Warner Bros. & MPAA Pull ‘The Hangover 2′ Trailer From Theaters?

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The Hangover 2 first image Warner Bros. & MPAA Pull The Hangover 2 Trailer From Theaters?

A full theatrical trailer for The Hangover: Part II debuted last week and premiered in theaters over the weekend, being shown primarily in front of Source Code. Now, however, it seems the only place you’ll be able to watch that preview for the second round of drunken escapades with “The Wolfpack” is online.

Warner Bros. and the MPAA has issued a note out to theaters across the country, telling them to pull the Hangover 2 theatrical trailer – with the assurance that another preview for the film will be attached to Scream 4 next week.

/Film was sent a photocopy of the document that requested theaters remove and delete from their server all copies of the full trailer for the Hangover sequel. The site has already contacted Warner Bros. for clarification on the issue and received a straightforward “No Comment” reply in response.

The Hangover: Part II is easily one of the most anticipated movies of 2011, so it’s not surprising that the studio heads plan to release a different theatrical trailer very soon – and in front of another franchise title as well. What is curious is that there’s even an issue to begin with.

The Hangover Part 2 Trailer Warner Bros. & MPAA Pull The Hangover 2 Trailer From Theaters?

As far as I can tell, the full trailer for the second Hangover pic didn’t generate an immense amount of negative buzz, and it wasn’t all that poorly received. While there were definitely complaints from many a moviegoer that it didn’t look as fresh as the first Hangover, and appeared to essentially recycle the same plot, that wasn’t exactly a shocking revelation now was it?

My immediate thought is that the content of the trailer got it in trouble: even though it was a green-band preview, there was a fair amount of lewd material in the Hangover 2 footage shown – including Alan’s (Zach Galifianakis) gag with the water bottle, and Stu (Ed Helms) inadvertently splattering pig guts all over the street. But none of that was what you’d call “clandestine” – did the MPAA just have a change of heart?

The Hangover: Part II nonetheless remains slated for theatrical release next month on May 26th.

Source: Warner Bros. (via /Film)

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  1. In the trailer was a F bomb

    • there was? i went back and rewatched it and while i admit there is a few things that might cause the MPAA to pull it but i never heard the f bomb dropped. where was it?

      • on 2:00 he said pull the monkey in I think. But allot of people thought that he said ”who the f**k he is”

    • I didn’t hear an F bomb, but I did hear two other curse words that I was surprise was in an All Audiences trailer, along with the water bottle/monkey joke.

  2. I really dont know what ppl thought this movie was going to be? it was a no brainer that they would loose someone else i bet no one figured it would be a sybling of the bride to be so that’s fresh and put’s a whole new spin on it, minor roles in HO one have more of a major role in HO2 so it seems, and the setting is hilarious alone! Im sorry i’ll be first in line opening day these guys work great together and I would love to see them do more together.

  3. i dont get what the big deal is everyone i know think the trailer is hilarious and all are looking forward to seeing it. what it had 2 minor cuss words, if that. i actually only heard one that they say on tv movies. you would think with all the crude humor about drugs sex and race that a few stupid gags would be a non issue.

  4. Hmm….. Id have to see the trailer again. I saw nothing wrong with it.

      • Rickster, do you mean when Phil (Bradley Cooper) wakes up? Because it sounds like he’s saying “WTH”… I think. 😛

      • Try again he says “What the hell”.

        • Nevermind he says WTH FALSE ALARM screenrant :)

  5. MPAA can %&* &#*; :*- and $&-* $*-* until :-*$ then %–& $-*:+!!!! Yeah, what now MPAA!?

    • Watch the documentary “This Film Is Not Yet R-ated”. All about the MPAA conspiracy.

      • great doc. on netflix people. watch it.

    • There’s literally nothing I can say positive about that bane upon American cinema that is MPAA.

  6. Well, they just received a whole bunch of free publicity out of this. Most likely, a whole bunch of people are going to see it due to this hubbub. “SEE the movie that had its trailer banned in theaters across America!!!”

  7. hmm

  8. It’s probably to clean-up “whore”, “bitches”, and the monkey nibbling on the weenus bit.

  9. I watched them side-by-side simultaneously three times… The ONLY difference is the new one says THIS YEAR instead of THIS MAY. I am starting to think fake controversy to add buzz

  10. Seriously the red band teacher trailer seemed worse to me this is b.s.

    • Likely because that was Red Band…

  11. I’m sorry to say that even though I loved the first one, watching in the theater that is. Second time on video was still fun but just ok and a third time got a little annoying but I’m not really looking forward to this sequel. Especially after watching the trailer it now seems way too predictable and because of this (I’m sure they got feedback about how predictable it looks from audiences) that they have pulled the trailer form the theaters. So they can stir up some controversy to get folks interested in seeing this sequel and not have a bomb on their hands. I doubt this will be as successful as the original was.

    That is my theory. What do you all think?

      • I agree. Thinking is way over-rated. If I actually thought about anything either nothing would get done or everything. And because I choose not to think about it, neither happens.

        • Ahmen.
          as for the predictability yes it seems very much so. they should have made a movie with the whole night and all they stupid crap they do. with a plot though kinda old school.

          • The*

  12. I don’t think that there was an F-bomb. But there were a few words that should be heard in a Red-band trailer

    • …I think water bottle boner was kinda up there too.

  13. i hope they pull all the trailers for it. by the time i saw the first one, i’d seen the whole movie and all of hte good jokes, didn’t laugh during any of it. theater trailers and sportscenter commercials showed the whole thing. was hugely dissapointed. i want to enjoy this one like everyone else did the first one.