Mark Ruffalo Might Be The Hulk in ‘Avengers’

Published 5 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 6:11 pm,

As the rumor mill swirls over who will play The Hulk in The Avengers, Actor Mark Ruffalo is apparently in late stage talks with Marvel for the part.

Deadline is reporting that Ruffalo may replace Edward Norton, whose short reign as Bruce Banner was filled with off-screen controversy. Marvel recently split ties with Norton, and instead of letting the news simmer a while, Marvel has jumped right back in and may be ready to announce the new Hulk. But don’t expect anything official until next week’s 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.

Ruffalo is a great choice and his acting ability would prove Bruce Banner to be more than a transitional character. Much like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, it took the right vision from director and actor to create a fully-formed character; if Ruffalo is Marvel’s pick for Banner/Hulk, they still might have a well-rounded character to work witht.

The key here is Marvel’s decision to drop back from (according to their reports) ego-filled superstars to a more reserved, indie-experienced actor. Ruffalo is not a classic A-list star, but he has the chops and resume to fill the shoes of any superhero. We’ve seen his approach to an action role in Collateral, his cerebral side in Shutter Island and a tremendous acting talent in a career of indie dramas.

Mark Ruffalo in Shutter Island Mark Ruffalo Might Be The Hulk in Avengers

It’s easy to see a hidden rage in Ruffalo’s persona. I can imagine him exploding with anger or simply letting it boil within. Of course he can act, but he will need to embody the personality of Bruce Banner, and the actor’s nice-guy aura will have to be countered with some serious anger issues.

The big question is how The Avengers will portray The Incredible Hulk. Will he be both Hulk and Banner, or only Hulk? Picking a seasoned actor like Ruffalo would suggest the former, but those details are still in development.

The Avengers cast has been coming together nicely of late. With the 2010 Comic-Con approaching, the official reveal of the entire cast might only be a week away. Stay tuned to Screen Rant’s Official 2010 Comic-Con Page.

The Avengers hits theaters May 4th, 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. wait til they have to cast the defenders, or Heroes for hire..or better yet, the west coast avengers..

    • LOL West Coast Avengers – Why not just cast The Amazing Slapstick or Nomad!

  2. you guys Need to stop bringing up Superman on an Avengers thread…
    Superman is dead…

  3. Superman can’t be killed so that’s just lame.
    At this rate by the time “Avengers” is released the only remaining cast member will be Robert Downey Jr.

    Go team Marvel/Disney!

    Is profanity still banned Vic cause I have some choice word for them suits.
    Hee haw,,,

  4. At least Ruffalo is hellova better actor than Joaquin Phoenix.

    • Gnaaaw! They’re both good actors.. just different. Stuck on Norton though. No Norton then might as well just keep Banner out of the picture.

      • Totally agree with you there. I could see having Hulk’s involvement be only in Hulk form. I’d have no problem with that. Re-casting Banner is a bad idea.

  5. He’s a good choice. He even looks a bit like Edward Norton. Yeah, I think I can get over this whole fiasco and just enjoy the film. I hope they bring back Liv Tyler and Tim Roth at some point, just to mean it clear that The Incredible Hulk is still canon to the Marvel cinematic universe.

    • what!?….ruffalo looks like norton? or were you talking about the crazy rapperman gold?

  6. No thank you…..I watched Mr. Norton’s “Hulk” again on BD late last night, and I kept shaking my head, he was so good. I am more sad than pissed about this.

  7. My take is that the role of banner will be brief and secondary to the CGI hulk…thats why dizzy decided to cut Norton in favor of budget…

  8. Me mad cause hulk is Ruffalo! Me “smash” Ruffalo! Punny Ruffalo! Betty, noooooo Rufffffffaaaalllooooo. ALso, i don’t think ” The Kids Are All Right” with you being Hulk.

    • Niice! That was a classic reply. I just had to read that out loud to my 19 year old. He laughed too!

  9. From the photo at the top I thought for a nasty moment we were getting a green Donny Osmond.

    • BAHAHAHAHAHAHA dentist!!

  10. Ruffalo has a Bill Bixby look about him. Good choice.

    • no way…the more i look at that green face, the more i think dentist is right

  11. This totally blows bring back Norton ,this guys all wrong for the part this movie along with MARVEL are on a downward spiral what was the point of tony stark showing up at the end of the incredible hulk credits it was supposed to tie in the avengers with the incredible hulk as well as iron man 1 & 2

  12. I am disappointed that Norton won’t be back as Banner. He played Banner somewhat as a whiney character but it wasn’t over the top whiney as in the Avenger animated movies. In other words, it worked. I also thought the scenes that were cut from the movie enhanced the movie so I don’t get why they cut them.

    Ruffalo on the other hand should do a decent job because he can play a soft spoken character without a problem. I don’t think he be a whiney Banner but I don’t think he’ll be what Bana was in the Hulk. Norton did a great job balancing the weakness of Banner and the inner strength of the Hulk.

    I’d give Ruffalo a chance or course no can beat Bill Bixby

    • I like Mark.. he’s not Edward though. Like so many have already said — too bad! I got used to Ed’s style. I liked it. I was looking forward to seeing him in this role again, even if briefly. Cameos and money. Problem right? So, explain to me the mighty SLJackson? Whatz the deal there? A brief scene of the One-eyed Jack in Ironman “I am Ironman.” SHIELD appears to be represented by Agent Coulson right now. EN doesn’t work well with filmmakers? Honestly, they want to make Marvel movies like James Bondo flicks! There is NOTHING more annoying than changing actors in a movie series!!! No, like so many of you, and as much as I love Marvel, I have to say they have missed the Mark. Excuse the pun. Re-booting is stupid. Spidey what? It wasn’t the actors that sucked.. it was the use of the characters. But, still, this is a rant, right? Better Mark than rumoured David Tennant! Can’t get Mark’s line out of my head though, from 13 going on 30 or was it Eternal Sunshine? “Well.. yeah!”

  13. Hopefully when the time comes to make a Justice League movie DC will take the cue that Christian Bale is not a team player, doesn’t like being Batman under any director other than Nolan, and recast him.

  14. Noooo!!!! bring back Nortan, we all want Nortan…his performance was flawless!

  15. i think they can find a better actor then Mark Ruffalo, i dont think he would be a good banner at all. im sure that every buddy here agree’s

  16. Ruffalo is a good actor,but also in this case a safe one..He’s not an actor who’s trying to get that “great” part,but just another flick on his resume’-though I’m sure he’d rather have an Oscar then play a superhero..
    He’s also really good in playing that middle man character to a group..He’s last really good performance I think that may have been his biggest stretch in his career would be the opposing brother in “Brothers Bloom”..So as a seasoned actor,and definitely one who’s getting better with each part, casting him is a great choice and like I said-a safe one as well…He’ll come fairly cheap no doubt compared to the others and he’s not one of those “script doctor” actors who need to have the script turned in their favor..But he also puts alot into what he does more so than most actors in hollywood nowadays who prefer the paycheck prior to the film, then phone in their parts..Also for a film like this, you definitely need a acting balance..With half the cast fairly new to the game and the other half name brand stars- you need someone like Ruffalo who can be that even keel,the anchor to the cast more so than someone like Evans or Rdj or even Jackson who in the past tend to be the main focus of their films..Ruffalo can be comedic when he needs to be and dramatic to the point of mysterious as well, such as the above article stated of his character in Shutter Island..Of all the choices Marvel has of late-this pick for Banner is probably their best and if this fails-then you can truly start losing faith on this film..

    • You know despite a heartfelt pain about Norton’s exclusion I believe your thinking in this situation is well framed vkatnyte. This wasn’t just a money issue. It was a money, working relationship, multi-picture commitment issue. If that’s the case and I believe it went down something like that, then what should we expect would happen? Have everyone else walk off the picture because one savvy actor was playing prima donna? That’s just it too. If they would’ve bent for Norton then you might as well tell the rest of the cast to get in the same line. That’s just a zero sum game and the pressure was too great Norton lost Marvel’s commitment…

      • It’s truly a strange one.. reports were EN had looked forward to a reprisal as Hulk’s human component and had come in to meet with the director before being axed. If there was a ‘temperament’ issue, why wait to that point? The next question, really, is what, ultimately, will drawn the money? I have to say – I enjoy EN movies. Even Death to Smoochy. Though, right now, The Illusionist and TIH are my top favourites.

  17. I want Mark Ruffalo to play as the Hulk in the Avengers movie. I want him to play a bad guy but turn good at the end.

  18. You know I forgot to ask who’s Mark Ruffalo?

    Never heard of him.

  19. I’m willing to give any actor the benefit of a doubt playing Bruce Banner, as for Norton’s axing from the role well he only has himself to blame. Can’t he just accept that he’s hired for his acting abilities and nothing else, just leave his other hat’s (Directing, Editing, etc…) at home and get on with what he’s hired to do. But no, he has to make a fuss and when he doesn’t get his way, well he doesn’t even join the rest of the cast to promote the film.

    It was embarrassing having to watch Liv Tyler and William Hurt having to skirt around the question’s posed to them about Norton and what happened on set, blah blah.

    Yes it would have been nice for continuities sake to have him in The Avenger’s but quite frankly would anyone really want to work with such a pain in the arse?

    I think Mark Ruffalo will be pretty good.

    • This news sucks, i thought norton got it right on in the incredible hulk. If norton was being a jerk then ok, but if marvel is just doing it to save money, then screw those greedy basterds.
      With this and the overdone cgi photo of thor, it just leans me even more to batman three kicking the avenger’s butt in 2012.

  20. I love Mark, but Norton was great as Bruce Banner…I really hate recasting actors in series. Just kills it for me. For example, Don Cheadle instead of Terrence Howard. Love both actors, but Howard brought a like extra something…
    Ok, so let’s say Bruce Banner had plastic surgery…oh forget it. Please bring Norton back!

    • i agree, they should bring back norton! well, terrence howard replace, i can live with that, maybe cause war machine isn’t a main charecter as much as the hulk, so replacing edward norton is a really really bad idea. why even cast him to be hulk in the first place then, they should have pick an actor who sign a contract or something through the avengers, i hope marvel is just screwing with us, saying he won’t be back, n norton ends up being the hulk, n we’ll be seeing him in the avengers movie, that be cool

  21. No disrespect to Mr. Mark Ruffalo, but COME ON MARVEL bring back ED NORTON!!!1one

  22. I personally feel that Eric Bana should reprise the role, he did a wonderful just of portraying Banner. Although Ang Lee Hulk was n’t good Bana’s performance was a great, I see Marvel films like Bond in the sense another can do the role yet a previous actor can go back just like Sean Connery then George Lazenby then back to Sean Connery it can work if given the chance.

    Marvel are making too many re-boot mistakes just continue the story, Punisher was awful although there were good momments. PWZ had a very weak script, although written by Ironman writer Hensleigh needs to come back with Michael France & Kurt Sutter now that would be a film I would to see a worthy 2004 sequeal.

    Good luck Marvel hope this movie makes money, if not just stop as HULK needs a descent sequeal.

    • I have to say this about Punisher War Zone: Did a great job giving Ray Stevenson a gentle, emotional scene. I was impressed with that. Way to go, Ray! Enjoyed the acting for Jigsaw and Loony Bin Jim too! LBJ was almost scary – had the potential to be scarier than Joker in DK!! That said, I still missed ol’ T.Jane! Different styles though..

  23. i hope edward norton returns, even though marvel has confirmed it, i still have faith that edward will be back, cross my fingers, n lets see what happens

  24. I doubt Marvel is gonna Beg Norton to come back, Given the fact of how Norton is on having creative differances with directors with a film it very doubtful Marvel will plead him to come back. Marvel should of thought ahead before casting Norton for the role in the first place if they had any worries about those issues. I was disapointed that Terrance Howard was replaced with Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2. I know Warmachine isnt as big of a character as Hulk but stills samething about replacing someone. But i did like Don Cheadle’s performance & was better than i thought. But im not familiar with this guy Marvel has plan to replace Norton so i cant pass judgement. I wouldn’t mind the idea if Marvel brought Eric Bana but i doubt it. I havn’t gave up hope for the Avengers and still looking forward to it.

    • “I doubt Marvel is gonna Beg Norton to come back, Given the fact of how Norton is on having creative differences with directors with a film it very doubtful Marvel will plead him to come back.”

      YEP I believe your spot on on that assessment, however I’m wondering if Norton’s representation might have made a last minute overture? Perhaps in the end, Norton cares enough that if the chips are down he’ll cooperate for the sake of the fans and the movie. I’d hope that might be true. That would look good in print for Marvel too, that they cared enough about the fans to reconsider Ed’s counter offer. That it was close but they finally found common ground to stand on. Ha what a P.R. event that would make at Comic-Con…

      • I agree. It would make hell a P.R. event at Comic-Con. Right now it seems like it would take a miricle.

  25. Ruffalo sucks her is just ssssssssssoooooooooooo boring

  26. What if Mark were cast as Rick Jones? That would work (ignoring that Rick is supposed to be a kid). That would actually fit into the original Avengers storyline that the movie-makers appear to be following!

  27. Hey guys, I love Mark Ruffalo…but come on Marvel. Edward Norton…replaced by Mark Ruffalo? That’s just not right. Edward Norton was flawless, perfect, sure he was a weak banner, but come on, the comics make him a weak banner. He’s a scientist for god’s sake. Not some super soldier! Mark Ruffalo isn’t that guy. He just isn’t. I hate it when different actors change for the series. It’s so annoying. Marvel, please don’t do this. It’s not fair and it ain’t right. It’s a little annoying. Hey, I love Mark Ruffalo, but he’s not right for a super hero. He’s a g****** comedian and mystery actor, not some ROAR I CRUSH YOU PUNY HUMAN HAHAHA?!! So ya’ll Marvel dudes, bring back Edward Norton, no matter what!

  28. I never make comments in forums, but this us just B.S. I was pretty disappointed when the same guy who played in the fantastic four was Captain America. Now this. Being somebody who watches comic book movies,I obviously watch them all. So, it becomes harder to let yourself amerce yourself into a movie or character when you have one person playing multiple people. Then this. Now, we have three people playing one character. I was pretty excited when I heard we were going to get an Avengers Movie. This has really thrown a stick into my spokes. Edward Norton, if you are responsible for this travesty, you’re dead to me. If it is somebody else, you really suck!

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