‘The Following’ Renewed for Season 2

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following The Following Renewed for Season 2

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Serial killer dramas have become quite the reliable sub-genre for television in recent years. Shows like Dexter and NBC’s upcoming Hannibal explore the dark and dangerous minds of killers on a weekly basis, and in many cases, audiences are fascinated with the results.

So when FOX launched The Following in January, the network received tons of advance buzz regarding the series. After all, the show is headlined by Kevin Bacon and is created by writer Kevin Williamson of the Scream films and current TV hit The Vampire Diaries. On that name recognition alone, The Following had a lot to live up to.

Only six episodes have aired, but already the show has met FOX’s expectations and received renewal for season 2. Kevin Reilly, chairman of entertainment at FOX released the following statement regarding the show’s return next season:

“From the very beginning, we felt Kevin Williamson and Marcos Siega had created a high-
quality, edge-of-your-seat drama that could break from the pack, and it is exciting to see the
audience responding. Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy have given us two of the
most compelling characters on television and the entire cast is incredible. I’m delighted to have
this thrill ride continue on FOX for another season.”

the following1 570x332 The Following Renewed for Season 2

Given the overwhelmingly positive response The Following has received since its premiere (including our own review), the show’s renewal for season 2 isn’t much of a surprise. The series’ unique take on the genre – which involves an incarcerated killer (Purefoy) with legions of disciples on the outside – lends it a more original approach to the slasher-of-the-week format of other series, and allows for a developing conflict between the two leads.

In addition, The Following‘s ratings already place it among the highest rated dramas of the season. It remains to be seen whether or not the show can sustain that audience over several seasons, but thus far, it appears that FOX has a bonafide hit on its hands.

Are you excited that The Following is sticking around for season 2? Let us know in the comments.

The Following airs Monday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

Source: FOX

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  1. i really dislike this show. i do continue to watch it but it just drags and drags. yawn….

  2. I like the show! I like seeing both sides and a different twist on the bad guy having followers. I am glad it renewed. I do wonder how many seasons his could go without stretching out to far.

  3. I am so excited to read it was renewed for a second season! LOVE THIS SHOW

  4. I love this show. I am so happy that fox decided to make other season of this show…

  5. Love it! finally a show that lets you see the “Manson effect” that cult leaders and serial killers have on some people

  6. @PatrickBateman Not sure if your serious.


  8. I haev been watching this show, and it is not that horrible. It just also is not that great. It is watchable, and I’ll watch it to the end, I would imagine, but I would have rather seen the show of a couple years ago, “The Event” go into a second season rather than this one.

  9. I watched the first ep and it really didn’t grab me at all. Will watch a couple more before I truly decide. But, I am one of the few who thought Game of Thrones was crap too…

    • I almost didn’t continue to watch either, but trust me… You will be hooked by the 3rd or 4th episode.

  10. The Walking Dead is more realistic than this show….. but I still love it lol ….

  11. Love the show. Love Kevin Bacon and Mark Antony (James Purefoy) . Can’t wait until the next episode. A true pager turner.

  12. I hope we get a new case each season like HBO’s The Wire. Wished the show isn’t filled with annoying serial characters though, would have stop watching it if Kevin Bacon isn’t starring in it. And my god, the legion of serial killers might as well be a terrorist cell after last week’s episode..

  13. The first episode was amazing, but it’s gone downhill ever since. The story is moving too slow, pacing’s off and the focus has completely changed from what was established in the first episode.

    I’m gonna stick it out an continue watching season 1, but at this point I doubt I’ll be interested in season 2.

  14. SPOILER ALERT: Little Joey is Kevin Bacon’s kid, not the killer.

    • OMG LOL. There’s going to be alot of hate coming your way if this is a true spoiler.

    • Yup. I was thinking the same thing. He already looks like Bacon and with this show of twist after twist that reveal would be perfect season finale material.

    • C’mon, no way, why tell your kid a serial killer (bad man) is your father for no reason? Nice thought, but it just wouldn’t make sense. It’s Joe’s kid.

    • How do you know this?

  15. My interest in the show isn’t as strong as it was in the beginning but I’ve still enjoyed the episodes I’ve seen (all but the last two, I think). This show reminds me a bit of ’24’ in that it’s better when viewing several episodes back-to-back. Bacon and Purefoy have been good but Valorie ‘Emma’ Curry seems to be having the most fun and has been given the meatier of all the roles.

    As for the mention of who Joey’s father is, it seems a bit too obvious that it could be Hardy’s son. He certainly seems to be the right age, given Hardy caught Joe Carroll ten years prior to the show’s pilot.

  16. Also, Joe is not incarcerated anymore….

  17. This show may get good ratings but its in no way a quality drama series. People seem to not know that ratings means nothing other than advertising money. Aint gonna win you any awards for writing,creativity,or even acting. It’s pretty bad. Not USA show bad but bad indeed. And whoever evoked The Wire anywhere near this show needs to be barred from ever watching TV again.

  18. I have to be completely honest and admit that I hate watch this show.
    And now I hate myself because it’s turned me into the thing I hate most in life. A douchbag hipster who watches something ironically.
    Damn You The Following!!!!

  19. I liked the first few episodes, but, I agree with those who commented above that the credibility of the story is starting to unravel. SPOILER ALERT – For example, how would no one who worked for the warden decide that what they were doing wasn’t right, and they needed to tell the FBI? Why would a former FBI agent go into a farmhouse where there was an unknown number of suspects? I hope they bring back some of the credibility by making things less outlandish and still super creepy.

  20. Ive watched a few episodes starting with the first. While a nice premise it just doesn’t seem to make much sense in the grand scheme of things. Quite frankly it reminds me of LOST.

    It has a lot going for it but when you try to tie everything together cohesively it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  21. The biggest flaw so far was when they found out the lawyer had been involved in giving the wife instructions by Joe, which led to her abduction, why was this woman not immediately arrested and charged with conspiracy instead of letting her let Joe escape…

  22. I don’t think FOX renewing Following is a big deal. They even gave Touch a second season and that’s a way lesser hit. We’ll see how long The Following can survive. I hope to see it run a few years. Just two seasons won’t do it justice.

  23. awesome i love how this show is a little different from others i like how the bad guys are winning and its not always the good guys catching the bad guys every time

    • Agree 1000% about the bad guys winning for a change. It’s an awesome twist that really hasn’t been done on crime shows. People who criticize this show just can’t handle a different format! I’m sure the good guys will win a few but it would be boring if they always won.

      This is like the old fugitive show…where Richard Kimball kept running and chasing the one-armed man each week. The “good” guys didn’t catch him either even though he wasn’t a killer but the “good” guys thought he was.

      Hope the Following is on for years and years. Kevin Bacon is awesome in anything he’s in and this show has brought James Purefoy to the forefront. Love Love Love him!!!!!!!!!

  24. I find it coincidental that last week, I asked what they could possibly do for a second season and hoped it would be a one season show, especially with the amount of episodes left (10).

    Good news I guess because it’s a great show but again, can’t help worrying it’ll run out of steam if they bring out more of Carroll’s followers or have someone else being followed by a cult.

  25. I have a feeling that Shawn Ashmores role is also one of the followers of Joe..

    • I think he is Roderick.

  26. I’m enjoying this show. I spent this weekend burning through a few episodes and then immediately watched the new episode yesterday. It’s different and I find it fun guessing who is or isn’t a “follower.” Some of them have been very predictable, but still it is interesting to watch…late at night after the kids are in bed of course.

  27. The show’s going to have to step up quite a bit. This most-recent episode made for a common-sense destruction set for sure.

  28. Really, it seems as if it would be better as a one hit kinda thing. Too make another season may drag out an ending already foreseen. While you can always kill someone and bring someone new, that also gets kinda boring. I think if they keep this going for too long it may get stale. More than likely…it will. There’s not enough potential cliffhangers in this type of plot to see it renewed. No mystery in a man after another man. What is there left to reveal, really? The show seems as if its in its falling action.

  29. This show is amazing! As soon as it ends I want it to be Monday again.. And I never thought I’d say that! I can’t wait to see what the rest of season one has in store for us viewers. And I am ecstatic that The Following will continue with a second season!! I hope to see more seasons after that as well, I can’t get enough!

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