New ‘The Host’ Trailer Focuses on the War Between Aliens and Humans

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Everyone’s trying to hop on the gravy train that Twilight set in motion, with movies like Beautiful Creatures (read our review) cashing in on the supernatural coming of age/romance craze; not to mention, those erotic fan-fiction-turned published books making their way to the big screen (e.g. Fifty Shades of Grey and Beautiful Bastard). Meanwhile, Open Road Films hopes the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s sci-fi novel, The Host, proves as massive a draw as her vampire literature/films.

Curiously, the Host trailer premiering today (Valentine’s Day, at the time of writing this) places less emphasis on the love story aspects. Instead, the new promo focuses on the futuristic war between humanity and invading parasitic aliens – and how our protagonist, Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) becomes an important piece in the metaphorical chess game.

The Host begs comparison to titles such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the book/TV series Animorphs, but stands apart because it takes place after the aliens (which insert themselves into humans’ brains) have all but taken complete control of Earth. Similar to writer/director Andrew Niccol’s last film, In Time, the story is about how love between two people – Melanie and her boyfriend Jared Howe (Max Irons) – inspires them to aid the dwindling human resistance, even after Melanie is captured and infected with an alien that sympathizes with her ‘host.’

One thing the new Host trailer (and every other preview so far) neglects to mention is the plot also involves a love triangle, though not quite in the vein of Twilight or The Hunger Games. Here, the twist is a young man named Ian (Jake Abel) falls in love with Melanie’s alien “Soul”, named Wanderer, even as the human rebellion leader and Melanie’s uncle (William Hurt) realizes his niece is being used by an alien called The Seeker (Diane Kruger) to locate and enslave the last free humans.

Check out the character posters for The Host (via IMP):


Complaints about Meyer’s writing aside, there are a number of intriguing concepts and ideas nestled within her sci-fi love story. There are occasions where Niccol has failed to successfully juggle all the components of his big-concept films - be it the story/character elements, socio-political overtones, or well-executed action – but when he does, the results are something to admire (see: Gattaca). Between a cast that includes heavyweight performers like Ronan and Hurt, with Niccol running the whole thing, there’s reason to think The Host might turn out well. At the least, the trailers aren’t gunning solely for the Twilight crowd.


The Host opens in theaters on March 29th, 2013.

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  1. Diane Kruger? Tickets bought.

  2. Booo uuurns

    • This is war…. Rrriighhtt 99% of the humans are now aliens and there fighting an old farmer his old lady and about a doszen other people… Oook. Although, shiny cars :P this does look brutal. So love triangle between guy and human girl and alien inside human girl. Gotcha. Brilliant Meyers, just write porn scripts already.

      • There better be a good explanation for the chromed vehicles.

        • It either done purely for the visuals or perhaps there’s an actual reason other than “the aliens like shiny things”

  3. I’ll most likely skip this

    • good ….

      • “I do not think you know what ‘…’ means.”

        • Lol

  4. I hope this isn’t like an In Time as stated in the article … that movie had a lot of potential but just fell flat. Here’s for The Host for being Niccol’s much needed upswing.

  5. “One thing the new Host trailer neglect to mention is the plot also involves a love triangle,…”
    Of course it does. This is Stephenie Meyer we’re talking about, right. How could there NOT be one. I understand why the trailer neglected to mention it. If not mentionned, I actually would think this would have been a cool idea for a movie. Saoirse Ronan is such an incredible actress to begin with.

  6. meyer is trying to bring about the downfall of society by way of sh*t .

    • I can think other things that are actual threats to society’s downfall than a 2 hr Meyer adaption. I know we all like movies, but sheesh.

      • The idea of hopelessness brought on by subjecting oneself to her movies is as powerful as a gun. Lol idk maybe people make terrible movies, this although might not be terrible in the end goes strike me as being very formulaic and a poorly conceived sci fi story.

      • We’re still dealing with twilight fallout with 50 shades of grey and other things she inspired

  7. This movie is a metaphor for her writing. Stay strong and resist. Remember everything that is good and true, and fight the invasion.

  8. Solid trailer. I enjoyed the “space age” chrome for alot of the vehicles. Very nice aesthetics and certainly more interesting in concept than Twilight

  9. What’s wrong with romance in a movie? It’s only a problem because its Stephenie Meyer, even though the main girl(s) in this aren’t focused solely on love, heck, if you read the book at all, you’d know love is a big part of it, but not the romantic kind. And it’s more of a confusing love box than triangle, due to Melanie’s body with wands in it… It’s very good, and the character development is very deep and makes you think, plus Andrew Nichols is the director. Why not give it a chance?

  10. *Niccols
    Stupid autofix

  11. Stephanie Meyer book adaptations? I’ll pass. Do the aliens get sparkly when they go into the host body?

    • No they develop “emotions”. Lol

  12. Thats rather an underwhelming trailer… For a second I thought it was a US remake of the Korean classic creature feature.

  13. All flash, no substance. Can’t believe the guy who brought us Gattaca signed on for this sci-trash.

  14. People who have read it have actually told me it’s pretty good. In concept it actually sounds okay if they can pull it off. I thought it was going to be another Twilight wannabe but it’s actually not(from what people are telling me as well). From what they are telling me(men and women) it does have a “love triangle” but it’s not the same as Twilight with choosing between cheesy guys but it’s more with regaining herself after becoming a “Host”. It has more action than Twilight and it’s more intense(again from what they tell me). Like I said, the concept of it all sounds pretty okay. I’m just worried about the execution of the movie. Will they change it up to have that Twilight feel? If so then it’s going to be a teeny-bopper filled theatres across the US again. If done as “per the series” then it could be pretty tolerable(Prometheus), LOL.

  15. So yea…this trailer basically showed me the whole movie. And boy does it look SH1TTY, not wasting 2 hours on this garbage.

  16. I know the book is really good wish the movie fallowed the book but I guess u got to put more action in it

  17. I just saw The Host and it was really good. Sofia is right, it’s about love, but not the romantic kind. I mean, it has some romance, but the plot mainly focuses on good conquering evil, and people fighting for their freedoms. There isn’t anything Twilighty about it.