Mark Ruffalo Might Be The Hulk in ‘Avengers’

Published 5 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 6:11 pm,

As the rumor mill swirls over who will play The Hulk in The Avengers, Actor Mark Ruffalo is apparently in late stage talks with Marvel for the part.

Deadline is reporting that Ruffalo may replace Edward Norton, whose short reign as Bruce Banner was filled with off-screen controversy. Marvel recently split ties with Norton, and instead of letting the news simmer a while, Marvel has jumped right back in and may be ready to announce the new Hulk. But don’t expect anything official until next week’s 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.

Ruffalo is a great choice and his acting ability would prove Bruce Banner to be more than a transitional character. Much like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, it took the right vision from director and actor to create a fully-formed character; if Ruffalo is Marvel’s pick for Banner/Hulk, they still might have a well-rounded character to work witht.

The key here is Marvel’s decision to drop back from (according to their reports) ego-filled superstars to a more reserved, indie-experienced actor. Ruffalo is not a classic A-list star, but he has the chops and resume to fill the shoes of any superhero. We’ve seen his approach to an action role in Collateral, his cerebral side in Shutter Island and a tremendous acting talent in a career of indie dramas.

Mark Ruffalo in Shutter Island Mark Ruffalo Might Be The Hulk in Avengers

It’s easy to see a hidden rage in Ruffalo’s persona. I can imagine him exploding with anger or simply letting it boil within. Of course he can act, but he will need to embody the personality of Bruce Banner, and the actor’s nice-guy aura will have to be countered with some serious anger issues.

The big question is how The Avengers will portray The Incredible Hulk. Will he be both Hulk and Banner, or only Hulk? Picking a seasoned actor like Ruffalo would suggest the former, but those details are still in development.

The Avengers cast has been coming together nicely of late. With the 2010 Comic-Con approaching, the official reveal of the entire cast might only be a week away. Stay tuned to Screen Rant’s Official 2010 Comic-Con Page.

The Avengers hits theaters May 4th, 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. You must be kidding, first you try to sell us on Joaquin Phoenix and now Mark Ruffalo? Why don’t you just get it over with and announce Shia Labeouf as the new Hulk…

    With Thor & Capt. America going post-production 3D and now no Ed Norton on Avengers – I think I’ll just wait for DVD and rent them for $1.

    • 2 WORDs:sharlto copley

      • Good call. I could see him playing it similar to the ‘ultimates’ version…

      • @tankD 4WORDS Sharlto Copey, Sharlto Copley,

        • Jeez I said that two posts of the same story! And yet I got no feedback! Wow.

          But yes he would be good.

  2. as much as i liked norton playing the hulk,i think he is a better choice to go up against actors like chris evans in the avengers.i didnt really have the feel for norton in the avengers anyway

  3. All too true and I agree on all counts.
    Mark Ruffalo would be an inspired choice.

    I got so excited When I read this !

  5. On a related topic, I’ve been cast as The Hulk in The Avengers.

    • Very funny, but I’m sure I’m doing.

      But Ruffalo is pretty good choice.

    • Very funny, but I’m sure I’m doing it.

      But Ruffalo is pretty good choice.

  6. So you all actually think this would be a GOOD casting choice? WOW – I think I may just have to give up on Marvel – it looks like their latest decisions are just ludicrous – Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk – all are being ruined…

    DC is looking up meanwhile – Batman, Superman, Green Lantern… are all shaping up better than Marvel.

    • Don’t forget the Flash


        • I think it would be an excellent casting choice. Mark Ruffalo is a very good actor. The man’s got range!!!!!

        • Ahahahaha Man and Flash asked nicely, too!

  7. I’m loosing hope in all these movies FAST

    The casting is a mess and I expect more disputes in the future.

    But the WORST thing is that they are CONVERTING 2D movies into 3D for Captain America and Thor! I was so excited for Cap but the recent news is killing any hope that these might be actually good. Entertaining, probably. Good, probably NOT.


    • Casting is the least of our worries “True Believers” – these stories are going to be atrocious – a hurry up Spider-Man is going to be horrible…Captain America & Thor were already weak characters for movie material and now Post-Pro 3D…Iron Man 2 was a plodding horrible mess…No Ed Norton as The Hulk…

      I guess this will just hasten the transfer of all Marvel properties to their New Owners/Destroyers – Disney.

      • Oh please you Disney conspiracy theorists STILL aren’t shutting up?

        • Nope, Disney took over and things are going down the crapper… Correlation indeed. That aside What the #$@%?! Mark Ruffalo? Seriously? Marvel better be pulling some sort of Elaborate Prank because if Ruffalo is Banner than I have lost all Hpe for this studio, it’s just not the right cast at all (I’m know I’m not an “official” or anything but I just don’t see it) Not Saying Ruffalo is a bad actor, but Banner? What is happening Marvel? You used to excite me with your movie News, Iron Man 1 & 2, and the Incredible Hulk were all great, (No worries thus far on Cap and Thor) But taking out one of the major players before the big one? *Sigh* Losing faith quickly…

  8. should have cast cillian murphy when they had the chance (if they ever considered that is)

  9. My only problem with this is he’s too different from Norton. That was my main problem with the Cheadle-Howard recasting, the two actors were so different that all semblance of continuity was out of the question.

    If you’re going to get rid of Norton, at least get someone Norton-esque, you know, similar age and build, similar acting style. He doesn’t need to be exactly like Ed Norton, but he should at least be able to play Ed Norton in a movie.

    • Well isn’t that the whole point my good man? If they wanted someone like Norton to play the role like Norton than they would’ve stuck with Norton? lol. They switched to an actor they believe will better mesh with the other characters and i personally think this guy is a good choice. Go check out some of his movies and rethink this guys. I think you are angering a bit too quickly.

  10. I have a big issue with this only in that I see this as going the original Batman. They had 2 movies of Keaton, then switched it every movie. That killed it. This is now the third hulk in 3 movies…. That just is horrible. They needed to stick with Norton for the fact that they need to get a face to the Hulk

  11. I just have one QUESTION: Where is the continuity that Marvel is trying to sell us for their movies?

    I have no interest on this RECAST… Marvel Thinks that by RECASTING a good actor for the role, they’re doing well for us -THE FANS of actors they have choosen to play these characters- when they’re not seeing the real problem and fixing it.

    I’m losing interest in these movie.

    Some may say that people should not take care for the actors but the characters. That said, then why they are so picky when casting a specific actor for a role?

    I say that Marvel should stick to their plan if they really want to bring us something epic and not a mexican soap opera like they’re doing right now…

    • @F4rrel…

      I second your question about the continuity issue. If memory serves, Marvel made a big deal over the fact all of the movies they’d be producing would have some semblance of continuity to them, and when they announced that Don Cheadle would replace Terrence Howard in IM2, it didn’t bother me that much, because I felt that Rhodes was a minor character compared to Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, but then they dumped Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/Hulk, and I felt that the continuity which they promised to maintain went out the window when they made such a huge change to a major character.

      The bad part about this massive recasting in mid-stream is I thought Ed Norton did an amazing job as Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk, and I also felt that he came as close as possible to what Bill Bixby was able to do with the character of “David” Banner in the TV series.

      While Mark Ruffalo is a good actor (his performances in Zodiac and Shutter Island were quite good), I really can’t picture him as Bruce Banner, but if this is true… and it’s also a way for Marvel to make it up to the fans after pissing them off for unceremoniously kicking Norton out, I’m not yet convinced that this is going to work. The more I read about what’s going on, I get the feeling that The Avengers is going to become a star-studded version of the Titanic… and I’d really like to hope that I’m wrong.

  12. Ok… very conflicted right now. I really like Mark Ruffalo. I can’t wait for “The Kids Are All Right” and he’s never really disappointed me in his past work.

    I don’t quite see him as Bruce Banner though… Edward Norton had the scientist look that Ruffalo currently lacks. I’m pissed at Marvel for ditching Norton and not sure if they can redeem themselves through this casting decision – – if it’s true.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing what Ruffalo could do with the character though…

  13. damn you marvel your gonna mess up the most important movie in marvel history


  14. Marvel – Losers
    D.C – Winners

    • Superman IV
      Superman Returns
      Batman Begins
      Jonah Hex
      Batman Forever
      Batman & Robin

      • Batman Begins and Superman Returns are good movies. But correct on the rest. When Marvel fails they fail. Now when Dc fails it fails even harder. Which just shows DC’s commitment to look better in a way.

      • So you didn’t like Batman Begins and went to see Jonah Hex…hmmm, I’m thinking your opinion is suspect at best…

        Oh wait, you’re the same guy who think Disney buying Marvel is just a conspiracy theory…

  15. I think he would be a good choice. I’d prefer Norton but mark would work grate.

  16. Seems to me that by getting rid of Norton, they got rid of a guy who will pitch a fit if not allowed to rewrite half the script of the Avengers.

    I say good move. And Ruffalo… another good move if it pans out. I like him for the part better than Phoenix.

    • Finally someone I think gets Marvel management’s problem. They don’t need Norton playing script doctor. I don’t think they wanted to deal with that even as a potential issue. Either that or they have something special in mind for the Hulk. Multi-picture deal? Perhaps that was the real problem. Norton didn’t sign a discounted multi picture deal. That was probably the death stroke for Norton playing Banner.

      I also believe this is going to be one expensive movie. DO YOU think they will do the post 3-D thing to “Avengers?” If not it looks like they’ll need a crew that can handle the 3-D native camera process. This could very well turn out to be something between “Watchmen” and “GI Joe” in terms of look and feel, if not tone…

  17. Good actor. I don’t really want to see the Hulk in the Avengers though. I just don’t like watching a character that is completely (and obviously) CGI.

    • if they use the avatar technology and stick with the SAME EXACT design as TIH and have banner as the man at the end of TIH where he can control the hulk this shouldnt be to bad except i dont like these choices of banner banner looks a certain way. and norton embodied it. but if they are droing him they need to get Sharlto copley

  18. I can’t believe it. The last Hulk Movie was great!! Mr. Norton Was Great. I was really looking forward to the Avengers, but now not so much.

  19. I like the rumor, Mark Ruffalo is an excellent choice for the Banner/Hulk character. His latest movie The Kids Are All Right is getting excellent reviews and so is he for his acting in it, so I feel he definitely has momentum over Joaquin at this time. Marvel is making excellent choices. I would only wish they had control of all of their characters. Disney step up to the plate and get them all back in the house of M. This is the battle cry we all should take. All the problems stem from all the other major studios’ meddling and manipulation which has led to this fan anxiety and frustration. The movies they made have not been terrible but their versions of Marvel history have been only to serve to introduce characters so that the studios can maintain the rights. I hear there will be a Stan Lee Documentary shown at Comic-Con International, hope there will be a DVD release. Please keep us informed on that one. It is definitely one I want.

  20. You dont notice something similar resemblance between Eric Bana and Mark Ruffalo? They almost look alike. I dont know which actors are the best Bruce Banners: Bill Bixby (the original), Eric Bana, Edward Norton or Joaquin Phoenix/Mark Ruffalo.

    • With all of these hulk changes, hulk will never be a great movie series. You cant change the main character every movie.

  21. I’m still going to pass on this movie


  23. Mark Ruffalo would be an excellent choice. He’s a good actor and seems like more of a physical presence than Ed Norton, who has typecast himself, in my mind at least, as a creep. I like Mark!

  24. Ruffalo is an underrated actor who has shown a long range of work – it’s funny that he was also in Zodiac but didn’t have a scene with RDJ. (Oddly, Ruffalo worked with Ang Lee once, but that’s something else)

    I would not mind him as Banner. But what if…they made him Pym and the obvious choice for Pym, Nathan Fillon is…Banner? Won’t happen, but wouldn’t that knock your socks off, nitpickers?

    Seriously though, I’m just fine with it.
    Someone has to fill the role.

    • But Fillion would make the perfect Antman and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Black Panther. Serenity proved that much for sure. I just saw that movie again to have reassurance over the film. And because of that the movie still has my utmost support.

      • Also Morena Baccarin as Wasp. Also a perfect choice in my eyes.

  25. Have to admit, I think this is an inspired choice. Obviously I’d prefer they keep Norton but it looks like that ship has sailed. If Hulk has to be in The Avengers and they have to recast, they could do a lot worse.

    Ruffalo’s an incredible actor. Can’t think of anything I didn’t like him in. He could pull this off. The continuity’s still shot but this is a much better option than Phoenix.

  26. There is still a week til Comic-Con who knows what will happen before then. And i’m pretty sure they are playing everything close to the chest until then.


  28. publicity stunt……. I hope

  29. Lol, Brave new world with such yuts in it- Joker from Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker. I can’t believe how many people bash a film when they havn’t seen it. Marvel made the call, Norton is gone, Get Over It!!!
    And how do we know Justice League wont have it’s own problems? Id like to see Brandon Routh back as Superman but i doubt it happens. As i read the villains so far intended for the Superman reboot will be Lex Luthor AGAIN which will probly displease most people, and 2nd villain being Brainiac. I look forward to Green Lantern film and i recall seeing posts being skeptical about a Wonder Woman film & Flash film, partly because they dont have a good rogues gallary as Batman & Superman do. So i can see somthing possibly happen with a Justice League film that DC/WB might do that will displease some of you just as Marvel has. Norton’s recasting or 3-d wont stop me from wanting to see a team-up film. Especially when i waited this long for it happen.