‘The Following’ Season 2 Details Revealed – What Happens Next?

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the following season 2 The Following Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?

[WARNING: The Following Season 1 Spoilers Below]


In The Following season 1 finale, viewers were more than surprised to see the show’s proverbial puppet master, Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), go up in a flames after a suspenseful stand-off with Ryan Hardy. Then, as the episode came to a close, Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and Claire (Natalie Zea) were stabbed by Hardy’s former lover (and Joe’s follower), Molly. So what’s going to happen in The Following season 2?

Luckily, there’s no need to wait until next year to find out what’s in store for Fox’s midseason darling, as executive producer Marcos Siega spoke with EW and TV Line about what fans can expect to see in the series’ next chapter – revealing that Carroll may not be dead, while Claire may very well be. Additionally, there’s info on a (possible) new villain, the whereabouts of Emma, as well as a hint about where the new followers are located.

In order to make your reading swift yet informative, we’ve divided Siega’s responses up by character. (Check out each website to read their complete interviews.)

the following season 2 poe The Following Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?

Joe Carroll

That’s the brilliance of Kevin Williamson. He has these ideas and sometimes when he pitches them to me, I pause and think, “How is that going to work?” We talk about it and I’m left going, ‘That’s great.’

…you will have an answer when you come back [for season 2].



[Debra] Parker’s death services Ryan’s Hardy’s character, and it’s part of the building blocks of who he is and who he’s going to become in Season 2.



We want the audience to go on this fun ride. We understand the pitfalls of having to wait. We certainly don’t want to piss anybody off. But we look at this as when we watch television shows what is it that we enjoy? We enjoy the screaming at the TV, the guessing.

…there’s another three minutes of scenes. Throughout the [finale], there were things we shot so that we could go back if we needed to in season 2 maybe in flashback and answer questions.

the following season 1 finale claire The Following Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?


What I can say is from the conversations that Kevin and I have had about where some of these characters are going to go and what potential new characters are going to come in, I’m really excited because it’s new but it does also feel like the series continues. But it’s definitely different.


A New Nemesis?

I have full confidence in Kevin Williamson’s ability, if he chose, to write a character that is as compelling as Joe Carroll… We got people to root for Joe, right? We got you to fall in love with Joe Carroll the serial killer. So, I do think we could do it again if we needed to… But I don’t think it’s that black-and-white for us.


“New” Followers

If you really look at the season and look at the timeline, since the pilot, it’s only been 3 and a half months. Geographically in terms of the United States, we’ve been in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland coasts. But clearly we’ve set this up that we don’t know how far this reaches, how many people it’s touched. There’s people on the West Coast. There’s people in the middle of the country. Joe has acolytes everywhere.

the following season 1 finale hardy joe fight The Following Season 2 Details Revealed   What Happens Next?


[Kevin Williamson said,] ‘I’m trying. I’ve learned the FBI needs to be smarter.’ He really does think about these things. But we are a serialized show and if the FBI solves everything at the end of every episode there’s no The Following.


Final Thoughts

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  1. I love, Love, LOVE The Following, and I can’t wait for Season 2. Every episode kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. One just never knows exactly what will happen next. I really enjoyed it. :D

    • Stupid stupid! What a waste of television, and my time for a whole dumb very predictable season!! Omg!! Call it a wrap and do not waste the publics time w this dumb nonsense

  2. To start – I never sided or ‘rooted’ for Joe; I would like that to be clear. I think that the show had some really good moments of writing and did have me contemplating things unexpected but it is a big stretch to take this beyond 1 season.

    The acting was good, yes there were some sloppy moments but the take out for me – which is really disturbing – is that there were 2 good things in this entire show. Joey’s safe return and the 7-odd followers who are in custody. The fact that people are so invested in a show that has so little positivity makes me wonder.

    I choose to watch serials to get away from the hideous & violent society we live in. Not to see it glorified and triumphant in a show week after week after week.

    • Get a life. It’s entertainment, and some good acting and is suspenseful.

    • Completely agree Simon! While some may enjoy the violence its hardly entertainment when murder is glorified. Its a sad world we live in!

  3. I great show with a terrific cast and amazing story line that plays out like a novel every week. I can’t wait for season two and I hope that Joe Carroll and Claire are still alive.

  4. If Joel Carroll isn’t dead then they decided to go all in with every single “bad villain”/hero story ever. The “I’m not really dead”. I just hope they make the FBI smarter.. way way way smarter.. or I should say, stop making them stupid. They kept getting jumped over and over and over again.. kidnapped at will, etc that even when trying to suspend belief, they made this show impossible.
    I had to check the credits to make sure that it wasn’t produced by Uwe Boll and M. Night…

  5. I think it’s a shame for Claire to die. After everything she went through with Joe, for her to die would not be a pay-off for me. After watching the whole season and seeing Joey with serial killers for much of it, and then to be reunited with his mother, to only have her die, is a “FU” sign to fans. I hope the writing team can come up with something that can keep Claire alive.

  6. Please hurry up and get this show back on the air it’s the best series since prison break younguys have me in so much suspense
    How can Claire be dead. She is Joe Carroll fuel. Thumbs up guys

  7. I love to watch the following, it’s very interesting, the actors play very good specially Kevin bacon, and I can’t wait for season number 2 will start and I will be glad to be notified in my email when season 2 will start!!!! Thanks Ruth.

  8. I love to watch the following, it’s very interesting, the actors play very good specially Kevin bacon, and I can’t wait for
    season number 2 will start and I will be glad to be notified in my email when season 2 will start!!!! Thanks Ruth.

  9. Okay finale was weak– I mean an explosion?? If they wanted Joe dead they’d have shown us his death-also lets not forget the dude in the light house said he bought up a boat out here-we didn’t see that boat and it was a separate one to the one Joe used to bring Claire out because Joe drove that one. Some thing just seemed off about the way they filmed Joe seconds before the ‘explosion’. He got away folks. Its obvious.
    Emma was a brilliant character, loved and hated that idiot with bad judgement! Poor Jacob he was fantastic and Parker’s death was devastating but that’s also a sign of good writing. What annoyed me was the young Fed played by Ashmore is a tech whizz why couldn’t they track her cell phone???? Pffft and it sounds like Claire is dead but are they that stupid? Are they? Oy vey!

    • first of all they tried to track the cell phone while they first talked to parker remember they said that it was a scattered signal being bounced off of multiple towers. if it was that simple they couldve done the same with the phone joe caroll was using to constantly call hardy. and of course joe “died” in the fire if you were paying attention it was following the poem …as said by the reporter that was on the scene after joe “died” i dont believe joe is dead but i hope he is pretty messed up when he returns like scared tissue from the fire. but not over done.

  10. Joe should have really died from the stab wounds and loss of blood. But then the fire too? C’mon, no matter how much I try to suspend my level of realism, if Joe lives while Debra, Jacob, and that sheriff dies…It’s hard.

  11. I simply cant wait for the next season. who cares if the FBI are clever or not the whole series is amazing. people need to get a grip, this is TV after all and there has seldom been a better show. bring it back immediately is what I say. I had everyone watching it from friends to family to just people in the supermarket!!!

  12. Well, I do not think it is worth to wait. I dislike the end of this season and the story become really banal, in the end.

  13. I can’t wait for season two of The Following

  14. Love to be kept informed :)

  15. January 2014. Season 2 will include 15 «fresh» episodes.

  16. I loved this series but think it is obvious that Joe is not dead. The colt would not have a leader and think to hard to write in a new leader cause then we would have to find an connection with them and emma wouldn’t cut it she is not leader material as seen in the house where Emma, Jacob and Paul were stuck. I hope Claire is still alive as it will make the story more interesting and have her reunited with Joey. I think this will keep the story interesting and Ryan and Claire need to be challenged before a happy ending with those two. Bring on season 2. Six months is going to be a long time.

  17. I love the following season 1 . I cant wait too see what happens in season 2 . Its going to hard to wait , but we have no choice . I’m sure it will be worth the wait !!!!!

  18. Season 1 was awesome! It would be VERY disappointing should either Claire or Ryan die. Can’t wait for season 2!

  19. I am going to spoil season 2

    Emma’s unborn child grows up to inherit the psychopathic characteristics of his parents and Ryan and Clare go on to raise Little Joey withall the right moral values which take him down the path of law enforcement, sofast forward 25 years and it’s half brother trying to track down and stop half brother – stay tuned

  20. I DVR’ed this show & watched it ASAP but it quickly became major irritainment & less of a viewing pleasure. I’m one of those that find it difficult to not finish what I begin even when I am really not enjoying it. The acting is superb but my biggest issue with The Following was discovering that America is just strife with a population of genius uber super-commandos that can kill at will, kidnap highly trained law enforcers, & disappear like super spies. James Bond wishes he had the skill set that alllll these regular everyday people have. Yeah I know they built in the former militia ex-military etc. with the armory training center but good Lord how much suspension of disbelief can be expected? Oh and apparently the FBI, state police departments, NSA et al are about the most stupid & incompetent collection of doofusses around. It’s a wonder they can even catch an 11 year old stealing candy at a 7-11.
    I am very disappointed & was actually intrigued when they used Poe as a story device but all of the other aspects are just so incredible I find it difficult to maintain following The Following.

  21. This is the worst show ever to get a second season. I was on one forum and 90% of the comments were negative, yet everyone said they would keep watching because they enjoy laughing at how ridiculous it is. I watched the first episode and laughed myself silly at how awful it was. I however, do not get enjoyment out of watching terrible TV. Absolutely the worst.

  22. Love the show just hope Ryan and Claire don’t die… Lol

  23. brilliant! obviously Joe is alive. even how much ot looks like he didn’t have s chance to live there could have been a door on ground witch is normal in a boat house. with all of his followers one had to of been a dentist. Clare is the competition between the 2 so probably see her again. on other hand would bring a whole new changed season if she died. got the Chills thinking of it. some people don’t have an imagination but i thought about every episode all week.

  24. Why so long before Season 2

    • That’s what I want to know!!! love the show and am ready for it to come back!!!
      Madman Mike, you are out numbered on here!!!

  25. One of the best tv series I’ve ever watched. Am so excited about season 2, Kevin Bacon is the bomb!!!!!!!

  26. How many more times are they going to have that kid abducted in season 2? Exploding barrels! Come on…….. Maybe in season 2 the cult will get into H.P. Lovecraft draw creepy faces on walls and jump the F.B.I or abduct that kid some more. Who cares. Lame show.

  27. Love this show…well done look forward to many more seasons…great job on cast