‘Hangover 3′ Being Fast-Tracked By Warner Bros.

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The Hangover 2 tv spots Hangover 3 Being Fast Tracked By Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. reportedly began development of The Hangover Part II prior to the release of the first film, in response to stellar test-audience reactions. It’s not so shocking then that the massive box office success of the sequel has convinced studio heads to all but officially greenlight a third Hangover as well.

Director Todd Phillips was already talking about Hangover 3 before Part II even hit theaters, (jokingly?) claiming that a trilogy had been envisioned even before Phil, Stu, and Alan’s first round of drug and booze-fueled hijinks in sin city hit theaters. Regardless of the truth, that is exactly what’s on the menu now.

According to Tracking Board, Hangover 2 co-screenwriter Craig Mazin has been recruited to begin working on the third Hangover flick – one which Phillips previously said would “certainly not [have] the same template you’ve seen [in the first two 'Hangover' movies].” That alone is good news for moviegoers who were unimpressed by how much Hangover 2 was an uninspired carbon copy of the original film.

Unfortunately, Mazin doesn’t exactly have a great track record. Prior to his working on Hangover 2, he scripted comedies like Rocketman and lackluster spoofs like Scary Movie 4 and Superhero Movie. While it’s unlikely that Mazin will ultimately be the only writer to work on Hangover 3 (multiple screenwriters contributed to the first two Hangover flicks), his involvement doesn’t exactly read as a plus.

hangover 2 teaser trailer Hangover 3 Being Fast Tracked By Warner Bros.

Hangover 2 has already grossed some $200 million worldwide, but the true test of the film’s popularity with the average moviegoer will occur next weekend. Even though mediocre to poor word-of-mouth began circling around the sequel just before its release, most people had already made up their mind about whether or not they would be checking out the Wolfpack’s latest acts of debauchery over the Memorial Day holiday frame. Box office returns for the second Hangover pic will undoubtedly drop off heavily in the future, simply because it’s opening was so front-loaded – the buzz around the movie will either enhance or cushion that blow.

Sequels that bear a strong resemblance to their predecessors are nothing new in Hollywood; that almost seems like an unofficial rule when it concerns the followup to an unexpected smash comedy venture (ex. Back to the Future Part II, Ghostbusters II, etc.). However, enthusiasm for the franchise generally seems to diminish by the time Part III rolls around, as even those who enjoyed the second installment are usually far less pumped by the prospect of possibly seeing (essentially) the same thing once again. Whether or not that will be the case for the Hangover trilogy finale remains to be seen.

One free idea for Phillips and Co.: It would be nice to have at least one film where we actually see the wolpack wolves out-of-their-mind-wasted, instead of just witnessing the after effects. It would also give the actors something new to do.

Expect to hear more official news about The Hangover Part III over the next year – including what famous locale will serve as the setting (Amsterdam?) and what new celebrity cameos will be in the cards.

Source: Tracking Board (via Moviehole)

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  1. Why hire a writer? Just carbon copy the first one like you did for the second.

  2. Haters … SOUND OFF in 3 … 2 … 1 …

  3. “One free idea for Phillips and Co.: It would be nice to have at least one film where we actually see the wolpack wolves out-of-their-mind-wasted, instead of just witnessing the after effects. It would also give the actors something new to do.”

    Just wanted to say that if they did this they couldn’t really call it “The Hangover”.

    But, I like this. I personally enjoyed Part 2. People are too harsh because it was similar to the first, but why fix it if it isn’t broken?

    • That would be a great idea, and the reason people hated the second one is because it was unnecessary. The don’t fix it if it isn’t broken idea–doesn’t work with a movie like this, once you do the same set-up for a second time, most of the magic is lost. That’s what happened with Part II, it lacked the magic of the first one.

      Some movies just don’t need sequels, like Inception. They should have left it alone, or maybe make a different movie with the same characters, like you said show the actual drunken night.

    • With all do respect, that is a horrible idea. The events depicted in the photos at the end of the first movie where funny as photos, they would have been horrible and ridiculous as scenes. It might sound fun to see people drunk out of their minds stealing a tiger but when you really think about it and how hammered they were, it would just be absurd. Phillips knows this and I’m sure people have brought up this concept hundreds of times. The movie wouldn’t work that way, it would be a giant joke and failure.

    • B/c you’re basically watching the same movie, but with a diffent title.

  4. I loved the first “Hangover”, the second movie was hilarious but at the same time not as good as the first movie. I don’t think a third movie is necessary.

  5. Craig Mazin is a terrible writer.

  6. I actually had a dream of a third hangover movie LOL

    It was like the same as part 1 and 2 only that it was Alans “freind” who lives in Paris (they skype lol) is getting married etc….

    But enough of my silly dreams.

    I dont see how a Third one would really work, I mean it has to have the same formula no? So part 1 and 2 are almost identical but part 3 no? Seems off to me…. but thats just me :)

    • That’s excellent! After I watched the second one I said yes Alan must get married and I think it should be Flo from the Progressive commericals!!! and Skyp’ing would be perfect and then maybe he changes his mind or something like the, “she’s not good enough!” Ha! Sorry I’m sure people will think I’m crazy for that idea but I’m also sure the minds of Hollywood will make me laugh with whatever they choose to do if they make the third movie.

      • i agree in the thrid one alan should get married. since the other 2 is gotten marryied to make more movies about the hang over they should go with breaking alan out of metel instuiate then in the 4th one alan gets marryied 5th one chan gets marryied.

  7. Now I would love to see Galifianakis getting married and what type of girl would be interested in him. Hangover part 3? I’m all in.

    • The director said Alan’s asexual.

      • Um, yah, the director is an idiot if he said that. If someone is “asexual” that would mean it lacks ANY sexual reproductive organ. Which would make the scene at the end of the first Hangover where you see the old lady with him in the elevator impossible. I guess that moron meant androgynous or that he’s a hermaphrodite??

          • Yet in the end of the first Hangover there was a photo of Alan getting “head” from an old lady. Looks like sexual urges to me, but what do I know?? Obviously the genius behind these oscar-worthy movies must know better…

    • They should do a prequel and show Phil getting married and his bachelor party and een though Alan hasn’t met them yet I’m sure they’d work something out like maybe he is a waiter back then or something like that

  8. Should have left it alone and try something diffirent with another title but same cast

  9. I just gota say that back to the future 2 was the best one outa the three.

    • For me it was the worst of the 3; still entertaining but not as entertaining as the others.

  10. one premise – three movies, stale much??

  11. @ Sin:
    I understand what you are saying about “why fix it if it aint broken”, But I think the better term is: Why break it if it’s already fixed? which is exactly what they did to the Hangover 2.

    It had the opportunity to surpass the first movie, but instead some people are content with it just being ok and not as good as the first. What is the point of making the sequel if your goal is to be ok but not better than the first?

    Personally I smirked or chuckled two or three times during the movie, so combined I guess you can say I laughed once. I love the Hangover, and I appreciate the movie for what it was. Every once in a while we get these great comedies like “Old School” that we love and can always come back to watch no matter what. Is the HANGOVER 2 one of those? I dont think so. To me it never happened, and I hope they can redeem themselves for the middle finger to the fans that was the sequel.

  12. @ rickster thunder

    Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t know before. Wow! That’s what makes him even weirder.

    • haha No Problem man ;)

    • Too bad it’s BS, the director is a complete retard if he actually had said that…

  13. I’d much rather see Old School 2

    Hangover 2 was pretty disappointing as too ghey for my tastes. Wahtever makes you happy god bless but I like chick s and when a film has more gay anal rape scenes and Anthony Weiner’s in it than naked hot chicks it is not my cup o tea

  14. Why does it seem like every movie is supposed to be “part of a trilogy”? I understand the need for sequels and I even enjoyed Hangover 2 more than I expected I would but let’s leave it alone. A 3rd will fail. I’m sure of it.

  15. I think both “the wofpack” and their wives should all have hangovers and both groups try 2 find each other. It would be different because you would have two different points of view so to speak. I also think Doug should be in the movie more this time around

    • i agree that would be funny as hell to see

  16. “The Hangover 3: Is Amsterdam ready for them?”
    Would be great if they filmed in my hometown…;-)

  17. Here’s a completely unique idea they can do for the third one. One of them is getting married, they go off for a celebration prior to the marriage, Alan drugs them all so they cannot remember what they did after they wake up in a hotel, they find out one of their members have gone missing, they also find some kind of exotic animal in the hotel with them, Stu finds that he has some kind of facial deformation, they go out looking for their missing person, someone confronts them that the exotic animal they found was actually stolen from them, they give the animal back, then they find out Stu got with a stripper/prostitute, then they find out that some criminal figure says he has their missing friend and they won’t give him back unless they return some money or some other commodity, they go on a quest to return this property, that asian guy jumps out of some kind of chest or locker and starts beating up on them, preferably while naked, they manage to return the property the criminal figure wanted in exchange for their missing friend. It turns out that their missing friend wasn’t actually with that criminal figure at all, then they figure out their missing friend was actually somewhere within their hotel all along while someone is on the phone with the girls telling them how wrongs things went, they retrieve their friend, they hurry to meet everyone else at the wedding, they get there late but in time, the bride to be doesn’t care what happened and the marriage goes through anyway. The End. Yes, I know this hasn’t been done at all and would be completely unique to the Hangover series. But I think it’ll work… :-D

    • dude thats the same thing thats happen in 1 and 2

      • *gasp* really????? :-D

        I bet you if they do the same exact thing for the third one, people will still like it. It makes me sad how low our standards have become… No wonder movie makers are so lazy, especially with sequels, they know they can just rehash the same crap and keep making money…

  18. Rinse + Repeat = $

    That might be a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about the first two.