The Happening: Official Trailer And Website Finally Online

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the happening girl The Happening: Official Trailer And Website Finally OnlineGeez, sometimes it feels like you’ve got to twist a studio’s arm to get a trailer out.

First there was a crappy YouTube version that made the rounds on movie websites. Then there was the teeny tiny version you could watch on a French website. Finally, 20th Century Fox has released a full trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie, The Happening.

You can see the trailer below and rest assured that it’s not going anywhere. icon smile The Happening: Official Trailer And Website Finally Online

I know I’ve ragged on M. Night a bit of late, but based solely on the trailer, The Happening looks pretty effective. Does that mean that the end product will necessarily be great? No, but at least we won’t be writing this one off right off the get-go based on a terrible trailer.

They’ve got some popular actors in the movie including Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel and John Leguizamo to try to get people to come see the movie. I like all three and I’m always willing to give Shyamalan another shot, so I’ll be there when the movie opens.

There’s not much going on at the official website yet, but you can watch the trailer there as well and sign up for email updates.

For higher res versions head on over to

So are you suffering from Shyamalan burnout or do you think this may turn out to be his return to making effective and creepy movies?

The Happening opens on Friday the 13th, June 2008.

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  1. Hell yes. I love every M. Night film, (yeah, even Lady in the Water) He is the master of creating a feeling and sustaining it throughout the movie. This looks to be the same… And Marky Mark is awesome.

  2. I’m hoping it’s good, Mantis. Although I was definitely not a fan of “Lady.”

    It’s hard to have your first film be a massive critical and commercial hit. Starting out at the top, while I’m sure it’s intoxicating, is not a good thing. Nowhere to go but down, and a lot of people waiting around to see you fail.


  3. I will probably give this a shot, but it BETTER be better than The Village. I like most of Wahlberg’s films..he’s definitely a better actor than he was a singer, that’s for sure. The main problem I have with M. Knight’s films (funny, I didn’t know Michael Knight made, is that once you’ve seen them, they lose their appeal. Not the type of film you watch over and over…like Raiders or Star Wars. I mean, I saw “The Sixth Sense” and once you found out the ending, why watch the movie again?

  4. Well I can see watching “The Sixth Sense” twice for the different POV the second time around, knowing what the twist is – but yeah, I know what you mean.


    P.S. Funny with the Knight Rider joke. ;-)

  5. Still not sold on it, especially after the last trailer included much of the same elements detailed in that leaked script of many moons ago – which had the “twist” being the plants striking back against people. If that is his “twist” this time, it’s been spoiled badly.

    I honestly hope that he changed the script and that this one doesn’t have a twist ending. An artist has to be able to show that one is capable of more than being a one-trick pony, and Shayamalan has yet to show us what he’s capable of doing outside of this kind of film. He’s an absolute natural when it comes to creating and framing a scene to maximum effect, I just would like to see what he does with a straight-up drama – preferably one written by someone else.

  6. I saw the trailer during “Jumper” (which I would suggest you wait for the DVD); pretty good but I agree with Vic, M. Knight had better get this one right because his last 2 films have been less than stellar.

  7. Jersey, I agree. Really, he shouldn’t have done a twist after his first film. Now he’s kind of stuck with the “Shyamalan = twist ending” label.


  8. Looks good except for Marky Mark’s Acting in the trailer

  9. I’m a huge fan of Shyamalan’s work- and as a matter of fact I watch The Sixth Sense every year. It gets better and better. No, I’m not kidding!
    I think that Shyamalan knows how to get great performances from actors and while I’m not a fan of Marky Mark- I will always see what Shyamalan has to offer!

  10. I’m looking forward to seeing The Happening, even though I have never seen any of Shyamalan’s films before, so I don’t really know if he’s a good directer or not. It looks really cool by the looks of it, But what I think is so cool about it is that Mark in the movie has the same name as me except for the fact that mine has two t’s in it. I saw the trailer for it when I went to see Iron Man(Which was’nt as good as I hoped). But The Happening is something I’m really looking forward to seeing.

  11. I’m curious to see what M.N.S. does with this film. Conceptually, he seems to be as outside the box as his movies. Having set the bar so darned high with “The Sixth Sense”, its easy for us, as the filmgoing public, to expect a remarkable product and then be let down by our preconceptions of what he’s capable of both as writer and film maker. Lets do a small review of his body of work thus far and you may see what I mean.

    “The Sixth Sense” :
    Stellar casting, performances, and a surprise ending that made the film arc an incredible job of camouflage. A+

    “Unbreakable” :
    Similar to “Sense” in that it was well casted, superbly shot, and drew us into the comic book world that M.N.S. (and most other of us sci-fi fans) inhabit (or would like to…). Another ironic twist ending, and the only movie in the series that I would welcome seeing sequelized.

    “Signs” :
    Although this film still carried the unmistakable M.N.S. feeling of forboding and otherworldly circumstances of his earlier works, it was the first that tried to introduce moments of humor (tin foil hershy’s kiss headgear…) that seemed (to me at least) to let some of the air out of the attempt to make us feel we were no longer in control of our fate. The water twist at the end of the film fell way short of the previous two films, and most likely was the most obvious “sign” that this road had already been traveled to its limits.

    “The Village” :
    I honestly can’t give my impressions of this film because I was so let down after the first 45 minutes that I simply walked out. What I did see was a slow, colorless concept film that seemed to make sense only to its writer. The casting was so-so and deprived the actors of any emotion for the most part, but I have to tell ya, it takes alot to get me to relinquish my seat after plopping down my hard earned ducats.
    If anyone saw the whole film and would like to clue me in…please do.

    “Lady in the water” :
    I waited for this one to come out on cable, and must say that I was pleasantly surprized. After the “village” debacle, it was nice to see M.N.S. get back into form with a movie that contained puzzles, people I came to care about, and a pretty darned cool monster thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed the mythical storyline that was introduced and the fact that a group of strangers came together to save the story(no pun intended…well…okay….it was).

    I think what we have here is a film maker that rose to great acclaim on his first work, then took off on his own vision quest with a lesser regard for what we (deservedly or not) expected from him. Some times we need to sacrifice success in order to grow and become less vulnerable to being held to the highest of standards, especially when we turned the monster loose in the first place.I believe this guy is going to be around for quite some time, and that some of his best work is yet to come. I will gladly haul myself of the couch to go see if M.N.S. can recature my imagination, because the landscpe of his is so vast.

  12. i want to see this movie so bad i also love some of his other movies too i cant wait to see it!

  13. I saw The Happening last night and loved it!… I saw the movie trailer for it when I saw Iron Man and thought it looked cool… I gotta say now though, I have learned that the trailers for M. Nights films perhaps give me a different feel than the actual film. The Happening was not what I thoght it was going to be, based on the trailer… but I loved it. He’s a great artist