The Fourth Kind Review

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Short Version: IF you let it draw you in with its factual approach, The Fourth Kind will creep you out more than Paranormal Activity.

the fourth kind review The Fourth Kind Review
Screen Rant reviews The Fourth Kind

After the extreme split in opinions on Paranormal Activity (I liked it), I was curious to see The Fourth Kind to see which side of the fence I fell on. I can understand how you can either love or hate the former, and I have a feeling something similar will happen with this film: Either you buy into the whole premise and let it suck you in, or you stand back and call B.S. on the whole thing.

The Fourth Kind opens unexpectedly, with Milla Jovovich as herself talking plainly to the audience. She speaks matter of factly and seriously, telling us the details upon which the film we are about to see are based. In addition to actors portraying real people (most of whom will have their names changed in the film) there will be scenes of actual video shot during the events portrayed in the movie. It will be disturbing, she tells us.

What will be so disturbing? The account of Alaskan psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler (played by Milla), taken from her notes, videotapes (and a personal interview by director Olatunde Osunsanmi) which tells the story of the strange nocturnal experiences of a number of residents of Nome Alaska in the Summer/Fall of 2000. A number of townsfolk have all been experiencing the same unique visions and sleeplessness at night – similar in details that could not be coincidental, and they’ve individually turned to her for help in determining what these things mean.

They all share visions of being watched by a strange white owl in the middle of the night. This sounds goofy, but when they intercut footage of the actual people in her office relating their story – each on their own and each story with the same details – the creepiness factor starts to escalate. And it only gets worse as Dr. Tyler delves deeper into their psyches to unearth buried details via hypnosis.

What starts her down the path of “something really weird is going on” is the fact that going back to the 1960s there have been (for a town of its size) an awful lot of unexplained missing people in Nome. The FBI has gone out multiple times to try and find answers and has always come up blank. One of her sessions leads to a very tragic event, putting her at odds with the town sheriff who believes she is stirring people up and causing harm. Eventually things come to a head, get really crazy and out of hand, and bring us to the present day interview that is threaded throughout the film.

The creep factor comes in from assuming that what you’re watching is, in fact, true and that the homemade videos are all in fact legitimate. However I will say that the farther you get into the film the more you have to suspend your disbelief – especially with some of what appears in the supposedly real camcorder footage. I won’t give anything away, but you’ll understand if you see the movie.

If you don’t buy into that concept at least a little bit, then The Fourth Kind will leave you as cold as Paranormal Activity did for people who didn’t go along for the ride with that film. However if you let it get in your head, I think you’ll find that The Fourth Kind is even more effective at freaking you out and causing you some nervousness after you turn off the last light at night and head off to bed.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5
(Very Good)

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  1. “James made Adrian’s point by the way, all languages came from somewhere and Sumerian is the oldest known. Assyrian, Akkadian- whatever.”

    Ohm, no…because Sumarian was a language Isolate. It is not related to Akkadian (which Assyrian is related to). It is also NOT the oldest know, it is just the first one that had a writing system we know of, and even that may be in dispute.
    Unfortunately, records were destroyed by the tribe of Conan (thanks a lot :( )

  2. @Dave Mowers, for other reasons I’m very sure the footage is not real and did not think it was a good movie regardless (and posted those on the first page), but I do like the way you are looking at it, because I’ve always held that if the governments of the world are covering up UFOs, it is because there is a very sinister aspect to them.

    The same is true for ETs….If they exist and visit us, and have been for some time, without making any contact, and in fact doing everything possible to keep their existence hidden, it would make sense that they were sinister or had motives that we would find sinister.

  3. !!!!!Spoilers!!!!


    I’m not one to answer a question with a question, unless the questions will help me find an answer. At this point if you have to make me imagine, which I tried to do during this movie, your not answering my question.

    But I will humor you. If I was the FBI looking at the situation I would think that she was crazy and needed physiatric help that does NOT involve hypnosis. And saving lives would have involved stopping her from practicing. There are a lot of other ways to figure out if aliens were messing with these people other than hypnosis which would have taken this movie to another level in my opinion.

    After watching the film I left with these questions;
    1.) If hypnosis works so well why was she not able to see that her husband committed suicide?
    (Aliens implanting a false memory doesn’t work in this situation because they did the same thing when they abducted people and yet via hypnosis they saw what happened to them.)
    2.) If her husband did commit suicide wouldn’t that discredit this whole movie based on hypnosis?
    3.) What if aliens were truly messing with the hypnosis tapes, wouldn’t all of them have the same distortion?
    4.) If the tapes had that level of distortion wouldn’t the audio have the same type of distortion, almost making none of the audio recognizable?
    5.) Why did everyone involved in that ordeal give up on that “crazy” woman and want nothing to do with this film?
    6.) Why would an alien say its god? (Felt that an extraterrestrial would more or less say that there is no god.)

    Now these are some questions that were going through my head during the film. All of which lead me to think that nothing presented was believable, other than the history lesson, which almost every civilization has including ours. Also at the end I felt that it was a “supernatural power” and not an alien.

    The only thing that helps this movie in supporting an alien abduction theory is the daughter going missing. But even then the film makers didn’t do their homework to find a city that actually has a missing child. If you try to do a search for missing children in Nome, Alaska within the last 20 years you will come up with no results.

    But overall to me, this movie had lazy written all over it but had potential to be better. While somewhat entertaining I left the theater disappointed. Not that I thought via a movie I was going to be taught something but the fact that they screwed up their own story so badly. If your going to make a movie like this then you need to make sure your story supports itself instead of dismantling what you tried to create. I’ve seen a lot of extraterrestrial documentaries and movies that are better than this joke of one.

    • well, this one was my favourite low budget “real footage” thriller so far. It surpasses Blair Witch, PA and Cloverfield, for that matter.

      they use a lot of clever “real footage” forge techniques, many of them previously used in Blair Witch and others, but some of them were new.

      the ending made it ambiguous if indeed the ones performing the abductions were aliens or paranormal entities. The astronaut-ancient god realtion has got a lovercraftian touch, and also reminded me of an old Erik Von Danniken book.

  4. I’m not going to give a comment on the movie but instead tell you of an experience my mother had back in 1963. My mother had booked a room on a freighter,out of New Orleans,to go to the Worlds Fair in Brussels and visit family in Holland. While in route,somewhere at sea,a u.f.o. payed the ship a visit. My mother claimed that it hovered about fifty feet over the ship,silently,and all on board could feel the warmth of the thing.After a short while,it just took off. the captain of the ship commented “no country has anything that can fly like that.” She described it as moving very fast in a zig zag pattern.

  5. Even if it wasn’t real it has real similarities to demonic possession.

    2nd Thessalonians 2:9-12 9 “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, 10and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.”

  6. I just seen this movie on for free its awesome!

  7. the aliens made her believe her husband was murdered. thats why she couldnt see the face.

    you have no common sence when you watch movies, clearly.

  8. hahahahahah! you forgot to say “I AM……….GOD” after DONT READ

  9. so what if its fake or real? Its a friggin scary movie.. And you really think people will tell you its real? angels dont exist either, right? … Dont diss movies like this…!

    if its real or not, some of it is of course real.. aliens exist, ufos exist.. and yes i believe abductions exist.

  10. so what if its fake or real? Its a friggin scary movie.. And you really think people will tell you its real? angels dont exist either, right? … Dont diss movies like this…!

    if its real or not, some of it is of course real.. aliens exist, ufos exist.. and yes i believe abductions exist.

  11. to even compare this with paranormal is lame paranormal was the crappiest movie i have ever seen i think i can create much better paranormal stuff lol.
    fourth kind was pretty good i did not fall asleep or yawn once as i did in paranormal lol.

  12. The 4th Kind was a well made movie. I enjoyed it. The way it was film with what I'm not sure was actual footage side by side gave it a touch of authenticity. Paranormal Activity was like watching a lame copycat episode of Ghost Hunters. I constantly dozed off. Speaking of lame, I will say PA was filmed better than Blair Witch. I'm not sure how goofy noises, rustling leaves, and bad camera angles were remotely scary. What was scary though, was the fact the movie execs thought it was worthy of a sequel……The only thing that made The 4th Kind unrealistic was there were no complaints of sore anal cavities. What kind of Alien abductions stories don't include anal probes?

  13. Interesting……I have read this verse in scripture, and your right it is similar….

  14. I did my research after watching this movie. I looked at the Sumerians, Egyptians and others. If you really read into it. There is just so much proof from hundreds of years ago and now, it’s undeniable. People who choose to deny it are just in denial. Facts are facts and hundred year old drawings and carvings into Sumerian & Egyptian temples and pyramids of helicopters and aliens and much much much more, do not lie. Last but not least, this universe and galaxy is far to huge for us to be the ONLY ones here! Common sense helps with this also.

  15. Nice!