‘The Hobbit’ Cast Image: Bilbo Baggins & The Thirteen Dwarves

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the hobbit cast photo of bilbo and the dwarves The Hobbit Cast Image: Bilbo Baggins & The Thirteen Dwarves

The road to produce The Hobbit as a major motion picture has been more perilous than the actual story of The Hobbit itself. Rights issues, union issues, director Guillermo del Toro leaving, studio bankruptcy, illness – and that’s only in the last decade of trying to make this film.

But that all will – hopefully –  be well and over with starting March 21st, when shooting on The Hobbit officially begins. To mark the impending start date, the cast of The Hobbit recently held a press conference in Wellington, New Zealand, giving fans their first look at Bilbo and his band of thirteen dwarves.

Of course they’re not in makeup, they’re not in costume, and they’re not digitally enhanced to appear as tiny people; nevertheless, at least we get a glimpse of what the group will look like all together in the same place. If you squint really hard and imagine a Middle Earth-esque mode of dress, it’s almost like you’re looking at a still taken directly from the (future, yet unmade) movie.

Check out the image below:

the hobbit cast bilbo and the dwarves 570x332 The Hobbit Cast Image: Bilbo Baggins & The Thirteen Dwarves

Head over to Stuff for the full press conference video.

Frankly, the first thing that pops to mind is: Those men are far too fit to be playing bulky, dwarven gentlemen. Of course, I’m sure the makeup and costume people will make the necessary adjustments to each of them, just as they did with John Rhys-Davies in The Lord of the Rings, but at least that man had a head-start in the bulky department.

Speaking about the part of Bilbo Baggins, Martin Freeman had this to say:

“I’m extremely chuffed.”

Which, according to Merriam-Webster, means “quite pleased” and not something crass or obscene, as I originally assumed.

There’s no doubt that the primary cast members – particularly Martin Freeman (The UK Office, Sherlock) – have all been inspired choices. My only question is, will this be the cinematic adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, or will this be the prequel to Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings? Now, I’ll happily watch either film, truth be told, but I’d much prefer to watch the former to the latter.

the lord of the rings elijah wood as frodo baggins The Hobbit Cast Image: Bilbo Baggins & The Thirteen Dwarves

The Hobbit was a whimsical, sometimes hilarious adventure-fantasy for children. The Lord of the Rings was a darker, sometimes horrifying adventure-fantasy – and so, too, was its film adaptation. The point being, I don’t have any desire to see The Hobbit filmed in the same dark and dire style of its follow-up. Also, I could care less if Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, and Christopher Lee reprise their roles (though I’d be inclined to make an exception for that ancient badass, Lee).

The Hobbit, a two-part 3D film, begins shooting March 21st and is set to hit theaters December 19th, 2012.

Source: Stuff [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. Not happy about them bringing all the characters back. Hated Elijah Wood as Frodo, hated Orlando Bloom as Legolas. Both talentless.
    Not happy. (stomps feet).

    • I’m not too thrilled either…

      I’m not sure how they will work Frodo into the story considering Bilbo was 52 when he returned from his adventures with Gandalf and Frodo is born 26 years later. (No I don’t know these off the top of my head…I looked in the LoTR Appendix) I understand Peter Jackson isn’t overly worried about remaining 100% accurate with Tolkien, but Elijah Wood’s part seems to be added just for the sake of tying the 2 series together…which isn’t necessary for HIS part.

      As for Orlando Bloom, I seriously wonder how involved his “part” will be. Rumors of it being a small part could basically mean he’s standing at the side of his father the Elven King and say’s “I don’t like dwarves…rawr!” I doubt he will honestly have any more than a token cameo.

      • Quick note on Frodo: He’s only going to be in briefly at the beginning and possibly end of the film. Bilbo (played by Ian Holm in that scene, I believe) is going to read him the book he wrote about his adventures (There and Back Again) and the movie will unfold from there.

        A little less cause for worry about the inclusion of Frodo, I hope.

        And yes, per the rumors on teh interwebz, we will only see Bloom for a shot or two, though we’ll have to wait and see for sure. We will probably see him in the Battle of the Five Armies as well.

    • I have to disagree, Sam. I think both actors played the parts wonderfully and I really can’t see anyone else having played those parts. I don’t think it was necessary, however, to have both return for The Hobbit. Maybe as bit parts at the end of the second film just to tie them together, but not necessary. I do, however, trust Peter Jackson to do right by The Hobbit.

  2. This is going to be interesting to see how they chop out 90% of the dialogue in the books since most of it was talking and very little actual action or fighting.

  3. Couldn’t they have hired real Little People actors?

    • Nah, little people have different body proportions that “regular” people, whereas hobbits basically have the same proportions as humans, other than having larger feet. They’re like scaled-down humans, whereas little people (for those who are confused, that’s the proper term for the politically-incorrect term, “midgets”) do not have the same bodily proportions.

      Or maybe I’m taking this too far and you were just kidding. Either way.

      • Which is why they should have used real dwarfs to play the Dwarves, and saved the camera tricks for the Hobbits. Real little people would have made the movie more visually appealing, less “plasticky”, and there are several fine experienced actors available for the lead roles (Thorin, Balin, etc.).

    • ugh, no thanks. I hate it when they do that. Their faces are always deformed.

  4. It’s “chuffed”!

  5. I suspect that Bloom and Wood, and those lotr returners will only be cameos and little more. I also think that we WILL see a HOBBIT movie, and not a lotr prequel.

    It’s p.Jackson directing again, so it will have major connectors to its predesessor. If Del Toro was still directing it would certainly be more stand-alone, but I for one can’t wait to see where Jackson takes it. I admire his vision and trust it with this source material.

    That crowd of dwarves and Bilbo look hungry, (for food services AND a hollywood career!)like the fellowship did, before anyone knew most of them. It looks like a good bunch, I can’t wait to see them crowded in Bilbo’s house while he gets them lunch, let the humor pour.

  6. Don’t worry about their bulkiness – Not ALL dwarves have to have the same body as Gimli did.

    As long as they all have beards and are shortened, that’ll give them the illusion of having stout bodies anyway.

  7. You guys are daffed….those actors were fantastic and it will be amazing if the reprise their rolls in this movie. If you don’t like it…easy fix….stay out of the theaters.

  8. I’m glad someone had the foresight to take this picture. I think in years to come people will look back on it and reminisce that was the beginnings of a great duology that was a fine testament to the Tolkien masterwork.

  9. I am not happy with the casting of Thorin. Armitrage is a good actor, but Thorin was the eldest of the dwarves..Jackson takes way too much liberty with the original story. Tolkien is rolling in his grave..Although the money his offspring are receiving might mitigate that..We still have the books..

    • Great information! I’m already very excited about The Hobbit, but reading this article about the Quest of Erebor just reconfirms my opinion that there is no way this movie is going to be a disappointment. I didn’t know why Frodo was going to be in the Hobbit, but I figured that Peter Jackson isn’t just throwing him in for some half ass reason.

      • I thought Frodo’s involvement was merely as narrator, reading the Red Book which recounted both the tales in There And Back Again (The Hobbit) and The Lord Of The Rings.

        My biggest concern is how they’re going to make a cool, bad-ass dragon talk without it being a total and utter cheesefest. I have faith in Jackson’s decisions overall, but that’s going to be a difficult one…

        • Ah, “Do Dragons have lips?”… that old problem. 😀

        • @slateman

          yes, if you read the link I provided, Frodo is asking Gandalf to tell the tale of what was going on. If Jackson follows the story that would mean Gandalf will be doing most of the narration and Frodo will play only a small part which I am ok with.

          and the last rumor has it that non other than Spock himself(Leonard Nimoy) will be voicing the Dragon! I’m unsure if Nimoy has the voice anymore to pull it off and would probably prefer someone with a much deeper tone but we will see.

          • Leonard Nimoy would be great for Smaug’s voice.

  10. Wow, can’t imagine a land where Chuffed isn’t part of the populaces lexicon.

    • Welcome to America. :(

  11. I would imagine a top Shakespearian actor being brought in or a great voice actor. Maybe they’ll be both? Good work on the research mongoose. Your dedication to this set of works shines.

  12. James Earl Jones for the voice of Smaug!

    (ducks tomatoes)

    • None coming for me, he would be awesome but rather some else do it.

  13. I think this movie will be awesome! I’m glad they have the same guy doing Gandalf. But uh how old is Orlando? Is he … uh… ‘youthful’ anymore? He can’t play an elf if he’s old-ish :/ I dunno

  14. Adrian Ross-Jones for the voice of Smaug!