Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 30, 2013

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June 30 Box Office The Heat Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 30, 2013

The heat was on in this weekend’s box office, but nothing could top last week’s number 1.

Monsters University repeats at number 1 this weekend with $46 million. Pixar’s latest was the easy favorite to win the weekend, and only dipped 44% from last weekend. Although the film should stay strong through the July 4th holiday, it has some stiff competition on the horizon in the form of Despicable Me 2.

Not far behind at number 2 is The Heat (read our review) with $40 million. The Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock buddy cop comedy did very well thanks, in part, to the Bridesmaids connection. For those that might not know, The Heat reteams Bridesmaids director Paul Feig with breakout star McCarthy. In fact, The Heat opened with a higher total than Bridesmaids ($26.2 million).

The Heat is now Sandra Bullock’s biggest opening weekend ever, ahead of The Blind Side ($34 million). And it also topped Melissa McCarthy’s other 2013 hit, Identity Thief, which opened with $34 million.

In at number 3 is World War Z with $29 million. Although the film dropped 55% from last week, it did surprisingly well up against this weekend’s number 4 film (more on that in a bit). Clearly, the stigma associated with reshoots and rewrites didn’t affect the general public, as they have been turning out in hordes.

Now at $123 million domestic, it looks like Brad Pitt’s zombie-fueled summer blockbuster could become his highest grossing film ever. That distinction currently belongs to Mr. & Mrs. Smith with $186 million. Worldwide, the film has grossed $259 million.

Coming in at number 4 is White House Down (read our review) with a disappointing $25.7 million. Overall, it was a series of unfortunate situations for Roland Emmerich’s latest, with star Channing Tatum losing most of his female audience to The Heat and a lot of the action crowd opting for World War Z instead.

June 30 Box Office White House Down Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 30, 2013

Not to mention, White House Down is the second White House invasion movie to release this year – the other being Olympus Has Fallen. Although Olympus had a smaller budget and cast, it went on to gross over $160 million worldwide. Had the tables turned, and White House Down released first – or even in the fall like it was originally supposed to – things might have turned out differently.

Man of Steel rounds out the top 5 with $20 million. Zach Snyder’s reboot has been coming under fire as of late because of its steep week 2 drop-off, but the film has plenty to boast about now.

With $248 million over three weeks, Man of Steel has passed Oz the Great and Powerful for the title of second highest grossing film of the 2013 (so far) and is the highest grossing entry in the Superman franchise. Not to mention, the film has grossed $520 million worldwide.

In at number 6 is This is the End with $8 million. Seth Rogen’s apocalyptic comedy is now at $74 million in domestic grosses.

this is the end rogen franco hill Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 30, 2013

Now You See Me is the number 7 film this weekend with $5 million. Louis Leterrier’s magic-themed heist film has finally crossed the $100 million mark and is at $104 million in domestic grosses.

Coming in at number 8 is Fast & Furious 6 with $2.4 million. Universal’s latest vehicular blockbuster isn’t far behind Man of Steel at $233 million domestic, and continues to dominate overseas with $682 million worldwide.

Star Trek Into Darkness is close behind at number 9 with $2.0 million this weekend, and $220 million total. The sequel has also grossed $438 million worldwide.

The Internship just barely beat out Iron Man 3 ($1.40 million) for the number 10 spot with $1.42 million. The Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn comedy just couldn’t contend with the summer movie crowd, and will bow out of the top 10 with $41 million domestic.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, June 17th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Saw WWZ this weekend and I really liked it. Hope it continues to do well. I’m glad McCarthy’s career is taking off because she is a funny lady. That being said I’m really not that excited to see The Heat.

    • I’m waiting for Despicable Me2! I love the Minions.

  2. youre wrong. fast 6 is the second highest grossing movie this year

    • He’s talking about domestically. Worldwide, you’re right.

      • Man Of Steel will take second highest box office gross worldwide for 2013 by the end of July,just wait and see,but I’m afraid nothing is touching Iron Man 3 for the #1 spot for 2013,but Warner Bros is still having a good year so far,and hopefully Pacific Rim will continue that run for them at the box office.

        • You are correct , sir.

        • it will struggle to beat fast 6 and i think by the end of the year it will be 5th.

  3. I’m surprised This Is the End didn’t get a whole lot of money, I finally saw it this weekend and really loved it.

    • It was released right near Man of Steel.

      It’ll prob get a huge following once it comes out on DVD.

    • “With $248 million over three weeks, Man of Steel has passed Oz the Great and Powerful for the title of second highest grossing film of the 2013 (so far)”


      • Anthony;

        I completely stand corrected! For whatever reason I failed to catch that YOU DID in fact mention those ” three weeks.”

        That was the point I was going for. The fact that it took about FOURTEEN weeks for “OZ” to reach the point where MOS only took three weeks.

        My apologies to ya.

        • I actually enjoyed Iron Man 3 quite a bit, and I thought most critics and audiences did as well, so it’s hard to answer that question. I think that strong word of mouth did help the film, as most of the pre-release reviews were positive.

          I know some fans were disappointed, but that type of dissension rarely reaches the general moviegoing public.

    • I get you’re a big Superman fan (as am I), but just to play devil’s advocate Iron Man 3 was at $337 million after three weeks.

      • Right. And as flawed as it was, IM3 had everything going for it in terms of momentum and traction being the follow up flick to the phenomenal “Avengers.” That reality, in and of itself, was probably more than half the reason why audiences paid to see it. ( The rest being the massive publicity PR machine Disney designed. They know how to market a flick.)

        The early May release date helped as well.

        As it stands, MOS has been doing very well with all the barriers against it: The very mixed reviews, the fact that it stood on it’s own w/out having a prior film before it, the choices that Snyder made which have been divisive among fans AND the casual movie goer, etc, all….

        Here’s an interesting question I pose to you, Anthony; If IM3 turned out to be a very good movie, would that have even made a difference in terms of its box office?

        • Most people I know, myself included, though IM3 was a very good movie. Of course its a matter of opinion.

          • I loved IM3.

          • C’mon. Lets be less fanboyish. The succes(money wise) of Iron-man 3:

            - Robert Downey Jr. Alot of people knew him as a good actor before superhero movies(same with Bale in Batman). And the girl/woman audiance just adores him, AFAIK Ironman is the only superhero movie series that has so much female fans and Robert IS the reason for that. I know alot of girls that like Ironman and Thor because of men in there. But when we were talking about plot holes, dumb script points etc they always answered along the line that i don’t understand the movie and thats it.
            Not a problem i like some movie girls as well. But movie is a movie and if its bad i say its bad.
            - 3 movies before that, they gathered some more fans. Even though second was garbage but i know some Miki Rurk fans that said it was great because Miki was there, jeez. Oh well, atleast they were more honest then girls.
            - Trailer. It was misleading, trollish but it did the job, i went to the cinema.

            Iron man 3 is not a good movie its just better than Ironman 2, but thats it.

            • I’m not being “fanboyish.” I don’t even read comics. In fact, me not being fanboyish probably made me enjoy the movie way more, because I wasn’t at all upset by the mandarin plot twist, like all the comic book people were.

              Iron Man 3 rocked me. The script was smart, the lines were clever and funny, Gwyneth had a good role, and I didn’t see it as full of plot holes or lacking continuity.

              You talk about plot holes or dumb script points as if they’re an objective truth, but they’re just not.

              That is my opinion.

  4. Glad Man of Steel is doing so well worldwide, expecting at least 600 – 650 mil by the end of its run.

      • It shouldn’t even be controversial. I’m trying to be vague for those who haven’t seen it: this isn’t a Superman who knows all of his opportunities and therefore makes him incapable of always following the “traditional guidelines of superheroes”. It wasn’t a proud event by any means and they showed that clearly.

        • Totally agree. But, still, it seems to be such a big deal with so many people.

          I’ve actually talked to peeps who were upset that Supe’s suit doesn’t have the stupid red under wear on the outside. Silly little things like that. A LOT of folks didn’t like the religious aspects and allusions in the movie. GIVE ME A BREAK! I’m an atheist and none of those things bothered me at all. I thought it was cool because every other movie goes out of its way to AVOID such things.

          Bottom line is that Superman is VERY hard to depict to a mass audience because everyone knows him. But that also means that everyone has a strong “individual” opinion about who he is and what he SHOULD do.

          I don’t think it will ever be easy to translate Supes to a mass audience. But Zack did a fine job. All those little controversial aspects of the movie only make it that much more interesting to talk about. Good art , good film making is about taking risks.

          • After the epic-ness of Man of Steel and it 21st century take on Superman’s origin,Supes can NEVER,EVER go back to wearing red underwear on the outside of his costume again,IMO,it would seem kinda of comical now.

            • Aha that is true, really happy they took out the briefs. Won’t mind it if it were animation or the comics, but when it’s a live action film, I find it hard to take the guy seriously.

            • @ LANDO

              Right on.

              Superman has lost the red outies. Not only in film, but in the DC books, as well. It’s a done deal.

              Zack actually was very smart about the whole thing, citing that the red undies was a product of 19th century strong men who would wrestle with colorful costumes out in the open.

              I have both DC and Marvel Encyclopedias and was looking at ALL of these characters who had the underwear on the outside costumes: from Batman to The Vision…

              And isn’t it weird that no one really made a fuss when Batman went from his grey and blue outfit to an all black outfit?

        • I for one still don’t understand why there is controversy. In every other instance that this has come up the same thing happened.

      • Agreed with ACW, they shouldn’t have been controversial in the first place. Either way, the movie’s doing well, well enough to warrant a sequel. All that I can ask for when looking at a franchise that has been dormant for so many years, not really counting Returns. It was still dormant to me when it released lol.

        • Thing is, I don’t think anybody over here even noticed or mentioned anything about the “controversial” aspects or “religious allegory” because to us, it’s just a movie and nothing too deep or controversial.

          We just went because it was Superman and looked good. Not sure if anybody even noticed the things keeping some US audiences away but hey, you guys are weird about movies.

          See religion and controversy in everything, go see movies even though the trailer blatantly shows that the finished product is terrible and then ignore the rest of the world’s box office numbers when deciding whether or not to make sequels or kill the franchise early.

          • Also, there’s a weird thing where seeing nudity in a movie or TV show is a major thing and hot debate rages over it but then there’s an unhealthy obsession with movies and actors who do nothing but sex, body fluid and masturbation jokes.

            • I have no idea what you’re talking about dude, I’m honestly confused lol. Sorry.

            • Actually I generally do understand your comment but not how it’s a reply to mine lol. Agree with you on trailers for a movie being bad yet people still see them idea though. It’s a strange thing.

          • Hey Dazz,soo sorry you think us Americans are “wierd”,we may be slighty off,but “wierd” may be a bit much,Americans just move to the beat of a differnt drummer when it comes to certain forms of entertainment and we can be very passionate about certain movies and how they’re made but I think thats part of the reason why most of the world flock to American movies,its because of our unigue view on things and on what we demand to see on the screen,when we’re asked to spend $10 to $15 for a movie ticket,that movie better bring the goods or it dies a painful death at the box office.

            • Weird

              • I’m sorry for the mistake @RandomInternetGuy,but you get my meaning on what I said to Dazz,I hope. :)

            • @lando
              In summary…

              ‘Murica F*** Yeah!


              ‘Murica Son…

      • I don’t think it had anything to do with the “controversy” or “playing it safe”
        If Man of steel was released on May 3rd, it would have made more money withit a doubt.

        1 – Shyte movies are generally released between January and April. The only decent movie that came out before IM3 was 42, and that was a bit of a serious themed movie.

        2 – Trek didn’t come out until 2 weeks after IM3 was out. In the case of MOS, ANOTHER HIGH PROFILE MOVIE (can’t remember) came out the following weekend, (was it monsters U?)

        3 – IM3 had to make money coming off of the avengers. Even if it was crapola, and it was, IMO, it was gonna cash in after the big business that the avengers did. The stars of the avengers were hulk & IM so of course people wanted to see the story continue. MOS unfortunately (depending on how you look at it, ) had a controversial choice for director, a polarizing producer / writers, an unpopular lead actor,.. & the uninteresting (to some) origin story angle.

        4 – IM3 was released internationally first, before domestically; momentum.

        I thought MOS was a fabulous movie (with its fair share of flaws yes, but the finished product was pretty amazing).

        It’s release was pushed back from 2012 to 2013 for “3d conversion” more likely to avoid competition with TDKR & TA last year.

        It was a no-win situation, unfortunately it was released in the middle of a decent pick of summer movies so….

        • Forgot to add, by may 3rd, people were starving for “something to go see”‘, you know… The big blockbuster movie to “kick off the summer season” etc… IM3 had the perfect spot & it certainly capitalized on it.

        • @RandomInternetGuy


          I agree with all of your points.
          I would add that the mixed response from critics may have been a factor.
          By this point, Superman was facing a lot of uphill battle and is doing tremendously.

          I mean all of your reason, plus the fact that most audience may not be interested in Superman, Superman Returns left a bad memory for many, and the fact that it is another reboot- the film is doing quite well with those odds.

          I am sure the sequel- even it is terrible (hopefully not)- will make more money than this. More if the filmmakers are able to rectify the technical flaws that impeded Man of Steel from being truly great.

          • There’s a lot of factors that brought down further success for Man of Steel, maybe more than what’s said in this comment section. I’m also hoping the sequel improves on everything Man of Steel lacked, that will be a movie I’m sure critics and audience will both love.

            • +1

              Next time critics and audiences will have a better idea of what to be expecting in the film and hopefully able to embrace the continuing evolution and reconstruction of the Man of Steel.

              If the filmmakers are able to refine their execution from the script to the screen and fix the technical details and legitimate flaws of the film- pacing, editing, playing out themes and arc- that will allow the film to more compelling and effective, and correct the flaws of the first film, then audience and critics will truly be seeing a great film.

              • +1000

                Very well said.

  5. Whoah… didn’t think The Heat would take 2nd… thought it would be Channing all over your Pitt.

    I’m glad these “womances” can still pull good box office.

    I’m picking DM2 over Depp next week.

    • Yeah, the review for DM2 that I saw mentioned that while the first wasn’t a very good or funny animation, the second knows that the minions were everyone’s fave part of the first and features them more, thus making the sequel funny.

  6. “Clearly, the stigma associated with reshoots and rewrites didn’t affect the general public.” Why would it? The general Public Doesn’t care about the behinds the scenes issues or how a movie gets made, only about what the see on the screen. Only Film Nerds (Such as Myself)care about what actually goes into making a movie.

  7. I really enjoyed Man of Steel,it’s my favorite movie of the year so far,even after seeing the new Star Trek,Iron Man 3 and Fast and Furious 6,and I’m not even a hard core Superman fan,but hopefully Pacific Rim can challenge MOS reign as my favorite movie of the summer,I’m really looking foward to PR,as a anime fan and giant kaiju movie fan(movies like Godzilla and Gamera),I can’t wait to see this movie.

  8. I think America has spoken
    We’re sick of racist liberals like Jamie foxx telling us how to live our lives
    Thank god White House down bombed
    I will never see anything with Jamie foxx playing his god and savior president fighting against white homegrown right wing fanatic
    Im sure racists like him doesn’t want my white money

    • Uh?!?!?!?

      • @wanderer
        Just ignore him.
        He’s off his meds today so he’s totally spazzed.

        • +1

          • +1,000

      • I think he’s referring to Fox’s comment (I think it was the BET Awards) when he said, “I’d like to thank our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama”, or something like that.

  9. I finally saw MOS it was great. Didnt like all the changes in the story but i can live with it no biggie. it was clearly better than superman returns and 1000% better than superman 3 and 4. cant wait for the other dc films. i hope they do green lantern like marvel did the 1st hulk movie and just do green lantern 2 with sinestro and y lanterns fighting hal and john stewart. And make a aquaman movie b4 marvel does a sub mariner. Im glad dc is doing good films cuz it was make marvel make better movies and vice versa. because im3 was so dissapointing (still cant get over the mandarin). I dont know about gotg i dont want to see a raccoon and a tree fight, or antman i guess so they can bring ultron and vision in, but i hope avengers 2 uses the breakout arc another alien invasion would be to much. but i cant wait for the jl movie now i know they will use darkseid but i hope the will eventually use the justice lords arc in the future.

    • IM3 was disappointing because of that great Mandarin twist?

      Honestly, I loved IM3 and thought MOS was disappointing. I really wish I could say I loved both movies but hopefully the MOS sequel is better because it’d be nice to have both sets of heroes on screen at the same time.

      • Sadly, I was disappointed with both. My disappointment with Iron Man 3 has nothing to do with the Mandarin twist, though. That didn’t bother me.

        What did you find so disappointing about Man of Steel? I’m just curious.

      • Iron Man 3 = meh, Man of Steel = AWESOME.

      • Like you, I’ve seen both MOS and IM3. I love both Marvel and DC. Honestly, I’m more of a DC person. I don’t exactly like the way Marvel approaches their cinematic films, I think it’s kind of “soft and cuddly”, but obviously they are having tremendous success with their output. Good for them.

        But I am curious. I have talked to so many die hards about IM3 and MOS and most admit they thought IM3 was pretty lame. Even some hard core Marvel peeps.

        So, I’m just curious how you feel that IM3 is actually BETTER than MOS?
        I will admit that MOS is not perfect… but still….

        • MAN OF STEEL = AWESOME,MOS WAS the better movie over Iron Man 3,IMO,I’m even buying Man Of Steel on blu-ray 3D whan it comes out on home video.

          • I’m with you 100%, dude. Gonna pre order the 3D Blu Ray from Amazon.

            Hopefully they will have some kind of Collector’s Edition.

            One thing I’d like to say about the “alleged” controversial scene at the end of MOS…

            Controversial or not, that scene caught me by surprise and I was totally in awe. It was so well done, emotive and powerful. Henry Cavill played that scene perfectly. I was as torn as he was and I VERY seldom get caught up emotionally in a flick, much less a “super hero” flick.

      • Honestly, I love Man of Steel and I thought Iron Man 3 was just meh.

        Iron Man 3′s Mandarin twist does not ruin the film.
        Was it a missed opportunity? Sure.
        The only fault that Mandarin twist did was a ripple effect that negatively affected the flow and tone of the film.
        But the context of the twist itself, is not much of a negative.

        I really wanted to like Iron Man 3 but it was underwhelming and does not improve on a second viewing for me. It was better than Iron Man 2 and “entertaining” but the film lacked something.

        The film was more concerned of allowing RDJ charismatically and successfully pull off witty one-liners than actually exploring the the man behind the iron suit. The ideas were in place, yet not executed enough to warrant a dramatic conflict worthy to challenge our hero.

        Man of Steel is not without technical and quality flaws to be sure.
        The film could have played out the themes of being a symbol for hope, learning to be a public hero, acceptance of not being able to save anyone, the choice between Krypton and Earth, etc.

        Certain details will cause controversy among fan base unlike the Mandarin twist, yet they are serviceable in the plot beyond shock and awe.

        However, Man of Steel delve deeper into the character who would become known as Superman while also acknowledging that most audience members recognize the basic essence of the character to truly bore them with unnecessary details and establish a world which feels believable yet fantastical. The action comes out organically and the film makes no apology about consequences instead of action beats designed to show off the hero’s ability. The film engages the audience with set pieces and action that supports character’s motivation, point of views, strengths, weaknesses, and relationships.

        The film brings multiple themes and arcs up and develop them. Some not to the same extent as others and some clearly needing a sequel to truly be fleshed out or complete, yet overall most are substantially explored to a satisfying conclusion by the film’s end.

        Both film’s have problem in polarizing fan bases and not exploring arcs or themes as much as they should. However I consider Man of Steel much more successful in this regard with much changes made to support themes and an updated story without making them for the sake of “shock” and skimming over thematic implication.

        Iron Man 3: 3/5 Stars
        Man of Steel: 4.5/5 Stars

      • I’m another guy who loved Iron Man 3 but couldn’t stand Man of Steel.

        Honestly, Man of Steel just seemed so grey and lifeless and that g****** shakey cam got on my nerves during the action scenes so much. And I’m usually okay with shakey cam. Heck, I thought the way they used shakey cam in the Dark Knight Trilogy, to mask Batman’s movements and keep him in the shadows, was downright genius. But here, it was just distracting and made it harder to appreciate the visuals. However, my biggest dislike of the movie is that, considering Superman is supposed the archetypal ‘superhero’, there wasn’t really anything heroic about him. Now, I’m not talking about the ending, which I didn’t mind (although I think it should’ve been handled a lot better). I’m talking about the sheer lack of concern Superman seems to have for civilian lives. Now, I’m not just talking about Superman punching Zod into Smallville (although that was stupid too), I’m talking about the scene in Metropolis. There’s so much damage done to the city, that thousands of people must be badly injured or trapped underneath rubble. But does Superman go and help them? No! He just kisses his girlfriend while millions are probably dying around him. We never see him helping out with rescue operations at all! Whether you think Superman should kill or not, we should all be able to agree that that sort of behaviour isn’t Superman!

        Honestly, Man of Steel seemed like an attempt to mix the deep themes/symbolism of the Dark Knight Trilogy with the epic action climax of the Avengers and it fails horribly at both.

  10. I really wanted man of steel to make a billion, but I guess that’s not possible now huh?

    • “Difficult to say… Always in motion is future”

    • @ Luy

      It’s all good.

      Now that Superman is FINALLY back and has established his proper place in our current generation, “MOS 2″ will only fly higher.

      ( Actually, it will be interesting to see what the REAL title will be.)

  11. well this is how it has played out on IMDb.
    Iron Man 3 has 195,000 votes and is currently sitting at 7.6/10 rating.
    Man of Steel has 150,000 votes and is sitting with a comfortable 7.9/10 so general audience really enjoy both films but overall like man of steel a little more.

    • Sounds good enough to me…. good analysis!

  12. MOS was way better than IM3 I cant wait for the sequel

  13. As long as the MOS sequel has more villians than just Lex Luthor

    • Lex Luthor and BRAINIAC !!

  14. First, White House Down never had a chance. It was a cheesy, clumsy attempt at a “Pres. Obama: Action Hero” movie. It was exactly the dud it should have been expected to be, no matter when it was released or what movie came before it.

    Second, Man of Steel is undoubtedly a success, and will get a sequel, but it’s not what WB was hoping for. It will likely fall short of making $300 domestically, and $600 million total. That’s a better performance than say, Batman Begins, but nowhere near the Iron Man franchise or the Dark Knight sequels, let alone the Avengers. It remains to be seen if the box office take for MoS is strong enough to get that Justice League movie.

    Finally, box office results show once again that Disney/Pixar owns family films, and that family films can still dominate the theaters. Even with rising prices on everything these days, families can still afford an afternoon at the movies. With the Heat’s strong opening, it also shows that female leads can make a good box office draw as well.

    • But MOS is the first of a series, so why should it do as well as the dark knight sequels, or as well as the avengers, which already had like five films leading up to it. MOS did great for a reboot. Give it another movie or two and this franchise will kill.

      • Man of Steel’s production budget and marketing push rivaled both the Avengers and the Dark Knight Rises but will make a far smaller amount than either movie. A success no doubt but I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. expected more.

        • Well that is true–when it comes to the bottom line it didn’t do as well as those others you listed. But I’m not convinced WB realistically thought it would do as well as Avengers or DKR. I read an article saying they were pleased with its opening weekend, and it said the movie surpassed their expectations. I think overall they are happy.

  15. I think White House Down could have succeeded despite the earlier success of Olympus has Fallen. Remember that both Armageddon and Deep Impact did both very well despite being released in the same year.
    However as previous box-office analysts already pointed out, competition this summer is enormous, so White House should have stayed in the fall.
    Whose stupid idea was it to move the film into the hot-zone with Man of Steel, World War Z etc.?

  16. Got to see all 3 of my big movies so far. I’m a big Marvel movie fan but I have to say I rally enjoyed my time at Man of Steel more than Iron Man 3 and for that matter I enjoyed World War Z more than both. But, I didn’t Iron Man 3 was horrible either.

  17. I am glad “Obama Down” did poorly. I don’t think it’s any secret or very disputable that Hollywood is very much in the tank for the president. Hopefully the box office is a reflection of people’s lack of enthusiasm for a guy who wants to portray himself as something heroic, and yet has utterly failed.

    I would not be shocked at all if it was someone in his administration valeryjerrett (or he, himself) who floated the idea of a buddy action movie with a heroic black president who beats the bad guys with guns, rocket launchers and one liners. /smh

    • Dude. Stay on **** topic.
      This isn’t a political site. Stick to movie rants. SR is meant for us to agree & disagree passionately, even combatively, about movies, film, tv, etc.. but keep politics out of it. There are plethora of other sites where you can spew your hate.

      As far as the movie goes, It’s my understanding that Tatum is the lead, & Fox the “Secondary” role in the film.

      • Dude… really? I was on topic and I don’t need you to police me.

  18. Man of Steel only dropped off because the glut of big movies all hitting the screen at the same time the two weeks following. One has only so much time and so much money to spend on movies. The movie makers are only hurting themselves by the poor spacing. $520,000,000 world wide in three weeks speaks for itself.

  19. How can people expect MOS to beat TDK sequels or the Avengers after just the 1st movie?? WB should be rapped in what it has brought in so far, MOS2 will be massive when it comes out now the 1st one has been established, many more will watch it on dvd/bluray and be keen to see what happens next, Just remember I live down under and it only came out here last week, I saw it again last night in a large cinema and their were no seats left, same for the first time id seen it, I’ve never seen that in any movie I’ve been too at this cinema, its a big hit down here, I took my son last night and he thought it smashed IM3, give it 2 months worldwide and MOS will bring in tonnes of cash..

    • ^^

  20. Channing Tatum cannot carry a film. He is a sub par actor. We all know this by now.