‘The Hobbit’ Set Video #6: A Journey Around New Zealand

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hobbit new zealand production video The Hobbit Set Video #6: A Journey Around New Zealand

Peter Jackson and his hundreds-strong production team have been hard at work (among other things) taking a seven week-long trip around the New Zealand countryside; one that requires helicopter rides, carefully setting up their camera/audio/lighting equipment up so as to not disturb the local flora, and even rushing to film a sequence involving dwarfs – and one anxious hobbit – taking a barrel ride down a roaring river, before the area is literally flooded by an encroaching storm.

Yes, it’s time for the latest installment in the Oscar-winning filmmaker’s ongoing behind-the-scenes video documentation of shooting on his $500 million adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Feel free to enjoy some twelve minutes’ worth of interviews and footage featuring spectacular New Zealand vistas by watching the newest Hobbit set video:

While the question “Can You Come Home Again to Middle-earth?” is one that won’t be fully answered until the first of Jackson’s two Hobbit movies arrives in theaters this winter, it’s hard to be too concerned about that matter (for now) when the “journey” involves getting to watch these highly-detailed and fascinating mid-production videos that Jackson and Co. have been churning out. That alone has been tons of fun.

Besides, judging by the preliminary results featured in the Hobbit teaser trailer – combined with the sheer enthusiasm and effort being poured into making this cinematic prequel to the beloved live-action Lord of the Rings trilogy something memorable – there’s good reason to be hopeful that Jackson’s Middle-earth will be just as great a place to visit this second time around.

In case you missed them, be sure to also check out:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on December 14th, 2012.

The Hobbit: There and Back Again will also be released in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. a year later on December 13th, 2013.

Source: Peter Jackson

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  1. Awesome! I so cannot wait!

  2. I have a really strong feeling that this movie will make box office history. I think it just may surpass James Cameron’s Avatar record. Overall, The Hobbit looks FANTASTIC! I can not waittt until this comes out.

    • Your really going out on a limb there. I wish it was avatar is a poor movie with great visuals. I can’t see it making 2 billian dollars worldwidet

      • Possibly, but if not, certainly the combined gross will be more. People have been waiting for a return to Middle Earth for close to ten years now.

      • yea i know I’m going out on a limb but i jus think it might be it. But on the other thing, i don’t think Avatar was a poor movie. It wasn’t the best but it wasn’t horrible as a lot of people say.

  3. Absolutely epic awesomeness!

    New Zealand really is the ONLY single place that could double for Middle Earth.

  4. Every one of these videos gets me more and more excited for this. I may die of a heart attack before it even comes out.

  5. I absolutely love theses videos!!
    Imagine going to work in the places they do every day? New Zealand is Middle Earth.
    Of all the big films coming out this year the one I have zero worries about is The Hobbit. Jackson and company seem to be using that $500 million budget to it’s fullest and as fans we are lucky for it.

  6. I cant wait for this!! Second movie I that I looked forward too. And the scenery, they are the luckiest people on (Middle)Earth.

  7. Man, these video snippets deserve Oscars in their own right! That we are privy to the sheer magnitude of this effort makes me want to visit Middle Earth even sooner! Magnificent stuff indeed…a toast to The Return of the King (Peter Jackson)!

    • CHEERS!!!

  8. I am so excited! Can’t wait! I’ve re-read the book again, so now I’m even more stoked.

  9. you know, i watch the lord of the rings trilogy. and i liked them, but i dont see why people love them so much. though it has been a couple years so i may need to check them out again. I am still looking forward to the hobbit.

  10. Hobbit will be better than LOTR, As with Avatar , It was not a poor movie was ground breaking in 3D technology and nowadays even if all old movies are remakes and reboots so whats wrong if avatar takes idea from Dances with wolves and the Last samurai , Even oscar winning Departed was not original,

  11. Looks good for the most part. Too bad two of the Dwarves (including one of the lead characters) look like freakin’ humans.

    • Dude! We freakin know how much you are disappointed on how the dwarves look. Do you have to mention it every single time when something new comes out on the Hobbit? I mean, yea you can complain all you want and I’m not saying you can’t, but you do it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. i swear. Its either you orrr someone else with the name mongoose.

      • In a word…….yes

        (No one is forcing you to read my posts. You could always just ignore them if you don’t like them)

        Tell you what, if you (or anyone else for that matter) can honestly say that Thorin and Kili don’t look humans (or more to the point look like real Dwarves) then I will stop.

        • okk umm, they look like dwarves then.They do not look like humans. So, can you stop now like you said you would?

          • Fully expected you or someone else to make a disingenuous post like that. Sorry, not going to happen because we BOTH know the truth.

            • haha, ok guy, what ever you say. But heyy, if you want to keep whining about the look of the dwarves then by all means go right ahead dude. Your constant nagging about the same thing isn’t going to change the look of the dwarves. But if it makes you feel any better, go ahead. lol

              • First off I’m not “whining”. People on the net who toss that word around as a derogatory term really need to look it up before using it in the future. -1 pt for the attempted but failed insult.

                I’m also not allowed to hold out any hope whatsoever that someone of importance may read my comment and have it get back to Jackson? I admit that the actual chances are minuscule but you never know who may be reading. 😀

                Plus if you think I’m alone in my opinion I suggest you do a bit of research because a large number of people are really disappointed in the Dwarves look (but most of the hate is directed at the aforementioned two). How someone can think that even looks like Thorin Oakenshield let alone either being Dwarves, really amazes me. People need to stop worshiping at the shrine of Jackson, stop being mindless sheep and use a critical/impartial eye when they look at things (everything).

                oh and also….gee, thanks for your blessing. Knowing you will ‘allow’ me to continue to post is oh so gracious of you. /rolls eyes

                lastly, who is worse…..the complainer or the person “whining” about the complaining? 😉

                • lol i can’t believe you just wrote all of that but ok let me reply in the following:

                  OK sure you can look up the word “whining” but in this case YES i am using it in this sense for a “derogatory” purpose

                  And yes i know for fact you are not alone. But my whole point in the 1st place was that YOU out of ALL people, particularly, and mainly and mostly you on this site make the exact same comments about the exact same thing whether the topic is about The Hobbit, or the dwarves. You do it ALL The TIME. You always try to find an excuse to throw in the disappointment of Thorin or who else you think doesn’t look like a “dwarf”.

                  And lastly, yes you are worse. I’m just calling you out.

                  • Derogatory or not, it’s an incorrect usage of the word.

                    Really, ALL the time? Last time I made a similar post it was over 2 months ago. Now if I went into other threads and tried to redirect commentary away from the article topic to this one, I could agree with you but the fact is, I don’t. So let’s not over exaggerate, shall we?

                    In the end I only posted one negative sentence about it. It’s not as if every time a Hobbit thread appears I post a treaties about it. Think about it, if you had just used a bit of self control and refrained from posting instead of feeling like you were the self appointed SR moral police, it would have gone no further. Look at the trouble you caused for pretty much nothing.

                    So I will continue to post my displeasure as I see fit. It’s a travesty on an otherwise excellent looking film that bothers the hell out of me. All I’m doing is raising awareness and trying to wake people up and have them remove their Jackson blinders. You would be surprised at the number of people who don’t read all the comments and so while this topic may be old to you, others may have not read it before. So sue me for being tenacious.

                    I’m also not breaking the sites rules so if you don’t like it tough cookies. You can either choose to comment and have the thread turn into a debate or just ignore it and maybe, just maybe, nothing more will come of it.

                    And calling me out? haha, what a joke. This is ScreenRANT. It’s part of what this site is all about. You are in the minority and the general consensus is, those who complain about complainers are worse since you contribute NOTHING to the article discussion (negative comments are a perfectly valid PoV).

                    So if you disagree with me, how about instead being constructive and tell me such and present your case instead of simply complaining about others comments. If you can’t manage to do that then please use a bit of discipline and don’t post (just a suggestion and I’m not telling you what you should do 😉 )

  12. Didn’t they shoot Willow in New Zealand? Can George Lucas at lease give us a Willow sequel instead of keep milking Star Wars even though there’s nothing left.I can honestly say i hate that franchise now.I wasn’t the biggest LOTR fan but they were pretty good,but someone made a remark saying they could have rode the dragon in the first place to get where they were trying to get and that would’ve saved alot of time.I don’t know i have to watch those films again in the near future,even though the Two Towers was quite boring i may find more enjoyment this time around.

  13. i love these videos, i like seeing how movies are made and the type of issues they need to work around. Great stuff.

  14. WOW Draagyn you cant see the spectacular visuals and wonderful story telling that was LOTR? The LOTR triolgy is and always will be movies I can go to when I just want to feel better. They are beautiful and so well done as well as acted. I can only so far see the Hobbit being just as good if not better and I cant wait till I am sitting in the theater watching it.

    • dont get me wrong, i never said they were bad. and i agree they are good films. i just didnt really get into them the first time i watch them. like i said though, maybe i just need to check them out again, which i plan on doing anyways before the hobbit comes out.