‘The Following’ Season 2 Details Revealed – What Happens Next?

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the following season 2 The Following Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?

[WARNING: The Following Season 1 Spoilers Below]


In The Following season 1 finale, viewers were more than surprised to see the show’s proverbial puppet master, Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), go up in a flames after a suspenseful stand-off with Ryan Hardy. Then, as the episode came to a close, Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and Claire (Natalie Zea) were stabbed by Hardy’s former lover (and Joe’s follower), Molly. So what’s going to happen in The Following season 2?

Luckily, there’s no need to wait until next year to find out what’s in store for Fox’s midseason darling, as executive producer Marcos Siega spoke with EW and TV Line about what fans can expect to see in the series’ next chapter – revealing that Carroll may not be dead, while Claire may very well be. Additionally, there’s info on a (possible) new villain, the whereabouts of Emma, as well as a hint about where the new followers are located.

In order to make your reading swift yet informative, we’ve divided Siega’s responses up by character. (Check out each website to read their complete interviews.)

the following season 2 poe The Following Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?

Joe Carroll

That’s the brilliance of Kevin Williamson. He has these ideas and sometimes when he pitches them to me, I pause and think, “How is that going to work?” We talk about it and I’m left going, ‘That’s great.’

…you will have an answer when you come back [for season 2].



[Debra] Parker’s death services Ryan’s Hardy’s character, and it’s part of the building blocks of who he is and who he’s going to become in Season 2.



We want the audience to go on this fun ride. We understand the pitfalls of having to wait. We certainly don’t want to piss anybody off. But we look at this as when we watch television shows what is it that we enjoy? We enjoy the screaming at the TV, the guessing.

…there’s another three minutes of scenes. Throughout the [finale], there were things we shot so that we could go back if we needed to in season 2 maybe in flashback and answer questions.

the following season 1 finale claire The Following Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?


What I can say is from the conversations that Kevin and I have had about where some of these characters are going to go and what potential new characters are going to come in, I’m really excited because it’s new but it does also feel like the series continues. But it’s definitely different.


A New Nemesis?

I have full confidence in Kevin Williamson’s ability, if he chose, to write a character that is as compelling as Joe Carroll… We got people to root for Joe, right? We got you to fall in love with Joe Carroll the serial killer. So, I do think we could do it again if we needed to… But I don’t think it’s that black-and-white for us.


“New” Followers

If you really look at the season and look at the timeline, since the pilot, it’s only been 3 and a half months. Geographically in terms of the United States, we’ve been in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland coasts. But clearly we’ve set this up that we don’t know how far this reaches, how many people it’s touched. There’s people on the West Coast. There’s people in the middle of the country. Joe has acolytes everywhere.

the following season 1 finale hardy joe fight The Following Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?


[Kevin Williamson said,] ‘I’m trying. I’ve learned the FBI needs to be smarter.’ He really does think about these things. But we are a serialized show and if the FBI solves everything at the end of every episode there’s no The Following.


Final Thoughts

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  1. WOW! Kevin Williamson proved to be a really dumb and arrogant a**hole with these answers. Seriously? “if the fbi solves everything,etc..”. Are you kidding? Joe is alive? More lame ass followers? Like season 1′s bullsh*t wasn’t bad enough. I’m not watching season 2 or any more to come,the first 2 episodes had me really interested but soon it became horrible. Very disappointed with this show.

  2. This series was sick! Am soooo totally into it. I luv d fact that it had a totally different story-line. Haters are always gon hate, Kevin. I totally luv ur story-line. I’d love 2watch season 2… #Anticipate y’all!

  3. The script is well written, however, it is challenging to connect with some characters as they may appear so intermittently. The contrast in themes of dark and light are presented well. I find it compelling to note that killers still love, fear, feel rejection and are not so spurred by hate as they are by blind faith. It reminds me of vampires who must feed to stay alive, however, the group kills to feel.

    Ryan, who has spent some time on the dark side is karmically trying to work out his debt through the saving adn rescuing of others to redeem his own tortured past.

    There are many ways for this script to evolve moving audiences to delve to their own inner core and recognize the abyss that intersects all lives. Carrol and Ryan both share a symbiotic relationship coupled with love, loss, and redemption.

    Not really feeling the love connection all that sincerely between the two main characters. Emma pulls off more intimate scenes with commitment than Ryan or Claire.

    Looking forward to where this all takes the audience.

  4. This truly is one of the worst shows I have ever had the misfortune to suffer through. I tuned in because of my undying teen crush on Kevin Bacon, but I soon found myself hoping this mess would be canceled while he can still save his career.

    Joe Carroll is about as charismatic as a mannequin, no offense to mannequins. I would not “follow” him across the street if he had a million dollars and Norman Reedus strapped to his butt.

    There are absolutely no characters to care about. There has never been a moment where I’ve said, “Oh no, I really hope he/she lives!” My only thought was, hopefully everyone dies… the end, no need for a season 2. Even the characters don’t care; when they dug up Parker they gave her CPR for what – 10 seconds? You gotta be kidding me. I’ve put more effort into saving a goldfish.

    The FBI is completely incompetent and the real FBI should get some kind of injunction to stop this show. If the real FBI was anything like that, the government would shut it down.

    I see there is much speculation about whether Joe is actually dead or not, and I don’t know why anyone would care. (and of course he is alive – duh… this is the most predictable show on the planet) However, I was hoping Kevin Bacon’s Hardy is dead so he can write this wrong and go back to real acting in something that is worthy of him.

    I can’t even believed I hate-watched an entire season and I am gobsmacked there is going to be a second season, but it’s not taking up any more of my life. No sir.

    • There will always be those who like or dislike a series but I have never read anyone as hateful as your are. So you didn’t like it yet you stayed glued to the TV so you could vehemently attach it!

      It had a strong plot and great, experienced actors. If you don’t believe there are cults with followers that would follow him anywhere, you have not been following the real world. Ever heard of Jim Jones or Waco or any anti-government militias that pop up all over or al-Quida?

      As a prominent actor long ago said with a shrug, “That’s entertainment.” You have several hundred channels to watch that have pure junk that they call “reality” that will keep you entertained and you won’t have to waste your time watching a realistic engrossing series like “The Following”

      As for me, I can’t wait for Season 2.

      • Well said. Everything within this comment is exactly how I feel about this show. The only complaint that I have is why so long until the season two premiere???

    • Sure, you know you will be watching!!! Admit it you liked it!!

    • Ava, the fact that that you “hate watched” an entire season of a show you abhor, is absolutely the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t even imagine what shows you actually do like. However, if you’d care to share them with this forum, the rest of us could save ourselves time and effort by not watching them since its apparent you have no knowledge of good entertainment. I have never responded to anyone in a thread such as this but your idiocy compelled me to do so. Get a life

    • Personally I agree with you. I quit watching after only a few episodes and am only commenting on here because there was a link on another story I was reading.

      And I’m glad to see someone else realised just how bad a portrayal of the FBI this was, the idea that two of their elite SWAT team members could be helping a serial killer is so stupid as to be an insult to my intelligence. For the record, that was when I switched it off, in the middle of the episode, and deleted the whole thing too.

      • Nathan, this is how we know you weren’t even watching the show, the two SWAT team members were shot by Joe’s “followers” they took their clothes and shot the other two members inside…

  5. A superb show! Didn’t think Kevin Bacon had it in him? Can’t wait for season 2!

    • I agree. Planning on a following 2 party at my house. Everyone I know is into this show, but if Kevin gets shot off ….. Things may change! Does anyone know if Claire is playing a part on The Dome?

    • I agree. Planning on a following 2 party at my house. Everyone I know is into this show, but if Kevin gets shot off ….. Things may change! Love the show; can wait.

  6. I saw the first episode and I was hooked! Absolutely one of my favorite shows! Can’t wait for season two, I will be glued to the tv!!(:

  7. It’s an amazing tv show , gets you hooked first episode and catches the audience attention , plus really good actors , hopping for season 2 ASASP

  8. I love this show. I love Joe (for some strange reason). Can’t wait for it to return to the uk

  9. I think they should bring Jack Bauer(Kiefer Sutherland) from 24 to help! How awesome to have Kiefer & Kevintogether ? working

    • But Bauer would over-shadow and it wouldn’t be its own “Following” anymore.

  10. Ava’s commentary – sheer genius. Thank you Ava for making us laugh until we cried, after watching a mediocre end to Season 1.

  11. I am really hoping they don’t kill Claire, if they do, in my opinion they have killed the little piece of romance this series has.

  12. I guess my question to all the people that did not like the show, why are you here finding out about the show and where it is going. If you did not like it then do not follow it. We like the show and want to know more. We are not here to listen to your negativity. If you know so much about shows, go make your own crap. Or like someone else said watch that so called reality show that are so mind numbing and set up. It was a great show with a great look into how cults start and the inner workings as it grows. A great show and just when you thought you had it figured out, you didn’t. I cant wait for season 2.

  13. Omg! Loved the first season did not miss a show love Kevin love the story line love the suspense patiently waiting for season 2 …

  14. I absolutely love this show. Finally some honestly adult TV! Great casting and in addition to the three principle characters there is great depth to the secondary ones. Roderick!? Weston!? Brilliant.

  15. Holy Wow! Hubby and I absolutely LOVED this series = we were hooked from the first episode. I Hadn’t intended on watching as I wasn’t much of a Kevin Bacon fan however this series was Fabulous! Hubby and I couldn’t wait for the next episode. With all the crap that’s on tv nowadays, we’re disappointed to have to wait until 2014 to tune in to something so exciting :(

  16. Please don’t kill Claire although I thought I saw her playing a part on “The dome”. Am I correct?

  17. Gotta be honest, this had an interesting premise but got stupid really, really fast. Whenever they wrote themselves into a corner, they would suddenly have somebody be working with Joe and shoot their way out! I stopped watching after a few episodes when the two gay/not gay kidnappers were nearly caught but the SWAT team members suddenly helped them escape by shooting everyone else. The local cop doing the same I could just about see, she was the reason they went to that house in the first place, because they’d have local police protection but the SWAT team members called in by the FBI? Give me a break, do you have any idea how much psychological training those guys get, the idea that two of them on the same team could both be working for a serial killer and that’s the team that happens to get called in, I call BS.

    Lazy writing is another phrase that comes to mind.

  18. I was curious after watching the promos. I was hooked after watching the pilot. And I was disappointed whe the fianle ended! Hooing there would be more…relieved to see I will be able to continue to Follow the next story line. Thanks to one of the streaming services, I was able to watch the shows I missed because I was working…ready for the next series. Love the show…hate the wait! I have been hoping to hear that it will be back this fall. It will be worth the wait. It is entertainment so watch it without being critical. Enjoy the suspense….or turn the channel. The Followers will assume their positions on their couches. They will be getting pumped all week waiting for the next week…to continue being a Faithful Follower.

  19. I loved this show i flew through all season 1 in only one night and am very disappointed that i have to wait until 2014 for the next season! I definitely can’t wait to see it

  20. I am so excited 4 season 2. I love season 1! the show was gripping every week! I loved it !!!

  21. Why is Season 2 not starting until 2014? Don’t the new seasons (season 2) usually start in the Fall? I’m anxious I guess!!
    I hope they keep all the main characters for the 2nd season. I think they are just getting started and I would really like to see all the characters again. Possibly mid season they can kill someone off, but not yet…too soon for me.

  22. Love love love this show! Can barely get my husband to sit down long enough to watch an entire show much less go thru an entire series but he is hooked! Can’t wait till January ! Bah humbug to all you haters out there!!!

  23. I love “The Following” and can’t wait for the new season to begin. This is one of my favorite shows on TV and refuse to miss it short of death. Kevin Bacon has been one of my favorite actors for years and hasn’t disappointed me in The Following.

  24. Love it, love it, love it. My favorite new series last season and I am sure I will not be disappointed this season. Kevin Bacon has been a favorite of mine for years. He is superb as Hardy. Very well casted.

  25. I love the show and hope for many more seasons. Kevin Bacon has been my favorite for years. I’m loyal to him. I would like to know if anyone knows where Joey is? Who has him? Is Ryan going to keep in touch with the boy?

  26. Just wish it was starting in Sept.2013, season 2 that is. Too bad we have
    to wait till Jan.2014. :( Mad ,,,Sad,,, but cant wait.
    To those of you who hate this show…are you crazy??? This show was fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time.
    Its a show for crying out loud…and one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long time…..

  27. I loved this show it was my favorite by far that was on tv!! i cant wait to see season 2! Very excited,just sucks i have to wait so long!!

  28. Kevin Williamson tricked the viewers in the first 3-4 episodes of season with characters like Jacob Wells and Paul Torres making viewers think they have complex characters and plots and as the series went on it was only the same shallow characters with a penchant for slashing and stabbing people like in Kevin Williams’ films Scream and I know What You did Last Summer.

  29. Loved this series, love watching the reruns, pick up small nuances that I missed originally. Only problem is do not want to wait till 2014 to see 2nd season. Am happy there will be a 2nd season was worried that there might not be. Love this show and I do not watch a lot of new shows, in fact, I probably would not have watched this show if it was not for the fact of Kevin Bacon being in it. I could not imagine him being in a less than stellar TV series so had to watch at least the first episode and was quickly hooked. So glad that I took a chance on this.