!! But if they do shoot the books as movies, then they MUST stay COMPLETELY 100% TRUE to the BOOKS. If they want the movies to hit big, they must stay true to the book, EVEY SINGLE part. I HATE when the stoy line is changed in the movies. THEY MUST STAY TRUE TO THE BOOKS! And if Chloe does get the part I’ll be so HAPPY!!! SO OVER JOYED!!! She is AMAZING!!! But then they need to make sure she can portray the part and look the part to make it true to the books 100%. I AM SO EXCITED!!! If anyone else knows anything about this, PLEASE TELLLLLLL MEEEE!!!

  13. It’s more Battle Royal than Running Man, but it’s the same concept nonetheless.