Tobey Maguire In Talks for The Hobbit? [Updated]

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Update: Now we’re hearing Maguire IS NOT in talks for The Hobbit. See post for details

Our friends over at Latino Review have broken an exclusive saying that they have it from reliable sources that Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire, is in talks to star as Bilbo Baggins in Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson’s upcoming adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Latino Review isn’t one to simply toss out some random rumor, either; those guys do their journalistic homework.  In this case, they’ve linked together a nice string of circumstances and events, which all point to Maguire being on the short list of Hobbit candidates (see what I did there? icon wink Tobey Maguire In Talks for The Hobbit? [Updated] ).

Alright, here’s the situation as presented by Latino Review. I’m going to take the extra-simplifying step of laying it out in bullet points for you:

  • Latino Review got a tip last month while Maguire was in NYC promoting his new film, Brothers, that the star had answered “Guillermo del Toro” when asked which director he’d like to work with next. Maguire added, “We may have something here in the near future.”
  • Casting for The Hobbit is currently underway.
  • LR then checked with some of their well-placed sources, and yes, talks with CAA (who represents Maguire) and The Hobbit producers are indeed taking place!
  • THESE ARE JUST MEETINGS. No offer or contract has been put on the table; it’s just to feel out the logistics of the situation.
  • Big point of evidence: According to Latino Review, Spider-Man 4 & 5 are NOT shooting back-to-back as once rumored.
  • Maguire would allegedly be free after shooting Spider-Man 4 to do The Hobbit.

Latino Review has more details, but for the full skinny on if and how Tobey Maguire would play Bilbo Baggins, you’ll have to go HERE.

I know that having Maguire onboard would be a major lock for the studio(s) involved with The Hobbit (Warner Bros. is currently co-financing the film to support the financially crippled MGM). A big star would guarantee an audience – but how will said audience feel about seeing Spider-Man play a hobbit? If this was happening years apart from another Spider-Man installment, that’d be one thing… However, as it stands, we’re talking some serious back-to-back Tobey exposure here…

“Can’t get enough of me, can you?”

Then again, that sort of thing didn’t hurt Robert Downey Jr. when he showed up in Iron Man and Tropic Thunder in the same summer; it’s probably not going to hurt RDJ in the near future when he shows up (not six months apart) in both Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man 2.

Sam Worthington was in both Terminator Salvation and Avatar (ok, so he was blue in one of those…); Ryan Reynolds has to balance out both Deadpool and The Green Lantern

…You see where this is headed.

UPDATE: THR has swooped in to mangle the report by Latino Review stating that Maguire is in talks for the The Hobbit. THR obtained this quote from Maguire himself :

“I have not met with del Toro. We don’t have any near future plans…I don’t know if something got misconstrued or miscommunicated but the source was not accurate at all…I love Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson, and I certainly wouldn’t take myself out of the conversation … if I was part of it. But I haven’t read a script or talked to anybody about it.”

Guess that sticks a fork in this rumor – or does it? As Drew McWeeny over at Motion Captured points out, stars and publicists lie all the time. So who is right here, Latino Review or THR? Only time will tell…

All I know is that judging from our comment section, a lot of you are now breathing a sigh of relief…

Spider-Man 4 hits theaters on May 5, 2011

The Hobbit: Part I hits theaters in December, 2011.

Source: Latino Review

Update Source: THR

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  1. For the love of all that’s Holy I hope this is just a crazy rumour!! NO!NO!NO!NO! Wakes up in a cold sweat with a heart rate of 160 bpm…Oh thank God it was just a dream!! :)

  2. Can you imagine casting Maquire and then having him scuttling along the spider webs in the Hobbit? I don’t think Tobey would be bad, but I wish they would go with someone else. I don’t have any better ideas, but there has GOT to be someone else.

  3. I dont wan’t spidey-boy anywhere near the hobbit. I dont even want him at the premiere. It’s not even that i particularly don’t like him. I liked him in pleasantville, and spiderman 2 was pretty good. I think him just being in the movie will take too much away from the movie it self. I think they could definitely cast someone better. On the flip side though, I trust guillermo to know what he’s doing and he wouldn’t cast tobey if it wasn’t going to be a good fit. I’m seeing this movie regardless of who is in it anyway. You could have gilbert godfrey play a hobbit and i’ll still see this movie(slight exageration)

  4. I cannot imagine anything worse, if this is the case why not go all the way to crapville and cast Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as a couple of wise cracking hobbits, call it In Da Shire!

  5. OMG…if this happens I certainly will not see it. Totally wrong actor for the character.

  6. No sir, I don’t like it.

  7. I don’t know if I can see Toby as Bilbo, but I in GDT I trust, esp with Peter jackson in his ear. If they’re down, then I’m with em. And btw if they cast the bad boys as hobbits it’ll be strange but gotta say if that’s the way I have to go to see bad boys 3 then whatever because the first 2 rocked and we need to see a third.

  8. what’s so bad about Tobey? I don’t see the problem.

  9. why dont they get Tom Cruise

    that way it would be one less person that they would have to digitally shrink :)

    haha i couldnt resist

  10. well face-wise i always thought he kinda looks related to wood’s so i can see him play bilbo …i guess. then again after the awefull 3rd spidey i didnt wanna see tobey for awhile (and im not completly over that yet)


  12. I could see Tobey McGuire doing amazing with this actually. I think he is a pretty good actor, and with the right director, (HELLO! GDT!) I think he could turn in a performance.

    And for people that think all they will see is Peter Parker, all I have to say is “see: Heath Ledger as the Joker.”

    Oh how quickly we all forget… so all you guys that feel like the world would end if this rumor turns out to be true (which may not be the case at all)… chill out a little.

    The movie is in good hands. If they cast Tobey, it will be because he fits the filmmakers’ vision.

  13. I like Tobey Maguire, I really do. He is a very talented actor. But can we PLEASE have an Englishman in the starring role? Is that too much to ask?

  14. @Crom Crom

    Why does he have to be British? England isn’t any closer to Middle Earth than America or New Zealand or Canada.

  15. “A big star would guarantee an audience”

    Kofi, dude, are you reading what you’re writing? You think that it’s going to take star power to butts in seats come opening day? The Lord of the Rings trilogy and all that it did in sales at the box office, through dvd’s, and merchandising should be evidence enough that audiences want to see more of the little folk.

    I’m wondering why studios haven’t already lined up to buy the remaining Tolkien properties and turn them into cash cows. We still have the Silmarillion, The Children of Hurin, the Unfinished tales, not to mention all of the appendices and histories of middle earth that could be mined for future movies. The Tolkien library is a veritable treasure trove for Hollywood and I am shocked (but a little pleased) that it hasn’t been exploited yet.

  16. Yeah u guys exaggerate just a bit I would say.

    And I see we have the three stooges now – Jose, fenix and crom crom! Just messing around :)

  17. @ Evan–

    Middle Earth was conceived by an Englishman and Hobbits were written to be stereotypes of rural English peasantry. Thus it is only fitting that an Englishman play the part. It just seems natural to me that an Englishman get the part.

    On a side note, being British does not make one English. That kind of mistake might get you into trouble.

  18. @Evan

    What did Heath Ledger do that cemented him in a role that we wouldnt recognize him as the Joker? People would only see Peter Parker b/c thats what Toby Maguire is known for. Personally i dont think he is right for the role. I say find an unknown or a lesser know actor fro this role, i feel like it would be better fresh and new.

  19. @ M Cat-

    To be compared to someone whose idea of a forum contribution is to tell everyone that they are putos for liking Tobey Maguire as a Hobbit is…well, insulting. Not sure how I landed in such company, but oh well.

  20. I think Sm3 really botched Maguire`s maguire as an actor. Not to mention his new movie “brothers” which seems preety drama titled under the steaks of his records. Since they signed on to a whole triology though probsbly didn`t kill his entire life as a person and that it`s not actually happened in real life.

    Please don`t have Maguire star in aqny flicks involving any crude sensuality or drama themed.

  21. Crom crom

    I already commented on this thread before that joke and I said that I have no problem with tobey in the Hobbit and didn’t understand why everyone was complaining. For the record – I see Tobey doing great with this role.

  22. I never would have thought of it before, but it seems like a nice fit.

    Is Tobey Maguire really any worse than Elijah Wood or Liv Tyler?

  23. @ Crom Crom–

    “Thus it is only fitting that an Englishman play the part.”

    Yeah, well you must not have enjoyed the LOTR Trilogy since only one of the four main hobbits were actually “English” (true one of them was Scottish, but as you pointed out he is not an “Englishman”). Frodo was from IOWA!

    All I am trying to say is, there are far more OBVIOUS parts to play the “I hope they are ‘such-and-such nationality’” card. For instance, Batman is an American icon, played by Christian Bale, who is English/Welsh. But Bale does great in that part so I am not complaining.

    The same could be true of an actor from practically anywhere for this movie, so long as he looks and fits the part, so the point is moot.

  24. @ Syrus817

    “What did Heath Ledger do that cemented him in a role that we wouldnt recognize him as the Joker?”

    Aw, come on! Everyone remembers Heath Ledger from his Oscar-worthy performance in 10 Things I Hate About You!:-)

    In all seriousness though, people were making the argument against him for a SIMILAR reason, though I will grant you that it is different. Not being able to see beyond his various roles BEFORE TDK had influenced people’s opinion of what he was capable of, and they couldn’t see him in the role of the ICONIC VILLAIN “THE JOKER.”

    Needless to say, people (myself included) were wrong in their initial opinions. I ALSO think that people could be wrong about Maguire. I think he is a good actor, and let’s face it, he doesn’t really have to flex his muscles to play Peter Parker. I have heard a TON of praise for him for Brothers.

    I think he would surprise us.

  25. I only can see Tobey Maguire as Spiderman.!!
    I prefer a british actor how about James McAvoy or William Moseley!!

  26. If he is chosen and accepts, I think Tobey will do just fine, he’s in good hands. He’s an actor not Spider Man and he’s decent from what I’ve seen, he’s so supposed to do these sort of things. Let him try, and if he sucks I imagine you’ll still enjoy the movie.