Tobey Maguire In Talks for The Hobbit? [Updated]

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Update: Now we’re hearing Maguire IS NOT in talks for The Hobbit. See post for details

Our friends over at Latino Review have broken an exclusive saying that they have it from reliable sources that Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire, is in talks to star as Bilbo Baggins in Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson’s upcoming adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Latino Review isn’t one to simply toss out some random rumor, either; those guys do their journalistic homework.  In this case, they’ve linked together a nice string of circumstances and events, which all point to Maguire being on the short list of Hobbit candidates (see what I did there? icon wink Tobey Maguire In Talks for The Hobbit? [Updated] ).

Alright, here’s the situation as presented by Latino Review. I’m going to take the extra-simplifying step of laying it out in bullet points for you:

  • Latino Review got a tip last month while Maguire was in NYC promoting his new film, Brothers, that the star had answered “Guillermo del Toro” when asked which director he’d like to work with next. Maguire added, “We may have something here in the near future.”
  • Casting for The Hobbit is currently underway.
  • LR then checked with some of their well-placed sources, and yes, talks with CAA (who represents Maguire) and The Hobbit producers are indeed taking place!
  • THESE ARE JUST MEETINGS. No offer or contract has been put on the table; it’s just to feel out the logistics of the situation.
  • Big point of evidence: According to Latino Review, Spider-Man 4 & 5 are NOT shooting back-to-back as once rumored.
  • Maguire would allegedly be free after shooting Spider-Man 4 to do The Hobbit.

Latino Review has more details, but for the full skinny on if and how Tobey Maguire would play Bilbo Baggins, you’ll have to go HERE.

I know that having Maguire onboard would be a major lock for the studio(s) involved with The Hobbit (Warner Bros. is currently co-financing the film to support the financially crippled MGM). A big star would guarantee an audience – but how will said audience feel about seeing Spider-Man play a hobbit? If this was happening years apart from another Spider-Man installment, that’d be one thing… However, as it stands, we’re talking some serious back-to-back Tobey exposure here…

“Can’t get enough of me, can you?”

Then again, that sort of thing didn’t hurt Robert Downey Jr. when he showed up in Iron Man and Tropic Thunder in the same summer; it’s probably not going to hurt RDJ in the near future when he shows up (not six months apart) in both Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man 2.

Sam Worthington was in both Terminator Salvation and Avatar (ok, so he was blue in one of those…); Ryan Reynolds has to balance out both Deadpool and The Green Lantern

…You see where this is headed.

UPDATE: THR has swooped in to mangle the report by Latino Review stating that Maguire is in talks for the The Hobbit. THR obtained this quote from Maguire himself :

“I have not met with del Toro. We don’t have any near future plans…I don’t know if something got misconstrued or miscommunicated but the source was not accurate at all…I love Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson, and I certainly wouldn’t take myself out of the conversation … if I was part of it. But I haven’t read a script or talked to anybody about it.”

Guess that sticks a fork in this rumor – or does it? As Drew McWeeny over at Motion Captured points out, stars and publicists lie all the time. So who is right here, Latino Review or THR? Only time will tell…

All I know is that judging from our comment section, a lot of you are now breathing a sigh of relief…

Spider-Man 4 hits theaters on May 5, 2011

The Hobbit: Part I hits theaters in December, 2011.

Source: Latino Review

Update Source: THR

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  1. UGH, as so often is the case I have to disagree with the prevailing opinion. You know I think a better question is whether Tobey can pull off a younger Ian Holm? An English accent can’t be a stretch for Tobey, if that can add any believability to his performance; I’m sure that’s possible. I would think no matter who would play the part, they would want to study Ian and talk to him about his thinking, playing Bilbo.

    Perhaps a few minds might get changed once Tobey goes under the drier to get his hair curled! Tobey reminds me a little of Elijah Wood too. It’s not a big stretch to believe they’re related. Not in a movie sense. Heil of a lot closer than Arnold and Danny DeVito, “Twins.” Of course we all know that was intentionally being played as ridiculous. I would also like to remind people of the roles Ian McKellen [Magneto and Gandalf] and Chris Lee[Saruman & Count Dooku] played so well. I’m surprised more people didn’t complain about one of these actors, as some of their performances were not much over a year or two apart if that, between the two respective franchises.

    Evan, M-Cat I think we see a little more eye to eye on this one.

  2. @ Evan
    Fair enough. You cleared up your initial argument and i agree with that. I was one of the ones who thought Ledger would do fine as Joker. Maybe its me and my dislike for Tobey and i think i wont get past Peter Parker. I am looking forward to Brothers however, i would like to see him in a very different role. After that, i may have a new opinion.

  3. @ Evan

    I did very much enjoy LOTR, but what I found weakest at times was Elijah Wood’s Frodo. Don’t get me wrong, the things I find fault with are very nit-picky and I know that, but I think that a lot of it could go away if an Englishman (or anyone from the UK, really!) got the part. He won’t have to fake the accent so much that he botches it and botches whole moments by going in and out of a pseudo-English accent.

    I felt the same way at times about Sean Astin’s Sam, and Viggo’s Aragorn.

  4. Englishmen to play Hobbitts, AMerican to Play Captain AMerica, Canadian to play be arguing over where the actor is from to play a character in a movie is well…lame…It’s Hollywood their job is to sell their product and make it believable..if Tobey can do that so be it but I personally don’t like him as the choice to play Bilbo..not saying he can’t it’s just not my preference.

    Reed Richards was played by a guy from Wales, Leonidas by a Scot, Batman by an Englighman,Xavier and Magneto by english actors,Ice-man, Colossus and Shadowcat by Canadians,Bruce Banner by an Aussie, Punisher by a Swede, etc and on and on..It doesn’t matter as long as they fit the part do the role justice…

  5. @greenknight333

    I’m fairly certain Christian Bale is Welsh.

    But I completely agree with your point, it doesnt matter what country the actor is from as long as they do a good job.

    Maguire is simply the wrong actor for this part, James Mcavoy or David Tennant, either of those two would be great.

  6. C’mon mate wales is barly a country I know it you know it,
    it just silly southern accent used by english people, dont get me wrong I aint hating, hell I’m scottish & between you & me I think the Gaelic language Is bloody retarded and should have been discarded long ago, Anyone ever watched Gaelic telly absolutly ridiculas

  7. Well, being English I hate the welsh, the scots, the irish, and the french. Its just in my blood.

    Wales is still technically a country, therefore Bale is Welsh. it explains his agressive nature.

  8. @Crom Crom & greenknight333

    I understand your point about accents taking you out of the movie because of inconsistencies and such. But to me, it isn’t a big deal since The Shire is an IMAGINARY place and not England, even if it is modeled after the 19th century English countryside.

    I mean, by your own logic, you should have been angry that it was filmed in New Zealand and not England. I highly doubt you were, however, because the landscape picked for the film was PERFECT, even though it wasn’t the landscape that “inspired” The Shire. If in fact you were angry about that as well, then as you said, you really ARE nit-picky.

    But really to me, it sounds like what you want are accents that sound authentic and not made-up. I can of course respect that. But it doesn’t take an Englishman to do an English accent. Just an actor that can do accents.

    So the real question for you is, if Tobey Maguire is cast, can he do a good “English” hobbit portrayal? My answer is “maybe”

  9. @ SamBeckett

    Sorry dude you are correct about Bale (Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales) and that is indeed being nit-picking. But I don’t have my hate on for things in the UK that are not English!! ;)

  10. @ SamBeckett

    “James Mcavoy or David Tennant, either of those two would be great.”

    Both Scots and two good pics just the same..

  11. @ Evan

    I wasn’t making those arguments you stated in your last post..I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  12. @ greenknight333

    “Englishmen to play Hobbitts, AMerican to Play Captain AMerica, Canadian to play be arguing over where the actor is from to play a character in a movie is well…lame…It’s Hollywood their job is to sell their product and make it believable..if Tobey can do that so be it but I personally don’t like him as the choice to play Bilbo..not saying he can’t it’s just not my preference.”

    Very well made point.

  13. HA HA this isway to wierd , i was just talking with my wife the other day that Maguire and Woods could have trade roles spidy nad frodo. mow their is talk of Toby being Bilbo . I LOVE IT YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  14. Nothing against Tobey, he would probably do as good a job as the next man, but just like Jack Black did a perfectly good job in Pj’s King Kong, I kept waiting for him break out in a Tenacious D song, or talk about the power of rock. All I would be able to see is Spiderman, which is ironic considering what Bilbo’s sword is named for.

  15. Something against Tobey, he would probably do as crappy a job as Cameron Diaz, and just like Leonardo Dicraprio did a perfectly good job at screwing up Gangs of NY, I’ll keep waiting for Tobey to be anything but awww shucks, i know i can’t act but hey, you’re all stupid too, or spin a web around me so i can’t frickin’ move. All I would be able to see is Spiderman, which is all that he is good for (and he ain’t really good at that)

  16. p.s. If T.M. is in it, then i’ll just spin a spidey web around my wallet so it can’t open

  17. @greenknight333

    “I wasn’t making those arguments you stated in your last post..I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    I actually had meant to write a simple “agree with you” portion to that post. But I accidentally left it off. All of that was directed at Crom Crom. Sorry for the confusion. Screen rant should get an “edit” button.

  18. @ Evan

    No worries Dude!! Glad to see we agree !! :)


  19. Tobey Maguire as a hobbit. He’s certainly short enough. :)

    During the Australian release period of Spider-Man (2002), he appeared on an Australian late-night variety show with his co-star Willem Dafoe. During this interview, when asked if he was a fan of the comic book, he claimed that he had never touched a Spider-Man comic book before and that he never wanted to read them.

    Well it shows. He has never fully convinced me in his role as Peter Parker/Spiderman.

    I do appreciate his talent in other roles though. I actually own some of his films on DVD but I can’t wait for a Spiderman reboot.


    You make an excellent point

  20. @Magnetic Eye

    I too am eagerly awaiting a Spiderman reboot.


    If Tobey’s in The Hobbit, I’m definitely not gonna see it. Worst idea ever.

  22. Wow, so many Tobey Maguire haters here. I don’t dislike the guy. In fact I think he’s a talented actor. I just don’t really want an American in the lead. If he turns out to be a good choice, it will be fine. But if we’re going to play arm chair casting director, I would not choose him.

    I’m not sure why so many people are slamming his portrayal as Peter Parker. I read a few SPidey comics in my day and I don’t see what’s so wrong with his Peter Parker.

  23. @ Crom Crom

    Maguire was great in The Cider House Rules, Sea Biscuit and Spiderman 1,2,& 3 except for the dancing emo part of the third movie..He is a great actor..I’m not debating that..I (like yourself) just don’t want to see him playing a Hobbitt..

  24. @Crom Crom

    I certainly don’t hateTobey Maguire, In fact I own the DVDs mentioned by greenknight333 in the above post.

    Great movies. Great actor no doubt about it, but I liked him least in the Spiderman films.

    I’m simply not convinced by his performance as Peter Parker/Spiderman. It just doesn’t resonate with me as an overly accurate portrayal, especially when comparing Sam Raimi’s Spiderman to the MARVEL comic books.

    Sorry for being so critical but something deemed (close enough as good enough) just didn’t cut it with me.

  25. It isnt even that he is a bad actor, watch Wonder Boys if you think otherwise, but his performances in the Spiderman movies were just terrible. But that isnt really his fault.

    Blame writers and director for that! The character in the movies is so far removed from the wise cracking Peter parker of the comics, does he ever make a quip in the movies?

    The Hobbit really isnt the movie for him, he isnt the right actor for the part of Bilbo Baggins.

    James Mcavoy or David Tennant.

  26. @DrSamBeckett

    David Tennant as “Doctor Who” has been an absolute joy to watch. I’m hoping he goes on to bigger and better things.

    Can you imagine “Doctor Who” as a full blown cinema release with Terry Gilliam as Director?
    My brain hurts just thinking about it. It would be awesome! :)

  27. @Magnetic Eye

    I would love to see a Doctor WHo movie done by Gilliam, what an awesome combination.

    I still think David Tennant would be great as Bilbo, I love the infectious nervous energy he brings to The Doctor, and I think that could really translate as an audience is reintroduced to the worlds of Middle Earth.

    But Mcavoy would be good too!

  28. @DrSamBeckett

    Yes I’m only vaguely familiar with James McAvoy from “The Chronicles of Narnia” & “Band of Brothers”.

    “The King of Scotland” is a film I’ve yet to see. It’s on my to do list. Maybe over Xmas holidays.

    I may do a Google search to see if there are any other notable films worth checking out.