‘The Hunger Games’ Character Posters: Meet the Main Players

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Give Lionsgate credit: the studio has been very meticulous about building up anticipation for its adaptation of author Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel, The Hunger Games, so far… with the exception of its arguably too brief teaser trailer released for the film.

It’s been a slow-but-steady approach to marketing The Hunger Games so far, releasing images, posters, and even fairly inconsequential casting tidbits one at a time. Fans previously had to participate in a viral game in order to check out the Districts of Panem “seals” – however, you can check out all the newly-unveiled character banners right here at Screen Rant, in the gallery above (continue reading on for more information about the film and larger versions of said posters).

For those new to this Hunger Games… game, here is the plot of writer/director Gary Ross‘ film adaptation (in a nutshell):

In a dystopian future America [now called Panem], a nation made up of twelve impoverished districts, all ruled by a militant capitol where technology and excess are a way of life. Every year the capitol holds a televised battle royal, where one male and female teenager from the twelve districts must battle to the death for the pleasure of capitol. When a young hunter from District 12 named Katniss Everdeen sacrifices herself to save her little sister from the games, she embarks on a brave fight for survival that could change a nation.

Anyone well-versed in the art of storytelling can probably tell (from the above synopsis alone) that Hunger Games is the first in a series of stories. Collins constructed the tale of Katniss as a literary trilogy – one that Lionsgate intends to eventually split up into four movies, should the first installment prove to be a satisfactory hit at the box office.

However, these new Hunger Games posters focus solely on eight important characters in the first movie (click on the following actors/actress’ respective names, for additional information):

Now check out all eight Hunger Games character banners (via EW, Fandango, IGN, Moviefone, MSN, MTV, Teen.com, and Yahoo! Movies) below:

Be sure to let us know what you think of these respective Hunger Games characters’ looks in the comments section of this article.


The Hunger Games will arrive in U.S. theaters on March 23rd, 2012.

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  1. I’m very happy with the cast. Especially Sutherland and Tucci in their respective roles. The only one I’m not too keen on is Ludwig as Cato. I never pictured him as such a pretty boy.

    • I agree. I saw Ludwig’s poster, and my 1st thought was “really?” But I guess we will have to wait and see what they saw in him.

  2. Woody as Haymitch looks a little to clean-cut.
    I pictured someone younger for Cinna but Lenny seems to be pulling him off.
    Rue… seems completely on point, can’t wait for the interviews.

    The thing that has me drawn back from the movie now is how will the Mutts be depicted?

  3. Cato is the only person i have a problem with. Cato is a big, menacing, ripped muscle bound monster guy whose arm is capable of snapping a neck by him flexing. Not pretty boy. I have no reason to be afraid of this guy

  4. I’ve gotta say im pretty excited. Lenny is dead on for Cinna. The biggest surprise for me is seeing how theyre working with Effie’s character. All we’ve seen so far is the mute natural colors of district 12, its kinda cool to see the brighter candy-like color pallet of the Capitol.
    Cant wait!

  5. I’m sad that my girl Isabelle Fuhrman doesn’t have a bigger role. She can handle a starring role EASY! I bet during filming they realized her talent…

  6. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

    Rue is my fave poster, but Cinna is my favorite character. And I also LOVE Katniss. This movie will be GREAT! :)

  7. I LOVE THIS!!!! Seeing the Rue one just makes me tear up…..

  8. haymitch looks too young…

    • Haymitch is only in his early thirties in the book. While Woody is a great actor for that role, he’s actually too old.

  9. I remember reading the book and picturing Haymitch as a Hagrid looking character but i like Woody Harrelson so I don’t mind him being casted.

    I’m still not sure if I like Josh Hutcherson as Peeta.

    Elizabeth Banks will be perfect as Effie. As will Lenny Kravitz as Cinna.

    • I’m with you as far as the Hagrid type character. I think woody harrelson is just not right for the role. Haymitch is supposed to be big and burly.

  10. I’m looking forward to this movie. I never read the books, but the concept is definitely intriguing.

    The only thing that frustrates me is the fact that they’re splitting three books into four movies. I hate that. It didn’t work (artistically) for Harry Potter. There’s no real reason to do something like that. Why not just make three movies? There were three Lord of the Rings books and Peter Jackson made three movies.

    I hate Hollywood sometimes.

    • There is going to be four movies, that’s just silly!

      • I’ve seen rumors from they’ll split Mockingjay into two films are make a prequel.

        The only thing Lionsgate confirmed is that they have a deal for 4 movies. They won’t say where that 4th movie is coming from.

    • Actually, J.R.R. Tolkein viewed them as six books that happened to be distributed into three volumes. If you read the books the way they are currently published, each one has two books within it, and they count up I, II, III, IV, V, VI. Just an interesting tidbit!

  11. I find interesting that the only pics in which Jlaw looks remotely close to Katniss are the airbrushed ones shown in this poster and in the ew photospread. If you see the teaser trailer, the set pictures (while filming the reaping scenes) and the movie stills you will notice that Jen looks very pale, very old, a little bit overweight (for katniss’s role,)and somehow not all like katniss. I think that the only thing she did to look her part was dying her hair a darker shade of blond but not enough to have the very dark hair tone of the seam people, it looks light brown to me, maybe she toned her body a little? that is not enough. Look what Rooney mara did to look like Lisbeth Salander, compare to what Jen didn’t do to look like katniss. Even Hutcherson seem to have modify his built to look like Peeta and even so this is the first pic in which he nailed Peeta’s look in most pics his hair is not light enough for peeta and his eyes are brown.I’m not sold with the cast so far.

  12. omg this is soooooo gonna bomb

  13. don’t wanna be offensive at all here, but is seems like everyone here is a real fan of the source material, and it’s nice that you’re excited. as a moviegoer with absolutely no knowledge of the source material though, i find myself underwhelmed. they’re…profiles. hope it turns out as well as you guys seem to think it will, but they’ll need to broaden their approach to reel us outsiders in.

  14. I’m really having trouble getting Woody thru my skull as Haymitch. He’s too thin and has to much hair. But if anything, i’m sure Woody can pull off drunk since Haymitch is most of the time.

    Now i’m gonna have to go back and re-read the first book again.

  15. I am surprised they made Gale a poster like this, I think they are trying way to hard to make it seem like a Bella/Edward/Jacob situation which I do not think the book series is about. I do love the posters, but I envisioned Haymitch to be a brunette, I thought they would change Woody’s hair color. I know it doesn’t matter because I still think he will be an excellent Haymitch. I love the Rue, Effie and Cinna posters.

    • I hope they don’t push the love triangle either since it took a backseat to the rebellion in the books. But they could just be showing how important Gale actually is to the story since he was always in Katniss’ head during the games, just like Haymitch.

  16. I really with hailee steinfield (girl from true grit) got the role of katniss. I find her to have more talent than jennifer lawrence. I didn’t think she was impressive in xmen first class but that’s just me. I am also not a fan of josh hutcherson I’ve never liked a movie he is in. And listening to liam hemsworth talk in the trailer he just doesn’t seem to have the presence that his brother brings

  17. Rue’s pic is so cute. Gosh I’m going to bring tissues, i’m already tearing up.

    I also agree with a previous poster. I think Jennifer Lawrence is still too big, not fat in any sense, but not underfed looking like she’s supposed to. But she is a good actress so we will see. So stoked for this

  18. I Love Katniss Everdeen!

  19. This movie is going to destroy HP and Twilight. The plot appeals to more people than just teeny-bops and nerds (not to say that only nerds watch HP, but still…) and Lionsgate, Gary Ross, etc, are putting a lot of hard work and time into it. They won’t screw it up. JLaw was the perfect pick for this role (she’s an amazing actress and that’s what counts, not how light her hair is or how curvy she is, people). Rue’s picture is by far the best!! Love it!! And Effie looks awesome! Can not wait for this movie!! Anyone know when they usually start releasing official trailers?

  20. Im really looking forward to this movie…having never read the books.
    To qoute hemingway:

    “There is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter”.

  21. Uh-oh. You have GOT to be kidding. I’m sorry folks, but based on Jennifer Lawrence’s performance as Mystique in X-Men First Class… well, this movie is DOOMED. She can’t act. At all.

    And, not for nothing, but Katniss is supposed to be a malnourished scrapper with the weight of the world on her narrow shoulders and hunts for dinner in a harsh world, eking out a meager existence for herself and her family. I imagined her thin, but wiry, dirty, rough and with a hard edge to her face. What on earth were they thinking casting someone who looks like a cheerleader who sleeps in a face mask with cucumbers over her eyes and never misses a meal? (Note: I’m NOT saying she’s heavy, she’s a lovely looking girl, but clearly has never spent a day in the wilderness.)

    Such a disappointment. Clearly they are not actually taking this trilogy seriously.

  22. I LOVE these posters. Simple and classy… maybe like Cinna designed them himself? :) I’m loving all the characters (yes, Cato is not what I pictured). Yes, Haymitch seemed more burly in my mind, but after doing the math from the book, Woody Harrelson is spot on for age and he can pull off both the “disgusting” drunk side of Haymitch and the serious side.

    yeah, I’d probably cast a few characters differently BUT this casting is a million times better in my mind than whoever cast Twilight as far as acting ability and looks. I’m SO looking forward to the movie!

  23. Amanda looks good on that poster; she brings the vulnerable Rue vibe. :)
    as for Ludwig playing as Cato… Oh well, he’s a cool actor and seeing him fighting Josh / Peeta will be exciting >D plus he’s wayy taller than Josh.
    I need a Clove poster, seriously…. :(
    they all look good there except for Gale. seriously, I dislike Hemsworth taking Gale’s role… ==”

  24. The only issue I have is the fact that Haymitch is blonde. Isn’t he supposed to be Seam like Katniss is?

    Still not sure about Hutcherson as Peeta…

    Also, randomly, love the Hemmingway quote. ^^

  25. I’m actually really excited about the casting of the movie. After reading the books several times, I think the casting is spot on. As for people saying Katniss looks too big, think about what you’re saying. This is a Hollywood movie, they’re not gonna throw some anorexic-thin stick girl in front of the camera. As for Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, I don’t think they could have picked a better person. Peeta was actually the one character I was worried about, but not any more. Haymitch was just as I pictured him and Cato, after seeing the trailer, is a beast. Sure he may be a little on the pretty side, but seeing him standing next to the other tributes, he’s easily the biggest guy there.